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Celebrity Shoe Collection: 25 Celebrities And Why They’re Crazy About Shoes

Quick Navigation 25 Celebrity  Shoe CollectionConclusion: Does One Person Need So Many Shoes? Flats, heels, pumps, boots, sandals, sneakers…the list of shoe types goes on. Shoes have come a long way from the ancient days of strapping various materials to our feet and hoping for the best. These days some people go after shoes for […]

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asics vs nike - People running fast in a city marathon on street

ASICS vs Nike Running Shoes: A Thorough Comparison

Runners know that there are few pieces of gear more essential than the right running shoes for your feet. ASICS and Nike are two of the top running footgear brands. Both companies have designed shoes especially for running since the mid-twentieth century, and both have developed highly specialized cushioning technologies, with multiple series of shoes […]

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gray canvas shoes with polkadots

7 Techniques On How To Stretch Canvas Shoes

Quick Navigation What does it Mean to Stretch Your Canvas Shoes?Who Could Benefit From Stretching Canvas Shoes?7 Tips on How to Stretch Canvas Shoes Stretching Your Shoes and the EnvironmentLearn to Stretch Your Canvas Shoes There is nothing like the feel of a good old, worn-in pair of canvas shoes. They fit like a glove and […]

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