Brant Cabrera - Editor

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Contact me at [email protected]

As the Editor, my goal is to provide our team with assignments that make us your go-to site for everything regarding shoes and footcare. 

Now, I know that work may require you to be on your feet for long periods. So we cover shoes for food service, retail, and health care workers. Not only that I make sure we review work boots, and shoes for sports and outdoors as well.

If it has to do with shoes or taking care of your feet, I’ll make sure you find the information you need here at Shoes Cast.

Brittany Strickland - Junior Editor

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Reach me at [email protected]

As the Junior editor here at Shoes Cast my job is to fact-check and inspire assignments. Since I thoroughly enjoy research, I’m happy to be in a position where I get to ingest lots of information. As I make sure that we’re bringing you the most up to date reviews and accurate information, I also find lots of inspiration for new and exciting articles that will help you take care of those feet.

For example, I bring you articles about shoe deodorizers, how to get rid of athletes foot, how to stop your feet from hurting at work, and more.

Althea Lane - Shoe Expert

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Email me at [email protected]

I’ve spent over a decade in shoe sales, and I’ve learned an awful lot about shoes, styles, and what works best for whose feet. That’s why I’m excited to write reviews and get you into the best pair of shoes for you.

Whether you're someone who’s on their feet all the time, or an athlete, I’ll review shoes that fit into your lifestyle. Not only that, I have a special affinity for work boots as well as tactical and safety boots. So if you’re looking for boots that’ll keep your feet safe, you'll find out all you need to know here.