If you’re looking for shoes, you’re in the right place. When we began this journey, we set out to provide high-quality, honest reviews of all types of footwear. Our site contains information about shoes and anything you could ever want to know about what you put on your feet.

Our primary goal was to strive for honesty. If a shoe design looks less stylish (spell that u-g-l-y) but is a limousine for your feet – we’re going to tell you. If a stylish shoe will leave you hurting after two hours of work, we’re going to tell you that, too. If a boot won’t protect your feet from falling debris we’ll make sure you know that before you buy them.

We will have information for a runner looking for the best trail shoes for their running style. And the perfect work boot for that warehouse worker needing steel-toed boots. The most comfortable dress shoes for that upcoming convention that will require a lot of walking.

Whatever your footwear needs, you can find the information you need on Authority Shoe. Our entire staff is dedicated to researching and finding the best information out there. If we make a recommendation, we are relatively certain that you’ll like that shoe.

You were only born with one pair of feet. Taking care of them is probably one of the most important things you can do in life. Mobility is everything. We generally take our feet for granted, but if you have ever stepped on a Lego or stubbed your pinky toe on the coffee table… you KNOW how much a small injury can affect your entire life.

Mark Coleman is the Chief Editor here at Authority Shoe. What brought him here was a crushed foot that knocked him out of the construction business. There is no need to get into the grisly details, but Mark can no longer work in construction. As a result of the accident, Mark became an advocate for safe, comfortable shoes and protecting feet around the world. He leads our staff of dedicated writers and editors in bringing you the best offerings in the shoe world.

Feel free to drop us a line in the comments or by using the handy contact link if you don’t find what you need. We’ll do our best to provide it for you.