Aquatalia Review – Are Aquatalia Shoes Worth It?

The designer Italian shoe brand Aquatalia was founded in 1994 in, as you could guess, Italy.

Their goal is to mix traditional Italian designs with weatherproofing and stain-resistant technologies. This means that their shoes look very stylish, and are also very functional, too.

Don’t you hate when water and dirt damage your shoes? Well, you might be able to kiss that goodbye.

Today I’ll be reviewing Aquatalia’s shoes, so you get a better idea about their comfort, styling, materials, and more. Enjoy!

Aquatalia Boots Review

Are Aquatalia Shoes Comfortable?

Dress shoes can look great, but they need to feel great, too. Let’s look at one of Aquatalia’s shoes to break down their comfort.

You can see that this model in particular, like most they offer, features some key details that make a comfortable dress shoe: leather lining and a padded leather insole.

The good lining prevents your feet from getting scratched, itching, or sweating too much. Leather ensures that your feet can breathe and are relaxed. The insole is another key area, of course. Who wants a stiff insole that’s hard to walk on? Nobody! That’s why Aquatalia included a padded sole that’s easy to step on all day. It’s also removable, meaning you can add a custom one if you wish.

We’ve seen brands that use comfort gel, memory foam, and other high-tech materials to make insanely comfy shoes — so Aquatalia isn’t the best — but they are still great.

Are Aquatalia Shoes Waterproof?

One of the main features that Aquatalia advertises and brags about is it’s weatherproofing. Yeah, that’s right. They’re not waterproof, but ready to take on any weather.

Aquatalia applies a state-of-the-art sealant to their shoes during the tanning process. They apply for full and even coverage, along with injecting into the stitched seams. This means that the body of the shoe is fully protected, while water and other elements also can’t get inside. Your feet stay dry and comfortable and keep the shoe in perfect condition.

The sealant also helps to prevent stains and marks from salt. I don’t know about you, but I hate when my dress shoes get damaged in the winter. So overall, yes. Aquatalia shoes are waterproof and resistant to any weather conditions.

Are Aquatalia True to Size?

All shoes fit a bit differently. Some run bigger, smaller, or right on the mark. You especially need to know this when you’re ordering online and you don’t have the chance to sit down and try it on in person. I found this Zappos Aquatalia review page, where 87% of customers said the Fetch model specifically was true to size and width.

Further research into more review sites, social networks, and forums, it appears that the majority of customers agree that Aquatalia footwear fits true to size. Push come to shove, research that individual model you’re interested in and you’ll find if it runs normally or otherwise.

Where are Aquatalia Shoes Made?

Aquatalia shoes are made in the homeland A.K.A Italy. Many people, including myself, can be picky about where a shoe or product is made. It’s a subtle aspect but does make a difference. Italy and Europe as a whole tend to have access to higher quality materials and better craftsmanship.

Why are Aquatalia Shoes so Expensive?

Aquatalia shoes and boots aren’t cheap. You’ll be looking to spend anywhere from $300 to $600 to slip your feet into a pair. This is bound to raise the question “Are Aquatalia shoes and boots worth the price?” Let’s see what some customers had to say.

Stuart Weitzman claims that while they are expensive, the waterproof feature and comfort have made up for the price tag. Remember, if you don’t have to replace your shoes or boots as often because you’ve invested in a high-quality pair, you’re saving money in the long term.

This was a review for a women’s boot, but the information holds the same weight. The customer says that they got lots of compliments during their day and that the boots are very comfortable. Their feet have stayed completely dry while in puddles and she can wear them for hours without any discomfort.

Taking a further inspection of Aquatalia footwear, you can see that there is excellent craftsmanship and detail.

The stitching is absolutely phenomenal, tidy, and will keep your pair lasting for many years. It’s common to see loose or poor stitching that compromises the entire structure of a dress shoe, but not here. The hardware also appears to be very sturdy and durable. The outsole on this model features detailed grooves and multiple layers for the best possible grip.

Most, if not all, of the Aquatalia lineup, also features comfy leather lining and leather insoles. Many brands try to cut corners by using fake leather or less comfortable materials, but not Aquatalia. Overall, you’re getting well worth your money when buying a pair, and the expensive price tag is definitely justified.

Best Aquatalia Boots

Raphael Suede Chukka Boot

Every man can drastically improve his confidence and style with a chukka boot. The Raphael model features luxurious suede leather, a robust rubber outsole, and a removable leather insole. All together this creates a beautiful boot that will turn heads and keep you feeling awesome all day.

Adrian Mini Tumb Embossed Chelsea Boot

The Adrian Chelsea boot has a sleek and modern design that you can wear with jeans, chinos, and trousers. It’s available in brown and black, which are both very versatile colors, meaning that you can pair these with plenty of outfits.

The leather upper is embossed, adding extra character and personality. Elastic slides and a generous pull tab make these slide on and off like butter. Don’t worry about slipping either, the rubber outsole has a fantastic grip.

Tyson Textured Full Grain Ankle Boot

The Tyson ankle boot has a beautiful full-grain leather upper with a textured look that will turn heads. Ankle boots are easy to wear with any outfit during the fall and winter, and the lug sole makes any terrain a breeze. The stitching and craftsmanship are superb, and these will be easily one of the best winter boots you’ll ever own.


Aquatalia creates premium Italian shoes that are well worth the money. They use high-quality materials, detailed craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technology in every pair.

The weatherproof and stain-resistant coating is one of the best features of Aquatalia shoes and boots. They don’t get damaged when wearing them in snowy or damp conditions, which few brands can boast about. They’re also insanely comfy, as we’ve seen from plenty of reviews today.

Overall, I can highly recommend, along with previous customers, that you should definitely invest in a pair of Aquatalia’s.

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