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Are Leather Boots Waterproof? Find the Answer Here

Are leather boots waterproof? This could be a question that may have come across your mind if you want to make sure that your leather boots stand the test of time and resist all potential damages caused by water.

Fortunately, this article is crafted to give you useful information that will specifically answer that question. Learn more about whether or not leather boots have waterproofing ability by reading this article.

Why Do you Need a Pair of Waterproof Leather Boots?

Nothing is worse than putting on your newly bought leather boots only to end up damaging it because it has no or minimal waterproofing ability. Waterproof leather boots can help ensure that the material receives enough protection.

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It helps ensure that your leather boots will be protected from the water and other harsh elements that may only damage its finish and shorten its life. It’s best to choose a waterproof footwear, especially if you spend too much time in messy or wet environments.

That said, you can expect your leather boots to serve you for a long time. You no longer need to worry about it getting damaged sooner than you initially expected.

So Are Leather Boots Waterproof?

The answer is actually yes. Most leather boots at present have waterproofing ability, such as the ones below, giving you peace of mind since you know that your footwear is safe from the harsh effects of exposing it too much on water.

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Some of the products used to waterproof leather boots are beeswax products. These are useful in forming a protective layer over the boot’s surface, thereby preventing the harsh water from being directly absorbed by the leather material.

The beeswax can offer a reliable barrier against the water. However, take note that this extra layer can also change the way the boots look. Most of the high-quality boots at present are extremely waterproof – some of them having Gore-Tex or similar lining.

This makes it extremely functional and long-lasting. It’s also good for hunters and other leather boots owners who wish to have a pair with high-quality waterproof membrane lining capable of lasting for several seasons.

Taking Care of your Waterproof Leather Boots

You need to know exactly how you can take care of your waterproof leather boots as this is the key to making it last long. In this case, the following tips can help:

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Familiarize yourself with the leather material used in your boots – Determine if the footwear is made of either unfinished or finished leather. Test the type of leather used in your boots.

You can do so by applying a dab of leather cleaner over it. If you notice that the cleaner sits on its surface for around a minute, then it means that you have a finished boot.

In case the cleaner is absorbed right away, then you have the unfinished type. Another thing that you have to know is whether or not it’s made of a chrome-tanned or oil-tanned leather.

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Waterproof even further – Even if you have a pair of waterproof leather boots – meaning the manufacturer already added a waterproofing feature into it – it’s still important to avoid skipping this step.

Keep in mind that the long time spent by the footwear in the warehouse or in transit may put some limit on how effective its initial waterproofing is. In this case, you need to make it more waterproof by using some useful materials.

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If you have an oil-tanned leather then treat it using an oil-based commercial coating. Go for the paste variety instead of the liquid to avoid saturating the leather material. Rub it into the leather with the aid of a soft cloth.

If you have a pair of chrome-tanned leather boots, then avoid oil-based products since these have the tendency of clogging the pores. What you need is a shoe wax or silicon spray. Also, waterproof the boots right away each time you notice that it’s starting to absorb water.

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Are leather boots waterproof is probably a question that comes to your mind each time you want to know whether your boots can handle the potentially harsh effects of too much exposure to water. Fortunately, you gained answer to that with the aid of this article.

Focus on looking for a good pair of waterproof leather boots just like those recommended earlier. If you enjoyed reading the information presented in this article then feel free to either leave a comment or share it to your network.

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