Asher Green Shoes Review – Are They Worth it?

Asher Green is a bit of a mystery in the shoe world.

There isn’t much information about them online, yet they are sold everywhere.

I’ve owned a pair of Asher Green monk shoes for over a year now, which I’ll be reviewing today.

I’d also like to say that I have worn a variety of brands, from Allen Edmonds to Prada, and Florsheim.

I’m not a sticker for the price, as I still own some affordable pairs on top of expensive bespoke models.

So, let’s get into it. Are these shoes good quality, comfortable, and worth the money? Let’s find out!

Asher Green Shoes Review

Asher Green Quality

Here is the shoe in all of its glory, accompanied by my work desk.

It’s a sleek, all-black double monk strap shoe, with a perforated medallion capped toe. It’s classy, and perfect for work or meeting with clients.

Coming from a small town, it definitely gets people giving me second glances. I guess they aren’t used to shoes that look this good!

The leather is genuine, soft, and very flexible. Some of their models even use calfskin, which is the highest quality form of leather you can get in a dress shoe.

The hardware is good quality, too. Not the most secure that I have felt on a monk shoe, but definitely impressive for the price range. The clasps are attached to an elastic material that is then stitched into the quarter. It isn’t going to break or come loose easily, which is an ensuring feeling.

The outsole on this model is composed of wood and features hand-painted detail. It’s a bit messy on mine, but I’m not too worried. I’ve never owned a pair of dress shoes, besides these, that had a wooden outsole. Also, note the stitching that secures the outsole to the rest of the shoe. You don’t tend to see this on cheaper models, which is a good bonus.

Also, take a good look at the overall stitching and construction. These shoes are made very, very well. They are built to last, which is not usually the case for this price range, either.

I really like stacked heels. I feel that they help me with my posture and being a bit taller gives me a boost in confidence. Pair that with a tailored suit and you look like a million bucks.

Asher Green Comfort

A dress shoe can look good, but if it isn’t fun to wear, what’s the point?

I love that Asher Green has cushioned insoles and leather lining. Combined, they make walking around in these all day very enjoyable and a breeze.

My only critique is that the outsole feels rather thin and the wood doesn’t really help in terms of comfort.

You can’t take out the insole, unfortunately. If you planned to put orthopedics in these, or your own insole in general, you’ll be left disappointed. It’s stitched right into the shoe as you can see from the above photo.

Because Asher Green also uses genuine leather, their shoes form to your feet better than other brands. I’ve never had the heel nip my ankle, either. I’m not sure about you, but it’s a common complaint I’ve had with dress shoes in the past.

Are Asher Green Shoes Worth It?

I would say that Asher Green is probably one of the best dress shoe brands in the $100 or less range. They aren’t as well known as certain brands, but I would argue that they need more recognition.

You’re getting a real genuine leather upper, with calfskin, suede, and other materials available, too.

They offer dozens of styles to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you need a simple black oxford for work or a casual suede brogue. They have a pair for every man.

The insole is cushioned, which keeps your feet feeling good all day. The leather lining makes them breathable and easier to wear for extended periods.

I wish that they would’ve used a different material for the outsole, such as leather or even a synthetic. The wood is a unique touch, but I don’t find that it really helps with comfort or anything at all.

The stitching and hardware are done with a lot of love and detail. These won’t be falling apart any time soon and still look brand new. Of course, a good cleaning routine will extend the life of any pair.

Overall, highly recommended. These are the epitome of bang-for-your-buck men’s dress shoes.

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