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bubble gum on shoe

How To Get Gum Off Shoes Without Destroying Them

Chewing gum does wonders for your breath, but there’s nothing quite as annoying as stepping in it when you’re out and about. One minute you’re walking along, enjoying the fresh air. And the next you’re having difficulty lifting your foot off the pavement. Naturally, your first thought involves how to get gum off shoes. Luckily, […]

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The Best Riding Boots Recommended for Equestrian Enthusiasts

It’s a calm, partially cloudy morning. You’re in what you consider to be the best riding boots, almost set for your everyday errands and are just saddling up your horse. For some reason, you slip and fall. Upon getting up, you take one look at your boots and can’t believe your eyes! Your best riding boots […]

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best winter boots for men shoes-boots-snow-ice-snowy-winter

Things You Should Know About Best Winter Boots for Men

Winter is coming.And this is more than just a stock phrase from Game of Thrones.Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, you are probably seeking the best winter boots for men.Winter boots are a necessity depending on the climate or your planned outdoor activities. Feet can easily get frostbitten without the right […]

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Woman in white shirt standing near glass window

The Best Shoes For Nurses: Focus On Your Work, Not Your Feet

Imagine you start your shift as a nurse. You can tell it’s going to be a hectic day, and you’re not sure if your feet will last. Unfortunately, you don’t think your shoes are the best shoes for nurses. Your shoes may be okay for a while, but by the end of a shift, your feet […]

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person in black nike running shoes

Nike Revolution 3 Review: Should You Consider This Shoe?

A Nike Revolution 3 review or two will tell you that this is one of the most comfortable shoes for running, training, and even walking. And some people are drawn to this shoe because of how attractive it is at first glance. But if you’re a serious runner, you need a pair of shoes that […]

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Pair of brown leather lace-up boots

The Most Expensive Shoes In The World

Shoes are probably one of the world’s most unlikely status symbols. Historically, shoes were always considered a luxury. Centuries ago, only the most elite could afford shoes, causing much of the world to go barefoot. If someone appeared in shoes – particularly well-made ones – they were considered to be of a much higher class. […]

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Display of leather shoes in shoe museums

Top Shoe Museums Around the World

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! You just love shoes!So, what better way to enjoy your beloved fashion footwear without being tempted to buy more of it? Go visit one of the many great shoe museums in the world.You probably didn’t know that shoe museums were a thing, did you? But they are.You can find many fantastic shoe […]

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Woman inside a big yellow container

High Heel Hacks: How To Make Heels Comfortable

High heels are one of those clothing items that you dread wearing, but always love how you look when you do. They are a staple for meetings at work, going to parties, and other fancy events that you may have in your life.Since they are such a huge part of our wardrobes, why do they […]

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Cyclist wearing the best cycling shoes

Top 7 Best Cycling Shoes

Ready to hop off of your bolted-down gym exercise bike and say hello to the great outdoors by joining the growing cycling trend? Excellent, we’re sure your local bike community will be happy to have you. While you can ride your bike wearing any kind of shoes, if you plan on cycling regularly you might […]

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