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Top 5 Best American Made Work Boots – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2019

Buying work boots for any type of job can be quite daunting, but American made work boots have always stood out for the quality they provide. We searched far and wide to find the best American work boots and to show you, how these boots could potentially make life easier for you and even bring you more comfort in your job.

Picking work boots are always quite hard and especially if you need specific boots for a specific job type, but by looking through these boots, you should be able to find the best boots to meet your job needs and to even help you enjoy working that much more.

The better your boots, the better you will be able to get the job done and with most of the nervous system points coming together in the feet, it should come as no surprise that the best work shoes can take some stress off your day.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at the top American made work boots of 2018. Also, if you do not manage to find what you are looking for, we have attached a buying guide below to help you in your endeavor of choosing the best working boots for your needs.

Top 5 Best American Made Work Boots 2017

1. Thorogood Men's 814-4200 American Heritage 6" Moc Toe Boot

The Thorogood brand has been well-known for the quality of boots they make. The brand is also one you should remember when looking for different types of boots for specialty jobs and they cater for almost all professions. With the Men’s 814-4200 American Heritage 6 inch Moc toe boot, they have certain hit the nail on the coffin once again.

The boot is constructed from durable, premium grade leather materials and this certainly makes the boot one of the more durable choices you could make. AN added synthetic sole will make life much easier when walking and you should be able to take some stress off your feet with the impact resistance the softer outer sole provides.

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The boot features an ankle length design and while this might not be everybody's cup of tea, it certainly helps to give your ankles that added support needed when fatigue starts to set in. The outsole is also slip-resistant and this is not only for watery surfaces but for oily surfaces as well.

As far as lacing goes, the added metal eyelids should allow you to easily lace up the boots and the design is stylish enough to be worn for everyday use too. We highly recommend this shoe for the value it provides and the durability, but the shoe is also quite expensive, which means that you will also need to ensure that you take care and polish the shoe to increase the longevity.

  • Stylish and durable design
  • Easy simplistic lace up system
  • Slip resistant
  • Offers great comfort and resists impact
  • Provides extra ankle protection
  • Quite expensive

2. Thorogood Men's Heritage 8 Inch Safety Toe Work Boot

In terms of durability and quality features, the Thorogood men's Heritage 8-inch safety toe work boot is quite similar to the previous Thorogood boot, but it does place a little more emphasis on durability and especially safety. The boot has also been constructed from durable leather materials and these leather materials will ensure that your boot will have great longevity.

One of the biggest draws you will find when looking at this boot is the added steel toe and the extra 2 inches in length. This will not only help protect your toes and feet from those nasty bumps and falling objects but will also keep your ankles rigid and offer more comfort when wearing them.

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On the inside of the boot, it also features an inner lining and this lining certainly helps to prevent any possible abrasions, while the synthetic outer sole will ensure that you do not take any slips and falls. The outer sole is capable of resisting water and oil spills to keep you on your feet and going all day long.

We highly recommend this boot for the added safety and for the durability. The shoes are also really expensive and therefore, you will need to take good care of it, but as with most great things in life, you will certainly feel more comfort with these shoes and also protect you in hazardous situations.

  • Extremely durable
  • Added ankle protection
  • Slip resistant to water and oil
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Unattractive design

3. Danner Men's Quarry USA 8-Inch BR Work Boot

While Danner is not particularly well-known around the world for its stylish designs, the brand does focus and thrive when it comes to providing durability. The Danner men’s Quarry USA 8 inch BR work boot has been designed for you to trek through those strenuous environments with ease and without a fear of falling or getting hurt.

The shoes are also constructed from durable leather to help make the boots last longer and a synthetic outer sole. The synthetic outer sole is used for its softness and this does make walking and taking some of the strain from your joints a little easier.

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The shoes are also waterproof and the Gore-Tex inner lining will not only help to keep out the water but also reduce the risk of any possible abrasions that might occur.

While the design is not all that attractive, the boots do come in a stylish color that will not show dirt as easily. The shoes are also more flexible on the inside and this will provide you with more space for your feet, while the soft inner cushioning molds to the shape of your feet.

We highly recommend these boots for the value and the durability, but also because they are hand stitched and a lot of care have been taken to ensure that you are presented with a durable and flexible waterproof working boot for all situations.

  • Extremely durable
  • Moldable insole
  • Abrasion, slip - resistant
  • Extremely spacious
  • Quite pricey

4. Red Wing Heritage Men's Blacksmith-M Work Boot

The Red Wing Heritage men’s Blacksmith-M work boot features more of an old-fashioned design and this design is certainly the type of boot that many of the farmworkers will look for.

The shoe has been constructed from durable leather on the inside, while also having a softer interior lining that will keep the leather from causing abrasions and other problems to your feet.

A Vibram sole has been used in the construction to help reduce the strain and impact on your feet from walking, while the softer insole will mold perfectly to the shape of your feet in order to make the boot much more comfortable.

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The boot also features a round toe design and the leather has also been treated to make it more durable. The boot has been triple stitched and this will allow you to work in some of the most rugged terrains.

We highly recommend this boot for outdoor construction workers in tough and strenuous environments. The shoe is one of the most expensive boots you will find, but the price will pay for itself with all the years of use it will provide you with.

  • Great durability
  • More traditional style
  • Treated leather design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Extremely expensive, but worth it

5. Chippewa Men's 6" Rugged Handcrafted Lace-Up Boot

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Chippewa men’s 6 inch rugged handcrafted lace-up boot. Like most of the other boots on the list, this boot has also been constructed from durable leather to improve the durability and the longevity of the boot.

The boot also features that traditional style, but the outer sole is a little thicker and made from Vibram materials to make the shoe more comfortable to walk and move with.

Lacing up the shoe is also quite easy and can quickly be done with the added D-rings. This means that you will be able to lace up the shoe instantly after threading through the laces.

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The boot also features a removable inner sole that can be washed when the shoe is not being worn and this will be great for improving your foot hygiene.

Finally, it is worth noting that the shoe has been handcrafted and this will be great for people looking for that special unique touch to their working boots. The color is also really attractive and since it is dark chocolate brown, you will find that it does not show off dirt as easily as some of the lighter boots.

We highly recommend this boot for the unique fact that it has been handcrafted and the added durability it presents. The boot is also relatively expensive, but it will certainly provide you with multiple years’ worth of use and pay for itself.

  • Extremely durable and unique design
  • Handcrafted
  • Provides great comfort
  • Moldable and removable inner cushioning
  • Stylish color
  • Expensive

Key Things to Take Note off in the Best American Made Work Boots

While you might have noticed, we didn't really find any substantial cons when it comes to these boots and therefore, they have been chosen as the best of the best, but if you are still not convinced when it comes to working boots, we have added a buying guide of features that you should look for in work boots. This is not only American work boots, but work boots in general.

1. Durability

​In all of our articles, we like to stress the importance of durability and with work boots, this is still true. Many of these boots are quite expensive and having great durability is fundamentally important to ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck.

2. Comfort

While working, you might be spending unending amounts of time on your feet. The best work boots will allow you to do this with ease and to spend those hours on your feet with a greater level of productivity. To check the durability, we do recommend that you pay attention to the inner sole when purchasing.

3. Waterproof

While this might not be important to all, it will never do any harm to have waterproof boots and you never know when you might need to trek through some water puddles.

4. Slip Resistant

Many people cannot afford to get injured and miss work and we believe that having slip resistant work boots can help you avoid financial stress to stop you from falling and sustaining serious injuries. This feature is considered to be critical in all work boots.

5. Work Type

Ultimately, the boot you choose will depend on the work you do and the type of your work. Your budget will also play a role, but when it comes to the best work boots, you need to find the best-suited boots for your job description.

We consider these five features the most important when it comes to selecting a work boot. Most American work boots do already cater for these features and we do recommend that you choose the American way.

Our Verdict

Writing this article and checking out the different boots was quite fun and we really do hope you enjoy the article. We highly recommend the Thorogood brand as our number one choice and while they also have many other boots, we do consider these to be the best of the best.

Please let us know what you think of our selection and if you managed to find the best American made boot that you think we might have missed.

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