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Top 4 Best Badminton Sets: Bring The Perfect Entertainment To Your Home

Badminton is well known for being a fun game that is relaxing and improves the overall fitness of individuals that play it. You do not need any special skills to enjoy the game of badminton and anyone could simply just pick up a racquet and start having fun.

Badminton racquets are quite expensive once you reach the professional levels, but if you are not planning to go that far, most of these badminton sets will suffice to provide you with a tip quality playing experience and the opportunity to turn every get together this holiday into a fun-filled experience that is to be remembered.

We had the opportunity to check out some of these sets and get a general feel for the quality that they provide and most of them were great for beginners and entertainment purposes. Another great advantage of the best badminton sets is that they are extremely affordable and all include bags that will allow you to easily store the racquets once you are done with them. The bags will also allow for easy transport and the ability to save some extra space on travels.

We have had the opportunity to test all of these sets and we can assure you that they are great and highly durable. Before we get into the best badminton sets, we would like to share a few features that you need to look out for.

Key Features to Take Note of in the Best Badminton Sets

1. Net Quality and Setup

The net should be easy to set up and in the list; you will find that most of these badminton sets will allow you to set up within a few minutes. This will be great for playing a quick game when you are limited on time.

2. Durable Racquets

As most people playing with these sets will not be professional players, you will need durable racquets that are capable of withstanding pressure from those dreaded ground shots. If you have quality, the racquets will last you longer.

3. Versatility

The nets need to be versatile. This means that you could set them up inside or outside without any troubles. Some of these nets are big enough that they will even fit over you swimming pool and this will present you with the opportunity for playing a game of water volleyball.

These 3 features should really be taken into account and they will ensure that you have value for your money. By ensuring that you have perfect quality, you will be able to play longer and more freely and beginners will have the opportunity to improve their game at a better rate and eventually upgrade to a professional or intermediate racquet.

With that being said, let’s look at the top badminton sets for the festive season:

Top 4 Best Badminton Sets Reviews 2019

1. Baden Champions Series Badminton Set

We were fortunate enough to try this set out for free, but afterward, we decided that we would have bought the set as well if we didn't get it for free.

The badminton set is packed with everything needed to enjoy a great game of badminton and the quality of the items are made from highly durable materials to ensure that they could last you a very long time.

The badminton racquets that we received, could match the tournament level racquets on any day and if you put them in the hands of a pro player, you will definitely see a pro experience.

Editor Rating


They were light and easy to use and this really helped us get greater shots off and even helped to combat the fatigue that is associated with active sports.

You will also receive a full-size net that is extremely easy to set up and it took less than 5 minutes for us to set up this net without any other equipment needed. The dismounting process is much faster and you will only struggle to get it fitted back into the bag that accompanies the set.

Furthermore, you will receive three, tournament quality badminton to play with and after use, all of these can be placed back into the sturdy and stylish looking nylon bag. This makes the transportation process much easier and you can be sure to never lose anything if you choose to store the set for a while.

Overall we highly recommend this set for the family, not only is it high-quality, but it is sure to provide you with a perfect playing experience. Beginners will also be able to use this when they start getting into the sport and you will find the tournament-quality items to be extremely beneficial to your learning curve.

  • Durable high-quality items
  • Easy to mount and dismount net
  • Tournament quality products
  • Great for beginners of casual entertainment
  • The handles on the racquets were not made from the finest quality gripping features

After being rated as one of the top badminton sets on the market, we decided to give this a go. You will also receive top quality products in the bag and it contains a very easy to set up netting system, but we were intrigued by the four aluminum badminton racquets that we received.

Much like the high-quality poles, these racquets were lightweight with an even spread weight throughout the racquet and the balance was near perfect.

The grip was slightly better, but think that it could have been improved as your hands might still slip when the sweat starts to set in.

Editor Rating


As for the durability, the entire set is very strong and even the net with the poles was able to withstand a full speed shoulder charge from an accidental bad shot. This will ensure that you buy great quality and that you have the opportunity to improve your learning curve while playing with the family. The quality was also great for playing those ground shots and to improve the overall feel for the game.

You will also receive 3 high-quality badminton, which has been made from the same quality materials used in the professional tournaments and the added carry bag will be great for fitting everything inside. This set is easy to transport and great for allowing the friends and family to entertain themselves.

  • Durable aluminum material for the entire set
  • Added 2 year warranty
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Added markers to play like a pro
  • Easy to transport or store away
  • Might be a little expensive for people that do not play a lot

If you enjoy the outdoors a lot, this set will be perfect for you. Not only will you receive a professionally designed net and racquets, but you will also be able to use this for volleyball purposes.

The volleyball has also been included in the set and it will be great for switching between the two games to ensure that you enjoy the game to fullest extent.

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try this out and while we are huge volleyball fans, we also gave the badminton set a try.

Editor Rating


The set is very easy to set up and the racquets have been perfectly strung to provide a quality feel. These racquets definitely made a difference to the style we played and the grip also gave us the opportunity to play for longer periods of time.

The volleyball part of the set was quite intriguing and since it is waterproof, you will be able to set up the net over the swimming pool at home. This will allow you the opportunity to play a great game of water volleyball and take some of the stress off from your average day.

You will also receive a high-quality carry bag that is waterproof and all of these items fit inside when you receive the product. After playing we had a hard time packing everything back in the way it was, so we decided to keep the volleyball out. But if you have packing skills, this set will be great for traveling and easy to transport.

  • Extremely multifunctional
  • Great quality for the items that you receive
  • High quality and durable racquets
  • Waterproof bag and volleyball to allow you to play water volleyball
  • The set-up of the net takes a little longer than usual

Featuring a completely unique design, this badminton set has been something we were looking forward to trying. The setup of the net was something worth buying the set for and it uses the carry bag as a stand. This gave us the opportunity to play inside and miss the outside cold weather for a little while.

The racquets are perfectly designed but does lack in quality compared to some of the most professional racquets. You will receive 4 racquets that are green and red and the 2 professional quality badminton.

Editor Rating


While we do not recommend scraping the racquets against the ground on the inside or on tougher surfaces, they were capable of withstanding a few of these shots.

The carry bag is also quite light this is great for storage and traveling purposes and we rate this as the most versatile set on the list. You will be able to set up the game anywhere in a matter of seconds and provide your guests with a great and healthy choice of entertainments.

Children of all ages will be able to enjoy the badminton set and you need not worry about them damaging the net when setting it up. The set is also quite affordable compared to the other set and we would highly recommend this set for beginners and casual players.

  • Sets up in a matter of seconds
  • Extremely versatile for outdoor and indoor play
  • High-quality racquets and badminton
  • Extremely affordable
  • The pack up can be quite tricky until you figure out the right method

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