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Best Cheer Shoes: A Buying Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pair 2022

Finding the best cheer shoes is crucial especially if you want to be part of your cheerleading team. If you are a parent with a child who is part of the team, then it is also advisable for you to invest in the best pair.

Note that cheerleading shoe is extremely different from the usual athletic shoe. With the plenty of choices for this footwear right now, you may find it challenging to narrow them down and pick the best. Fortunately, this buying guide now exists to guide you in making a good choice.

Finding the Right Fit

When choosing the perfect pair of cheer shoes, take note that the fit is a crucial factor in your decision. In this case, make sure to leave around half a thumb for your toes.

Such can help ensure that the cheer shoe is tight yet comfortable enough – meaning it does not cause discomfort because your feet tend to move around the shoes while cutting off blood circulation.

It’s just tight enough for the shoe to form around and up your feet, allowing you to execute your cheerleading skills with ease. Aside from making you feel comfortable, the proper fit can also keep you safe when performing your stunts.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Cheer Shoes

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Aside from the fit, you also have higher chances of picking the right pair of cheerleading shoes if you keep in mind the following factors:

Flexibility and stability – Ensure that the shoe you choose is both stable and flexible. It should be flexible enough that you’ll never have a difficult time pointing your feet, performing complex movements, and jumping.

Stability is also a vital factor. One way to gauge the stability of the shoe is to check whether it stays laced. If possible, go for a footwear that comes with bubble laces as such aid in keeping your shoe tied when you’re performing or practicing.

Furthermore, it should be stable enough that it does not cause your feet to move around your shoes.

Places where you’ll frequently perform – Find out if most of your cheerleading performance will be held outdoors or indoors. Keep in mind that each surface requires the proper kind of traction as such can help keep you on your feet.

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Choose your shoes correctly. While there are those that you can wear for indoor performances only, others are ideal for various surfaces. Conduct a good research so you will know exactly what you need.

Finger grooves – Also, figure out whether the shoe features finger grooves. These are among the most vital features in a cheerleading shoe as it offers the highest level of stability for the flyer when doing stunts.

Ankle length – If you’re part of a cheerleading squad who does plenty of stunts, tumbling, cheering and dance routines, then a pair of footwear with ankle length is a must. You need a shoe, which does not go over your ankle.

Weight – Check the weight of the cheerleading shoe, as well. It should be light enough, so you can move easily and jump higher.

Sole – Check the sole of the footwear, too. It should be made of smooth rubber to minimize the risk of uncomfortable rubbing. The rubber sole is also beneficial for your heel pod and toe as it tends to grip more efficiently on the floor.

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Such ensures that you do not need to think about sliding or slipping. If you’re planning to take part in competitive and indoor cheering, then those that have non-marking soles are advisable. They don’t leave skid marks when dragged or slid on the floor.

Padding – Since you’ll need to jump, move or do some stunts frequently, it’s crucial to wear a pair of cheer shoes with EVA cushioning. It’s a lightweight solution in absorbing shocks from all your movements.

Breathability – Keep in mind that you’ll be practicing too many times and performing strenuous routines. Such can cause discomfort as your feet swell or heat up. That said, look for a breathable cheer shoe to keep you comfortable during practice and competition.

Replacing your Cheer Shoes

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Once you have found the best cheer shoes for you, your next question may be how often you should replace it. The answer would be every six to eight months.

If your shoes take a lot of abuse and beating due to constant and heavy practices and competitions, then investing in two pairs is advisable. One of the two should be for practice while the other one should be for the competition.

Aside from that, you have to gain a full understanding of the specific environment you intend to practice and perform. Such can help you choose the right shoes that can last long, thereby preventing you from replacing them too often.

Top 5 Best Cheer Shoes 

1. Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe

Made of synthetic and textile and featuring its own carrying case, you’ll definitely fall in love with the Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe. It’s designed in such a way that it runs smaller than the typical shoes you find in the market today.

That said, you have a hundred percent assurance that the shoe will fit your feet tightly yet comfortably. Because of the tight fit, there is also a guarantee that there will be no unnecessary movements within when wearing the shoe.

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With the Nfinity Vengeance cheer shoe, you’ll find cheerleading even more enjoyable. It’s very lightweight, so moving around with ease is possible. Furthermore, it makes use of a highly advanced technology to prolong its life while also helping you deliver an excellent performance when cheerleading.

Aside from that, you will instantly notice the comfort fit cushions integrated into the heel. Such aids in making the shoe even more comfortable to wear.

Another remarkable feature in this shoe is its nylon mesh upper, which is constructed in such a way that it provides you with the proper fit without causing it to weigh too much. It also has signature bubble laces, making it look good.

  • Fits the feet tightly yet comfortably, thereby preventing unnecessary movements within the shoe
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has comfort fit cushions integrated into the heel
  • Features a nylon mesh upper, which makes the shoe fit you even better
  • Great look and high level of durability
  • The strap used on the bag features a very generic design.

2. Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes

Made of leather, Nfinity Adult Evolution is another cheer shoe that you’ll definitely fall in love with. I like the fact that it is very light as it only weighs around 6.5 ounces. That said, it is safe to use on practices, performances, and competitions.

You’ll also notice its bubble laces designed to make the shoe fit securely. As for the upper, note that it’s made of both leather and sateen. Both of these materials are superior in terms of breathability and support so expect this shoe to excel in the mentioned areas.

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Another benefit of this cheer shoe from Nfinity is that it features an insole with an ergonomic design. Such is a good thing as it ensures that it matches the contours below your feet. This is the key to achieving the highest level of comfort, cushion, and arch support.

Another of the many things that make this footwear perfect for cheerleading is the fact that its forefoot naturally fits your impact area and toes. With the ankle lock system integrated into the footwear, you’re assured of a better heel fit on the ankle.

  • Lightweight, making it safe for performances, practices, and competitions
  • Has bubble laces that provide a more secure fit
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Provides an enhanced cushion and arch support
  • Fits your foot snugly
  • The mesh material tends to get dirty easily.

3. Nfinity Titan Adult Cheer Shoe

Nfinity Titan Adult Cheer Shoe is another of the cheerleading footwear that you have to consider investing in. It features a great combination between old-school and modern style.

It’s a high top footwear, which also comes with an interlocking skeleton designed to increase the stability of the ankle, making it ideal for tumbling. I also like the lightweight nature of this shoe.

It weighs only around six ounces so moving around and revolutionizing both your looks and skills is possible. Another feature I like to highlight in this cheer shoe is its non-stretch woven jacquard uppers. Such enhances the feel and fit when wearing it.

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Aside from that, the shoe boasts of its metatarsal reinforced outsoles designed to improve your performance. It takes pride of its cool and sleek look as well as the cardboard insert on each pair, keeping its shape intact.

Its functionality and durability are also unquestionable. Furthermore, it provides adequate support to users, making it a really friendly option for cheerleaders.

  • Combines old-school and modern style, providing it with a cool and sleek look
  • High-top cheer shoe with an interlocking skeleton – Such increases ankle stability.
  • Features non-stretch woven jacquard uppers, enhancing the feel and fit of the shoe
  • Improves performance with its metatarsal reinforced outsoles
  • Comfortable and supportive to your ankle and heel
  • Eyelets that hold the shoe’s straps tend to rust fast

4. Nike Women's Sideline III Insert Training Shoe

If you’re looking for the best cheer shoes for women, then the Nike Side III Insert Training shoe is a great option. With uppers made of both synthetic and mesh, you have an assurance of its ability to offer comfort while being highly durable.

Such uppers also provide dynamic support. Aside from that, it comes with an outsole made of non-marking rubber while also boasting of medial pivot points, allowing you to perform excellently on a number of surfaces.

The good thing about this cheer shoe is that it also boasts of a more customized look with the color slide cards integrated to it. Another positive thing I would like to point out in this cheer shoe is the Phylon midsoles. Such promotes a comfortable wear.

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The internal flex grooves improve the flexibility of the shoe while also ensuring that you can move naturally. With its lace closures, you’ll also feel more secure when doing your movements.

  • Has synthetic and mesh uppers that offer dynamic support
  • Non-marking rubber outsole, which promotes excellent performance on various surfaces
  • Promotes ease of customization with its built-in color slide cards
  • Phylon midsoles that further promote comfort
  • Allows you to move more naturally with the integrated internal flex grooves
  • A bit narrow

5. Women's Nike Cheer Unite Training Shoe

If you’re looking for the best pair of sleek and low-profile cheerleading shoe, then the Nike Cheer Unite Training Shoe for women is worth checking out. It is made of synthetic leather, which increases its ability to offer users with adequate support while also boosting its comfort and durability.

Also, I love the interior flex grooves integrated into the shoe as I noticed its effectiveness in improving its stability, as well as ability to offer protection against impact. Such also promotes a natural range of motion.

It has a lightweight cushioning courtesy of the built-in double-lasted Phylon midsole. With the non-marking rubber outsole, which also features medial pivot point on the shoe, it’s also possible for it to enhance your performance when using it on multiple surfaces.

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The ability of the shoe to offer enough cushioning, support and flexibility makes it possible for you to perform at your best even in front of a huge crowd.

  • Sleek and low-profile cheerleading shoe
  • Made of synthetic leather, making it more comfortable, durable and supportive
  • Has interior flex grooves designed to boost its stability and ability to protect you from all forms of impact
  • Ideal for use on multiple surfaces
  • Long-lasting
  • Not suitable for those with wide feet
  • A bit stiff and difficult to clean


The best cheer shoes are those that can make you feel comfortable and secure while also enhancing each of your practices and performances. The five shoes mentioned in this article are among the best that you can find in this category.

Pick your choice based on the buying guide mentioned earlier and you will surely take a hold of a footwear, which can make you a star each time you perform.

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