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Best Chef Shoes that can Protect your Feet

Are you working as a chef and would like to find the best chef shoes in the world? It’s no longer a secret that the perfect shoes for your job play a huge role in your work performance. If your shoes have a poor fit, then moving around in the workplace will be a bit of a challenge for you.

The same holds true for chefs or anyone who works in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is an extremely busy place, it is crucial for you to pair your overall outfit with the right shoes. Here are eight of the best shoes that work well for chefs and other kitchen workers so you can decide better.

Top 8 Best Chef Shoes 2018 

1. Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip-resistant Mcallen Slip-on

One thing that I instantly noticed about Skechers for Work-Flex Advantage Slip-resistant Mcallen Slip-on is that it comes with a relaxed fit design, which is a good thing for chefs and kitchen workers. The design of the slip-on shoe also boasts of dual-side elastic fabric panels, promoting ease in slipping it on.

Another comfortable feature I find in this popular work shoe from Skechers is the memory foam insole, which promotes a well-cushioned and comfortable wear. I like the diamond-patterned mesh panels of the shoe, too, as such improve its breathability.

Other highlights of the shoe are the stain-resistant and water-resistant synthetic uppers. Furthermore, there is a shock-absorbent FlexSole midsole, which further guarantees the safety of users. You’ll also instantly notice the slip-resistant outsoles made of rubber.

Another remarkable fact about this Skechers work shoe is that it is an Electric Hazard rated, meaning it meets the standards and requirements set by safety organizations. You’ll also realize that the shoe comes with reinforced stitch seams, as well as an S logo on its sides.

The problem with this shoe is that it only has minimal support on the sides of your feet. Still, it’s already enough to secure you and make you feel comfortable in the workplace.

  • Relaxed fit and slip-on design, promoting ease and comfort when wearing it
  • Features a memory foam insole
  • Highly breathable, thanks to the shoe’s diamond-patterned mesh panels
  • Stain and water-resistant
  • EH rated, improving its ability to offer protection
  • Less support offered on the sides of your feet

Despite that minor drawback, I can still safely say that it’s a great option for a chef shoe as it has a cool, sporty style and offers all-day security and comfort.

2. Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Slip-resistant Boot

With the traditional lace-up closure integrated into Skechers for Work Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Slip-resistant Boot, it’s no longer surprising why it boasts of its adjustable and customized fit. I like the fact that it’s adjustable and customizable as it means I can make it fit based on my comfort level.

I also love the padded collar and tongue of the shoe, as it increases the level of support and protection that it can offer. It has an upper made of soft leather, thereby maximizing its ability to offer comfort. Adding to the features that can make you feel comfortable is the soft fabric lining.

You’ll also notice its removable footbed cushioned with a memory foam. Such ensures that you won’t be facing any discomfort when wearing it the entire day. There’s even a FlexSole midsole, which works effectively in absorbing shocks and impact.

I can also say that it’s one of the safest and most secure shoes anyone can wear, particularly those who work in the kitchen. It is safe as it is slip-resistant, has proper traction, and meets the standards in terms of dealing with electrical hazards. And with hectic pace in the kitchen, the Skechers non-slip shoes are more appropriate than a Dansko women's clogs

Inserts might still be needed, though, to prevent your soles from getting hurt, especially during the first few days or weeks of use.

  • Promotes an adjustable and customizable fit – thanks to its lace-up closure
  • Comfortable with the aid of its padded collar and tongue, soft leather upper and fabric lining, and well-cushioned footbed
  • Shock and impact absorbent
  • Slip-resistant
  • Offers adequate traction

To conclude, Skechers for Work Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Slip-resistant Boot is highly reliable as it’s a work-specific footwear designed to offer long-lasting comfort and safety.

3. Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip-resistant Work Shoe  –  Our Pick

If your work as a chef requires you to spend several hours in the kitchen, then I’m sure that you’ll appreciate the comfort and safety offered by Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip-resistant Work Shoe.

I think one reason behind the high comfort level offered by the shoe is its anatomical form and interchangeable footbed. In addition, it makes of polyurethane material known not only for its versatility but also for its smooth surface.

The clogs make it capable of resisting dust, grease, oil, and water. I find the shape of the shoe beneficial, too, as it promotes the even distribution of weight over your entire feet, maximizing its ability to offer the best support.

It also promotes an excellent exterior and interior longitudinal arch support. Aside from that, the front part of the shoe’s footbed boasts of a raised indentation, thereby facilitating an impressive toe grip.

The shoe is also capable of molding to the natural shape of your feet. It has enough cushion, which promotes better health and well-being. It also features an anti-slip outsole, which I find beneficial as it keeps you safe.

The only problem with this chef shoe is that it tends to be squeaky at times. It is something that you can tolerate, though, as it is not that bothersome.

  • Features an anatomical form and molds the natural shape of your feet
  • Resists dust, oil, water, and grease
  • Boasts of a polyurethane construction, improving its versatility and giving the shoe a smooth and comfortable surface
  • Facilitates excellent toe grip – thanks to its raised indentation
  • Offers excellent arch support – both in the exteriors and interiors

One last thing I’d like to say about this shoe is that it is durable and easy to clean, so expect it to serve its purpose for quite a long time.

4. KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe  –  Best Overall

KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe is also one of my choices for the best chef shoes for sore feet as it has most of the features that can make the lives of chefs and any other kitchen workers easier.

One thing I find favorable in this work shoe from KEEN is its high level of safety – thanks to its water and slip-resistant upper made of leather. Another valuable feature is the plush KEEN.CUSH footbed. Constructed out of PU, I can assure you that this footbed offers convenience.

The memory foam that the shoe features also works in cradling your feet naturally and comfortably the entire day. With the non-slip sole of this work shoe, it’s also safe to say that it can prevent falls and slips during slick conditions.

I think that the KEEN patented toe protection featured in this work shoe is also a big advantage as it ensures that its outsoles offer the highest level of protection by wrapping over and up your toes.

Optimal comfort is also possible as it’s made of a combination of recycled PU, memory foam, and cork, which follows your feet’s natural contours. Such provides you with enough cushion the entire day.

The problem with this work shoe from KEEN is it is more rigid than the other footwear, which is probably a reason why it tends to break in slowly.

  • Can keep you safe with its water and slip-resistant upper
  • Offers comfort and convenience – thanks to the KEEN.CUSH footbed
  • Makes use of a memory foam in naturally and comfortably cradling your feet
  • Non-slip, preventing the risks of accidental falls and slips
  • Well-cushioned interiors
  • Rigid construction, costing more time to break in

Once the break-in period is over, though, it’s safe to conclude that the shoe is on its way towards offering the perfect fit designed to give you all-day comfort.

5. Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog  –  Budget Pick

One reason why Crocs Unisex Clog is an ideal pair of shoes for chefs is that it is mainly designed for use by those who are in the foodservice industry. I highly recommend this footwear to any cook, chef, or kitchen worker who wishes to wear a lightweight and comfy shoe.

In my opinion, one favorable feature of this clog from Crocs is the tailored tread found at the bottom. It meets the standards in terms of being slip-resistant while offering a high level of traction support due to its croslite material construction.

Another favorable feature in the shoe is its contoured massaging footbed, offering comfort when worn. Add to that the foam construction of the clog and you’ll surely enjoy long-lasting comfort. Another fact I find beneficial in this shoe is the fact that it is constructed out of a thick material.

Despite its thick material construction, I can still assure you that it’s light and comfy. It is easy to clean plus boasts of its odor-resistant feature.

What’s not so good about this shoe, though, in my opinion, is that it isn’t as breathable as other Crocs with ventilation holes. Still, the Crocs Bistro is one of the best men and women's clogs in the market today.

  • Ideal for those who work in the food industry, particularly chefs
  • Lightweight and comfy despite its thick and rugged construction
  • Offers excellent traction support
  • Easy to clean plus capable of resisting odor
  • Features a well-contoured massaging footbed
  • Not that breathable

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog is one of the best performing shoes for chefs. It is highly durable plus it is safe to use and highly functional, so it’s always a good option for those who work in the kitchen for long hours.

6. SensFoot SW-08 Unisex Anti-Slip Work Safety Shoes 

If you want a pair of chef shoe with plenty of safety and protective features, then I highly recommend the SensFoot SW-08 Unisex Anti-Slip Work Safety Shoes. It makes use of highly advanced and sturdy international materials, thereby making it long-lasting and durable.

It features a modern style while boasting of its lightweight. It also has a sole constructed out of an advanced technology and formula, which is a huge advantage for those who want their shoe to be as stable as possible.

I also find the anti-slip sole, high skid-resistance, and optimum elasticity of this work safety shoe favorable as it makes it comfortable and safe, overall. In addition, it is constructed out of an environmental EVA material, making the shoe soft and lightweight.

The shoe also comes with a unique anti-slip system, which works by dispersing water film immediately. The fact that it features a special sole, which can protect your back, legs, and feet from the stress linked to walking or standing, also keeps the shoe highly secure.

There are some sizing issues with this safety shoe, though, as some complained that it runs a bit larger than what’s normal.

  • Offers numerous safety and protective features
  • Long-lasting and durable – thanks to its advanced and sturdy materials
  • Boasts of its modern style
  • Lightweight yet stable
  • One of the best chef shoes for flat feet
  • Safe with its slip-resistance and skid-resistance quality
  • Some sizing issues

Provided you pick the right size, it’s safe to conclude that the SensFoot SW-08 Unisex Anti-Slip Work Safety Shoes is the ideal chef shoe for you especially if your job requires you to spend hours standing on your feet.

7. KEEN Utility PTC Slip-on Work Shoe  –  Runner Up

If you want a rugged work shoe, which is still comfortable to wear and stylish, then I can say that the KEEN Utility PTC Slip-on Work Shoe is a great option. It’s a slip-on shoe, so you’ll definitely have an easier time putting it on and taking it off.

I like this shoe from KEEN because I noticed how well it performs when used on rugged kitchen conditions. It is primarily because it is tough with its water-resistant leather upper and slip-resistant outsole. The leather upper also improves the stability of the shoe.

With the medial side gore of this KEEN slip-on work shoe, it’s also safe to say that it can offer the ideal fit and comfort. Another thing I find favorable about this footwear is that it is easy to clean and maintain. You can maintain its excellent condition by simply wiping it clean.

The fact that the shoe also features the unique plush KEEN.CUSH footbed of the brand guarantees long-lasting comfort. It has a memory foam, too, which aids in cradling the shape of your feet naturally.

It’s heavier than other work shoes, though. However, rest assured that it isn’t too heavy that you’ll no longer be able to work comfortably when wearing it at work.

  • Rugged and comfortable yet stylish
  • Slip-on design, promoting ease in wearing and taking it off
  • Performs exceptionally well when used in rugged conditions
  • Features a water-resistant leather upper and slip-resistant outsole – both of which help make the shoe tougher than ever
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Heavier than other work shoes

KEEN Utility PTC Slip-on Work Shoe has features that accurately portray what it’s like to have a comfortable and protective chef shoe, so it’s safe to say that buying it is a wise decision.

8. Klogs Edge Comfort Men's Slip-on Clog

I also highly recommend the Klogs Edge Comfort Slip-on Clog for anyone who prefers to wear a lightweight footwear with a slip-on and simple design. What I like the most about this footwear is that its versatility – it can work both in a home or a professional kitchen.

Overall, it is constructed out of polyurethane material, which is guaranteed to be anti-microbial. In addition, it features a removable inner sole for added convenience to the users. It also comes with soft cushioning and more than enough arch support, making it even more comfortable and secure.

Another nice feature of the shoe is its polyurethane sole known for being oil and slip-resistant and non-marking. The shoe also boasts of its impressive shock-absorbent and odor-resistant feature.

I also like the fact that this pair of men's chef shoes is easy to clean. All it takes is to use water and soap to wipe off dirt with the aid of a towel. It’s also highly durable plus being offered at an inexpensive price.

It’s quite narrow at the sole, though, but it’s possible for it to stretch once the shoe is successfully broken in.

  • Features a simple and easy to use slip-on design
  • Highly versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Antimicrobial polyurethane construction
  • Comfortable with its soft and comfortable cushion and adequate arch support
  • Quite narrow at the sole

Klogs Edge Comfort Slip-on Open Back Casual Clog is still one of your greatest options for a chef shoe as it provides long-lasting comfort with its lightweight construction and well-cushioned and comfortable interiors.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Chef Shoes?

You know that you’re wearing the best pair of chef shoes if it allows you to last your entire shift without feeling any pain and discomfort. If you want to make sure that you’re getting just that from your footwear, then consider the following before making your decision:

Best Chef Shoes smile

1. Cushion and Comfort

Both of these are among the factors you should prioritize in a chef or kitchen shoe. Your chosen shoe should have a proper cushion that it does not cause your feet to hurt nor deal with injuries when worn.

That said, you need to search for a shoe with light padding to prevent your feet from hurting even when you’re standing for long hours. The shoe should also come with thick platforms as well as a slight heel to offer your feet with enough protection from the hard kitchen surface or floor.

2. Durability

It is also crucial to look for a shoe with proven durability. It should come with well-constructed stitches. It should also be resilient enough that it can handle moisture well. One durable material used for a footwear is leather.

However, take note that it’s also heavy and prone to moisture. Synthetic, on the other hand, is lightweight. It also lasts long, provided you don’t expose it excessively to sunlight. It’s up to you to choose, though, which material you think is the most durable and can offer you what you need.

3. Protection

The ability of the shoe to offer utmost protection should also be thoroughly assessed. Note that you’ll be exposing yourself to plenty of potential damages to the skin and bones on your feet since you’ll be dealing with heavy pans, cooking knives, and hot foods.

That said, you need to look for the most protective chef shoes. If possible, wear one with a steel toe or composite toe feature as it offers a high level of protection. It should also come with an anti-slip feature. Such feature should have deep grooves as these aid in preventing falls and slips.

most comfortable Chef Shoes

4. Appearance

If you are a chef who needs to meet your guests, then consider looking for a shoe, which looks good aside from having plenty of protective and comfortable features. If possible, go for one with an anti-resistant upper to prevent spills and drops from permanently staining the footwear.

Avoid choosing a shoe based on its look, though. Ensure that you assessed it first based on other important factors before checking out its style and appearance.

5. Arch Support

This is a vital factor to consider as such can proper arch support can prevent foot pain often caused by standing for several hours in a day. You can prevent such foot problem if your shoes have excellent arch support.

Note, however, that if you have flat feet, then chef shoes that have an arch support with minimal height are ideal. Such can prevent the risk of injuring your feet.

Taking Care of Your Non-Slip Chef Shoes

1. Wipe Your Work Shoes Clean

It's essential to keep your kitchen shoes clean. Any stains from foods or drinks can permanently damage the looks of your shoes.

You can wipe your chef shoes regularly with a clean, damp cloth. Doing so help remove any old grime or dirt. Rubber clogs are easy to clean. All you need is a wet sponge or cloth to wipe out the dirt, but if you want to give the clogs a more thorough wash, dunk them in a container with soap and water. Let it soak for a few minutes and scrub them clean. After that, rinse and let them dry.

2. Don’t Wash The The Shoes Too Often

Although a clean pair of non-slip shoes can look good, but washing them often will slowly deteriorate their appearance. If your shoes are in need of an extreme washing, you can use the washing machine with the included shoe rack(if any). Stick to a lower temperature when using the washing machine. Avoid high-temperature washes because the rubber outsole might melt.

3. Make Your Non-Slip Work Shoes Waterproof

One of the best ways to maintain your shoes is to buy a pair that is already waterproof. This will save you money from buying protective shoe sprays. But if you need to make yours waterproof, you can use protective sprays, beeswax oil  Nubuck shoe protection to make it waterproof. Some protective shoe sprays may harm the exterior appearance of your shoes, and they're not as reliable as waterproof shoes.

4. Choose the Best Chef Shoes You Can Afford

Buy the best slip-resistant and comfortable shoes you can afford for your work. A good quality pair will last longer and will be more foot-friendly whenever you wear it. Invest on a pair with excellent shock absorption.

Final Words on the Best Chef Shoes

Picking the best chef shoes 2017 - 2018 can play a major difference in how you perform in the kitchen as a chef. If you’re still unsure what to choose, then figure out which among the essential qualities of this footwear you specifically need.

Do you want your shoe to be highly protective, supportive, comfortable, stylish, comfortable or slip-resistant? Or do you want it to have all the mentioned qualities? Consider picking your choice based on the specific qualities you want your shoes to have.

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