Top 7 Best Crossfit Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis – Buyer’s Guide

The popularity of crossfit training continues to grow, so the issue of shoe selection becomes more and more relevant. The footwear is your most faithful companion as it helps you to endure everything the crossfit training throws at you, so it should be functional, comfortable, enduring, and aesthetically pleasing.
Some shoes are better for running, others are perfect for lifting, climbing, jumping. If you want to optimize your crossfit experience, go for shoes, designed for specific purposes.
Here is the guide how to choose the best crossfit shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Key Features To Consider When Buying Crossfit Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

The choice of crossfit shoes is challenging as you should consider all features these shoes have and choose the best option for your workout routine. Here are the features you should consider while buying another pair of crossfit shoes.


Functionality is one of the most important characteristics as it allows performing different types of crossfit training. Pay attention to the following features:
Flexibility – People wear crossfit shoes for long and short runs in most cases. The midsole should give necessary cushioning and flexibility so that the feet feel comfy during runs, don’t get tired too quickly and the moves aren’t restricted.
Protection And Support – The crossfit training is always stress, so your shoes should protect you from stresses and strains. The sneakers feature a toe cage, which prevents injuries, sturdy toe boxes, a sturdy upper (such as Kevlar) or a protective outer coating. For instance, the shoe protects all foot areas so that you don’t get the rope burn during a rope climb.
On top of that, the shoes should support you during lateral and high-impact vertical movements. And shock absorption is also important for the crossfit shoes as it helps to provide stability.
Grip – Cross training is very versatile, so shoes should provide adequate grip on all surfaces. A good grip provides the necessary stability and balance during the workout so that the risk of the trauma is reduced. Therefore, crossfit shoes should have stiff hard soles, which help you to stay planted to the ground.
Versatility – The cross-training incorporates different types of exercises, so the shoes should be adaptable to the shifts between high and low-intensity workout sessions. Thus, they should have good sturdiness, durability, endurance and good balance.

2. Fit

A good fit gives the necessary support and comfort during the exercises. There are several features:
Comfort – This subjective factor is a very important characteristic of the shoes. Sneakers should feature a wide toe box, which allows the toes to splay comfortably during jumps and lifts. They provide arch support to prevent pain and sprains. Shoes should have cushioning in the sole, which lessens the impact of running and weightlifting. Besides, they should have an excellent lacing system as it allows a secure fit.
On top of that, the drop is one of the most important parameters in this category. Running shoes provide enhanced support, that is why they have the drop 8 mm. However, crossfit activities require shoes with a small heel to toe drop or even flat soles as there should be a firm contact with the surface. The most common heel to toe drop is 4 mm. But if you’ve had foot injuries in the past, you should go for a higher heel, which should alleviate stress from the parts of the feet, which have been injured. For this, it is recommended to consider shoes with the 6 mm drop.
Breathability – Good circulation is important for the feet as it enhances the performance and improves comfort. If the shoes hold onto the feet too tightly, then the breathing space for the feet is reduced and the blood circulation is cut off. Feet should move without much restriction and have the room for breathability. So, there should be a high proportion of mesh in the shoe upper.
Break-in period – Regardless the type, shoes have the break-in period. If the break-in period is long, then the owner gets used to the shoes longer. So, the crossfit shoes should have a short break-in period, because it has the effect on comfort and the ease of movement. If these factors are high, it is easier to endure the shifts in movement during the workout.

3. Appearance

This characteristic is paramount for many buyers as it affects the lifespan of the shoes and their attractiveness for the owner. Consider these factors while choosing the crossfit shoes:
Durability – Shoes should be durable and made of high-quality materials so that shoes will hold up against intense workouts. They should help you to go through rope climbing, box jumping, lateral moves, running. Also, the insole and the outsole along with the upper material should be strong, durable, and supportive as during the weightlifting the shoes go through many highest lateral and horizontal movement variations in exercises.
The shoe’s sole should be connected with the upper. Also, the sole is one of the most important parts of the shoes as it gives durability, traction, flexibility, and comfort. Usually, the outsole is made of the combination of blown rubber and carbon rubber. Besides, the shoes should have a water-resistant construction.
Design – crossfit shoes should be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing because crossfit training is always the way of life. So the sneakers should look great, fit well, be comfortable and enhance your performance. So, you should be satisfied with the appearance of your sneakers.

Top 7 Best Crossfit Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis 2018

1. Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok Women's CROSSFIT Nano 7.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe, White/Skull... Buy Now These shoes allow a high performance through all crossfit moves. This model provides great support during squatting, but the sneakers aren’t so supportive during changes of direction. A lace-up system keeps the fit snug and the upper area of the shoes is sturdy so that the foot is in its place during the training. Besides, they feature support at the heel, and rigidity from the ball of the foot to the heel. Also, they feature a stiff sole with 4 mm heel to toe drop. The sole has the pattern, which gives extra grip while training.
As for the upper area, it is sturdy. There is a kind of exoskeleton (called Nanoweave) around the sides, so the shoes are lightweight, yet durable. The model features a protective coating with guards against the scuffs. On top of that, there are grippy ridges in the medial instep area. Also, the toe box has reinforcement, which keeps toes-to-bar from becoming too painful. A 360-degree TPU heel wrap gives a secure fit and the rubber outsole provides stability. As for flexibility, it is provided thanks to MetaSploit grooves.
Another important characteristic is breathability. The shoes allow good breathability thanks to the nano wave technology on the upper, which gives ventilation and reduces moisture. But there may be heat in the heel.
Lastly, the shoes provide a good fit for athletes with wide feet and plantar fasciitis. The toe box is wide, which prevents excessive foot pressure. However, the top edge of the upper is a little bit harsh on the ankle and the cushioning is not enough for the Olympic lifts.

  • More durable compared to other shoes in the same class
  • More versatile than other shoes
  • Feature a minimalist style
  • Come in many bright colors
  • Give excellent stability and support


  • They aren’t suitable for running
  • They have less cushioning compared to other models

2. Nike Metcon 2 Training Shoe

Nike Free X Metcon 2 Women's Training Shoe White/Noble RED-ICED... Buy Now These shoes are ideal for weightlifting as they have been designed for intense crossfit workouts. However, with great flexibility and grip, these sneakers are also perfect for speed training. Here is a crossfit shoe review.
The shoes are known for their Flywire mid-foot technology, which uses supportive filaments within the shoe that functions like cables on a suspension bridge.
A wide, firm sole gives more stability for lifting and a dual-density foam midsole gives lasting support and cushioning. The sole of the shoes is firm and it gives outstanding grip. Also, there are rubber nubs around the inside and outside of the arch, which help people during rope climbs. The outer sole is flat and thin and there is a firm foam in the heel.
Furthermore, these shoes are known for plantar fasciitis and their high level of protection. The sneakers feature a zero-drag heel, which reduces the risk of the slippage and prevents injuries. Besides, the sock liner in the heel eliminates the heel slip issue. Also, the plastic heel clip prevents heel separation of the shoe.
As for breathability, it is provided by the synthetic and mesh upper. Their distinctive feature is ample ventilation so that they don’t overheat during extra-sweaty sessions.
Lastly, the distinctive feature of these shoes is a wide toe box, which is wider than typical running shoes have. It allows toes to expand and splay with lifting. Besides, the manufacturer added a smooth heel (zero – friction) for a more snug fit and it helps feet to slide up and down on a wall.

  • Provide better comfort and fit compared to other shoes
  • Feature a sturdy toe mesh
  • Feature a wide toe box for comfort
  • Zero drag heel
  • Have a variety of styling options
  • Provide stability during the weightlifting


  • Feature a too stiff sole, which is uncomfortable for running
  • Too tight across the top for people with high arches

3. adidas Performance Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Shoes | Powerlift.3 Cross-Trainer, Solar... Buy Now These shoes have been designed especially for weightlifting and they feature additional comfort. The key feature for weightlifting shoes is the heel height. The heel height in these sneakers is 6 inches, it is less than the majority of weightlifting shoes have. A taller heel makes the squats easier, but deadlifts become more complicated. Also, it is better for the knee, but bad for the ankles.
The shoes provide exceptional support for plantar fasciitis. The Powerlift 3 features two major characteristics: it builds a connection between the sole and the upper, it prevents the feet from shifting and slipping. Also, a lacing system (with a metatarsal strap) conforms the owner’s feet, which gives them additional protection. A wide toe box gives the forefoot enough space during the lifting. As for the heel construction, Adidas Powerlift 3s have a high-density EVA heel, which is both lightweight and durable.
Concerning protection, the shoes feature the overlap between the tongue and the thick upper, a solid toe box and wide Velcro straps, which give an additional layer and prevent from unwanted shifting.
Considering breathability, the shoes have some vents in the toe box and a breathable mesh collar, but still, there is the lack of ventilation. Thereby, the shoes aren’t recommended to use for a long workout in the hot environment.
Lastly, the model runs true to its sizing expectations. A good lacing system gives different tension to the toes and ankles. However, the heels are stable, yet stiff. It detracts from the maximum comfort while running.

  • Provides great weightlifting performance and the ability to handle short sprints
  • Durable and tough
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Good heel height
  • Feature a sturdy synthetic upper construction
  • A Velcro strap provides stability and secure fit


  • They are less breathable compared to other shoes in the same segment
  • The shoes provide less forefoot flexibility
  • Uncomfortable for long runs

4. Inov-8 FastLift 360 BOA Cross-Training Shoe

Inov-8 Men's Fastlift 360 - Weightlifting & Powerlifting Gym Shoe -... Buy Now This model is suitable both for running and weightlifting as it gives enough flexibility for running and a perfect tension transfer for heavy lifts. The shoes have the multi-directional Meta flex technology, that is why they provide good support for your feet in heel and arch areas. Besides, they are durable as they are made of high-quality synthetic materials.
The sneakers give excellent support and comfort due to the lacing system, known as BOA. This lacing system is used on snowboard boots, its major feature that lacing and tightening are done through the dials on each side and the tongue of the shoe. The major benefits of this system are: it’s impossible for the shoes to get untied and tightening the shoes is faster with the BOA laces. The sole of the shoes is made of rubber, it is flat and enhances grip. As for the heel, it is made of TPU and there is an external heel cage, which improves stability.
Considering breathability, the shoes have a high proportion of mesh in the upper, that is why there is enough ventilation.
Lastly, the sneakers provide excellent comfort thanks to two features: a high heel and a BOA lacing system.

  • Durable thanks to synthetic materials;
  • A lacing system provides tension and power transfers during squats
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • One of the best crossfit shoes for plantar fasciitis of 2018


  • Too high price
  • Small for their size

5. Reebok Crossfit Speed TR Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok Men's Speed TR Flexweave Cross Trainer, Black/Shark/Black, 10 M... Buy Now These hybrid shoes are one of the most versatile on the market as they are perfect for running and weightlifting. Their outsole is flared and has MetaSploit grooves to offer support. A midsole provides good cushioning and comfort. The heel-toe drop is 3 mm and the upper is mesh, that is why they are very lightweight. Besides, due to the upper material, they are easy to clean and maintain. They feature a narrow toe box and a contoured insole, which make the shoes well-fitting. The sole gives the feeling of a complete connection from toes to heel. As for traction, it is achieved thanks to the multi-directional outsole.
On top of that, the shoes are durable as a RopePro technology gives enhanced durability and there is a back heel for sliding up and down the wall. Besides, they are breathable due to the mono mesh upper and a heat and sweat resistant collar.

  • Give good flexibility and cushioning
  • Provide great movement of the feet
  • A stable sole makes them perfect both for running and lifting
  • Feature a RopePro shank for rope resistance


  • The sole may be too stiff for long runs
  • Some people observe a heel slip

6. Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe

Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Nano 4.0 Cross Trainer, Light Sand/Black Rubber... Buy Now These shoes are popular among women, who are into cross training as they give a sturdy feel while sprinting or lifting. Here is the best crossfit shoes for plantar fasciitis review.
One of the major characteristics is support. The shoes feature a dual-density foam for cushioned forefoot and stable heel. Besides, there is ankle support, which is vital for Cross-training. The outsole has a pattern and MetaSploit flex grooves for increased stability and traction.
As for protection, a RopePro protection wrap enhances the performance and provides a reliable and flexible grip. Besides, there is a re-engineered multi-density DuraCage for lightweight upper protection. Also, there is the ETC anti-friction lining and a wrapped end-to-end cage, which makes the shoes more durable. Moreover, Kevlar aramid fiber has been added to make the shoes stronger.
Another point to consider is breathability. The shoes are made of a breathable fabric and have anti-friction lining, which helps to eliminate the sweat as soon as possible and to cool off your feet. Consequently, you feel more comfortable wearing them and safer.
Lastly, the shoes are comfortable. They enhance the performance during short-term workouts due to the MetaSploit outsole. Also, there is a wide toe box, which ensures maximum forefoot splay. Besides, the heel to toe drop is 4 mm, which gives the illusion of barefoot feet. Also, a padded collar and tongue along with a lace closure ensure a snug fit. Besides, there are forefoot grooves for flexibility.

  • Feature a wide toe box, which provides comfort
  • Give necessary support and comfort during box jumps
  • Very versatile
  • Better traction for gripping ropes


  • Aren’t suitable for long runs
  • Have inconsistent sizing

7. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 Cross-Training Shoe

Inov-8 Women's F-LITE 235 V2 Cross-Trainer Shoe, Light... Buy Now This model is perfect for crossfit enthusiasts as it gives a wide range of flexibility and it has been designed specifically for cross-training workouts. The shoes feature a denser heel, which gives support, stability and good grip, whereas the outsole is flexible. Besides, the shoes have a grippy rubber outsole with 3 mm cleat depth.
Also, the model offers good protection. Thus, the shoes feature a Rope-Tec burn protection and a seamless toe bumper for troublesome burpees.
As for breathability and comfort, the ultra-lightweight mesh and TPU materials on the upper make them breathable, yet durable. Also, EVA midsole provides great cushioning and comfort. Besides, a microfiber toe box ensures friction-free comfort and the toe box itself is wide, it allows toes to splay naturally.

  • Perfect both for weightlifting and sprints
  • Comes in various colors
  • Lightweight
  • Can be zero drop shoes


  • Get dirty too quickly
  • Have a thin sole


From the discussion above, it becomes clear that each type of training requires a special type of shoes, which should provide the necessary support, protection, and comfort. Picking the right model of the best crossfit shoes for plantar fasciitis is important as it saves you aches and stress, which the body experiences during the WOD because of the wrong footwear. Hopefully, these reviews will be helpful to you each time you choose another pair of crossfit shoes.

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