Best Driving Shoes for Women

When driving a vehicle, no matter the kind, having your car make a quick stop or hitting your required speed level, it is not just about the car sometimes neither is it about the brakes. There are always some other things involved and the comfort of the driver plays a role in it as well. There is also something else that plays a very huge role which seems to be underestimated. The type of best driving shoe for women used. Despite the importance of this, you only have a few drivers who pay much attention to their footwear which is one thing that can help them have better control of their car.

Women are usually the main defaulters in these aspects as they usually tend to wear shoes that are not appropriate for driving and end up being unsafe. Heels for instance do not give proper control and can falter when you need them most. Below is a list of the best driving shoes for women that would make your driving safer and more comfortable.

Our Driving Shoes for Women

Top 10 Best Driving Shoes for Women – 2021

#1: DUOYANGJIASHA Women’s Comfortable Driving Shoe

DUOYANGJIASHA Women's Comfortable Leather Loafers Casual Round Toe...

DUOYANGJIASHA is one of the best manufacturers of feminine shoes which always tend to be more comfortable than a whole lot of others on the market. The DUOYANGJIASHA Fashion Women’s Comfortable Leather Loafers is made from high quality and genuine soft cow leather which gives it a wonderful appearance with a high-level stiffness, plasticity, and elasticity. It is designed with a breathable leather feature and a pigskin lining. This shoe is very light, actually super light, and weighs just about 380 grams per pair making it very easy to use. It is very suitable for driving and the best part is, it is suited for outdoor and indoor events, walking, parties and all sorts. It comes at a reasonably low price and making it an exceptional top-class bargain.

Materials, Sole & Size:

The DUOYANGJIASHA Fashion Women’s Comfortable Leather Loafers is made from the best of soft cow leather. Genuine and high-quality to make it give out an exceptional feel. Its sole is designed with water-resisting rubber and has functions of skid resistance to provide more comfort. It is available in sizes ranging from 4.5 to size 11 (US standards).

Fit & Feel:

The leather material is breathable and provides more comfort for your feet. It is not too loose or too tight especially when you pick the perfect size. The water-resisting rubber sole with skid functions makes it super light and comfortable so you can easily walk and gain better control of your feet while driving.

Reasons to buy:

  1. It is very comfortable on the feet.
  2. Breathable leather avoids irritation.
  3. Low reasonable price.
  4. Water and skid-resistant sole.
  5. Super light.
  6. Beautiful, attractive design.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. It is not available in more sizes.

Why you should buy it?

There is no reason why anyone wouldn’t love this beauty. It is super light, easy on the feet, and comfortable. It gives you a more relaxed control of your feet while driving and comes at a very affordable price.


#2: Calvin Klein Women’s Lisa

Calvin Klein Lisa Black Tumbled 9

Women are known to love the style and always love being sleek. This is the chance to be all that in just one simple footwear while you can also be the best driver you can be with it. The Calvin Klein Women’s Lisa is a well designed shoe with a comfortable slip-on and also features a synthetic upper body design. It has a really soft man-made lining which creates a lightly padded footbed with additional help from its soft insole as well. The outsole is made of synthetic and can be relied upon to be very durable. It is really light and weighs about 9 pounds per shoe which is light enough for better movement. Its price range is pretty average but in design it is terrific. With different color variations available you have so much to choose from.

Material, Sole & Size:

The Calvin Klein Women’s Lisa is designed from durable synthetic materials used on the upper body and the outsole. This synthetic is regarded as high quality and known to be very durable and long-lasting. It has a soft man-made insole to make for a lighter and more comfortable footbed. It is available in medium width and size 9 users.

Fit & Feel:

The synthetic upper body offers a comfortable feel like a leather shoe. This upper design makes it easy to wear. It is very comfortable on the foot with a nice insole to make it really easy to walk with.

Reason to buy:

  1. Light on the feet.
  2. Easy to slip into.
  3. Made from durable materials.
  4. Synthetic materials make it easy to use.
  5. The price range is about average.

Reason to Avoid:

  1. Not available in enough feet sizes.
  2. It is not really recommended for those with wider feet.
  3. Not really slip-resistant.

Why you should buy it?

The Calvin Klein Women’s Lisa has a very comfortable synthetic upper body design with a nice footbed and insole that makes it easy on the feet at all times. Its price tag is about average and affordable so it can be said to be quite worth the bargain.


#3: Clarks Women’s Tequini Slip-On

Clarks Women's Tequini Slip-On,Brown Nubuck,10 M US

If you need a footwear that is pretty easy on the feet and feels very cozy at all times then you have just happened to find the perfect match. It is one shoe that fits just right into any outfit and any place. Move around in the best casual and simple way possible with a shoe that would definitely add more grace to your style. It is made of 100% leather material and solid to stand any condition. The upper body is designed with perforated panels for breathable experience and to reduce any form of discomfort or irritation from your foot. It is flat-heeled with a rubber sole that provides optimum traction and top control so you can walk easily even on slippery floors.

Materials, Sole & Size:

The upper body is designed with 100% genuine top quality leather that is very durable to stand any condition. Its sole is a flat heel and made from rubber. This rubber sole gives it better confidence when you walk with its high traction effect even on slippery surfaces.

Fit & Feel:

The leather body of the shoe has perforated panels which provide breathability as a means of making it more comfortable and also reducing the risk of irritation on your feet. There are also cushion pads and underfoot cushioning which provides daily comfort all day, every day. The Clarks Women’s Tequini Slip-On also has the breathable ortholite footbed that keeps your feet and comfortable at all times.

Reasons to buy:

  1. Guaranteed top-level comfort.
  2. Really durable.
  3. Available in different color variations.
  4. Attractive design.
  5. Adjustable velcro for better fitting.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. A few customers have complained about its quality not as high as it is said to be.
  2. A bit too long at the tip.

Why you should pick this?

The Clarks Women’s Tequini Slip-On is a very high-class shoe with a top design. It is very comfortable on the foot and with its price tag, it is quite a profitable deal. You can never go wrong with this shoe no matter the event.


#4: Ralph Lauren Women’s Briony Driving Loafer

Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Briony Driving Style Loafer, Explorer...

Everyone loves classy but at the same time, we all want to be comfortable. Nothing beats wearing a shoe that is classy on the outside and comfortable on the inside. So comfortable that sometimes you do forget you have a footwear on. That is the case with Lauren. Ralph Lauren has taken their time to make sure this new piece is a standard ahead of others on the market and they did not falter. It is a classic shoe with a sued design. Built for inside comfort and am attractive outward appearance. It has a pull-on closure type which makes it feel really snug on the foot. It is very easy to take care of and keep clean. The Lauren comes in different colors variations giving you the chance to pick any one of your choices.

Material, Sole & Size:

The Lauren Women’s Briony Loafer is a suede type shoe that is very durable and attractive. It has a rubber sole for better comfort and a reinforced flat heel for better traction and easy movement. The shoe is available in different sizes for both the wide and narrow footed.

Fit & Feel:

The suede material used in the making of this shoe is leather-like making it really comfortable even on the inside. It is not too tight or loose so it gives you the perfect fitting with its pull-on closure style. This style makes it easy to put on and take off with ease.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Assured top-level comfort.
  2. Very simple but attractive design.
  3. Available in different options and color variations.
  4. Easy to clean.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. It is not as comfortable as the previous edition.
  2. A number of customers have voiced their displeasure on their sizes.

Why you should pick this?

The Lauren Ralph Lauren Women’s Loafers is very exquisite in its design. It can be used for any event whether indoor or outdoor and accompanied on any outfit. It is simple and classy. At the right size, it fits perfectly and gives you an inside out comfort. There is no better way to look like a classy lady or be more in control without this beauty.


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#5: Hsyooes Women’s Leather Driving Shoes

Hsyooes Women's Leather Loafers & Slip-Ons Flats Driving Walking...

Looking really simple is the new classy. You do not have to be all flashy to look like a classy lady and for a driving shoe, there is none better. The Hsyooes Women’s Leather Loafers is one of the best shoes in both areas. It is simple enough to fit into any outfit. It is also available in multiple colors so you can choose your choice of color to suit your style. This shoe is made of 100% cow split leather that is very durable and comfortable on the feet. It has a round toe style which makes it suitable for those who love taking long walks as your feet remains comfortable and cool all through. This shoe is designed with a breathable sole which is uncommon among a lot of shoes. This sole makes it impossible for your feet to have a stench after a long day’s use or feel any form of irritation. To make it more appealing, it is very cheap and very affordable even for low-income earners as well.

Material, Sole & Size:

The Hsyooes Women’s Leather Loafers is known for its top-quality leather construction. It makes use of synthetic and cow split leather which gives you the best type of comfort you can ask for. It has a rubber-made breathable sole that makes it all easy and light on your feet. Suitable for all situations and events with sizes that range from 6 to size 10.5 (US sizing Standards).

Fit & Feel:

There is literally no better fitting that a shoe that is made just for you. With its round toe design, you can have your long walks without any fear of developing pains on your toes. It is convenient for putting on and taking off with heels that can be used as slippers should you desire such. The sole is elastic and bendable so no matter the position or style of your feet or how it is placed, it doesn’t age or wrinkle.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. It is very affordable and pocket-friendly.
  2. Breathable sole to avoid stench or irritation.
  3. It provides a top comfy feeling.
  4. Reduces stress and leg pains.
  5. Highly recommended for long walks.
  6. It offers both cushioning and Massaging functions.
  7. Lightweight.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. The lining of shoes comes out pretty easily.
  2. Although the leather might be of high quality, the shoe tends to have a low-quality structure.

Why you should pick this?

Even though the quality of the shoe tends to be questioned by a few, it is quite one of the best driving shoes you can get and enjoy. With this shoe, you get to enjoy long-distance walks with ease. Breathable rubber sole which prevents feet stench with non-slip performance. Just exactly what every woman would want.


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#6: Jabasic Women’s Driving Shoes

JABASIC Womens Casual Driving Slip On Flats Shoes Penny Loafer...

All ladies love the classic look and also love fashionable things that can fit into all styles, events, and places. This is one of those shoes that are just right for the moment. It is also one of the best comfortable driving shoes for women. It is also fashionable for both office use and shopping purpose. It is made of leather materials with a leather insole that also makes it very much comfortable for the user. It has a breathable lining that helps with feet stench and an anti-slip rubber-made outsole that helps you stay steady even on slippery floors. With this shoe, you have a steady grip on all surfaces. It is really nice and comfy. With its pull-on closure, you get a nice fitting and one which is easier to take off. It is one of the low priced great shoes on the market which makes it even more appealing.

Material, Sole & Size:

The Jabasic Women’s Casual Penny Loafer is designed from leather materials. Its insole is made from breathable leather and the shoe itself also has a breathable leather lining. The sole is rubber-made which is also slip-resistant and perfect for a slippery floor with its tough grip. It comes in various size options and suitable for both the narrow and wide footed.

Fit & Feel:

The breathable insole and lining make it very comfortable to use. Even if it is out on all day you get to have no feet stench or pain. It is designed with a round toe feature making it suitable for long walks.

Reason to Buy:

  1. Reasonably low priced and affordable.
  2. Breathable leather for more comfort.
  3. Round-toe design.
  4. Suitable for long walks.
  5. Slip-resistant with stable tough grip.
  6. Fashionable.
  7. Available in different color options.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. It does not have enough arch support.
  2. Not as durable as expected.

Why you should pick this?

You need a shoe that gives you the best classy look and simple feeling. The Jabasic Women’s Casual Penny Loafer is very comfortable and easy on the leg. Its well priced so you don’t have to break the bank to afford it.


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#7: Aerosoles – Women’s Drive Along Loafer

Aerosoles Women's Along Driving Style Loafer, White Floral, 10.5 M US

Loafers are always essential if you need a shoe that would give you the best comfort while driving. But still, nothing beats having a quality one on your feet. Thanks to Aerosoles you can always rely on them to provide you with one and the Women’s drive along loafer is just the right choice. One of the best designs and body finishing. It is manufactured with high-quality materials to give you durable and reliable footwear. It is well stitched with precision providing it with one of the strongest soles. It is suitable for any outfit and any place. It has synthetic soles and not a rubber like all the others on our list might have but don’t think that makes it any inferior. It is just as good. The Aerosoles – Women’s Drive Along Loafer is available in different color variations so you are fortunate to have choices to make.

Material, Sole & Size:

The shoe features leather and synthetic materials on the upper body to provide you with better design, exquisite comfort, and top detail. Its sole is a composition of both rubber and synthetic which is designed to take friction right away from your foot. It is available from size 6.5 to size 12(US Standards).

Fit & Feel:

This shoe comes with the pull-on closure which fits perfectly especially on the right foot. It is not too loose or too tight when you find the right one. You are presented with comfort foamed footbed for soothing and pampering your feet in addition to the highly padded insole.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Unparalleled comfort.
  2. High-level durability.
  3. Various shoe colors are available.
  4. Averagely priced.
  5. Solid and durable.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Some customers have complained about the shoe not being favorable to their ankles.

Why you should pick this?

The Aerosoles – Women’s Drive Along Loafer is very distinctive footwear. It is great for comfort, durability should you need a shoe that can withstand a whole lot. It is not overly priced and pretty much affordable.


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#8: L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes

L-RUN Womens House Slipper Women Summer Beach Shoes Swim Shoes Purple...

L-Run is one of the best manufacturers of multifunctional skin water and fitness shoes. They have developed more than 20 different kinds of these shoes each of them being placed on top with their high quality and technological advancements. The L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes is one of those wonderful innovations that fall into this category. It is way more than just a regular shoe. It is simple and also fashionable. Perfectly suited for any occasion or any place. One of the best and highly recommended driving shoes on the market. It can also be used for walking, running, and any other daily activity or function. It is purely rubber-made but also consists of some other elements that make it perfectly comfortable and easy on the foot. It is cheap and reasonably low price making it very affordable.

Material, Sole & Size:

The L-RUN Unisex Water Shoe is made from rubber but it is infused with a thick foam acting as arch support inside them to make it more comfortable. It is also designed with beautiful breathable and smooth fabrics that offer fine stretch on the upper part of the shoe. The shoe has an upgraded PU sole. A 2nd generation outsole which is water-resistant and anti-skit.

Fit & Feel:

This shoe is built to keep your feet comfortable and safe at all times. It is flexible, soft, and also foldable. More like you are with your barefoot but padded with a light but a tough safety net. The breathable vamp offers a sweat absorption feature that keeps your feet stench free and cool.

Reason to Buy:

  1. Sweat absorbing feature keeps feet cool and stench free.
  2. Flexible and comfortable.
  3. Lightweight and soft.
  4. Affordable and low priced.
  5. Water-resistant and anti-skid feature.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. You have to ensure you check the size before selecting it. The sizing is a bit off.

Why you should pick this?

The L-RUN Unisex Water Shoe is very comfortable on the foot and really light. Sometimes you tend to forget you have footwear on. It is safe to use in any condition and on any floor. Rightly priced and affordable.


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#9: Twisted X Women’s Leather Driving Moccasins

Twisted X Women's Boat Shoe Driving Moc, Dusty Tan, 9(M)

You can always keep it simple, classy, and casual with this Twisted X Women’s Leather Shoe. It is a great shoe for anyone and anything. For walking, driving, go shopping, events, it is just perfect. Never undermine this product. It is built with purely the very best leather materials and designed to be strong and durable. Reliable for any situation and occasion. Its moc toe design provides huge quality and style coupled with its integrated comfort technology. It is placed at a decent price rate making it a perfect bargain for something so strong and classy.

Material, Sole & Size:

The Twisted X Women’s Leather Shoe is made from the full grain genuine leather. Handcrafted to give you true comfort and style. The shoe also features the composite XD insole and the twisted X moc outsole which is rubber-made and designed to be slip-resistant. It is available in various sizes for both wide and narrow footed women.

Fit & Feel:

This shoe offers so much in comfort thanks to its full-grain leather construction. It is comfortable on the foot with a moc toe design to make walking feel so soothing and easy no matter the distance. It weighs just around 10 pounds which is pretty light. The shoe uses the traditional lace closure so you can adjust it to whatever fitting you want.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. The shoe is really comfortable.
  2. Affordable price tag.
  3. Slip-resistant outsole.
  4. Classy and simple.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. The shoe sizing can really be a problem.
  2. It can be a bit too wide sometimes.

Why you should pick this?

The  Twisted X Women’s Leather Shoe has a whole lot to offer. It can be used regular walking shoes and also driving footwear. It is easy to maintain, strong, and durable. Although the sizing can be a problem but once sorted out, you get to enjoy the ride.


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#10: Aerosoles – Women’s Over Drive Shoe

Aerosoles womens Over Drive Driving Style Loafer, Natural Snake, 10 US

This is another one from Aerosoles. It is no surprise their product features twice on our list. This is all thanks to their consistency in their manufacturing of top standard products day in and day out. The Women’s OverDrive Shoe is one of the most attractive feminine suede shoes you can get on the market which would give you the maximum comfort you need for various activities. It is suitable for walking, casual or formal events, offices and also for driving. This slip-on loafer looks really good on all outfits and gives you that top classy look on a simple outfit. It is easy to maintain and pretty cheap as far as the price tag goes. Making it very much affordable and an exceptional bargain.

Material, Sole & Size:

This shoe is a complete suede with a memory foam insole to give you the best comfort. Its upper region is made from genuine leather with some balanced manmade materials. The sole is pure rubber with a nubby effect that gives it a better grip on one smooth and slippery surfaces.

Fit & Feel:

This Aerosoles Women’s OverDrive Shoe is all about the user’s comfort. With its core comfort technology and its memory foam insole, Aerosoles has been able to design a shoe that keeps your feet feeling cozy and cool all day long. It has a pull-on closure which makes it easy to put on at take off at will.

Reason to buy:

  1. It is quite affordable.
  2. Easy on the foot.
  3. Very comfortable.
  4. Available in different color variations for multiple options.
  5. Sole has a great grip.
  6. Suede is easy to maintain and clean.
  7. Stylish and can match almost any outfit.

Reason to avoid:

  1. For those with smaller feet, looking for your actual size can be an issue.

Why you should pick this?

For anyone that wants classy things, there is no reason why you wouldn’t love this. It can suit almost all outfits and very comfortable for both long walks and driving.


Selecting The Best Driving Shoes For Women

Of course, the shoes we use would definitely depend on our sense of style and fashion but sometimes those shoes can either help keep us safe or do the opposite. Shoes used for driving should have the primary objective of keeping us safe. Below is a list of things to consider when choosing a driving shoe;

The materials used:

One important thing to note the material used in the manufacturing of the shoe. The wrong material can cause a whole lot of problems. Mostly leather is always the preferred choice because it is soft, easy on the feet, and durable. Regarding the sole of the shoe, always check out for rubber as it offers more grip, support, and flexibility especially on smooth slippery surfaces.

The shoe’s design:

Never underestimate the power of the shoe design when driving. A shoe with a thick sole makes it impossible to feel the pedals, a thick upper body limits your ability to maneuver and the bulky or large shoes is just a plain bad choice. That is why loafers are always the most recommended.

The weight of the shoe:

It is always best you choose a lightweight shoe. One that doesn’t limit your movement and one that isn’t heavy on your feet.

Allows for Ankle movement:

The movement of your ankles allows you to switch freely between pedals conveniently. This is why it is not recommended to wear boots except they are made specifically for driving and why sneakers and loafers are more favored in such events.

How it grips?

If your shoe doesn’t have enough grip it is going to be hard to hold it on the pedal and then difficult to drive with. Always look for shoes with textured surface soles.


Features Of Driving Shoes For Women

There are a few things that make up a good driving shoe. Here is a list of some of the features of driving shoes;


The style of the shoe is really important. A style that is quite easy to take on and take off would be more appreciated. You want something you can enjoy looking at and one that can fit just right into most outfits. You don’t have to change your shoe anytime you step out of your car.

The Sole:

One of the most important parts of your driving shoe is its sole. The sole need to have enough grip to provide great traction when you step on the pedals.  You also need your sole to be light so you can feel the pedals underneath your feet. This helps give you a natural level of control of your driving.


It is necessary for your driving shoes to the comfortable. You don’t drive with discomfort as it will keep you distracted or not 100% focused. If they’re too tight it can be a major discomfort, too loose and you get to risk it slipping off your feet while driving. Now that would be bad

Construction Material:

The material used in the construction and design of your choice shoe contributes a whole lot to its performance. Mostly suede and leather are popularly the growing choices because of how they allow for free airflow and also conform to the foot pretty easily. Rubber shoes also do have a high-performance rate. The rubber shoes tend to retain their shape and also have an anti-slip property. They are also recommendable thanks to their ability to resist abrasion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it okay to wear socks with your shoes while driving?

Ans: Putting on socks while driving can be a personal decision depending on the driver though. In my opinion, I would recommend you avoid driving with socks on. Aside from the fact that driving shoes do look a lot less stylish with socks on, the presence of socks does reduce the feeling you get when you step on the pedal. If you must wear socks avoid the thick one. Go for the thin ones that offer a heightened feeling.

Q: Can I drive my car with my barefoot?

Ans: Driving your car with your barefoot is a high risk. Your feet and even sock do not offer as much grip as a driving show would and this can be a real problem. Barefoot also has the tendency to become sweaty due to perspiration while driving which could be a really bad combination and lead to some mishaps while driving. When you don’t have your shoes on, you might find it difficult to add some kind of hard pressure on the pedal when you need to. In a manual vehicle, you might not be able to use the clutch fully or even apply an emergency stop when needed. Your barefoot can also run the risk of getting injuries should you lose control of yourself. Always keep your driving shoes on at all times.

Q: How long should you drive for before taking a break?

Ans: There is always a limit to what you do in everything no matter what it is. When driving it is recommended you do not drive for more than 8 hours in a day as both your eyes and your body need time to rest. When going on a long-distance journey, it is advised that you take at least 15 minutes break for every two hours’ drive. If you are not one who is accustomed to traveling, most especially long-distance trips, then you should do this very often.

Q: Is it legal if I drive without my shoes?

Ans: Driving without shoes can’t be said to be illegal as there is no stipulated rule against it. Although most people do assume it to be illegal it really isn’t. The main this is that driving without shoes is quite inappropriate and risky as it can be the cause of some driving accident or mishaps. This is why some shoes were created specifically for driving and they need to be put to use.

Q: Is it right to wear your driving shoes outside your car?

Ans: It is normally advised that you wear your driving shoes only when you are driving. This is because most driving shoes are not designed with enough support to make them suitable for walking. The only exceptions are few. This is because a few shoes are built for multi-purpose functions. On our list, we have some shoes which are suitable for both walking and driving and even running. Shoes like that can be used outside the car but other than those, it is not recommended to do such.


Final Words

The footwear you put on is sometimes more than just a means for showing your fashion sense or your style. It can also be a reason why you get to your destination safely. Do not let your love for heels and the likes be the reason you put yourself at risk of an accident. Drive safely and keep yourself safe at all times. Wear the appropriate footwear which is easy to drive with and one that gives no risk of accidents. You need shoes that are comfortable and pain-free which would allow for swift movement and transition of your foot from one pedal to the next.

If you take a good look at our list of shoes, they are all good quality shoes that can give you the optimum level of comfort you desire. They are easy to put on and take off. They also allow for easy ankle movement making them just perfect. Treat yourself to a nice driving shoe and enjoy a comfortable and easy ride at all times.

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