The Best Khaki Pants For Men + A Style Guide

Khaki pants are a staple menswear piece that can be worn casually or formally, depending on the occasion.

Now, the word khaki is actually a color and many use it to refer to pants made of chino twill.

They are comfortable and stylish pants that are great for days at the office, casual activities, or anything in between.

Today we will be touching on the best khaki pants for men and how you can style them correctly.

Chino cloth originates from China, hence the similar name. It is a twill fabric that is composed of 100% cotton. As well, it is just about exclusively used to make pants which haven’t changed in many decades.

In the mid 19th century, the British and French military began using the fabric as a part of their uniform.

Chino cloth particularly gained popularity when Spanish-American War veterans returned back to the US from the Philippines with their uniforms.

From there, it began to become more available to citizens, where today it is a staple piece in the modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

That’s why we curated this list of the best means khakis and tips on how to style them properly. Enjoy looking sharp!

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Best Khaki Pants For Men

With a bit of history knowledge under your belt now, here are some khaki pants we recommend that will keep you feeling comfortable and looking great.

1. Dockers Men’s Flat Front Straight Khaki Chinos

Dockers Men's Straight Fit Signature Lux Cotton Stretch Pant, New...

Composed of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, these chinos are lightweight and breathable. They feature the classic flat front and straight leg design which makes them very comfortable to wear. The side seam pockets and welted back pockets will keep your phone, keys, and wallet safe too.

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2. Haggar Men’s Plain Flat Front Khakis

Haggar Men's Premium No Iron Khaki Classic Fit Expandable Waist Flat...

Flat front khakis with an expandable waist and flat front style. Haggar implemented a special fabric that can wick away moisture while also being anti-wrinkle. The results are a fashionable, easy-to-maintain and comfy pair of khakis. If you find that where you live is damp or you want to rock khakis during the winter, these will make an excellent choice.

Khakis like these can also easily be styled with a classy leather jacketRolex watch, and a sharp pair of oxfords.

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3. Dockers Men’s Slim Fit Stretch Khakis

Dockers Men's Slim Fit Signature Khaki Lux Cotton Stretch Pants

98% cotton and 2% elastane khakis with a slim fit that young gentlemen will probably appreciate the most. They also offer a bit of stretch which allows you to move in them easier and not feel restricted. Stretch khakis are ideal for men that are on the move during the day at work and running errands. You never know when you might need to bend over or reach for something, which is when you’ll be grateful you have pants like these.

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4. Calvin Klein Men’s Soft Wash Dylan Chinos

Calvin Klein Men's Dylan Soft Wash Straight Leg Chino Pant, Glacial...

100% cotton khaki pants with a straight leg fit, jetted pockets, and button closure with zip fly. These are timeless pieces you can wear comfortably all day and with many different outfits. They also can be worn with or without a belt when you get the right fit. Try wearing these in the spring or summer with loafers and a dress shirt for a casual look.

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How to Wear khakis

When you wear khakis, it’s pretty much going to be either formally or casually so let’s take a look at how you can pull off both styles starting with the casual approach.

Casual khaki Outfits

If you are out running errands, relaxing with friends, or having a relatively leisurely day then khakis are the perfect comfortable pants.

Casual footwear like sneakers, moccasins, or boat shoes will pair with them effortlessly.

For the latter two, brown looks good in them and also matches with khaki beautifully. You can wear practically any color on top and you’ll be the sharpest man in the room.

For sneakers, you can never go wrong with white in general and that rule still applies here.

Colors like red and blue also work because they create a nice contrast so if you’re rocking khakis in the spring/summer, don’t leave that out.

On top, a t-shirt or polo shirt is a good choice if the weather allows it. If it is a bit cooler, a sweater or layered cardigan will have you looking sharp.

Dress shirts can be worn casually too with khakis. Just roll up the sleeves and leave a button or two undone.

Formal khaki Outfits

Now when you are attending formal events, at work, or meeting with clients, a t-shirt and sneakers are probably not going to cut it.

Khakis are a very neutral color, meaning they are going to match with practically anything.

For formal footwear, the best colors are brown, black, and burgundy. Tan and off-shoots like that, of course, are awesome too.

This is when you want to whip out your favorite oxfords, Derbys, monk straps or loafers. Make sure you put on some nice dress socks as well and a belt that matches your shoes.

This along with a dress shirt and blazer is a classy look you can wear to formal occasions. You could also swap out the blazer for a sweater and leave the dress shirt peeking out from the collar.

Finish this look off with a simple dress watch with a leather band that matches the rest of your outfit’s accents.

Khakis are a staple piece of menswear you need to have in your wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter if you are relaxing or meeting with your boss, you’ll find that they equally suit both occasions. Focus on getting a fit that you enjoy, whether that’s slim or relaxed and you’ll be very happy that you have a pair.

Are khakis Considered Dress Pants?

Khakis are a semi-formal pants by nature. They are often associated with workwear and professional environments. Because of this, yes, they are considered dress pants.

However, you’ll want to limit your use of khakis to events where they make sense. Weddings and black collar activities are best to be attended with a suit or slacks, for example.

Are khakis Considered Jeans?

No, khakis are not jeans. Khakis are typically composed of cotton, versus jeans which are made of denim or a denim blend. Furthermore, jeans lean more on the casual side of fashion, versus khakis which are a bit more formal in nature.

Are khakis Chinos?

Khakis vs chinos, what’s the difference? Not much to be honest, but you should understand the factors that separate them.

Firstly, khaki is a shade of color. It is not a pant or fabric in itself. Chino, however, is a cotton twill. Khakis are typically made with heavier cotton material, versus chinos that are lightweight.

You should wear chinos in the spring or summer when the weather is warmer. Khakis are best suited for formal environments and when the weather is cooler.

Can You Wear khakis in The Winter?

Absolutely! While the color itself isn’t something you’d sport normally in the winter(Think black, navy, white, etc), it’s heavyweight pants that will keep you warm. Khaki is also an excellent neutral base, making other winter colors like I just mentioned very easy to pair together.

Try wearing khakis with your favorite dress boots, chukka boots, or Chelsea boots in the winter. Pair it with thick wool socks and a nice wool sweater. You can also sport a dress shirt and suit jacket with khakis if you’d like.

You can take just about any standard means winter outfit and replace the pants with khakis, and you’ll still look dapper.

Can You Wear Khakis With A Suit Jacket?

Suit jackets are supposed to be paired with their matching trousers, so it isn’t usually advised to wear one with khakis. However, it’s perfectly fine to wear a sports jacket or blazer on top of your lightly colored chinos. You can rock this with brown penny loafers and a crisp white dress shirt, for example.

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