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7 Best Lineman Boots – What Could Be The Perfect Option For You?

As a lineman, it is of paramount importance for you to invest in the most suitable, durable, and comfortable, as well as the safest work boots. It is mainly because you will be facing a few risks plus your job is demanding as it involves hanging on ropes and climbing wood poles.

With that in mind, finding the best lineman boots is really necessary. Aside from being comfortable, it should be capable of giving you full protection from workplace risks, too. In addition, it would be best if it is also multi-purpose, so you can use it not only for work but also for other purposes.

Here are seven shoes that work very well for lineman:

Top 7 Best Lineman Boots 

1. La Sportiva Makalu Lineman Boots  –  OUR PICK

The La Sportiva Makalu Lineman Boot is one of the sturdiest boots that I can recommend to lineman. With its leather construction, I am sure that it is tough enough that it can handle whatever harsh environment it gets exposed to. I can also guarantee the automatic crampon compatibility of this boot with its full steel shank and insole.

One of the many impressive things about this boot is its durable leather upper. Aside from being highly durable, it is also popular for being extremely water-repellent. Another positive trait of this boot is its guaranteed breathability. There is no need to worry about your feet sweating too much inside because it is breathable.

The rollerball hardware built into the boot is also a big advantage. It comes with steel roller ball eyelets as well as locking D-rings – both of which ensure wearers of an independent and secure fit because of its precise and effortless tensioning on the laces.

The lining used in the boot is also a huge help in taking moisture away from your skin, which is the reason why it is totally dry, comfortable and cool. One advantage of this boot is that it does not only serve as single purpose – that for a lineman. You can also expect it to be useful for other purposes like heavy backpacking and mountaineering.

It also offers the ultimate comfort – thanks to the air cushion midsole of the boot. 

One problem I noticed about the boot is that its sole has a slightly softer texture than other lineman boots. Still, you won’t actually face too much problem with it as it is more than enough.

La Sportiva Men's Makalu, Natural, 42
  • Sportiva used a 3.0mm Idro-Perwanger leather upper for classic mountain boot performance and fit.
  • This is a full steel shank boot that will accept an automatic crampon and kick steps in snow all day without a crampon...
  • The protective Vibram® rubber rand adds excellent toe protection and the EZ rollerball hardware makes these boots...

  • Boasts of its tough leather upper, which is also known for being water-repellent
  • Features a full steel shank, which promotes automatic crampon compatibility
  • Known for its breathability
  • Promotes an independent and secure fit
  • Wicks moisture – thanks to the built-in lining of the boot
  • Sole is softer when compared to the other lineman climbing boots

With the many functional and safety features of this boot, it is safe to assume that La Sportiva Lineman Boots can give almost everything that you hope for your lineman footwear to have.

2. La Sportiva Karakorum Boot  –  RUNNER UP

If you are in search of the best lineman boots climbing constructed out of high-quality and durable leather material, then the La Sportiva Karakorum Boot is one of those shoes I will definitely recommend. It features leather uppers capable of handling even several years of abuse.

I also like the fact that this boot makes use of the 8-mm tapered, high-density nylon, capable of offering full protection as well as a smooth flex to the footwear. There is also a built-in SBR air cushion in this boot.

This is one of its strengths as such also makes use of a honeycomb heel, flexing upon impact so it can absorb shocks. Another nice feature in this boot is its Vibram sole, which also features a semi-automatic crampon attachment, making it easier to handle activities that involve climbing.

Another feature I like is the lining system, as it wicks away moisture, keeping your skin inside dry, comfy, and cool. In addition, you can expect ease in flexing it considering the fact that its 3D flex hinge is multi-directional. It also has a good fit while featuring soles that boast of their excellent traction.

It is definitely a perfect choice for a lineman who needs to climb transmission towers regularly. 

However, take note that you will notice the stiffness of the material when you first wear it, which indicates that you still need to break it in.

LA SPORTIVA Karakorum Hiking Shoe - Men's, Green, 44
  • Karakorum used a new tapered 8mm high density Nylon® that provides a smooth flex and protection throughout the boot....
  • The 2.8mm Idro-Perwanger leather upper is ideal for water repellency, breathability and durability.
  • IDEAL TERRAIN: general mountaineering and heavy backpacking

  • High-quality and durable leather construction
  • Features leather uppers, too, that can withstand long-term abuse
  • Offers full protection as well as smooth flex to your feet
  • Comes with an SBR air cushion, which can make the shoe more convenient to wear
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Too stiff during first few uses

After breaking it in, you can find let go of the stiffness of the footwear, allowing you to fully enjoy all the functional features of La Sportiva Karakorum Boot.

3. AdTec 9-Inch Logger Boot  –  BUDGET PICK

I am sure that many will also agree with me when I say that the AdTec 9-inch Logger Boot is one of the best lineman boots for the money introduced to the market today. One nice thing about this boot is that it is affordable, so I can say that it is really perfect for a lineman who wants a budget-friendly footwear.

This is a sturdy and durable steel-toe logger boot, which also comes with a full-grain and oiled leather upper. It sports a soft-plain toe while also taking pride of its speed lacing hardware. It also boasts of its Goodyear welt construction. As for the outsole, I like the fact that it has an oil-resistant lug, as it also lets it grip well.

The rubber sole is also a bonus as it means that it is comfy enough when stepped into. I also noticed that overall, the boot is well-constructed and is of top-notch quality. The fact that it is comfortable to wear plus has an attractive style and design also makes it a best-selling footwear for a lineman.

It is easy to lace up, too. One problem in the boot, though, is the fact that it has a narrow tongue, which means that you need to exercise caution to keep it at the center of the opening. The laces are quite too long, as well.

Ad Tec 9in Logger Crazy Horse Leather Work Boots for Men - Plain Soft...
  • A CLASS MATERIAL: This high fashion men work boots are goodyear welt construction boot crafted with full grain crazy...
  • SAFETY WORK BOOTS: This classic heavy duty work boots has shock resistant outer layer and anti slip rubber sole which...
  • CASUAL BOOTS: Superior slip and oil resistant lug sole provides added grip and helps you keep your footing. Great for...

  • Reasonably priced
  • Features a sturdy and durable steel toe cap
  • Features a strong speed lacing hardware and Goodwear welt construction
  • Oil-resistant lug outsole
  • Well-constructed and attractively designed
  • Easy to lace up
  • Narrow tongue
  • Laces are too long

The issues are just minor and easy to manage, though, so AdTec 9-Inch Logger Boot will always be a nice option for those looking for a good lineman boot.

4. Men's Carolina® 8-inch Steel Toe Lineman Boot  –  ALSO GREAT

If you are looking for a pair of lineman boots with steel shank, then the Men’s Carolina® 8-inch Steel Toe Lineman Boot should also be included in your list of options. I like the fact that it is a tough boot so rest assured that it can deal with whatever your work day throws at you. It is a lightweight boot, too, so moving around with ease is definitely a possibility.

It is waterproof and extremely supportive, making it ideal for tough workers including professional linemen. With its leather upper, you know that this boot is long-lasting. The waterproof membrane also works well. The supportive steel shank helps in boosting the stability of the boot.

Another thing I want to highlight is the presence of the cushy EVA insole. Such feature gives wearers an assurance that the interiors of the boot are well-cushioned and convenient. The single-piece rubber lug outsole integrated into this lineman boot also means that it promotes a traction-heavy and flexible performance. It is a strong boot, which also fits any user securely.

It is perfect for use, especially during the fall or winter season. 

However, take note that it is not suitable to use during extremely hot temperatures. In addition, the presence of the eye on the topmost portion, instead of allowing the lace to hook up, makes it quite challenging to tighten the laces.

  • Tough boot, so expect it to last long even when you expose it to harsh environments
  • Lightweight, promoting ease when doing your job
  • Waterproof and extremely supportive
  • Stable considering the fact that it has a supportive steel shank
  • Well-cushioned, promoting utmost comfort
  • Ideal for use during the winter or fall season
  • Not for environments with extremely hot temperatures
  • A bit difficult to tighten the laces

Despite the mentioned issues, it is still undeniable that Men's Carolina® 8-inch Steel Toe LinemanBoot delivers an excellent performance for a lineman.

5. Carolina Boots Domestic Steel Toe Linesman Boots

Another boot that I think works well for linesman is the Carolina Boots Domestic Steel Toe Boot 1995. What I find impressive in this boot is the inclusion of the full-grain black leather upper as it somehow contributes to the overall durability and toughness of its structure.

It comes with a shaft, which is around ten inches away from the arch. Note that this is a steel-toe boot, which provides some sort of assurance that wearers are fully protected when they are using it. I think that the rubber sole of the footwear is also one of its strengths as the rubber material is comfy enough.

Another of the most vital highlights of the boot is its EH (Electrical Hazard) protection. As a lineman, you will be dealing with plenty of electrical wirings and other electrical hazards, so there is no need for you to think about all those with the EH protection of the boot.

Overall, it is also well-designed. Furthermore, it has a heavy-duty steel shank plus a Vibram sole, which is grippy enough while also providing tough support. You can also expect 24/7 comfort with this boot because of its cushioned and anti-fungal insole, soft lining, and a footbed, which can effectively manage moisture and heat.

You may need to wait for a week or a couple of weeks, though, before you can fully break it in and use it in utmost comfort.

  • Full-grain leather construction, contributing to its overall durability and toughness
  • Steel-toe protection and high EH rating
  • Well-designed
  • Comes with a heavy-duty and tough steel shank
  • Grips well and offers tough support
  • Comfortable because its interiors are cushioned enough
  • Long break-in period

Once fully broken in, you can surely say that Carolina Boots Domestic Steel Toe Boots 1905 is the ultimate solution for a lineman who wishes to wear the best shoes for the job.

6. Timberland Boot Company 6-inch FL Lineman Boot

Timberland did a great job once again with the 6-inch FL Lineman Boot that it currently offers to the public. One feature I like about the boot is its leather and textile upper. It also has a very secure lace-up closure. The stitching detail is of top-notch quality, so expect it to not only look attractive but also keep you secure.

Another impressive feature of the boot is the soft leather lining, as it makes sure that a lineman who wears it never feels uncomfortable. The comfy and soft footbed is also a big advantage. The fact that the stitches are tight while being all around the footwear also ensures that it will last for a long time.

The finish used in the boot is of top-notch quality, too. It features a sturdy sole, which you can wear even when raining heavily. The stability of the boot is also unquestionable, so is its excellent grip. I specifically like the leather-stacked midsole of this lineman boot from Timberland, too, as it showcases a great style and handcrafted look.

Flexibility and excellent traction can also be expected from the rubber lug Vibram outsoles incorporated into the boot.

One problem I noticed in this footwear, though, is that the dye used in the laces tend to come off and get into the side panels of the canvas. The good news is that you can remove it. It is not also waterproof, but you can always treat it to maintain the dryness of your feet.

  • Sports a leather and textile upper
  • Features a lace-up closure guaranteed to be fully secure
  • Nice stitches and high-quality finish
  • Sole is strong and sturdy
  • Nicely styled and features a great handcrafted look
  • Promotes flexibility and impressive traction
  • Dye in the laces comes off
  • Not waterproof

The issues are easy to manage, though, so it is safe to say that this footwear will still work efficiently for all linemen out there.

7. Carolina 10-inch Waterproof Lineman

The Carolina 10-inch Waterproof Lineman Boot is also one of the most reliable footwear that works for any lineman. It is mainly designed to offer complete protection to your legs and feet, keeping them safe from injury, especially if you’re a lineman who needs to climb rough-hewn poles regularly.

It has uppers constructed from a thick full-grain leather material, thereby ensuring that the overall structure of the shoe is designed for long-wearing durability. I find it impressive that the instep and inner toe areas of the boot has an additional layer of leather, as it offers extra protection to the boot.

There is also a rubber Vibram outsole, which is slip and oil-resistant. Such feature guarantees excellent support and solid footing even when used on various surfaces. It also sports a solid steel toe cap, offering enough protection from impact and falling objects.

It also features a steel shank, allowing you to climb without losing the boot’s stability as well as your confidence. It is a boot, which can support all your foot muscles while also minimizing the risk of suffering from foot fatigue. Another strength I noticed in this boot is the well-cushioned insole, which is also moisture-absorbent.

It offers extra comfort, especially when you are already working for long hours. The insole is shock-absorbent, too, while also providing anti-bacterial protection. With its electric hazard protection, there is also a hundred percent guarantee that users will feel secure even if they are facing electrical hazards on a daily basis.

One problem I noticed in this boot, though, is the need for additional insert support to further improve its stability.

  • Offers full protection to your legs and feet
  • Guarantees long-wearing durability – thanks to its thick, full-grain leather construction
  • Slip and oil-resistant rubber Vibram outsole
  • Comes with a solid steel toe cap – protecting you from impact and falling objects
  • Well-cushioned and moisture-absorbent insole
  • Additional insert support might be needed

Carolina 10-inch Waterproof Lineman is, no doubt, one of the best options for lineman because it offers a strong foundation for your feet, allowing you to work with ease and comfort.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Lineman Boots?

Are you still confused about which lineman to choose, which is guaranteed to handle even the toughest work? Then let the following guide you in formulating your ultimate decision.

best lineman boots climbing

Waterproof – The best pair of boots that can work well for a lineman is that, which is waterproof. If not, then make sure that the boot can be treated to make it waterproof as such feature can help keep you secure.

Note that you will most likely get soaked when you are performing your job as a lineman, such as when you need to climb huge wooden poles. With that, you definitely need a boot, which has waterproofing features, preventing you from getting ill even if you work under the rain for several hours.

Ensuring that there is a waterproofing or water-resistance feature in the boot also means that you can wear it in all forms of weather – whether it is rain or shine.

High-quality Outsoles – Remember that you also need to perform tasks that can strain the muscles on your feet. With that, finding a boot with high-quality and superior outsoles is a must. Such can offer you comfort, ergonomic support, and complete protection.

You know that a specific work boot has a high-quality outsole if it has an impressive traction designed to prevent you from slipping when you are climbing or working. In addition, the sole should be sticky and grippy, too, in the sense that it does not slide, especially when used on steel. It should be comfortable, too.

Most Comfortable Lineman Boots

Durability – Check how durable the footwear is, as well. It should be durable enough that it can survive several years of abuse, even if you use it on intense tasks. You know that you are getting a durable footwear if it is constructed from long-lasting materials, such as high-quality leather.

It should not break down even with just minimal use. Such will prevent you from having to spend too much buying another pair too frequently. Make it a point to look for the best pole climbing boots while taking into consideration, which one is a really good long-term investment.

Comfort – A highly comfortable boot is also a must for a lineman. It is because if the boot is comfortable, then you will also feel good when wearing it, making it possible for you to complete your job properly and efficiently. A sign that you are getting a comfortable boot is when it has the right amount of support and cushioning.

Good traction – A boot with excellent traction also means that it is safe to wear. Note that you will be climbing poles as part of your job, so you need a pair of boots with excellent traction. With that, you can do your job with ease while also keeping you safe from injuries.

Moisture-wicking – The liner or footbed integrated into the footwear should be able to wick moisture, too. Such ensures that your feet will remain comfortable, cool, and dry even when you are completing strenuous and long work hours.

Final Words

Your job as a lineman somewhat exposes you to plenty of safety hazards, so you really need to exercise caution when it comes to shopping for the best lineman boots . Go for one, which perfectly meets your budget while still having all the features you need, particularly those designed to protect you.

In addition, go for a boot, which does not take too long to break in. Such will ensure that you will be able to enjoy the shoes without undergoing an extremely long and painful break-in period.

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