The 7 Best Logger Boots 2018 – Finding What You Need

Do you constantly work outdoors or in tough conditions? Do you often expose yourself to surroundings that threaten the safety of your ankles, feet, and toes? If your answer to both questions is a yes, then investing in a pair of high-quality logger boots is the best thing that you can do.

The best logger boots are great investments because of their ability to offer full protection to your feet and ankles. By investing in this footwear, you can protect yourself completely from harsh external elements – that’s possible without hampering your comfort and productivity.

If you still do not have a clue which among the many logger boots introduced to the public you should purchase, then this article is definitely worth reading. It highlights seven of the best options for logger boots today and a short yet informative buying guide to help you make the right pick.

Top 7 Best Logger Boots 2018

1. Timberland PRO 8-inch Crosscut Waterproof Soft-Toe Logger Work Boot  –  OUR PICK

What I like about Timberland PRO 8-inch Crosscut Soft-toe Logger Work Boot is its mid-cut design. It is also a cross cut footwear designed in such a way that it can handle whatever harsh and unpredictable elements are present in the landscapes and environments you work in on a daily basis.

The boot takes pride of its tough upper made of waterproof leather. I find it beneficial as it means that I gain full protection from water and moisture, often caused by the harsh weather. There is also a built-in speed lacing system as well as a unique on or off fingertip feature, which is not only unique but also easy to use.

Another feature worth emphasizing is the Goodyear welt construction, which, I think, is the reason behind the durable mechanical bond showcased by the footwear. It works more than just your standard daily work boot, as it is also functional for other purposes, like your regular outdoor activities.

The primary material utilized in manufacturing it is authentic leather, making it tough and long-lasting. It is well-built and comfortable while also sporting of a rubber sole, as well as a Vibram lug rubber outsole.

It is a bit snugger than other shoes, though, but rest assured that its length is true to its promised form. I also noticed the poorly riveted eye hooks of the boot they do not negatively affect its overall performance.

  • Attractive and protective mid-cut design
  • Safe and protective because it is constructed in a way that it can withstand harsh and unpredictable elements
  • Tough upper constructed from genuine, waterproof leather
  • Sports a speed lacing system
  • Well-built and comfortable
  • Snugger when compared to other logger boots
  • Poorly riveted eye hooks

Still, it is undeniable that this is one of the premium and high-quality work boots offered by Timberland. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to protect themselves while in the workplace while also enjoying the outdoors.

2. Carolina Boots Soft Toe Waterproof Uninsulated Logger Boot 

Carolina Boots also made a prominent name in the logger footwear industry with the help of its manufactured Soft Toe Waterproof Uninsulated Logger Boot. I like this footwear as it is ideal for spring or summer use, especially if you are in need of a logger for both seasons without having to get the protection offered by a safety toe.

I also find its built-in 100% genuine waterproof membrane amazing because it is effective in keeping my feet dry the entire day. You can retain such dryness, even if you are in a deep puddle or exposed to heavy rain. Another remarkable feature of this logger boot is its steel shank, which is effective in boosting its stability.

It is a nice boot with sturdy features, including the sole. It also uses a good leather material, improving the sturdiness of the footwear. Just ensure that you tie up the laces tightly to keep it secure when you are wearing it. The electric hazard protection offered by this logger boot is also a big advantage, especially if your concern is to keep yourself safe.

It is well-insulated, especially during the winter season. In addition, it has a good fit and feel once you start wearing it. 

What I don’t find impressive in the logger boot is that there are instances when it gets too warm on the feet.

  • Ideal for spring or summer use, especially when you need protection during those periods
  • Features a 100% authentic waterproof membrane
  • Sports a steel shank, which works in making the boot more stable
  • Sturdy construction – thanks to the leather material utilized in manufacturing it
  • Well-insulated, which is useful during the winter
  • Offers electric hazard protection
  • Gets too warm on the feet at times

Carolina logger boots review is one of the best footwear out there with outstanding performance, especially in terms of protection. That said, you have a guarantee that your money will be well-spent if you use it to invest in this high-quality boot.

3. Chippewa 9-inch Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot  –  UPGRADE PICK

If what you are in search for is a Chippewa logger boots review, which you can use in demanding and hazardous environments, then I will happily suggest the Chippewa 9-inch Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot. The leather used in its overall construction is genuine and of top-notch quality.

That said, it works very well in making the footwear even more protective and tough. Another feature I find striking in this logger boot is the triple ribbed shank made of steel. Such provides additional stability, promoting ease when you need to walk or perform your tasks.

It is also designed with comfort in mind. I can give you an assurance that it can provide ultimate comfort and protection even if you use it on snow, oil, mud, and other elements and working conditions. I find the built-in Dri-Lex moisture management system impressive, too.

Such system increases the breathability of the boot and keeps it dry. With that, you have a lower risk of developing blisters and other harsh foot infections caused by being exposed to too much water and moisture most of the time. It is also protective in the sense that it is a steel toe boot while also having the ability to protect you from electric hazards.

One disadvantage of the Chippewa logging boots is that it is available at an expensive price. In addition, it is not scratch-resistant.

  • High-quality leather construction, making it withstand demanding and hazardous environments
  • Highly protective and tough
  • Gets additional stability from its steel triple ribbed shank
  • Impressive Dri-lex moisture management system, which makes the boot more breathable
  • Prevents blisters and foot infections
  • Costly
  • Not scratch-resistant

While being slightly expensive than the other logger boots, you can still receive real value for your spent money from this footwear. The presence of Vibram Tacoma logger outsole is also a big advantage as it comes with strategically positioned lugs that can offer maximum traction.

4. AdTec 9-inch Logger Boot  –  BUDGET PICK

In my opinion, the AdTec 9-inch Logger Boot is also one of those logger boots that offer plenty of promising and remarkable features. One thing I specifically find favorable in this footwear is the fact that it is budget-friendly. It is good for you if you have a low budget because of its economical price.

It has an upper manufactured from horse leather upper. It also makes use of a speed-lacing hardware, which is user-friendly while also giving you an assurance that you won’t have to spend too much time lacing up the footwear.

I also commend the integration of the lug outsole. Such results in a smart design, which ensures that the footwear promotes an incredible grip on various surfaces. You will also notice the soft plain toe built into the footwear. It has an all-leather construction but without a liner.

It also has lace hooks that can go down to the bend. I find it favorable for all wearers as it promotes ease in wearing the footwear without having to loosen the laces by using all eyelets. 

However, take note that some users complained that the boot is quite heavy and thick but rest assured that such is only a rare case.

  • Budget-friendly as it is offered at a reasonable cost
  • Horse leather used for the boot’s upper
  • User-friendly speed-lacing hardware
  • Sports a lug
  • Heavy and thick for some users

The minor issue, however, is not enough to put the product down as it continues to earn positive reviews from buyers. That said, AdTec 9-inch Logger Boot seems to be a great choice for those searching for this type of footwear.

5. Skechers USA Cascades Logger Boot

With the overall leather construction of Skechers USA Cascades Logger Boot, I can offer some sort of assurance that you will be wearing a rugged and sturdy boot that lets you perform better at work. It is also versatile in the sense that you will find it useful in other scenarios, like using it in the city or outdoors.

The strongest feature of this logger boot is its oiled leather upper. It has a lace-up, 7-eye design, which is not only convenient but also attractive. Many also find it stylish as it has contrast-colored triple-stitched overlay accents. In addition, I fell in love with the boot’s cushioned insole as it also features a smooth lining designed to give comfort.

A rear pull-on loop is also noticeable in the insole. Another noticeable feature of this footwear is its rugged outsole constructed from rubber. It has heavy and excellent traction capabilities, holding up to harsh elements and too much abuse. I also noticed that its rounded plain toe increases its ability to offer comfort.

There are metal eyelets and hooks, as well as a lug outsole, too. 

However, take note that some still find it lacking in terms of padding, which is the reason why there are users who decide to purchase an insole for the logger boot.

  • Rugged and sturdy boot, which promotes excellent work performance and productivity
  • Versatile – You can use it in almost all kinds of scenarios, whether outdoors or indoors
  • Stylish with nice overlay accents
  • Comfortable with its cushioned insole and smooth lining
  • Boasts of its heavy and excellent traction capabilities – thanks to the built-in rugged rubber outsole
  • Lacking in terms of padding, causing the need to purchase an insole

Overall, Skechers USA Cascades Logger Boot can be considered as one of the best logger boots 2017 - 2018 as it is not only great-looking but also performs excellently in almost all types of conditions and environments, even the harsh and abusive ones.

6. Georgia Boot Logger 8-inch Black Steel-Toe Work Boot

Georgia Boot Logger 8-inch Black Steel-Toe Work Boot is also an ideal option if you are presently shopping for a good pair of logger boots. It is comfortable on the onset since it is made of soft leather. I also noticed that there is a removable polyurethane insert integrated into the boot. It also boasts of its speed lacing hardware.

With this work boot, I am sure that you can tackle all terrains. It is also nicely and handsomely designed, making it a real treat. Despite being made of soft leather, I can still assure you that this is one of those work boots that perform and work well. It also takes pride of its hard-working waterproof capability.

Another amazing addition to the boot is the Goodyear welt, which further enhances its strength and sturdiness. It has a rubber lug outsole, which can resist oil. The covered cushioned insole is also a bonus as it makes you feel comfortable.

It has a safety toe, too, which adheres to safety standards, so expect to have full protection for each step you make. 

One possible downside is that there might still be a need to add a gel insole if you want to secure a more stable fit. The laces are also noted to need a bit of improvement as far as quality is concerned.

  • Comfortable because it is constructed from soft yet hardworking leather
  • Features a removable insert made of polyurethane material
  • Ability to tackle all types of terrains
  • Nicely designed
  • Boasts of an oil-resistant rubber lug outsole
  • Need to add a gel insole for improved stability
  • Laces require improvement

With Georgia Boot Logger 8-inch Black Steel-Toe Work Boot, you’ll feel safe at work while also being protective – that’s possible while still ensuring that you look your best by wearing a sturdy and well-designed footwear.

7. Carhartt 8-inch Waterproof Composite Toe Leather Logger Boot CML8360

This list of the best logging boots will never be complete without the Carhartt 8-inch Waterproof Composite Toe Leather Logger Boot CML8360. I like its sturdy leather construction and fully functional rubber sole. It has a 2-inch heel, which is already adequate enough for comfort and protection.

It has a nice horse brown oil-tanned leather upper, increasing its toughness. The 100% breathable and waterproof membrane are also two advantages of logger boots as they work in blocking moisture and water, even sweat. Wearing them also lets you experience utmost breathability.

It sports of its composite safety toe cap, which perfectly meets all standards when it comes to protection, especially in terms of protecting you against electrical hazards. The outsole is also a big plus as it is known for being highly resistant to slips, impact, chemicals, and oils.

It takes pride of its Goodyear welt construction, too, which makes it not only stable but also easily resoleable. It has a cushioned insole and polyurethane Strobel pad, making the boot comfortable while also being capable of absorbing shocks and impact.

It offers a flexible protection up to the back of your feet with the help of the molded TPU heel stabilizer. 

You may notice a bit of discomfort when you’re wearing it for the first couple of days or weeks but breaking it in will soften it up.

  • Sturdy leather construction and fully functional rubber sole
  • Sports of a breathable and waterproof membrane
  • Comes with a composite safety toe cap, making it secure and safe
  • Features an outsole, which can resist slips, impact, chemicals, and oils
  • Offers flexible protection up to the back of your feet – thanks to the built-in molded TPU heel stabilizer
  • Quite uncomfortable during the first couple of days or weeks

With Carhartt 8-inch Waterproof Composite Toe Leather Logger Boot CML8360, you have the chance to wear a logger boot for the money, which is a winner in terms of protection and comfort.

How to Choose the Best Logger Boots?

Investing in the best pair of logger boots in the world is really a must as it aids in protecting you from injuries. In addition, most of these high-quality boots are comfortable enough no matter how physically demanding your tasks are. Most of them also offer proper insulation.

If you’re still unsure which choice to make, then use the following factors to formulate a sound final buying decision:

Best Logger Boots


Are logger boots comfortable? Yes, comfort should be on top of your priorities. Go for a comfortable pair of logger boots, one which is made of sturdy yet breathable and comfortable materials. It should be able to stimulate proper air circulation. In addition, the boot needs to be flexible so you will never have a difficult time moving around when you’re at work.

Waterproofing ability

Being a logger requires you to work outside most of the time. With that, you are vulnerable to getting wet. Such is the reason why you need a logger boot, which has waterproofing features, thereby ensuring that your feet will stay comfortable and dry.


The correct size and fit will contribute a lot on the level of comfort you will experience when you are wearing your chosen shoe. If possible, try on the logger boot physically, so you will know exactly whether it fits.


To check the traction of a logger boot, you need to spend time assessing its sole. Scrutinize its quality and overall construction. Ensure that all its parts, including its pattern and material, can help in promoting excellent grip on various surfaces and terrains.


It is necessary for you to invest in a supportive logger boot. The heel, in particular, should receive adequate support. It is also crucial for the insole to have proper cushioning. With the right support, you can prevent your feet from experiencing pain, discomfort, and fatigue.


Check the materials used in the footwear, too. In most cases, your choice will depend on many factors, including your preferred style and budget. It is crucial to assess the ability of the material to last for a long time.

Go for a durable and tough one, such as leather. Despite being sturdy, it should still be comfortable in the sense that it will never restrict your movements.

Tough protection

What’s good about most work boots today is that they are created in such a way that they offer fair protection to users. However, there are workers who need an extra layer of protection. If you are in need of such protection, then a logger boot is the ultimate solution.

Ensure that your boot is protective. A wise tip is to choose one with a safety steel toe since it can protect your toes from heavy loads that might fall on them. You will also know that you are investing in a protective boot if it features a high-quality outsole. Such will provide the boot with adequate traction while making it abrasion and slip-resistant.

High heel

Logger boots are actually created in such a way that they have a high heel. Look for a high yet comfortable heel as such ensures that the footwear will offer incredible support and traction, especially if you wear it on rugged surfaces. You need additional height in the heels, especially when walking or moving on uneven terrains.

Final Words

The best logger boots are different from the typical work boots today. They need to be well-made to ensure that you’ll receive the highest level of comfort and protection once you start wearing them at work.

That said, exercise caution when shopping for a good pair of logger boots. Your choice should be able to give you the kind of satisfaction and protection you are hoping for.

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