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Mechanics face hard and tough jobs every day where they have to risk major damage to their hands when it comes to fixing your engine. Mechanics can avoid serious injuries with the right gloves and they will also be able to have a little more protection for their hands when they are using the best mechanic gloves.
Many of you might think that a normal leather glove will do the trick and unless it is specifically designed, you will not have the ideal flexibility required for a few of those smaller finesse jobs. The latex glove, on the other hand, will not offer you the amount of protection needed from bad cuts and damage caused to your fingers from lifting up those heavier engine parts.
Luckily, we have set out to find the best mechanic gloves and show you exactly how these gloves could be extremely beneficial to your job. Compared to many other gloves, mechanic gloves are a little more expensive and this is for the added protection and durability they provide, but we have included a detailed buyer’s guide at the end, which should help you to get the best value for your money and the right glove for your mechanical job.

Best Mechanic Gloves

Product Name Quality Price

Our Rating

1. Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert

A $

2. DeWalt High Performance Mechanics Work Gloves

  A+ $

3. Mechanix Wear Original Black

  A+ $

4. Synthetic Leather Work Gloves

A $

5. Hot Leathers Skeleton Mechanic Gloves

A $

1. Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert

The Mechanix Wear Tactical Original covert glove offers the best combination of protection and flexibility that you could find on the market today.
The glove has been constructed from extremely durable synthetic materials and the added thermal plastic rubber closure will ensure that you do have a tight fit.
This piece of advanced technology in materials has also made the glove resistant to heat and will allow you to work closer to a hotter area, or even use heat when it is needed.
Best mechanic gloves

Editor Rating



The form-fitting TrekDry technology incorporated in these gloves will also provide adequate ventilation that will cool down your hands on those hotter days. This will also make the glove much more comfortable to wear. The palm only features a single layered design and while this might not seem durable, you will find out that it is. This single layered design is great for providing you with flexibility and a better fit.
Finally, these gloves are available in multiple different sizes for you to choose from and all of the materials in this glove is machine washable. We also found that the gloves do dry out quite fast, which means that you can wash them every day after work to help remove the sweat and bacteria.
In terms of pricing, these gloves are also really affordable and we do highly recommend them for the value they provide. We do believe that as a mechanic, you might be looking for something affordable and this glove will certainly appease many with its cheaper price tag.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Extremely durable
  • Machine washable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Does get soaked when water and oil are present

2. DeWalt High-Performance Mechanics Work Gloves

DeWalt has been well-known for the quality of their products and especially their heavier machinery, but the High-Performance Mechanics work gloves might often be overlooked and this is something that you definitely need to consider when you are working with your hands a lot. These gloves feature a synthetic and leather construction that will certainly increase the durability and also improve the flexibility of the glove which makes it one of the best mechanic gloves you can find.
Thermal rubber protection has also been added to some of the more fragile areas of the hand. The knuckles will now be protected from those heavier engines and car parts, while the PVC tough patches will certainly combine with the synthetic palm to ensure good flexibility, but still adequate protection for all the areas of your hands.

Editor Rating



These gloves also feature added silicone to the fingertips and this will help improve the overall grip. Since oil is sometimes present, having good grip will ensure that wrenches and other tools do not easily slip out of your hands. The enclosure features a neoprene wrist strap to ensure that you do have a secure fit.
These are not the cheapest of gloves on the market and they might not be that expensive either, but since they are from an extremely reputable company and manufacturer, we highly recommend them when it comes to ensuring quality and good value for your money.

  • Stylish design
  • Extremely comfortable fit
  • Flexible
  • Added grip to finger
  • Heat resistant


  • Lacks in ventilation

3. Mechanix Wear Original Black

With an extra-large and extra-small sizing feature, the Mechanix wear original black gloves do offer a little more in terms of versatility. These gloves are also constructed from durable synthetic leather materials and since the synthetic is added, the gloves will be much more flexible than you might expect.
As with most of the Mechanix gloves, this pair also features the TrekDry technology to help promote good ventilation and to keep your hands comfortable and cool in the hotter temperatures. TPR has also been added for more durability and this will help to provide a little bit of resistant to hotter temperatures and you could even use these gloves when molding steel.

Editor Rating



The industrial grade hook and loop will provide you with a secure and durable fit, but the glove does lack a little in term of providing you additional grip. The flexibility will allow you to move your hands as you please, but be wary of oily objects and tools when wearing them.
These gloves are some of the cheaper gloves on the list and they will certainly be considered to be a good budget buy. In terms of dexterity, these gloves are great and will allow you to easily perform your task at the best possible skill level. We highly recommend these gloves as they are available to mechanics of all sizes and every hand size is accommodated.

  • Available in all hand sizes
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Provides good ventilation
  • Flexible


  • Lacks a little in terms of providing decent grip.

4. Synthetic Leather Work Gloves

The Synthetic Leather work gloves from Galatia Gear are some of the more versatile and functional gloves on the market. These gloves ooze durability and flexibility when you see the composition and the construction of synthetic leather materials.
Unlike many of the other gloves with a single layered palm, this glove features a reinforced palm, which should take some of the strain off your hands when you are carrying car parts.
The hook and loop fastener on these gloves is extremely elastic and this will allow you to easily squeeze you hand inside and get that comfortable fit.

Editor Rating



Touch screen technology has also been incorporated into this glove and this will allow you to comfortably operate your smartphone or tablet without having to take them off. Just makes sure that they are not stained in oil.
Finally, these gloves also offer form-fitting grip for you to carry items full of oil or brake fluid and the gloves are available in almost any size that you can think of, which means that you should have no troubles when it comes to getting the right fit for your hands.
These gloves are also really affordable and they are highly recommended to anyone operating power tools or even working as a mechanic. We believe that these gloves will give be the best affordable choice when you are looking for a combination of durability and comfort.

  • Extremely comfortable and elastic
  • Decent durability
  • Available in more than one color and sizes
  • Added grip


  • A little bulky in design could make them uncomfortable

5. Hot Leathers Skeleton Mechanic Gloves

Last but certainly not least, we have the Hot Leathers Skeleton Mechanic gloves and these gloves are some of the more budget gloves that you find. The gloves have been constructed from a combination of synthetic leather and nylon materials and they also feature more of a plain design when compared to the other gloves on our list.
These gloves are quite durable and they also feature a stylish skeleton design, but unfortunately, they do lack a little in terms of providing you decent grip for those oily tools and also a huge lack in terms of ventilation. The hook and loop feature is quite elastic and you with these gloves you should easily get the ideal and comfortable fit to improve dexterity.

Editor Rating



Finally, the gloves are only available in a limited number of sizes and they might not be ideal for more serious mechanics. We do recommend these to have in your shed if you like to occasionally work on improving your own car, but for serious mechanics, these might be not durable or versatile enough to adequately perform your job.

  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Extremely cheap


  • Not the best durability
  • Lacks in grip and ventilation

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Key Features To Consider When Buying New Working Gloves As A Mechanic

Best Mechanic Gloves checking
Ever heard the saying that something “fits like a glove”, well when choosing gloves for any purpose or of any sort, that should be what you are aiming for. Since dexterity is fundamentally important when it comes to being a mechanic, these features are the most important and will help ensure that you do get the best value for your money:

1. Fit

The fit of the gloves are extremely important when you will be working with delicate tools and under strenuous objects where one slip up can be fatal. We recommend that you look at the hook and loop feature at the wrist and ensure that you could easily squeeze your hands inside without any hassles.

2. Grip

As a mechanic, your gloves are bound to become riddled with oil stains and these oil stains will make it nearly impossible to operate your tools with if you do not have decent grip. We recommend looking at the grip and the materials the grip is designed from to ensure that those oily stains never make your job harder.

3. Durability

While mechanic gloves are not that expensive, they do need to have some sort of durability. You might have noticed that synthetic leather is used in most of these gloves and this has been used to improve the durability of the glove, whilst giving you the flexibility to operate those more intricate tools.

4. Ventilation

Working at the workshop can become very hot and your gloves will certainly face the bulk of the punishment and also increase the heat on the inside to cause your hands to sweat vigorously. Having ventilation can help clear up the sweat and keep your hands from becoming soaking wet and irritating on the inside of the gloves.

5. Flexibility

You might have seen us touch on this when discussing durability, but the more materials used in the glove, the bulkier it becomes. Yes, it might be more durable, but you will be unable to operate the car parts and tools sufficiently. We recommend balancing these two out to give you the best types of glove for your job.
Best Mechanic Gloves focusing
These five features might not seem like a lot of information for you to keep in mind, but it certainly plays a big part in ensuring that you do get the best value for your money. We recommend taking these features and using them as your criterion when judging mechanic gloves to ensure that you do get the best value for your money.

Our Verdict

In terms of picking the best mechanic gloves, we have made a decision and you might not necessarily agree, but it is extremely hard to go against what most people say are the best. We have selected the DeWalt High-Performance Mechanics Work Gloves for the value and the reputation of the brand. We believe that you have good durability and flexibility with these gloves at a decent price.
We would like to thank you for reading this article and we do hope that you have managed to find the ideal pair of gloves for your job. Please also comment and share your thoughts on our list and mention if we might have missed any of your favorites.

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