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Best Police Boots – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2019

Being a police officer or any other part of the law enforcement might be one of the toughest jobs you could possibly and with the wrong boots, life can be so much harder. Police officers are expected to be on their feet most of the times, but they do get some rest during the day. Nevertheless, police officers must be nimble on their feet and capable of scaling large fences in order to chase down culprits.
We have set out to find the best police boots and show you how these boots could be beneficial to you in the working environment. Police officer boots are not specifically designed for them and if your job also requires you to be nimble, but still have something durable to walk on, this list of boots will be ideal for you to check out.
We have decided to share our top five selected boots as well as include a buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice when it comes to getting the best value for your money. As officers of the law, we respect you and hope that you are able to work in comfort while also keeping us safe in the process.

Top 5 Best Police Boots Reviews 2019

Product Name Quality Price

Our Rating

1. Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Men’s Tactical Side-Zip Boots

A $

2. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots

A $

3. Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot

  A+ $$

4. 5.11 Men’s A.T.A.C. Storm 8″ Side Zip Boot

  A+ $$

5. Danner Men’s Acadia 8″ Boot

  A+ $$

1. Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Men’s Tactical Side-Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson is all about quality and the Breach men’s 2.0 tactical side-zip boots once again highlights the quality of a phenomenal brand. These boots have been constructed from durable leather materials to help you get the most durability and the side-zip design is unique and will allow you to get the proper fit.
The boots also incorporated minor areas of nylon materials and unlike the leather; this nylon will give you a little more flexibility and movement for your feet. The boots feature an EVA midsole on the inside of the boot and this will mold to the shape of your feet to give you a cushioned walking surface.

Editor Rating


Finally, these boots will be ideal for all weather conditions and they have been proven to be slip resistant on oily and watery surfaces. Wet fences should also not pose any problem for these boots and you should be able to get over them in a jiffy. A rigid steel shank has also been incorporated and this will keep your feet and ankles protected from uneven surfaces.
The best parts of these boots are the price and they are really affordable compared to many other combat boots. You will receive all of the top quality and support Smith & Wesson provides for under $100 and that is something that sets them apart.

  • Extremely durable
  • Slip resistant
  • Flexible design
  • Really affordable


  • Not waterproof

2. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots

While Under Armour might be regarded as one of the most popular up and coming sporting brands in the world, there is no denying the quality of their clothing and the men’s Stellar Tactical boots certainly continue to portray their excellence. These boots have been constructed from a blend of textile and leather materials and will certainly make a huge difference when you get to wear them.
In terms of durability, the leather ensures that your boots are durable, while the added textile brings more flexibility to the table to ensure that you have a comfortable fit and walking experience. These boots also feature a new and unique design that will certainly set you apart from every other officer on the force.

Editor Rating


The boot features a comfortable midsole that will keep you going for many a mile and the leather has been treated with a waterproof substance to use in all weather conditions. The boots also feature a good rubber outer sole to provide you with decent grip and keep you going on all wet or slippery surfaces.
This boot is a little more expensive, but we do recommend it for the value you will be receiving. In terms of quality and durability, you will certainly be making the right choice and the price will pay for itself in the long run.

  • Stylish unique design
  • Very durable
  • Waterproof
  • Slip resistant


  • Small design

3. Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot

With an outdoor like design, the Danner men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty boot is another great candidate for top police boot and it has been designed to make walking extremely comfortable. The boot has primarily been designed from durable leather materials and it has also been treated to make the leather a little softer. This will be great for bigger feet and provide ideal flexibility and versatility.
These boots are already treated to be waterproof on the outside, but the GORE-TEX liner will ensure that your feet never gets wet, no matter the conditions you may find yourself in. The polishable toe design does add some style and will allow you to keep your boots shining during your working experience, but this does take some time to maintain.

Editor Rating


The higher cut design offers good ankle protection and even though the boot is slip resistant, if you should fall, your ankles will not be twisting and your joints will be protected, which should allow you to get up and continue chasing any suspect who might be trying to evade you.
The boot is a little expensive, but it takes ankle support to a new level and we highly recommend these boots to people suffering from ankle problems and looking to improve the overall fit of their boots.

  • Durable and unique design
  • Provides good ankle support
  • Waterproof
  • Polishable toe included


  • Quite expensive

4. 5.11 Men’s A.T.A.C. Storm 8″ Side Zip Boot

The 5.11 men’s A.T.A.C. Storm 8” side-zip boots are quite similar to the Smith & Wesson boots and they have also been constructed from durable leather materials. This boot has been designed for tactical combat and it features a waterproof design that will allow you to be effective in all weather conditions.
The boots also feature a high-cut design to keep your ankles and joints protected and the hidden side pocket will be ideal for storing some of your valuables where no one would dare look for them. The boots also have an antibacterial lining incorporated and this will keep the boot cleaner for longer periods of time and also eliminate any possible odors that might occur.

Editor Rating


Finally, the incorporation of 1200 denier nylon will add some flexibility to the boot and it is also worth noting that the entire boot has been triple stitched to add some more durability. The harder shell will also keep your feet protected and it can be polished to maintain that stylish look.
These boots are really expensive and we do really recommend them for the durability and value, but if you cannot afford them, the S&W boots will also be a great alternative. These boots are must-have boots for serious officers.

  • Extremely durable
  • Offers multiple levels of protection
  • Features antibacterial properties
  • Polishable toe


  • Really expensive

5. Danner Men’s Acadia 8″ Boot

Last but certainly not least, we have the Danner men’s Acadia 8″ boot and this boot will come down to personal preference and taste. This is not the most stylish and attractive boot, but it is certainly one of the most durable boots you will find on the market today. The boot has been constructed purely from leather and it incorporates Cordura on the sides for ventilation and flexibility.
The boot features a Vibram sole and this will help with the 8-inch design to provide you with much need stability and comfort underneath your feet. The outer sole is durable and designed to resist almost any slippery surface, but the boot is a little heavier than many of the other boots on our list.

Editor Rating


In terms of price, this is one of the more expensive boots you will find and it might be a little overpriced for the average officer on the street. We still recommend it if you like the design and you are able to afford it, but we do think it is a little overpriced.

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Slip resistant
  • Promotes flexibility


  • Narrow fit

Key Features to Consider in your Boots As A Police Officer

If you have not yet made your decision on the ideal boots to have for your job, you should continue to read and find out what key features we have used to pick our selection. These features are the most important in our opinion and we believe they will allow you to get the best value for your money and give you optimal comfort on the job.
Best Police Boots USA

  • Design: As a police officer, you are a role model to members of the community and your boots should fit your stylish and famous outfit. We like to recommend that you take a little more time and find something stylish that will make you look classy and capable whilst interacting with the community.
  • Durability: You will be wearing the boots often and in some cases every day. Having bad quality boots will cost you more money and might even break up and look bad. We recommend leather as the main material in your boots to ensure that you have boots capable of lasting multiple years.
  • Flexibility: As a police officer, you should be nimble on your feet and you should be able to run comfortably, If the shoes are too narrow, they will compress your feet and blood flow, which may hinder you in chasing down a suspect and making that arrest that could have been broadcasted on national television.
  • Waterproof: Yes, your boots must withstand everything that nature throws at it. Police work does not allow you to pick the conditions and you might need to work in wetter conditions. If the boots are not waterproof, your feet might get soggy and you will not be able to work comfortably.
  • Slip-resistant: Fences and multiple working areas might have oil and water on them and if you slip, this could cause a lot of damage. We do recommend that you take extra care in selecting a waterproof outer sole that will keep you on your feet and allow you to move freely on all of these surfaces.
  • Comfortable: In terms of comfort, you should look at the inner sole and ensure that it is comfortable. Since you might be on your feet for prolonged periods of time, it will be handy to have a shoe that does not hurt your feet.

Best Police Boots group
We consider these six features to be the most important and you should look carefully into them when making your purchase. Our selected list does each match up to most of these features and that is why we consider them to be the best of the best when it comes to police shoes.

Our Verdict on the Best Police Boots

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you managed to find the ideal boot for your job. In terms of the number one pick, we have selected the Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Men’s Tactical Side-Zip Boots to be our number one pick once again. These boots are affordable and they offer everything an officer needs to uphold the law.
We would also like to encourage you to let us know what you think of our list and drop a comment below to tell us if we might have missed any of your favorite boots.

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