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Top 5 Best Restaurant Shoes – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2019

The majority of those who work in restaurants and the food service industry are fully aware that their workplace comes with hazards and risks. That said, it is truly beneficial to find the best restaurant shoes with slip-resistant features.
By wearing the right shoes, you can significantly reduce the risk of experiencing fall and slip accidents, which is common in restaurants and fast food chains. Note that you will deal with spilled liquids, slippery or greasy kitchen floors, and dropped foods regularly, so you have to be extra careful.

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1. Skechers Flex Advantage – Best Bang for the Buck

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2. MOZO Sharkz

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3. KEEN Utility PTC Oxford – Best of the Best

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4. Skechers Sure Track

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5. Skechers Soft Stride-Softie – Editor’s Choice

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Importance of Wearing the Best Restaurant Shoes

Best Restaurant shoes kitchen
While you might feel tempted to wear any shoes if you are working in a restaurant, note that in most cases you really need footwear which perfectly suits your job. The best one is that, which has certain features that make it safe to use in restaurants.
You need a good pair of shoes designed for restaurants as these are among the places where things happen quickly. Note that things might fall off or spill any moment, so you have to prepare yourself for these incidents.
Another reason why you have to invest in a good shoe is that restaurant work involves a lot of walking and standing for long periods. Aside from being tiring, prolonged standing and walking can also result in circulatory problems.
You will have a higher risk of developing varicose veins, and back and hip problems. You can avoid the mentioned issues if you invest in a good pair of shoes, which is comfortable enough to wear. Footwear primarily designed for restaurant use can give you all-day comfort.

Factors and Features to Consider when Searching for a Good Restaurant Shoe

Best Restaurant shoes for mens
Comfort and Cushioning – The restaurant shoes that you need to buy should make you feel comfortable while also providing an adequate cushion. Go for one with thick platforms. The heels should also be a bit higher while having plenty of padding.
However, make sure that the shoes are not too heavy just because of the padding. It should be well-padded while still being lightweight to avoid ruining its ability to give you comfort.
Arch Support – This is a vital factor to consider in choosing shoes for restaurant workers, especially if you’re working as a chef. Arch support should just be enough to give you comfort and prevent yourself from getting injured.
Avoid wearing shoes that have high arch support if you are one of those with flat feet. Such can help prevent bruising the middle part of your feet.
Traction – The shoes should have enough traction, as well. It should come with deep grooves, thereby preventing the risk of slips and falls. Look for kitchen shoes with patented features that prevent slipping.
Footbed – Aside from the arch support, the footbed of your chosen restaurant shoes should also come with enough cushion and a heel cup. Such feature aids in preventing foot fatigue.
Antibacterial Lining – A shoe with this feature is a good choice as it means that it can wick away moisture. That said, it is possible for you to avoid producing unwanted smell and odor on your feet.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Shoes 2019

1. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip-On – Best Bang for the Buck

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Skechers continues to wow its target market with its ability to produce high-quality footwear. This slip-on shoe from Skechers, for instance, boasts of its relaxed fit design, which also features dual side elastic fabric panels. That specific feature aims to make it easier to slip the footwear on.
Another great feature is its memory foam insoles. These comfy insoles ensure that you will step on well-cushioned shoes, providing you with utmost comfort. Furthermore, the shoe comes with diamond-patterned mesh panels that further improve its durability.
Other interesting features that form part of this Skechers shoe, which is also good for restaurant use, are the stain-resistant and water-resistant synthetic uppers, as well as shock-absorbing FlexSole midsoles. With the shoe’s slip-resistant rubber outsoles, you are also assured of your own safety.
I love the fact that it is an EH-rated (Electric Hazard) footwear. Such gives you protection from accidental exposure to electrical objects. The reinforced stitch seams and S logo found on the sides also make it look stylish.

  • Features a slip-on and relaxed fit design – so wearing it without worrying about whether or not it will fit is possible
  • Insoles are well-cushioned with memory foam
  • Has stain-resistant and water-resistant uppers
  • EH-rated, protecting you from accidental exposures to electricity
  • Stylish


  • Quite large, especially for those with small feet – This issue is fixable, though, by wearing thicker socks

2. MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe

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MOZO Sharkz slip-resistant shoe is also a good choice if you are planning to find the best restaurant shoes. I love the ability of this shoe to offer both comfort and style. It is extremely lightweight, so you don’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable when you are using it to move around.
It also makes use of the MOZOfit system technology, which is mainly designed to give you a customizable fit and maximizes the ability of the shoe to offer comfort. Another thing I love about this shoe is the gel insoles designed to add extra cushion.
With the side ventilation integrated into the footwear, you also have an assurance that it is highly breathable. Aside from that, you will notice its full-length cushion midsole, which aims to give users all-day support and comfort.
With the synthetic material used in its upper, the shoe is highly durable plus very easy to clean. It can maximize its ability to keep you safe while also providing you with better traction using its slip-resistant outsoles.

  • Has a good traction of the sole, making it useful for greasy and wet restaurant and kitchen floors
  • Offers great functionality and comfort
  • Highly breathable because of its good ventilation
  • Has an additional sole
  • Non-slip, thereby keeping you safe


  • Style and look need a bit of improvement
  • Bottom grooves of the shoe tend to trap food easily

3. KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe – Best of the Best

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Looking for a restaurant shoe, which you can wear without worries in the restaurant all day? Then I suggest checking out the KEEN PTC Oxford shoe for both men and women. What I love about this shoe is that it is comfortable enough that wearing it all day is a breeze.
It features a stain-resistant and water-resistant upper made of leather, which is beneficial as it ensures that you can easily clean it up. The rubber sole is also slip-resistant, which means that you can safely wear it.
The footbed is designed in such a way that it cradles your feet, providing you with long-lasting comfort. It is also made with a combination of recycled PU, memory foam and cork – all of which contour and shape your feet naturally while making the necessary adjustments to provide adequate cushion.
Another thing I enjoy about this shoe is its patented toe protection. This specific feature provides ultimate protection by wrapping the outsoles up and over your toes.

  • Can resist water and stains, making it easy to clean
  • Provides you ultimate protection with its slip-resistant and oil-resistant features and patented toe protection
  • Contours and shapes your feet naturally
  • Promotes all-day comfort
  • Well-cushioned


  • Stitching and seams are subpar

4. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

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This slip-on shoe for women from Skechers is another footwear that should be included in your list of options. It is stylish plus it is constructed out of smooth, solid and genuine leather. The fact that it is slip-resistant is one of the reasons why I highly recommend it as it means it’s safe to wear.
It has a rugged feel, making you feel like it will really last long. It comes with a protective toe and heel overlays made of leather. Aside from that, you will notice that it features a memory foam along with removable insoles with proper cushion.
Another thing that makes this shoe from Skechers highly durable and comfortable is the supportive FlexSole midsole capable of absorbing shocks. It also meets electrical hazard requirements.
With that, I can assure you that it can protect you from electrical hazards and other potential harm. Aside from having superior strength and being highly durable, it is also lightweight and comfortable.

  • Comfortable and fits perfectly even during the first day of use
  • Stylish and versatile – Expect it to look great in almost any outfit worn by those working in restaurants
  • A slip-on shoe, which makes it convenient to wear and take off anytime
  • Meets electrical hazard requirements
  • Lightweight


  • Requires a break-in period

5. Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up – Editor’s Choice

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This shoe from Skechers offers a great combination of comfortable support, ruggedness and impressive style. I feel that this shoe is ideal for women like me who mean business. It is good for restaurant workers as it is comfortable plus easy to wear and take off.
One thing that I would like to highlight in this shoe is that it features a full lace-up panel on top. There is also a convenient padded tongue and collar.
You can even find a handy pull tab, which is located at the back part of the heel, so you can easily wear and take off the shoe.
Another remarkable feature of the shoe is the versatile, soft upper made of leather. It is also very convenient as there is no need for you to clean it up regularly – that is all thanks to its stain-resistant nature and scuff leather.
The sole is constructed out of durable manmade rubber. It is beneficial as it provides proper traction, especially when used on slippery kitchen and restaurant floors.
You will also enjoy the athletic and tough cushion used in the shoe. Made of a natural cotton blend, it is guaranteed to give you all-day support.

  • Features a lace-up design, which is a good thing because it promotes adjustability – You can make adjustments to it until it meets your preferred fit
  • Features a toe box with ample room, making it comfortable even when worn the entire day
  • Comes with highly durable and flexible soles
  • Has great arch support, making it ideal for those with high arches
  • Has a PU insole, which you can completely remove anytime


  • Runs a little heavier than expected
  • More costly than other restaurant shoes

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Restaurant Shoes


The stitching on the best chef shoes are always well made, and the material is usually resistant to water. It is important to note that, although leather is very durable, it is susceptible to water and can be very heavy. Alternatively, synthetic kitchen shoes are lightweight and can last a lot longer. The materials used on good kitchen shoes should be extremely durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.
When choosing the material of your kitchen shoes, it is important to note that the environment will often become humid, warm, and steamy. These environmental factors can have a huge effect on shoes, so be aware of this when choosing the materials that are used to create the shoe. We would recommend a man-made material that won’t become softened or alter in humidity.


Since you’ll be walking around a lot in the kitchen, it is important to consider the weight of the kitchen shoes that you choose. You want to choose shoes which are not too heavy. Lightweight shoes work best so that you can move around quickly and freely without too much pressure or strain on the feet.
The weight of a shoe is directly related to its mobility. The heavier something is, the harder it is to move and remain in control of it. A heavy and bulky shoe will not only require more effort to walk and move around, but it may also become an obstacle or safety issue if it affects your ability to walk.
The main reason that you should be looking for lighter shoes is simply that they require less effort to move. The lighter the shoe, the easier it will be to move around in them and the less physical demand will be applied to your muscles. Lighter shoes also play a big part in offering relief to the ankles, which play a big part in moving the feet.
It is important to remember that the weight of a shoe will also affect the other parts of the shoe. A lighter shoe will usually be made from a thinner material which may offer less protection than a weightier shoe. Only optimize the weight of the shoe up to a point where it is light enough for free and easy movement, but it still offers enough protection and remains highly functional in all the other aspects needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy kitchen shoes?

Kitchen shoes can be bought online, and there is a huge variety available. Amazon is a great place to buy kitchen shoes online, as there is a very wide range available on that one site. You can also visit local retail stores where you can try the shoes on before you buy.

How are kitchen shoes cleaned?

The first step is to rinse the shoes thoroughly with water. This will remove any dirt or debris from the outer part of the shoe. You should then wipe away any remaining dirt or debris from the surface of the shoe with a soft cloth. If the shoes need further cleaning than this, then you can mix water with a mild detergent and allow the shoes to soak in the mixture. Once the shoes have soaked fully, scrub the extra dirt away with a scrubbing brush.

How do I clean the inside of kitchen shoes without affecting the slip-resistant outside?

The inner area of slip-resistant shoes can be washed by hand, as long as they are not made from real leather or suede. The inside of faux leather shoes can be cleaned using shaving cream. No matter how you’re cleaning the inner parts of the shoe, it is important to remember to remove any laces prior to cleaning. If the shoes are made from real leather, a leather cleaning kit would be highly recommended.

What are kitchen-safe shoes?

Kitchen-safe shoes are ones which are slip-resistant, anti-skid, and have a protective toe box. All of these qualities add up to a good and safe kitchen shoe.

What are restaurant-grade shoes?

There are certain requirements which must be met in order for a shoe to be considered restaurant-grade. These requirements are the safety qualities listed above. It is important to also check with your own workplace to see if they have any specific requirements about the shoes which need to be met.

What are the most comfortable kitchen shoes for wide feet?

People who have wide feet should choose a shoe which has a roomier toe box. This will result in the optimum comfort for people with wide feet.

What are the best shoes for working in a hospital kitchen?

A hospital kitchen does not differ much, if at all, than any other kitchen in other environments. With this in mind, all the qualities listed in this article apply to finding the right shoes for work in a hospital kitchen as well. The only difference that may apply is that there may be color-scheme requirements that differ from other places.

Can I wear nurse shoes in a kitchen?

There are a wide variety of shoes which are created with the qualities needed to suit both nurses and chefs, simultaneously. This option would be best for someone who feels they require both.

Can I wear Crocs in the kitchen?

Crocs provide a very wide range of different shoes, and some of those are specifically created for wearing in the kitchen. However, not all Crocs are suitable for chefs. Therefore it is important to check the requirements and choose accordingly.

How do I get rid of smells which remain on kitchen shoes?

Sprinkling a teaspoon of baking soda or salt on the inside of the shoes each night will absorb any odors. Be sure to shake out and remove the baking soda or salt thoroughly from the shoes before wearing them to work. You may also take the smell away by using a cotton ball which has been dipped in rubbing alcohol and wiping the inside of the shoe clean. A crumpled newspaper placed on the inside of the shoe can also be used to absorb any moisture and odors which may remain.

Can sandals be worn in the kitchen?

Sandals may be seen as unsanitary for wear in the kitchen, especially if they are open-toed sandals. Sandals are not seen as the best restaurant shoes, as they can also be a safety issue as they are more likely to be a hazard for tripping. If the feet are exposed at all, then there may be accidental injury from drops or burning.

How do I remove a grease stain from a restaurant shoe?

Begin by applying a large amount of soap over the grease area. Leave this on to soak for at least ten minutes as this allows the oil time to start breaking down. Follow that up by working on the grease stain with a scrubbing brush. Then, wash everything off with water. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary.

Conclusion on the Best Restaurant Shoes

Investing in the best restaurant shoes is a must, especially if you are working for long hours in this type of environment and industry. Note that restaurant workers do a lot of standing, walking, and movements.
That said, you need a sturdy and comfortable shoe, which can support all your movements while keeping you safe. Hopefully, you will be able to find it with the help of this buying guide, which also comes with short reviews of the best shoes in this category.

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