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The 6 Best Shoes for Bartenders – Reviews, Ratings and Top Picks

Bartending is a fun and exciting job. However, it’s also a serious job, which comes with plenty of safety risks and hazards. Some of the issues that you might encounter when you work as a bartender are standing for hours and moving and walking on wet surfaces and spilled beverages.

If you want to reduce the risk associated with this job, then looking for the best shoes for bartenders is a must. It can help make your entire job less tiring while minimizing the risk.

Ensure that your choice of shoes fully depends on your budget, personal preference, and the company’s dress code. To help you make the most informed decision, here are six shoes that are ideal for bartenders.

Top 6 Best Shoes For Bartenders 

1. Skechers Flex Advantage  –  BUDGET PICK

If you are in search of a bartending shoe from a popular brand, then I highly recommend the Work (Mens and Womens) Flex Advantage Slip-resistant Mcallen Slip-on from Skechers. I love its slip-on style as it promotes ease in wearing and taking it off.

The work shoe, which works well for bartenders, also comes with a mesh fabric upper. I find the material used for this upper very convenient. It is also safe as it is slip-resistant. With its padded collar as well as the memory foam insole designed for cushioning, extra comfort can also be expected.

Furthermore, it is a protective shoe as it is EH (electrical hazard) rated. It also features an ultra-lightweight and highly durable toe as well as high-quality materials, thereby making it stronger and more protective and comfortable.

Aside from that, it meets various standards in terms of impact and compression. The elastic gores found at the opening of the shoe are also among its best features.

One problem with this shoe is that it takes some time to break in. However, after the break-in period, expect it to work great, particularly in terms of width.

  • Slip-on design, promoting ease when wearing and removing it
  • Ideal for bartenders and anyone who needs to stand and move for long hours
  • Comfortable – thanks to its mesh fabric upper, padded collar, and memory foam insole
  • Ultra-lightweight and durable
  • EH rated and slip-resistant
  • Needs more time to break in

You will feel like Skechers is giving you the ultimate solution when it comes to bartenders’ shoes if you choose this product. It is convenient to use and wear, protective, and very comfortable – all of which are qualities that a work shoe must have.

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2. KEEN Utility PTC Dress Oxford  –  OUR PICK

Ideal for both men and women, I think KEEN Utility PTC Dress Oxford Work Shoe also meets the requirements for a high-quality bartending shoe. I find it a great footwear because it is constructed out of genuine leather – one of the most durable materials used in a footwear.

I also find it remarkable because of its capability of offering all-day comfort when used at work. It is perfect for any worker, particularly those whose jobs require them to stand for several hours a day, such as bartending.

Another nice feature that I like about this shoe is that it features a water-resistant upper made of leather. Such is beneficial as it maximizes comfort while also promoting a wipe-clean convenience. The slip-resistant outsole that you’ll find this in work shoe from KEEN also somehow keeps you safe.

Another valuable feature worthy of highlighting is the plush KEEN.CUSH footbed. It is constructed out of PU material. There is also a memory foam inside the shoe, which naturally cradles your feet, providing you comfort the entire day.

I think that the rubber tread requires a bit of improvement, though, as it only has little traction.

  • Versatile as it works for both men and women and in various workplaces and environments
  • Constructed out of genuine leather, proving its durability
  • Provides all-day comfort
  • Water and slip-resistant
  • Can resist oil and stains, too
  • A bit of improvement required for the rubber tread as it lacks the necessary traction

To conclude, KEEN Utility PTC Dress Oxford Work Shoe is a good choice for you whether you are a male or female bartender. I can assure you that it can offer you superior comfort and the ultimate solution when it comes to protection.

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3. Birkenstock London  –  UPGRADE PICK

Another footwear that works for both working men and women, particularly those who are involved in bartending, is the Birkenstock London Clog. I find the slip-on design of this footwear useful as it also translates to giving me an easier time putting it on and taking it off once my job ends.

It is constructed out of premium leather. This slip-on clog boasts of an adjustable strap, which, I think, is a big advantage since it means that I can adjust it based on what is comfortable enough for me. The strap also features a buckle closure to secure it.

Another amazing feature I found in the Birkenstock London Clog is its anatomically correct footbed with a high-quality suede lining. It offers comfort to your feet the entire day. It also boasts of a raised toe bar, which is beneficial as it offers a more natural and better grip while also promoting proper air circulation.

Another thing I find amazing in this footwear is the neutral heel profile. There is also a deep heel cup. Both are useful in ensuring that the distribution of weight is even. The dual layer jute integrated into the shoe is moisture-wicking, too.

However, take note that the shoe’s tongue is too stiff during the first few uses. Rest assured that it will soften up in time, though, so there’s nothing to worry too much about.

The shoe is quite too wide, though, but you have a hundred percent guarantee that it is still comfortable to wear. You might also need to invest in a thin insole as a means of bolstering the shoe’s arch support.

  • Features a slip-on design for user’s convenience
  • Premium leather construction
  • Features an adjustable strap with a reliable buckle closure – It promotes the perfect fit.
  • Promotes proper circulation and grip, thanks to the shoe’s raised toe bar
  • Even distribution of weight, particularly in the heel area
  • Comes with a quite stiff tongue

That minor issue is fixable in time, though, so it is still safe to conclude that the Birkenstock London Clog is worthy of its price. The fact that it features a flexible EVA outsole, which offers the right support and impact absorption quality, is also a big advantage.

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4. Dansko Women's Martina  –  ALSO GREAT

If what you are looking for is a woman’s shoe that you can use in bartending, then I suggest checking out the Dansko Martina Mary Jane Flat. I can assure you that it is capable of meeting the requirements of a woman in terms of footwear.

One of the things I like about this footwear from Dansko is the microfiber-wrapped footbed. I specifically like this feature as it offers the right amount of cushioning and arch support. It has a classic design with a unique Mary Jane strap. The strap features a buckle closure to keep your feet stable.

Another remarkable fact about the shoe is that it has a roomy toebox, so I can say that it offers the most comfortable and perfect fit. Furthermore, it has a signature rocker platform, which works in propelling your foot forward when walking.

The embedded shank also features the highest level of stability and support. Such is a good thing if your work requires you to stand and move for prolonged hours. The lightweight midsole is also a big advantage.

With the presence of its rubber outsole, you also have an assurance that the shoe has better shock absorption and energy return. 

The only problem with this shoe is that it runs smaller in length when compared to a professional clog.

  • Offers the right amount of arch support and cushion – thanks to its microfiber-wrapped footbed
  • Boasts of a classic design
  • Adjustable strap, guaranteeing proper fit – It features a buckle closure, too
  • Provides a roomy toebox
  • High level of stability and support – thanks to the embedded shank
  • Length is smaller than a professional clog

Dansko Women's Martina Mary Jane Flat is indeed one of the greatest choices for a work shoe. It promotes ease in transition while also providing a lot of coverage, particularly when used in cooler work environments.

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5. Dansko Women's Pro XP  –  RUNNER UP

Dansko Pro XP Mule Shoe for women is also one of the best shoes for female bartenders. I find this shoe impressive because of the many valuable features that it boasts of.

For instance, it comes with an anti-slip rubber outsole, so you can wear it in various lifestyle, occupational, and work settings. Another nice feature I find useful in this footwear is the exceptional arch support. Such offers the right amount of support while offering utmost comfort all day.

Another feature worthy to emphasize in this women’s shoe from Dansko is the rocker bottom. The good thing about this rocker bottom is that it is an anti-fatigue feature. Aside from that, it boasts of its superior shock absorption feature, one that you can usually find in an athletic shoe.

Exceptional comfort and performance can also be expected from this Dansko shoe, which I find amazing as it ensures that my feet stay comfortable and safe even if I’m wearing the shoe for long hours. There is a removable cushioned footbed as well as an anti-slip outsole.

The roomy toe box featured in this slip-on leather work shoe is also a big advantage as it gives your toes enough room for ultimate comfort. What I do not like about this shoe is that it is quite tight across the instep, so it causes a slight discomfort. Rest assured, though that it’s only on the first few days of use.

The shoe is quite too wide, though, but you have a hundred percent guarantee that it is still comfortable to wear. You might also need to invest in a thin insole as a means of bolstering the shoe’s arch support.

  • Anti-slip rubber outsole, keeping you safe from potential slips
  • Versatile that it can work on various work and lifestyle settings
  • Exceptional arch support
  • Roomy toe box, giving enough room for your toes to move around comfortably
  • Features an anti-fatigue rocker bottom
  • A bit tight across the instep

This minor issue, though, is fixable once you get used to wearing it for a few days or weeks. It’s also the perfect shoe for bartenders as it has most of the features necessary to give these users comfort and safety.

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6. Dr. Martens 1460

Dr. Marten's 1460 8-Eye Patent Leather Boot is one of those shoes that work well for men and women, particularly those who are in the bartending industry. One thing I like about this shoe is that it showcases my fierceness as the boot has a rugged and solid design.

It is a lace low boot, which is constructed out of high-quality and solid materials. I love the iconic leather upper of this boot as it provides it with a fiercer and more unique attitude. There is also a thick lug sole in the boot. I think this is a big help in showcasing the toughness of the footwear.

Another nice feature is the synthetic sole. Aside from that, you will notice its branded heel pull tab. It is highly durable while still showcasing a smooth and gentle finish. You will also feel safe when wearing the boot as it features an air-cushioned sole.

Such sole is protective in the sense that it can resist oil, abrasion, slips, and fat. It also boasts of its Goodyear welt construction while having a sewn and heat-sealed sole and upper.

It might be troublesome to break in the boots during the first few days or weeks but once the leather softens up, you’ll definitely love wearing it.

  • Showcases a fierce and rugged design
  • Constructed out of solid and high-quality leather
  • Leather upper, further making it durable and tough
  • Boasts of a smooth finish, adding extra comfort
  • Protective sole as it is capable of resisting various elements, like oil, slips, abrasion, and fat
  • A bit troublesome to break in

You’ll never go wrong from choosing Dr. Marten's 1460 8-Eye Patent Leather Boots as your bartender shoe, though, as it has plenty of features designed to lessen the burden linked to your job.

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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Bartending?

Still confused over which among the best shoes for bar staff you should pick out? Then let this short buying guide serve as your best buddy in your attempt to make the soundest and most informed buying decision.

Shoes For Bartenders Buying Guide

1. Comfort and Durability

These are two of the most important factors that you have to consider in your attempt to find the most functional and reliable shoes for bartenders. Figure out which one can provide you with the highest level of comfort so you won’t end up having a hard time completing your work shift because of pain and discomfort.

Durability is also necessary. Durability, in this sense, is a quality that you have to look into as it translates to the ability of your preferred shoe to las a long time. It should be durable that it can handle spills, kicks, and other harsh elements.

It should also be comfortable that it works well for long stretches and prolonged work hours, especially if you need to stand for long.

2. Lightweight

It is also necessary for you to assess the weight of the shoe prior to buying it. Is it light enough that you won’t have a difficult time wearing it and doing your job as a bartender?

Avoid going for heavy ones. Note that your job as a bartender requires you to handle a lot of tasks that require moving, walking, and standing for several hours. If your shoe is heavy, then this can definitely hamper your work performance and productivity.

3. Feet Arch

Check your feet arch, too. If your arch is problematic, such as when it is a bit high or if you have a fallen arch, then ensure that your chosen footwear is appropriate for that condition.

Conduct a good research so you can determine which one perfectly suits the condition you’re suffering from. The arch of the footwear should be perfect for your specific feet arch. It should also be comfortable enough and should not make your condition worse.

Feet Arch

4. Protective Features

What kind of shoes do bartenders wear? The best footwear, which is ideal for bartenders, is also one composed of various safety features. It should keep you safe and fully protected at work. If possible, go for one which can resist a number of dangerous factors and elements.

Some of the factors that elements that you have to protect yourself from are slips, oil, moisture, and abrasion. The shoe should also be shock and impact-absorbent, so you’ll be completely safe.

5. Fit and Cushion

Both of these factors play a major role on how comfortable your chosen footwear will be. Ensure that it properly fits your feet. Your chosen shoe should also contour your feet naturally. Aside from that, there should be enough cushion and padding for extra comfort.


Apart from the factors mentioned above, it is also necessary for you to figure out the dress code requirements in your workplace if you want to find the best shoes for bartenders. Note that every company has their own sets of standards.

Make it a point to follow these requirements and consider your own style and preferences, too, so you can get a bartending shoe that will really satisfy you.

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  1. The lack of flexibility in a Dansko shoe of any kind, and any shoe without a back are creating catastrophic problems in bartenders specifically (and the rest of us in general). A bartender certainly needs comfort, a wide toe box is a helpful, non-slip, and flexibility in the sole in order to be using the entire foot, including arch, vs imobilizing the foot throughout a shift. The high or fallen arch information is about subtalar joint issues created by stance and use of feet. Realigning the foot/ankle, retraining the (inside and outside) arches (a muscle), and retraining stance and movement patterns behind the bar resolve all of this. In order to support the talus and subtalar joint a bartender should not wear a slip-on shoe either. Loving some of your information, but we really have to be aware of the specifics of the longterm issues bartenders are creating in their bodies and all the pieces of the puzzle to offer them longevity — pain free longevity!

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