best shoes for bodypump

Best Shoes for Bodypump

Bodypump is a type of exercise that is very popular nowadays. As many people are looking to get lean fast, Bodypump workouts are the way to go for them. However, it is a high-intensity workout routine and having proper gear reduces the chances of injuries. Like a proper shoe. So, what are the best shoes for bodypump exercise?

Here we came with a complete guideline of the best Bodypump exercise shoes available on the market with our honest review for your better understanding. Hopefully, it will help you decide which features your shoes must feature for an uninterrupted Bodypump session.

Our Favorite Shoes for Bodypump

Comparison Table

Vionic Walker Classic Comfortable Leisure Shoes1. Great flexibility
2. Top of the line middle and upper padding
3. EVA cushions underneath
PUMA Women’s Tazon 61. Bank for your money
2. Perfect fitting
3. Shock resistance
Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes1. BioMoGo midsole
2. Eco-Friendly product
3. Snug-fitting
NOBULL Women’s Navy White Trainer 5 US1. Perfect for Crossfit and Body Pump workouts
2. Heavy-duty build quality
3. Resistant to cuts and scratches
Nike Men’s Metcon 4 Training Shoes1. Comes with a flywire for durability
2. Reinforced shoelace eyelets
3. Strong filaments support the shoe’s structure throughout
PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe1. Great design
2. Cozy fitting
3. Abrasion-resistant
Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 7.0 Cross Trainer1. Comes with Ortholite sock liner
2. Excellent breathability
3. Absorbent rubbers reinforcement 

Top 7 Best Shoes for Bodypump Reviews- 2022

1. Vionic Walker Classic Comfortable Leisure Shoes

Vionic Women's Walker Classic Shoes, 10 C/D US, White/Blue

The Vionic walker classic is one of the best shoes for bodypump that we came across with 100% leather and a synthetic sole. Comfort is the primary component in the package when you order the product. Moreover, it is in the budget of any average person.

It comes with full-grain leather and moisture-wicking mesh that helps absorb the sweat and improves breathability. The shoe has an anti-bacterial sole that prevents any odor, and also the outsole is made with synthetic material, which enhances your grip while running and exercising. 

The product also comes with a removable EVA cushion and dual insole. That means you are getting a complete package of comfort and durability in one product. Moreover, it provides a lace-up design that makes sure that your shoes are tied while running. 

Key Features 

Flexibility – You are getting a full leather product that comes with a synthetic insole that absorbs moisture and provides better breathing for your feet. It also has a removable insole and EVA cushions. 

Usability – The shoe provides superior comfort along with durability. It gives perfect fitting and excellent traction while running and working out on your new Bodypump workout routine. Moreover, you are getting better support for your feet due to the cushions. 

Design – The shoe features a new active motion technology which makes wearing the shoes much more comfortable. It is designed to fit your feet perfectly, and the interior built provides support from all sides and absorbs moisture. 

Pros –

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Low price point
  • Smooth traction and grip
  • Breathable and comes with an absorbent mesh

Cons –

  • Difficult to clean

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2. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6

PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Body pump is a high-intensity workout system, and you will get sweaty. That is why you need gears that better offer stability and grip, especially your workout shoes. The PUMA, in that case, is the right choice for you. 

The shoe’s outsole has thick rubber, which provides a firm grip on the ground and the triangle pattern makes a great running and workout shoe. It also comes with a 3 inches TPU shank that provides stability, and the EVA foam cushions are perfect for comfort. Moreover, it also makes the shoe breathable, and the EcoOrthoLite sock liner ensures an ideal fit on your feet. 

Key Features

Breathability – The upper part is made from synthetic leather and has perforation, making the product breathable. It allows the hoe to have even and natural airflow; moreover, the upper liner adds a point. 

Comfort – Comfort is what we want, and that is exactly that PUMA Tazon 6 offers. The upper has synthetic leather and liner, which comfortably encloses the feet. It also has EVA foams in the middle, and at the bottom, you have got a TPU piece and EVA foam for maximum comfort. 

Durability – The outsole’s rubber is very resistant to impact, and the EVA foams in the middle help absorb the shocks while running. Furthermore, the synthetic leather on the top is the most durable part of the shoe. 


  • Good traction
  • Stable and durable
  • EVA cushions in the middle and at the bottom
  • Come with EcoOrthoLite Sockliner for a perfect fit

Cons –

  • A bit heavy

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3. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Walking Shoe - White - 4E - 13.0

The Brooks Addiction Walker is a hiking shoe for everyday use made of full-grain leather for the upper and BioMoGo foam because of its midsole. 

However, the Addiction Walker is just relatively hefty footwear due to the top-quality leather used to construct the upper at roughly 397 grams for males and 363 grams for women. But, this weight is commonly light and unnoticeable for components; this is certainly many. 

In addition, it possesses a heel-to-toe fall of 12mm, making it great for heel landings towards the arch and forefoot a little more because it takes some of the force off of the heel and distributes.

Key Features

Usability – Among the best footwear for flat feet. You will surely take advantage of the cushioning and help that Addiction Walker offers for overpronators. Relating to a few people, the footwear gave all of them a price this is undoubtedly great of and support for their level foot. As a result, they can no longer have the disquiet and pain they used to feel before. That is indeed rated among the most readily helpful footwear for plantar fasciitis.

Durability – Another impressive feature of the product is that it is relatively long-lasting and manufactured from durable products made. Even since it can last even longer though it comes at a higher price than many other hiking shoes, it may truly make up for it.

Fitting – The Brooks Addiction Walker footwear suits accordingly predicated on user reviews. But, some have recommended that you get a comfortable fit which you purchase a half-size up to be sure. Happily, there are Narrow and Wide options, so you can undoubtedly have the correct fit for your feet.

Pros –

  • Comfortable for flat-footed persons
  • 12 mm drop
  • Comes with BioMoGo DNA platform and PDRB midsole
  • The midsole is biodegradable

Cons –

  • Breathability issues

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4. NOBULL Women’s Navy White Trainer 5 US

NOBULL Women's Navy White Trainer 5 US

Among the newer brands to CrossFit, the NOBULL Trainer has won our attention, a top Award. With its robust one-piece construction, it doesn’t look like the typical training footwear you would typically see in CrossFit gyms. Nonetheless, we need to see shoes like that more frequently, and the nice factors why are pretty clear after wearing them.

You will be confident enough both for heavy lifts and shorter runs. However, the best thing about these shoes is that you will forget that you’re wearing something. They are super supportive, well-structured, and breathable. Keep a close eye on the key features below to know why NOBULL has made a place on our top selections.

Key Features 

Durability – NOBULL kept this in your mind if they constructed their Trainers. The “SuperFabric” material on the uppers of this shoe is no joke. This textile is heavy-duty and high-performance. 

Breathability – You will be highly pleased with the supremacy of these shoes in terms of breathability.  Apart from that, flexibility is an excellent add-on. Also, NOBULL performed better than the Nano 9.0 in the breathability rating as customers complained about how hot their feet felt in the Nanos.

Comfort – NOBULL additionally added comfort in the tongue for the shoemaking use of their breathable microsuede. These shoes felt great throughout a CrossFit exercise and are also excellent for all-day use – in and away from the fitness center.

Pros –

  • The upper is very durable
  • Flat sole with added comfort
  • The fabric is resistant to cuts and scratches 

Cons –

  • The laces wear out easily

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5. Nike Men’s Metcon 4 Training Shoes

Nike Men's Metcon 4 Training Shoes (11.5, Blue/Green-M)

If you care less about the outlook and prefer out-of-the-ordinary performance from a workout shoe, then Nike Men’s Metcon 4 Training Shoes could be your best buy. As Nike comes with a plethora of features with every Metcon series, this is no exception. For cross-training activities like body pumping, expert gym trainers recommend it as one of the best bodypump shoes ever.

Key Features

Construction Quality – These shoes have an incredibly soft interior and are designed with sandwich mesh. We guess that’s what matters when working out, mainly when the pressure is on your feet. If the base is hard, you cannot comfortably continue the session, right? Besides, they feature the most popular Nike Flywire, which is a great add-on.

Durability – Thanks to the incorporation of Flywire, these shoes last long.  Even if they are your go-to workout shoes, you can expect them to last way more than any regular body-pumping shoes. And, the sandwich mesh performs pretty well in terms of breathability. Perhaps, this also influences the shoes to be more durable as no water or sweat can affect the fabric. 

Stability – Do you know why Nike Metcon is so popular? Due to its outstanding track record. And where does it come from? Of course, from the super reliable outsole that comes to the non-slippy to keep you stable no matter what. As exercise like body pumping needs a lot of balance and grip, these shoes outperform others by offering a flat base for better balance. 

Pros –

  • Solid TPU heel for better balance
  • Reinforced mesh with breathability 
  • 4mm offset
  • Additional flywire adds durability

Cons –

  • A bit too expensive

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6. PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Cross-Training ShoeShoe

PUMA Women's Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe

Next on the lineup, we have a versatile pair of shoes that you can pair up with every outfit, be it formal or casual. The athletic shoes also feature rounded toes giving adequate ankle aid. 

Besides, you will find a PUMA logo at the tongue, which to is pretty cushioned for more comfortable movement. Besides, the well-built architecture compliments the inner layer that is tactfully textile.

Talking about the outlook, the fairly feminine craftsmanship makes it a must-have in every woman’s closet. We think that’s the USP of these incredible sneakers with reliable EVA outsoles.

Key Features

Flexibility – This shoe represents flexibility at its best, featuring Archtech.  That’s why you get the best arch support regardless of whatever you’re doing- walking, exercising, jogging, or running.  

Comfort – It’s said that you will always be in your shoes whenever you are out of the home. So, it’s utterly essential to buy good shoes with ultimate comfort. And these PUMA pairs seal the deal by providing the best comfort with the padded footbed with a supreme level of cushioning. Also, you cannot but be thankful for the textile lining inside. 

Durability – These shoes are reluctant to abrasion. Do we need anything more to say? Just buy these pairs and start body pumping now. Rest assured your shoes will accompany you more than you could expect. We should thank the synthetic overlays that prolong the lifespan of these workout shoes.

Pros –

  • Breathable 
  • Incredible traction record
  • Better ankle and arch support for body pump
  • Quality cushioning 

Cons –

  • Fitting is a bit narrow

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7. Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 7.0 Cross Trainer

Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Cross Trainer, Bunker Blue/Vital Blue/Blue, 6.5...

These workout shoes are introducing a brand new (seventh!) generation of the Reebok Nano household, which has been a fav for quite some time. This CrossFit sneaker features absolute security that is good to a TPU heel place, as well as a sturdy but versatile crystallized rubber outsole. Ortholite sock liner regarding the inside allows for fantastic cushioning, as the Nano Weave Technology and toe that is anatomical guarantee a brilliant breathable natural feel and foot mobility.

Key Features

Durability – It comes with an extensive rubber sole which provides extreme support and durability to the frame. Moreover, the nano wave upper helps improve breathability giving more life pawn. 

Flexibility – The shoe can go through an extensive Bodypump workout. Due to the lower cut design, and the absorbent rubbers provide amazing grip.

Comfort – It is made for comfort, with the new rubber padding, which provides excellent grip and comfort. The shoe is also breathable, reducing any odor from your sweaty feet. 

Pros –

  • Comes with a low cut design
  • It has a CMEVA midsole and rubber outsole
  • The shoe has a nano upper weaver 

Cons –

  • Not ideal for a long run

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Best Shoes for Bodypump Buying Guide

best shoes for bodypump

Out of so many options available in the market and online shops, they do not merely provide freedom of choosing your favorite one but decide on selecting the best shoes for bodypump a little tricky. 

Let’s take a look at the necessary attributes of Bodypump Shoes –


As with any other shoes, comfort is something you’ll want to test before purchasing the shoe for Bodypump. You will not have the ability to provide your absolute best if you’re not comfortable with your equipment. For that, you need footgear that comes with proper cushioning. 

Apart from these elements, be sure the shoe is fully padded within a real method in which it completely absorbs the shock whenever the foot strikes because of the surface. It will keep your feet away from blisters and bruises. 


Look for enough traction in your shoes that will keep you going in any situation. Besides, enough stability and grip are mandatory. There is no alternative to relying on shoes with dependable traction and pull for a safe and sound session. 


Too stiff shoes can cause you injuries without letting you move freely. In that case, only count on shoes that allow enough flexes for better movement. As you will repeat your Body Pumping session several times, unyielding shoes can lead you to serious arch issues making things harder.


No wonder it is an exhaustive exercise. So, you are going to end up sweating no matter what. So, breathable shoes with adequate airflow are essential to save you from this situation. Otherwise, you cannot continue the workout for too long. Not only will breathable shoes absorb moisture, but they also keep you odor-free. 

What Kind Of Shoes Should You Wear For BodyPump?

best shoes for bodypump

The type of shoes that you need according to the Bodypump weight guide and other criteria –


Something flexible and lightweight to run, jog, and do an intense workout without feeling restricted. 

Proper Breathing Material

Next, we recommend a breathable shoe. Your feet will be sweating, and if the shoe does not have at least a standard airflow inside then, there will be a nasty smell in the end.

Comfortable While Wearing

Well, comfort should be the first thing that you should have as you will be wearing it during your workouts, and your feet should have a nice and comfortable cushion under them. Moreover, a good rubber padding on the upper and middle also helps your feet relax. 

Shoes with Better Balance

Any form of exercise requires maintaining proper balance, so does Body Pumping. So, you should be careful enough to pick shoes to Bodypump that provide adequate support, letting you stay stable. Traction and grip are two deciding factors to judge a shoe’s balance ratio. That’s why we recommend looking for bodypump exercise shoes with adequate traction and pull.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Shoes for Gym Workouts?

Shoes that provide a good grip while working out, along with the flexibility to move freely. It should also have good airflow inside and paddings for the comfort of your feet. Moreover, something that is long-lasting with good material is a great choice. 

Is a Body Pump Good for Losing Weight?

Body pump is a high-intensity workout routine that focuses on losing body fat and getting lean faster. It is a perfect routine to follow if you want to lose weight and gain lean muscles.

What Shoes Should I Wear for Body Combat?  

Something that can withstand high-intensity workouts and provide flexibility. Moreover, you will be sweating, so something with moisture-absorbing wicking is a perfect option. 

Can You do Body Pump Barefoot?

Body pump workouts are like lifting weights in high-intensity repetition. So, you will constantly be moving, raising, and working out, and the chances of hurting your feet are not high as long as you are careful. That means you can do Bodypump workouts barefoot; however, we recommend that you buy a shoe for your safety. 

Is It Better to Squat Without Shoes?

However, you can; however, during squat exercise, shoes help balance the feet and keep them level with the ground. That gives you the intense burns we are looking for. On the other hand, you can squat barefoot, but it won’t be easy to keep your feet level on the ground. 


Body pump workouts are now trending, and people use that routine to look leaner. However, the issues come when buying a shoe that fits your need for that type of workout. That is why we came forth with this article for the best shoes for bodypump exercise, that gives you an overview and the best options available on the market now. 

For example, the Vionic Walker Classic Comfortable Leisure Shoes are our most recommended options. It is durable, perfect for the long run, breathable, and provides comforts that we generally do not find in that price range. Besides, the rest of the shoes on the list won’t disappoint you as well in terms of performance. Whichever shoes you decide to go for, rest assured that you won’t regret your purchase.

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