The Best Shoes for Hair Stylist: What Should You Buy?

Being a hairstylist is one of those jobs that often require you to be on your feet for long hours – even the entire day especially if there are too many customers lining up for your attention and services.
With that in mind, investing in the best pair of shoes is also the key to being successful in this job. However, with the hundreds of options laid out for you, you may have a tough time making the right buying decision.
Fortunately, this article is crafted to aid those who aim to get the best shoes for hairstylist lessen the burden during the selection and buying process.
Why Hairstylists Need a Good Pair of Shoes?
If you want to be successful as a hairstylist and lessen the burden linked to prolonged standing when you are offering your services, then investing in the right footwear is a must. Keep in mind that standing for long hours, or worse, the entire day, puts too much strain on your feet.
Such is particularly true in salons where it seems like a rule to use trendy concrete floors. Note that your regular shift will most likely last for around 8-10 hours with the majority of that period spent standing up.
That said, it is advisable to look for a pair of footwear specifically designed for hairstylists that aid in protecting you from possible foot injuries. It is also essential in ensuring that your feet receive proper support the entire day.
If you do not wear the right shoes, then you’re at risk of dealing with common pain and injuries like arch and foot pain, as well as other conditions, such as plantar fasciitis.
All these conditions are caused by wearing shoes that are low in quality and don’t fit you correctly during your busy schedule.

What Shoes Should you Wear and What you should Avoid?

A great advice for hairstylists is to wear a pair of shoes with heels that don’t exceed two inches. That said, flat shoes are ideal. Also, ensure that the footwear fully covers your whole toe area and the upper portion of your feet, so you can protect them from chemicals, hot tools, and falling shears.
With that, you should stay away from sandals, peep-toe pumps, and flip-flops. Also, another great option is a pair of lightweight clogs as such often provides enough cushion and platform while also boasting of its shock-absorbing properties. Ballerina flats, however, are among your bad choices.
You can also go for sneakers as such makes you more comfortable to move around and stand for long hours. Avoid high heels as such can also expose you to on-the-job hazards, including falling scissors, toners, and hair dyes.

What to Consider when Buying the Best Shoes for Hairstylist?

To ensure that you’ll be getting the best shoes specifically designed for a hairstylist, there are some vital factors you ought to remember. Few of them are the following:

1. Ability To Absorb Shock

Keep in mind that you’ll be exposing your feet to too much shock and pressure when you’re working as a hairstylist. With that in mind, it is crucial to check whether or not the shoe you’re eyeing is shock-absorbent. Your best bet is one with shock-absorbent pads.

2. Skid-Resistant

Soles should also be skid-resistant to lower your chances of dealing with possible injuries and discomfort. It should also come with laces that offer more support.

3. Closed-Toe

Another factor you have to consider is whether or not the shoe has a closed-toe. Keep in mind that your job as a hairstylist requires you to stay away from open-toe shoes to prevent yourself from suffering from possible foot injuries.
Make sure that your shoes cover your whole toe area, as well as your foot’s upper part as such ensures that it won’t get exposed to some work hazards.

4. Comfortable

Also, you need to check whether the shoe can make you feel the highest level of comfort once you start wearing it. If possible, go for a pair with proper cushion and platform, as such gets rid of any discomfort linked to prolonged standing.
Note that if you stand in just one spot for too long, especially if it’s on the hard floor, your feet will be at risk of getting tortured. Such is particularly true for shoes with insufficient insole support and cushion. It should also feature a platform sole, which tends to raise your feet by a few inches.
Also, one thing that can improve the ability of the shoe to offer comfort is the shock-absorbing barrier, which should be in between the floor’s surface and your feet.

5. Style

Despite some limitations in the footwear available for a hairstylist, rest assured that you can still wear a stylish pair. In fact, you can still wear high heels provided it’s below two inches and comes with a wide heel.
You will also know whether a stylish pair won’t cause you any discomfort if it does not crowd nor crunch your toes together. Aside from that, it should not cause the shifting of your weight into the balls of your feet that often result to pressure leading to bunions, calluses, and corns.
If you’re a fashionista hairstylist, then ensure that you look for a shoe, which combines style and comfort. It should still be suitable for prolonged standing, especially if you spend too many hours offering your services.
Aside from the factors mentioned above, it’s also advisable to invest in orthotic devices or insoles if you’re already suffering from foot pain prior to being hired as a hairstylist.

The Best Shoes For Hair Stylist

1. Vionic Women’s Ease Sydney Loafer

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Womens Sydney Tan Leopard Slip-On - 5 Buy Now Another footwear that I will definitely recommend to any hairstylist out there is the Vionic Women’s Ease Sydney Loafer. I can say that it is one of the most comfortable footwear today designed for workers who are always on their feet, particularly hairstylists.
It features a great combination of classic and modern design. That is possible because of its nice short vamp design, as well as the brand’s exclusive metal saddle trim.
I also like the fact that Vionic adds several technologies in this women’s loafer, making it easier and more comfortable to use. This loafer rests atop a highly durable outsole made of rubber, which is guaranteed to have enough grip on the ground. Such is the key to providing users with all-day traction.
You will also like the footwear’s padded footbed. Vionic made this possible with the use of the Orthaheel technology, which works effectively in aligning your feet naturally while also offering relief from heel pain. It does that by minimizing overpronation.

  • Boasts of a great combination between classical and modern design
  • Several technologies used to ensure that the loafer is easy and comfortable enough to wear and use
  • Aligns your feet naturally and relieves heel pain with Orthaheel technology
  • Features a leather lining, which maximizes convenience by wicking moisture away
  • Rubber outsole, making it more supportive


  • Requires a break-in period

2. Dansko Women’s Pro Xp Mule Shoe – Editor’s Choice

Dansko Women's Pro XP Mule, Black Box, 35 EU/4.5-5 M US Buy Now With its heel measuring around one and a half inches, Dansko Pro Xp Mule Shoe for women definitely meets the max of 2-inch heel requirement for hairstylists. I also love the fact that it is a slip-on leather mule, which boasts of its spacious toe box.
An anti-fatigue rocker bottom is also a bonus feature. It aids in minimizing fatigue while also absorbing shock. The fact that it features an anti-slip outsole made of rubber also makes it possible for you to wear it on various lifestyle and occupational settings.
With its arch support, you have an assurance that it can provide you with adequate support and enough comfort the entire day. What makes this shoe a great option for hairstylists is that it is a great combination of comfort and style.
It is also versatile that those in occupational, hospitality, and nursing fields can use it. The shoe also boasts of a smooth clean finish. You’ll have an easier time maintaining it as you only need water and soap to wipe it clean.
You’ll also find its padded collar remarkable. Furthermore, there is a thermoplastic toe box, giving it a more durable reinforcement and protection while ensuring that your toes can move in comfort.

  • 1.5-inch heel, which does not exceed the 2-inch heel requirement
  • Minimizes fatigue and absorbs shock with its rocker bottom
  • Features a non-allergenic synthetic foam footbed lined with leather, which aids in absorbing and evaporating perspiration
  • Promotes comfort
  • Has a PVC inner frame, making it more stable while also minimizing pronation and torque
  • Slip-resistant, thereby preventing some forms of accident


  • A bit tighter than regular Dansko – Still, the sole’s added padding is a huge advantage

3. Dansko Women’s Olivia Loafer

Dansko Women's Olivia Clog,Black Nappa,36 EU/6 M US Buy Now A classic style and modern vibe are among the thing that you can expect from Dansko’s Olivia Loafer designed for women. It has a timeless style combined with the technology, which is exclusive to the brand.
I specifically like the 1.5-inch heel of the footwear as it ensures that I can move with ease while working as a hairstylist. It is also a snub-nose loafer, which features a well-cushioned heel plus a supportive sole.
Another thing that you’ll surely find remarkable about this shoe is its durable and flexible construction. It is lightweight, making it very convenient to wear. Furthermore, it takes pride of its glossy upper finish, which further enhances its aesthetic look.
You’ll also enjoy its removable polyurethane footbed as such allows it to deliver long-lasting reinforcement. The TPU outsole of the shoe also ensures that it has enough traction that can last the entire day. It is highly functional while still showcasing its great style.

  • A great combination of classic and modern style
  • Allows you to move with ease with its 1.5-inch heels
  • Heel is well-cushioned
  • Boasts of a durable and flexible construction
  • Lightweight while still providing adequate support and traction


  • Not ideal for those who need to wear a shoe with a wider toe box

4. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule – Best of the Best

Dansko Women's Professional Blueberry Oiled Clog 4.5-5 M US Buy Now Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clog for women is favored by millions of people because of its ability to offer all-day support and comfort. I am specifically in favor of the padded instep collar built into the clog as it makes me comfortable when standing and walking for long hours.
Also, it features a roomy reinforced toebox designed to give you enough protection. Aside from that, such toebox provides a lot of wiggle room so your toes can breathe. The PU outsole also features a rocker bottom. This is a good thing as it propels your foot forward while absorbing shock.
You’re also assured of the ability of the shoe to offer a higher level of stability with its wide heel strike. It boasts of a leather sock lining, further improving its ability to offer comfort the entire day. With the PU inner frame of the shoe, you can also improve its stability while minimizing torque.
The TPU heel counter increases the ability of this shoe to offer protection. It also lets your heel move freely whether up or down. Furthermore, it provides lateral stability.

  • Guaranteed to provide support and comfort the entire day
  • Reinforced toebox has enough room for your toes and feet to move comfortably
  • Breathable PU foam footbed, which is the key in controlling temperature
  • Minimizes fatigue with the help of its rocker bottom
  • TPU heel counter works in boosting the protective ability of the shoe


  • Fit and sizing run a bit smaller than usual, so it’s advisable to go for one size higher


The best shoes for hair stylist is not that hard to find now that you gained access to a highly informative buying guide. Use this guide as your ultimate solution to finding the ultimate hairstylist shoe for you and you will be on your way towards making a fulfilling and satisfying purchase.

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