Best Shoes For Hammer Toes On The Market Today 2019

While most other foot problems can be avoided, hammertoes can be apparent from birth. However, if you have not been diagnosed with hammertoes, they can also be avoided and hammertoes generally develop when an individual con tenuously wears ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes. The best shoes for hammer toes are designed to provide you comfort with this deformity and allow you to walk in absolute comfort.

We have decided to try out a couple of shoes and find the top shoes for hammer toes. We have also looked at many other aspects of the shoes that include the overall level of comfort and the ability to wear them for prolonged periods. Should you not like the shoes we have selected, we have designed a thorough buyer’s guide that should help you find a different shoe for hammer toes if the need arises.

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1. Orthofeet Gramercy



2. Orthofeet Avery Island - Best of the Best



3. Orthofeet Sprint - Editor's Choice



4. Orthofeet Charlotte - Best Bang for the Buck



5. Orthofeet 851



6. Orthofeet Tahoe - Editor's Choice



Top 6 Best Shoes For Hammer Toes 2017

If you find yourself with hammertoes, you might be dreading to wear your shoes every day, but with the right pair of shoes, you could be enjoying life to the fullest without these complications. We have tested all of these shoes to ensure that we find the best in terms of quality and affordability for you suffering from hammertoes. Here are the top shoes for hammer toes on the market today:


The following shoes are designed specifically for men and will be great for men investing a lot of time on their feet.

1. Orthofeet Gramercy Comfort Wide Diabetic Plantar Fasciitis Mens Orthopedic Dress Shoes

First, on our list, we have the Orthofeet Gramercy Comfort Wide Diabetic Plantar Fasciitis Mens Orthopedic Dress Shoes and this shoe is designed to provide the maximum level of comfort and style to any user. The shoes have been constructed from top quality premium leather and this has been carefully treated for more durability and flexibility.

With a contoured orthotic insole and an anatomically designed arch, the shoes are perfect for people with high arches and foot problems. The heel has also been gel padded and this makes it conform to the shape of the foot that much easier. Air cushioning provides excellent comfort as well as shock absorption, making these shoes comfortable to wear all day long.

Finally, the toe area of the shoe is much wider than commercially branded shoes and this makes it perfect for people with wider feet and those suffering from hammertoes. These shoes also offer pain alleviation form the joints and additional problems that you might have picked up in the in your feet from constantly wearing the wrong shoes.

The price on these shoes is quite reasonable, which does make them perfect for anyone looking to upgrade to an advanced medical shoe. Unfortunately, the shoes are somewhat oversized and this might make them a little uncomfortable, but once you have the right size, we would definitely recommend this to anyone with foot problems and suffering from hammertoes.

  • Durable and stylish leather design
  • Reasonably priced
  • They contour the feet perfectly
  • Air cushioning improves shock absorption
  • The shoes are somewhat oversized

2. Orthofeet Avery Island Comfort Orthopedic Diabetic Walking Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

The Orthofeet Avery Island Comfort Orthopedic Diabetic Walking Plantar Fasciitis Shoes is another specially designed shoe for those suffering from foot problems. The shoe is also constructed from premium full grain leather and the style works with most wardrobes. The lace-up design puts all the control in your hands when it comes to deciding how tight or loose the shoes should feel around your feet.

Much like the previous pair, these shoes also feature a contoured design and gel padded heel to conform to the shape of your feet. The seam-free interior is perfect for those suffering from constant abrasions in their current shoes and the wider design makes it comfortable for individuals with larger and wider feet.

These shoes are extremely lightweight, making them perfect for every day use and those long working hours on your feet. The inner sole has been air cushioned, meaning the air will offer you much more comfort and also help to absorb some of the shocks that you might face from walking the entire day. Finally, the shoe features Ergonomic-Stride technology that helps provide some stability for those suffering from ankle problems.

This pair is a little more expensive, but with all of these features, it will certainly be worth the additional investment. The only downside is that the sides in the middle do run a little bit on the narrow side and you might need to consider half a size larger. We would still highly recommend these shoes for the value and the price.

  • Durable leather design
  • Stylish Oxford shape
  • Air cushioned inner sole helps with shock absorption
  • Offers excellent stability
  • The shoes are a little expensive
  • The sides in the middle run a little narrow

3. Orthofeet Sprint Comfort Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Mens Sneakers

Foot problems should not stop you from running, hiking, or enjoying all the smaller things life has to offer. The Orthofeet Sprint Comfort Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Mens Sneakers are designed in the shape of a comfortable running shoe and they are extremely lightweight. These shoes are constructed from durable synthetic materials to keep the price down a little.

Much like the other Orthofeet shoes, this pair also includes the gel-padded heel that conforms perfectly to the shape of your feet and it has been fitted with an air-cushioned inner sole for reducing shock and accommodating users with other foot problems as well. The Ergonomic-Stride technology has also been included and this gives the shoe some additional stability for you to work with.

What we love about the shoe most is the design and since it combines the quality of a dress shoe and puts all of those features in a sneaker or running shoe, you could also comfortably wear this shoe for the entire duration of the day. The only downside is that they are only available in two different colors and you will have to match your wardrobe to the shoes.

Price wise, these shoes are actually really affordable when comparing them to some of the more advanced running and hiking shoes. The shoes also do not have any break-in period, which means that they should be comfortable to wear from the start. We would definitely recommend these shoes for the comfort and the price.

  • Really affordable
  • No break-in period
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Only available in 2 colors


Women tend to be more susceptible to many of these foot problems and these shoes should help women also experience the comfort of having a shoe that will reduce the pain in their feet.

4. Orthofeet Charlotte Comfort Arthritis Diabetic Arch Support Orthopedic Slippers

Staying in bed and just taking a day to not do much is something that women dearly enjoy. The Orthofeet Charlotte Comfort Arthritis Diabetic Arch Support Orthopedic Slippers are designed to do this in the best and most comfortable way possible. These shoes are constructed from leather and fabric materials and they are extremely flexible.

The Ergonomic-Stride technology has also been incorporated and this means that the shoes are comfortable to wear and they will offer limited stability to individuals with weaker joints and ankles. The sole has also been air cushioned and this reduces the amount of strain placed on your feet and provides excellent shock absorption properties.

The only downside is that men might also want to have the same comfort when they get home and these shoes have been designed specifically for the female partners. However, men with smaller feet might find them to be quite comfortable to wear and the softer upper does not put any strain on your feet if you are suffering from hammertoes.

These shoes are really affordable and they also look great. Many people get so addicted to the comfort that they continue to stay in the shoes for the duration of the day. It is worth mentioning that these shoes are not the best shoes for drivers and those who need to walk quite a lot. We would highly recommend them for use at home.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Really affordable
  • Great shock absorption
  • Can't think of one

5. Orthofeet 851 Women's Comfort Diabetic Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoe

While not really a dress shoe, the Orthofeet 851 Women's Comfort Diabetic Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoe is the ideal casual shoe that you could wear every day. The shoe is made from a combination of leather and fabric materials and the design allows you to have optimal ventilation throughout the day. The shoes are also stylish in color and should work with practically any wardrobe.

Much like the previous shoes, this one does have all the same features and the one stand out will remain the Ergonomic-Stride technology that offers excellent comfort and stability. The addition of the fabric makes the shoe ideal for those with larger feet and the shoe tends to stretch somewhat of your feet are too wide, which makes them perfect for any foot type.

These shoes are tailor-made specifically for women and the design takes the entire composition of a woman’s feet into consideration. The shoes are also easy to take on and off and they should be ideal for those women working on their feet for prolonged periods. It is also worth mentioning that the shoe helps reduce fatigue and the lighter weight is extremely comfortable.

These shoes tend to be a little clunky and the durability is not the best, but they do come at a reasonably affordable price and should last you at least until your feet have recovered from any problems that you may have found. The inner sole is air cushioned as well and this helps to reduce the amount of shock that is placed on the feet.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Lacks some durability
  • Clunky

6. Orthofeet Tahoe Womens Comfort Wide Orthopedic Diabetic Orthotic Athletic Shoe

Last but certainly not least, we have the Orthofeet Tahoe Womens Comfort Wide Orthopedic Diabetic Orthotic Athletic Shoe and this shoe has been designed for the fit and active women suffering from foot problems. The shoe is made from breathable synthetic materials and features a comfortable rubber outer sole that has been air cushioned to help reduce the amount of shock that your feet will withstand.

These shoes are also extremely lightweight, which does make them the perfect shoe for wearing throughout the day. The gel-padded heel will comfortably conform to the shape of your feet and the air cushioned outer sole will reduce the shock on your feet from physical workout routines and running on the hard surfaces of the road.

These shoes are quite stylish and they are available in multiple different colors and styles, which does make them perfect for most wardrobes and fitness clothing brands. The only downside is the lack of durability the shoes have, but they still offer great ventilation for hikers once your feet start building up some sweat.

These shoes are reasonably priced and they should be in the closet of any women suffering from foot problems. They also work great for those with athlete’s foot and they should help you recover comfortably from foot problems. We would definitely recommend them to any women.

  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Great ventilation
  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent shock absorption properties
  • Lacks some durability

Hammertoe Causes

Hammertoes can be apparent at birth, but this is not always the case and many people only develop this problem later in life. We have decided to look at a few common causes that could lead to hammertoes and how these potential problems could be avoided.


1. Trauma to the feet

Injuries to the feet happen daily and this could lead to hammertoes and excruciating pain. One of the best ways to avoid having this problem is to try and take as much care of your feet as possible and not to just wander through the day without looking where you are going.

2. Arthritis

As we get older, arthritis is something that might set in and this cannot always be avoided. If you are currently suffering from arthritis, you should also focus on buying a shoe that will work with your problem and not against it.

3. An unusual high foot arch

This is not something that you could really change and many people are born with this problem. However, once you discover that you have this problem and other shoes are causing you pain, it is better to make the decision and switch to a comfortable shoe.

4. Bad shoes

If you wear shoes for the most parts of the day, you should look for comfort and while comfortable shoes can be quite expensive, they will help reduce any potential foot problems from setting in. By wearing bad shoes, you will only increase the chances of getting hammertoes and this will be much more expensive in the end.

5. Tightened ligaments and tendons

This problem is generally caused by staying on your feet for the most parts of the day and if you do not take action to make this problem better, you will be left with aggravated foot injuries like hammertoes. We recommend taking action as soon as possible to avoid additional foot problems.

These are the five main problems associated with hammer toes and they generally lead to people having this problem. By investing in a quality shoe, you could eliminate this problem altogether and have a life without foot problems. We recommend consulting a doctor once you see these problems or feel pain in the toe area as this could be stopped before it is aggravated.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Shoe for Hammer Toes

Now that you have a better understanding of what hammertoes are and how they tend to get started, you also have the knowledge of the best shoes that you can buy to help avoid these problems. If these shoes do not appeal to you in any way and you like a different type of shoe, you might also need to know which features to look for. We have singled out the main features that you should consider looking into when buying the best shoes for hammer toes.


1. Wide toe box

One of the first things you will want to do if you have hammertoes is expand the foot box of your shoe and while many modern shoes are designed with a narrow toe box, this can be quite hard. We recommend that you look into the shoe and find out if the toe box is wide as this will remove the strain placed on your feet from the constant pressure.

2. Inner sole

With so many different inner soles, it can be quite daunting to choose the right one, but having an air-cushioned EVA sole is one of the best decisions you could make. It will not only offer you comfort throughout the day but since it does absorb shock, it also removes some of the fatigue build up that you need to endure if you are constantly working on your feet.

3. Ventilation

If you have hammertoes, the shoes might start feeling claustrophobic if you have no air passing through. Having decent ventilation is a great way to eliminate this problem and this is where leather does come up a little short. While leather is stylish, it does not provide much in the way of ventilation and synthetic or fabric materials might be the best option to consider.

4. Materials

A person with hammertoes will want to wear the comfortable shoes as often as possible. By wearing the shoes often, they do wear out much faster as well and this is where a durable material will come in handy. The leather is the most durable material on the market, but it is also quite expensive to buy. However, we think you should be fine with synthetic materials or a combination of leather and fabric.

5. Style

This links to the durability of the shoe and since they are comfortable, you will naturally gravitate to wearing them more often than not. The shoes should be stylish in terms of the design and the better they match your current wardrobe, the less additional clothing pieces you will need to buy. We recommend looking for a pair of dress shoes that match your current working clothes of your work in the corporate world.

Our Verdict

Dealing and living with hammertoes can be quite painful, but ignoring the problem will not make anything better. These shoes are designed to not only help you with the problem of hammertoes, but they also help with other foot-related problems and choosing the best shoes for hammer toes is quite daunting. Since they are all made by the same manufacturer, we have decided to recommend the Orthofeet brand as a whole to both men and women.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you have managed to find the ideal pair of shoes to help you with your hammertoes. We would also like you to share your thoughts in the comment section below and to let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorite shoes for hammertoes that you have tried and used.

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