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Best Shoes for Jazzercise – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Finding the best shoes for jazzercise can be a bit challenging considering the many options you have. Still, it is extremely important to make the right choice, so avoid rushing your decision. You need to have the right footwear for this type of class. Fortunately, this buying guide and review article will lessen the burden and challenges involved in picking the best pair for you and what features to look for.

Buyer’s Guide Jazzercise Shoes

Jazzercise is a combination of dance and aerobics fitness designed to offer you with a new workout experience. This workout offers numerous benefits. One is that it increases your energy.
It can also work out all your muscle groups and strengthens your bone. The fact that it is a fun workout session also aids in relieving your stress. Moreover, it tends to reduce your risk of developing heart disease and lets you achieve your weight loss goals.
However, just like all kinds of workout, you also need to find the right shoes for jazzercise guaranteed to offer you comfort. Pick a pair, which is also stable enough so you can make the most out of each workout session.

What to Look for in the Best Shoes for Jazzercise?

Heel support – Keep in mind that jazzercise is considered as a high-impact workout, so your shoes should be capable of absorbing or cushion this impact. Look for one with excellent heel support to avoid stressing your knees and feet.
Lateral support – You also need to look for shoes with excellent lateral support as the workout requires your feet to move a lot. You need to turn, twist, jump, move backward and forward, etc.
Best Shoes for Jazzercise water
A jazzercise shoes with excellent lateral support will help protect your feet despite the many positions you need to make.
Weight – The shoes should be light enough to make you move with ease. It shouldn’t also add a lot of stress on your knees and hamper your movements.

Some Buying Tips

One of the best tips in buying the best jazzercise shoes is to know exactly what you should look for. Consider the features indicated above and determine what else you need from the shoes.
By doing that, you have an assurance that you’ll be picking a pair of jazzercise shoes that meets your specific requirements. It’s also necessary to test it. Make sure that you’re comfortable wearing them and it fits your feet perfectly, so you can comfortably move.

Best Shoes For Jazzercise – Review of your Best Options

1. RYKA Women’s Faze Cross-Trainer Shoe – Hot New Product

Ryka Women's Faze Cross-Trainer Shoe, Black/Grey, 5 M US Buy Now If what you are after in a shoe for Jazzercise is a durably constructed one, then I highly suggest checking out the RYKA Faze Cross Trainer Shoe for women. It is primarily designed for women, which, I think, is enough motivation for you not to fail to do your workout.
It sports a premium construction and stylish design that are both effective enough to inspire you to keep doing your Jazzercise training. Another impressive feature of this footwear is the fact that it is lightly padded using premium materials, keeping your feet fully protected from compression.
It also features a rubber sole, which contributes a lot in preventing you from slipping. With its anatomical design, there is also an assurance that it can offer more than enough support for your legs while also giving you the perfect fit. It also comes with a woven upper while also boasting a padded lycra tongue.
There is also a Velcro cross strap, which you can easily adjust based on what you think is comfortable enough for you. The rubber outsole mentioned earlier also wraps up your forefoot, thereby improving your stability. It also supports pivot point, promoting ease when it comes to transitions.
The sizing is quite small, though, but I noticed that it tends to stretch eventually, making it comfortable after some time of wearing it.

  • Sports of a durable and premium construction
  • Primarily designed for women
  • Light padding, protecting your feet from compression and making you feel completely comfortable
  • Rubber outsole, which prevents slipping while also improving your stability
  • Sports of an adjustable Velcro strap
  • Promotes ease when doing transitions


  • Sizing is quite small

2. Adidas Performance A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe

adidas Performance Women's A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe, Clear Onix... Buy Now Another of the best shoes that you can now wear for a jazzercise sessions is the Adidas Performance A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe for women. It is a versatile shoe that you can also use it for other activities, like strength training, boot camp, or other dance classes. One of the things I specifically like about this training shoe is its classic and unique style.
It boasts of its all-over graphic execution available in various colors. This shoe from Adidas also sports a grooved and non-marking outsole with better lateral support. Such ensures that you will receive complete control and stability regardless of where you wear it. It features a rubber sole, as well.
Another impressive built-in feature of the shoe is its highly breathable, stretchable, and seamless upper made of mesh material. With such a material, there is an assurance that you will enjoy a high level of comfort. The rubber sole also works efficiently, especially because it wraps the upper, making your entire feet feel secure when you’re training.
With the deep flex grooves in the outsole, you also have an assurance of a natural, smooth, and enjoyable ride when you are wearing the shoe. I also love this training shoe’s engineered print overlay as it ensures that you can stand with more than enough stability while you are on the floor.
The only downside I noticed is on the laces as you can’t seem to tighten them around the front part of your feet.

  • Versatile – That means you can use it for other activities aside from Jazzercise, including strength training, dancing, and boot camp
  • Features an all-over graphic execution via different colors
  • Features a grooved and non-marking outsole, giving you full control and stability
  • Highly breathable and stretchable
  • Rubber sole keeps your feet comfortable and secure


  • Laces can’t be tightened at the front part of your feet

3. RYKA Enhance 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe – Hot New Product

Ryka Women's Enhance 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe, Black/Grey, 5 M US Buy Now The RYKA Enhance 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe for women is also a nice option for jazzercise footwear. It sports of a heritage style. It comes with a mid-height upper, too. Such features an intuitive function with the help of its screen-printed cage beneath the translucent mono-mesh material.
Another nice feature of this cross-trainer shoe is the varied eye-stay design. Such works in improving the lock-down ability of the shoe. It also has flex gear overlays as well as a floating heel quarter. This is a huge help as it serves as a highly functional heel pull. I also like the shoe’s dual-density midsole as it offers excellent support and cushion.
There is also an upper made of breathable mesh, giving you utmost comfort. In addition to the mentioned features, there is also a built-in dual foam midsole engineering. Such is a nice feature as it offers additional cushion, especially at critical pressure points found at the forefoot and heel. You will also like the extra arch support that it offers.
I also noticed that the design of the sole is ergonomic. It also features a pivot point. With such design, expect that you can move more easily and naturally. The laces of this women’s shoe are quite too long, though. However, you have the option to change or replace them.

  • Mid-height upper, which also features an intuitive function
  • Sports of a varied eye-stay design, boosting the lock-down functionality of the shoe
  • Excellent support and cushion provided by the shoe’s dual-density midsole
  • Comes with a highly breathable and comfortable mesh upper
  • Boasts of its ergonomic design, promoting ease when making natural movements


  • Too long laces

4. RYKA Women’s Tenacity Dance Training Sneaker

Ryka Women's Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe, Leopard, 5 M US Buy Now This pair of jazzercise shoes showcases a combination of street and gym style. It features a breathable and synthetic mesh design that can help keep you dry and cool when doing a jazzercise session.
It is ideal for you if you want to move a lot during each workout session while providing the right support for your ankles. It’s guaranteed to offer solid support without sacrificing style.
One remarkable thing I like about this footwear from RYKA is the built-in pivot point that makes turning and twisting more convenient.
Moreover, it has a durable rubber sole plus heel padding, which offers enough cushioning, making you more comfortable when moving.
It also has precise-return insole, which adds up to its cushioning ability. Other features that you’ll definitely love in this footwear are the padded collar and tongue, rubber sole and I.H.G. molded heel reinforcement.
Also, this training shoe features metallic stripes, making it more stylish. There is also a hook-and-loop strap, which you can easily adjust for maximum comfort.

  • Offers adequate support for the ankle and promotes ease in pivoting
  • Comfortable and nicely fits the feet
  • Provides plenty of arch support while boasting of a more comfortable heel cushion
  • Works excellently for rigorous workout sessions like dancing, Zumba, and jazzercise


  • Ankle flaps that tend to rub a little when you lace it up

5. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe – Best of the Best

Ryka Women's Influence Cross Trainer, Steel Grey/Chrome Silver/Diver... Buy Now RYKA brings out another great jazzercise shoes for fitness enthusiasts with their Influence cross training shoe model. It is equipped with plenty of eye-catching and functional features.
One thing that you’ll instantly notice in this footwear is the design. It is highly fashionable, so expect people to always give it a second look. It also has good color combinations. You can choose from its various colors including atomic pink and royal blue.
Another nice feature of this footwear is the soft and synthetic outer texture. This specific feature contributes to the lightness of the shoes, making it much easier to wear. It also has a nicely padded tongue and collar.
Moreover, the soft cushion insoles integrated into the shoes further improve its ability to offer comfort to wearers. Its distinctive outsole features a feminine footwear design.
The bottom of the shoes comes with a pivot or spin spot, which promotes ease of movements. Other remarkable features are the dual-impact midsole, direct-fuse and flex-foil support layers, and the traction outsole.

  • Promotes better fit, comfort, and stability
  • Features a fantastic design, so wearing it can make you feel trendy and more confident
  • Provides all-around cushion, making it more comfortable and supportive for high-impact workouts
  • Improves your spinning skills with its spin spot found on the outer sole
  • Best of the best shoes for jazzercise


  • Not ideal for women with wide feet and toe box issues

6. RYKA Women’s Grafik 2 Cross-Trainer Shoe – Best Bang for the Buck

Ryka Women's Grafik 2 Cross-Trainer Shoe, Grey/Mint, 5 M US Buy Now The Grafic 2 cross-trainer shoe from RYKA is perfect for your dance and studio activities and your jazzercise sessions. It is a combination of comfort and style, so your training sessions will definitely be a good experience for you if you wear it.
It also has a lightweight, low-profile EVA midsole. Furthermore, this midsole features injected heel guidance designed to offer you more heel reinforcement. It also features a pivot point and diamond-shaped rubber outsole, which makes moving around easier.
The added diamond-shaped rubber is also beneficial because it promotes a more contoured grip. This will prevent you from experiencing difficulty when performing dance and studio activities.
The shoes also have a few integrated technologies that make it easier for you to use it. For one, it comes with a precise return footbed. The footbed is padded, increasing its comfort level.
It also features a padded collar, manmade fabric upper and lace-up closure. Furthermore, it takes pride of its smooth lining and well-cushioned insole, as well as its sleek textile upper that also features synthetic overlays.

  • Offers a higher level of comfort
  • Lightweight and boasts of a very nice and snug fit
  • Versatile in the sense that you can use it in various high-impact workout sessions, not just jazzercise
  • Made of high quality and durable materials


  • A bit narrow in front – specifically in the area where the shoe laces start

7. RYKA Women’s Vida RZX Cross-Training Shoe – Editor’s Choice

RYKA Women's Vida RZX Training Shoes, Black Pink/Lime Blaze, 5 Buy Now If you’re looking for quality performance from your jazzercise shoes, then the Vida RZX model from RYKA may be your ideal choice. With this training shoes, you can expect it to bring out your best performance when performing high-impact training.
Its outsole, which is primarily made out of rubber, also features strategic flex grooves, as well as pivot points that further simplify your movements. This specific feature is also beneficial as it helps reduce pressure in your forefoot when you’re working out.
Also, the shoes take pride of the RE-ZORB® technology in the heel. This is a huge help in absorbing impact while also offering enough comfort to your flex zone. This can give your feet a much better experience.
Since your feet are more comfortable, it will be easier for you to free your mind and put your focus on your workout. The breathable upper, which provides adequate support, also further improves flexibility in the right places.
Some other features that further improve the functionality of this pair of jazzercise shoes from RYKA are the padded collar and tongue, a lace-up feature with supportive overlays and breathable mesh underlays and anatomical foot bed.

  • Light, flexible and firm, so there’s no need to worry if you use it for rigorous workout sessions
  • Offers excellent support on various parts of your feet
  • Features a nice and stylish design
  • Easy to use with lower risk of slipping


  • Cushion needs a bit more improvement, especially at the front part


Picking the right shoes (best shoes for jazzercise) can contribute a lot to your experience when performing jazzercise. Make it a point to decide on what you really need.
Also, it is advisable to check out which among your options can provide you with utmost comfort. Your choice should be durable enough, so it can serve you for a longer time.

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