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The 7 Best Shoes For Roofing – Shopping For The Most Reliable One

Roofing is one high-risk activity. If you need to do this task, then note that you have to include the safest work boots in your arsenal so you can keep yourself free from the dangers accompanied by the risky job.

The problem is that it is not that easy to spot the perfect pair of roofing shoes and boots for you. Fortunately, this article is now around to at least shed some light on the basics of making the right choice. The best shoes for roofing are mentioned in this article, making it more manageable for you to do the selection process.

Top 7 Best Shoes for Roofing 2018

1. Men’s Timberland PROⓇ 6” Soft Toe Wedge Boots - OUR PICK

Along with functionality, many of us want comfort in our work boots. That’s why I’m a fan of the Timberland PRO Wedge Boots.

Their EVA midsoles provide a soft bottom cushion for your feet when out on the job. Additionally, the padded collar keeps the boots from wearing away at your legs all day. And once worn in, the full-grain leather feels great and looks great.

Looking at their performance on-site, the Timberland Pro Wedge Boots hold a good grip due to their slip-proof outsoles. One noticeable issue is that the boots don’t hold as well in wet and icy conditions. Therefore, I like to think of the boots as the comfy boots you use when the weather’s fair.

At first, I thought it’d be pointless to buy a pair of shoes that only work on sunny days, but it’s all about perspective. Instead of being your all-purpose work boots, the Timberland PRO Wedge Boots are more of a pair of luxury boots.

They look great, and more importantly, they help you get through the day because of how cozy they are. Once you break them in, they fit snug on your feet. If you wanted, you could even wear them around town. They're comfortable enough to wear during the day, and they look great with a pair of jeans.

They’re inexpensive so you don’t have to feel guilty buying boots just for their comfort. Also, the boots aren’t just comfortable. They’re also built well due to their GoodyearⓇ welt construction.

As a final note, one thing to look out for when buying these boots is that they tend to fit a little wide and large. If you want a snug fit for stability when roofing, buy a half of a size below your usual fit.

  • Highly durable, stylish and comfortable
  • Soft and flexible leather used for the upper
  • Cushioned interior lining, which promotes extra snug and comfy feel
  • Balanced and perfect fit with reduced foot fatigue – thanks to the redesigned outsole

Provided you pick the right size for you, these are great boots.


Ever Boots Ultra Dry Waterproof Work Boot should also be on top of your options if you are looking for a stable and fully functional shoe for roofing. The non-slip shoes has a great combination of style, comfort, and durability. It is hard-wearing, allowing it to work well on various work conditions, roofing materials and environments.

It is lightweight, which, I think, is one of its strongest advantages as it ensures that you will never have a difficult time wearing it. It is a well-insulated work boot, too. Another thing I like about the shoe is the rubber sole, which is non-marking and oil and slip-resistant that gives a good hold on roof tiles when doing roofing work.

What I find even more remarkable about the sole is that it offers impressive traction. The upper of the boot is made of waterproof full-grain leather. Most of the components of the soft-soled shoes are also waterproof, including the laces and stitches. That said, it is really safe to wear when you are doing your roofing projects either on asphalt shingles or metal shingles.

With the waterproof leather construction and the insulated lining of this boot, you have an assurance that your feet will stay warm and dry on various conditions. It is also very versatile that it is fully functional when worn for other purposes aside from roofing, like heavy-duty construction, outdoor hiking, gardening, and landscaping making a versatile pair of shoes.

The insole hurts a bit for some wearers, though, but rest assured that you can easily replace it with a more comfortable and pain-free one.

  • Combines style, durability, and comfort in one shoe
  • Lightweight and well-insulated
  • Sports a non-marking rubber outsole, which can resist both slips and oil
  • Impressive traction/ One of best shoes for metal roofing
  • Waterproof components
  • Some problems with the shoe’s insole

Still, it is never undeniable that EVER BOOTS "Ultra Dry" Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boot is one of the most reliable, durable, versatile, stylish and comfortable roofing boots that you can wear today.

3. Caddis Taupe  –  BUDGET PICK

Another shoe that, I think, is suitable for professionals is the Caddis Taupe Felt Sole Roofing Shoe. I can describe it as a comfy felt sole shoe, which has more than enough quality and durability designed to make it last longer. It has speed laces, too, that are effective in providing a perfect and tight fit.

One thing I like about the shoe is that it is suitable for almost all types of wading conditions. That said, expect it to prevent you from getting injured or slipping on gravel bottoms, mossy rocks, and downed logs. It is also suitable for roofing professionals, making it highly a versatile shoes for roofing.

Another one of the major highlights of the product is the fact that it has a long-lasting, high-quality and durable outer part made of polyester. The felt soles integrated into the shoe also guarantees more than enough stability. In addition, it is very comfortable to wear. It can be attributed to the presence of its cushioned insole.

It has reinforced heels and toes, adding another layer of fall protection. Such feature is designed to prevent you from worrying too much about possible accidents and injuries.

One possible problem with the shoe, though, is that it is sized small. It is also quite narrow, causing some discomfort to wearers with wide feet.

  • Offers a perfect and tight fit – thanks to the built-in speed laces
  • Versatile that it works on almost all types of wading conditions as well as for roofing professionals
  • Made of high-quality and long-lasting polyester
  • Highly stable with the help of its felt soles
  • Sports a cushioned insole, as well as reinforced heels and toes
  • Sized small
  • A bit narrow

Once you purchase one with the perfect fit, though, Caddis Taupe Felt Sole Wading Shoe can provide more than enough magic to help you stay comfortable regardless of the condition and job you expose it to.

4. Men’s Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots –  ALSO GREAT

If the Timberland Pro Wedge Boots are your sunny day boots, then these boots are your perfect rainy-day boots. They’ll keep your feet dry in the worst weather while also staying comfortable.

I admire all the work Timberland put into their White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots to keep them water tight. For starters, they have waterproof leather uppers which handle the wettest conditions. As icing on top, their “seam-sealed” technology further keeps any water from sneaking in.

What also stood out to me was the functionality and comfort of these boots. Their removable EVA footbed provides ample cushion for your feet. Even more, their padded collar adds to the overall comfort of these boots. To top things off, I appreciate the rubber outsole slapped onto these boots to provide additional grip.

Along with staying watertight, for better or worse the Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots are exceptionally warm. For cold, rainy days you’ll love how your feet stay warm and toasty. However, I’ll give you a bit of warning that these boots can feel air-tight and hot during the summer.

When out on the job, one thing you'll appreciate is how light these boots feel. They fit snug on your feet and don't weigh your legs down like bulkier boots. This comes in handy when you have a long day of roofing ahead

Due to their affordable price, these boots are ideal as a backup pair to pull out on rainy days. I think you’ll also enjoy them during the cold season. They take a bit of work to maintain, but if you care for them properly you’ll find you have a long-lasting pair of boots.

  • Durable, quality construction
  • Comfortable
  • Rubber outsole is long-lasting and grips well
  • Great for all weather
  • Takes some maintenance

They feel great to wear, fit snug, and have quality leather and rubber construction.

5. Danner Bull Run 6” Work Boot

Made in the USA, the Danner Bull Run is built with premium quality in mind. Let alone how great the boots look, they’re also made with full grain leather.

When broken in, the leather feels satisfyingly supple. If you often find your regular roofing boots wear your feet down, the Danner Bull Run is a great pair to switch to for long lasting comfort. They fit nicely on your feet and feel great.

As for how well they work on the roof, their slip resistant and non-marking outsoles are a must have. They’re not built to endure harsh weather, but you’ll find on the average day they’ll get the job done. Their soles don’t last exceptionally long, but that allows you to swap them out for better ones once they wear out.

I will say, the shoes are quite pricey. Nonetheless, the high-quality leather will pay you back in full. The leather looks fantastic, feels great, and will endure for a while if taken care of properly. The only downside to sporting such high-grade leather is that it takes a while to break in.

The boots aren’t exceptionally heavy, but they also aren’t as lightweight as the Timberland White Ledge. This may become cumbersome during a long day of roofing, but if you’re used to wearing boots it won’t be a problem.

If anything, their weight might just be the only thing keeping you from making these boots your everyday footwear.

Looking at the boots, I think they’re a one of a kind choice. They are on the more expensive side compared to other footwear in this list, but you get what you pay for with these boots.

  • Sturdy and tough – designed to handle even the toughest conditions
  • Can withstand constant and repeated wear
  • Supportive and flexible
  • Lightweight and tends to break in fast
  • Not built for harsh weather

They aren’t hiked in price due to reputation. You get an authentic pair of leather boots that should leave a smile on your face.

6. Merrell Moab Ventilator

Merrell is known for making hiking and adventure shoes. They are comfortable, provide adequate cushion and breathability on long hikes. Because of its sturdy construction and mentioned qualities, it has been a good choice for many roofing contractors. 

Mainly constructed from leather, I think Merrell Moab Ventilator Roofing Shoe is also one of those shoes that can withstand even the harshest and toughest conditions that roofers are exposed, too. The leather used in the hiking shoe is actually water-resistant, making it even more beneficial.

It also has a mesh upper, which is not only comfortable but also sports a heel counter and a rubber toe bumper. The good thing about the shoe is that it also works well when you use it in various biking or hiking trails. It is because of its light weight as well as excellent breathability.

It has a lattice-like Dura leather overlay strapping, which offers enough support and protection for your feet, especially when you use it in extreme conditions. I also like the full bumping protection provided around your heel and at your toe with the help of the Vibram multi-sport sole.

Such sole also features TC5+ rubber compound designed to make the shoe become more durable while also providing more than enough grip. It has lug patterns, too, designed to offer stability in almost all environments and conditions.

I would also like to emphasize the excellent traction provided by the shoe, that can handle both dry and wet surface making it a good non slip shoes for metal roofing  specially when laying out the asphalt-saturated felt.

Some users complained about the sole, though, as it is not as long-lasting as they initially expected. The shoe is quite smaller than its actual size, though, so ensure that you really purchase the perfect fit.

  • Constructed from water-resistant leather
  • Comfortable mesh upper and rubber toe bumper and heel counter
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Offers support and protection to your feet, thanks to the Dura leather strapping
  • Sports a TC5+ rubber compound, improving the durability of the shoe and its ability to offer excellent grip
  • Provides excellent traction for both dry and wet surfaces
  • Smaller than actual size
  • Sole is not as long-lasting as what some users initially expected

Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe will always be a great option for roofing footwear as it has more than enough stability and durability to handle all conditions while also making you feel comfortable.

7. Thorogood Heritage

The last of the footwear for roofers that I will review is the Thorogood Heritage Lace-to-Toe Roofing Work Boot. The general design and look may be similar to Red Wings but it's a different boot for a different application.  I think it deserves a spot in this list as this leather work boot is indeed a reliable option for all roofing professionals out there. Constructed from leather, you know that it is sturdy and tough enough.

In addition, it sports a well-engineered composite shank. I also like the dual-density footbed built in into this boot as it is not only removable but also shock-absorbent. The shaft is also comfortable enough as it is only around five and one-half inches from the arch.

Another thing I find impressive in this boot is that it features the kind of wedge outsole that has been offering excellent support for hardworking individuals for several decades. It has a cotton drill vamp lining, too. Expect it to be comfortable with the help of its well-cushioned interior.

In fact, you will fall in love with the Poron 4000 comfort cushion integrated into it. I also like the seam reinforcement rivets in the shoe as such make it even more durable.

One possible problem that you may notice in the boot is the fact that the leather material is stiffer than usual, so you will still need to break it in for quite some time.

  • Made of sturdy and tough leather
  • Sports a well-engineered composite shank, which makes the boot more stable
  • Features a shock-absorbent and removable footbed
  • Offers excellent support to wearers – thanks to the wedge outsole
  • Well-cushioned interior and cotton drill vamp lining designed to make the shoe more comfortable
  • Stiff leather, causing a quite long break-in period

Despite that minor flaw, you have a hundred percent assurance that the features and benefits of Thorogood Heritage - best work boots for roofing more than make up for it. It also comes from a trusted brand, making it really reliable.

How to Choose the Best Boots for Roofing?

Now that we have compiled some of the best shoes that you can use for roofing, it is time to know exactly which among them is perfect for your needs. Use the following factors below as your guide in the selection process and you will definitely take a hold of a roofing footwear that will really serve its intended purpose for a long time.

best roofing shoes

Upper construction – Check the material of the upper of the shoe. Note that the material used in constructing the upper contributes a lot to the overall durability and comfort provided by the shoe. The best material would be leather as it is not only long-lasting but also has moisture-wicking properties.

Another option is a boot with uppers constructed from nylon and synthetic materials. These materials are ideal for you if you want your footwear to have increased airflow. Such materials are less durable than leather, though.

Arch support – Roofing is a risky job that requires you to work on your feet for long hours. That said, you need a shoe with excellent arch support to prevent fallen arches and pain and discomfort when walking and moving around. You need proper arch support so the shoe will be comfortable enough and safe.

Assess the interior before buying to prevent ending up having flat feet, too. You will know that the shoe has impressive arch support if it has a padded instep, built-in comfort technology, and supportive insole. With exceptional arch support, you can prevent possible foot pain and discomfort.

Sole – Another component of the shoe that you need to check is the sole. Determine the specific design as well as the material used in it. It is because it is a major contributor on the amount of grip that the shoe can offer. If the sole has excellent grip, then it also subsequently results in a sure footing.

Soles can be constructed from a number of materials, including plastics and rubber. The sole also features different patterns and materials, providing a high level of grip. Make it a point to check the sole as it really helps ensure that whatever surface you expose the sole into, it can handle it and grip well.

best boots for roofing

Safety – Make sure that the metal roofing shoes you choose are safe, too. Keep in mind that roofs are slippery. With just a single mistake, you will be at risk of getting injured by falling or slipping.

That said, check the protective features of the shoe. Aside from having excellent grip, it should also have features designed to minimize work-related risks.

ComfortYou need your shoe to be really comfortable, too. It is important, especially if you need to do your roofing task for several hours. One sign that your shoe is comfortable is its fully padded interiors and vital components. It should be breathable, too, ensuring that your feet stay dry regardless of the weather.

Insulation Proper insulation is also important in a roofing shoe. With the right amount of insulation, you can protect yourself from both the extreme heat and coldness. Such is also a big help in staying comfortable during the entire duration of doing the job.

Weight – Look for a lightweight shoe, too. Aside from providing extra comfort, a lightweight shoe can also keep you safe by ensuring that you will not get dragged down nor slip. Also, too much weight might cause damages to the roofing materials, so it would be best to go for a lightweight one.

Durability – Another important factor that should have a major contribution in your decision is the durability of the shoe. Keep in mind that roofing causes you to expose your footwear to tough outdoor environments and abrasions on a regular basis.

With that in mind, ensure that the material used in the boot is durable and long-lasting. Your best bet is a high-end, premium leather.

Final Thoughts Best Shoes for Roofing 

Roofing professionals and contractors no longer have to worry about being unable to find the perfect shoes for them. With the help of this buying guide and review article, spotting the best shoes for roofing out of your hundreds of options out there will surely become an easy task to handle.

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