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Best Shoes For Servers 2018 – What Could Be The Ideal Choice?

Working as a server involves non-stop standing and moving. In fact, you will most likely need to stand and move for long hours. With that in mind, it is highly recommended for those who work as a server to find a shoe, which is comfortable, durable, and can withstand even the roughest environments.

You have to invest in a high-quality pair of footwear – one that can stand up to your demanding job. To help you be more familiar with the best shoes for servers, this article will provide relevant information of six of the most functional and reliable ones.

Top 8 Best Shoes for Servers 2018

1. Skechers Women's Sure Track  –  OUR PICK

I am pretty sure you are already familiar with Skechers and its long list of high-quality footwear – part of the list is the brand’s Work Sure Track Slip-resistant Shoe. I can say that it is built mainly for servers as it has a roomy and relaxed fit, allowing you to find it convenient when used for prolonged standing and movements.

It sports of a memory foam insole, which works efficiently in cushioning one’s feet when used for long working hours. There are also Nitrile rubber outsoles known for offering excellent traction, especially when worn on wet and slick floors.

I am pretty sure you are already familiar with Skechers and its long list of high-quality footwear – part of the list is the brand’s Work Sure Track Slip-resistant Shoe. I can say that it is built mainly for servers as it has a roomy and relaxed fit, allowing you to find it convenient when used for prolonged standing and movements.

It sports of a memory foam insole, which works efficiently in cushioning one’s feet when used for long working hours. There are also Nitrile rubber outsoles known for offering excellent traction, especially when worn on wet and slick floors.

I also find it remarkable due to its solid yet smooth leather design. It has a rugged style but you still have an assurance that it is friendly on your feet. It is slip-resistant while still providing other protective functions, including the protective leather toe and heel overlays.

Maximum durability and comfort is also something that I can assure you because of the supportive shock-absorbent midsoles of the shoe, and its insoles topped with memory foam.

The shoe is quite too wide, though, but you have a hundred percent guarantee that it is still comfortable to wear. You might also need to invest in a thin insole as a means of bolstering the shoe’s arch support.

  • Roomy and relaxed fit, making it an ideal option for servers
  • Safe to use on wet and slick floors
  • Leather used is solid and stable yet smooth and comfy
  • Several protective functions, including its slip-resistance, heel overlays, and protective leather toe
  • Maximum durability and comfort guaranteed by the shock-absorbent midsoles
  • Too wide for some
  • Thin insole may be necessary, in some cases, to boost arch support

To conclude, this highly durable and comfortable shoe from Skechers is ideal for anyone who wants a slip-on design, which is also safe, easy to use, and slip-resistant.

2. Skechers Women's Compulsions Indulgent

Finding the ideal work shoe for servers is now easy with the presence of Skechers for Work 76510 Compulsions Indulgent Work Shoe. I think it makes for a sound investment for servers as it has the majority of the features and qualities they need from their footwear.

It combines three of the most important traits in a good server shoe – safe, stylish and comfortable. The maximum comfort provided by the shoe can actually be attributed to its smooth leather upper as well as mesh fabric.

In addition, there’s an insole cushioned with memory foam, allowing your feet to stay warm and comfortable no matter how long you wear and use the shoe. I am satisfied with the shoe’s outsole, too, as it is not only slip-resistant but is also constructed out of rubber, offering perfect traction.

In terms of the midsole, it is definitely a plus that it is both flexible and lightweight. It is also constructed in such a way that it can absorb shock whether you’re moving around or just standing. The breathability of the shoe is unquestionable, too.

You may find its cushion lacking at times, though, especially if you plan to use it for all-day wear. The good news is that you can easily remedy such issue by applying your own insoles.

  • Comfortable with the help of its smooth leather upper
  • Feet stay warm and comfortable with the cushioned insole
  • Sports a slip-resistant outsole
  • Great traction provided by the rubber outsole
  • Flexible, lightweight and breathable
  • A bit lacking in cushion when used for the entire day

Since the minor con of this shoe is easy to fix, it is no longer surprising why it is still a bestseller among servers.

3. Skechers Women's Relaxed Fit  –  RUNNER UP

If you want your daily tasks as a server to become even more manageable, then the Skechers Relaxed Fit Slip-resistant Work Shoe is worthy to look into. I highly recommend this shoe because it is mainly designed as a work shoe – meaning it’s sturdy and rugged – while still offering unmatched comfort.

The smooth leather used in the upper is one reason behind its ability to offer comfort. You’ll also avoid discomfort and potential foot pain with the aid of its padded instep as well as heel collar trim. The shoe’s outsole is also a bonus as it’s created out of oil-resistant and slip-resistant rubber.

Such sole has the ability to handle oily and wet surfaces while keeping you safe. The high EH (Electrical Hazard) rating also means that the footwear is safe to use even when you are constantly exposed to electrical hazards.

The collar trim and shoe lining of the shoe are also constructed out of soft fabric, adding further comfort. With the Relaxed Fit design of the footwear, I can also guarantee that it is roomy enough for comfort.

You may find the sole and overall construction stiff at first, though, but after several uses, you’ll feel like it has softened up and stretched a bit, making it more convenient for daily use.

  • Sturdy and rugged while still providing unmatched comfort
  • Prevents foot pain and discomfort with its smooth leather, padded instep and collar, and soft fabric collar trim and shoe lining
  • Roomy, letting your toes and feet move with ease, through its Relaxed Fit design
  • Can withstand oily and wet surfaces
  • Rubber outsole is both oil-resistant and slip-resistant
  • Quite stiff and tight at first

Still, I can safely conclude that the Skechers for Work Relaxed Fit Slip-resistant Work Shoe can satisfy all the requirements and needs of servers when it comes to their footwear.

4. Skechers Women's Soft Stride-Softie  –  ALSO GREAT

If you want to make sure that you will be wearing a shoe with an excellent performance, then the Work Soft Stride-Softie Slip-resistant Lace-up shoe from Skechers is what I can suggest. It promotes a nice feel and performs better than the others.

You can use it to enjoy a comfortable workday because of its lace-up casual design. It also has a leather upper, which, I think, is its strongest features as it translates to the shoe’s ruggedness and durability. There is also a removable, slip-resistant outsole, which strictly complies with OSHA standards.

I also like the fact that this shoe is built with three important traits in mind – durability, comfort, and protection – that’s also possible with its removable PU insole. The soft leather utilized in the footwear’s overall construction is highly flexible.

It is nicely designed with a padded tongue and collar on its upper, pull tab present in its heel, and a full lace-up panel. High breathability is also noticeable with the aid of the shoe’s vents and perforated accents.

However, note that the tread does not work that well on snow or mud as such might get trapped in its deep grooves. Cleaning up the grooves may take time, too.

  • Offers a nice feel while delivering a good performance
  • Lace-up casual design, promoting comfort during your workday
  • Rugged and durable – thanks to its genuine leather upper
  • Integrated with a removable PU insole, offering durability, protection, and comfort
  • Highly flexible construction
  • Tread not that efficient when worn in snow or mud
  • Deep groves take time to clean up

Despite such cons, I can still safely say that the shoe works well for servers. With its many features, as well as its thick, anti-slip and rugged sole, you’ll definitely wear a shoe with guaranteed traction and durability.

5. KEEN Utility PTC Oxford  –  UPGRADE PICK

My list for the best shoes for servers would be incomplete if I do not include the high-quality KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe. I think it is one of the perfect options for those who want to own a stain-resistant and waterproof server shoe.

One positive thing I’d like to highlight is the shoe’s oxford styling. It is a big advantage as it means that the wearers can enjoy a secure and adjustable fit. I like the outsole constructed out of non-marking rubber, tool. It is mainly because of its slip-resistance quality.

That said, it works well even if you utilize it on oily and wet surfaces. There is also a memory foam footbed in the shoe. The fact that such footbed is built from memory foam is a benefit as it shapes your feet naturally, giving you a cushioned comfort that you will definitely enjoy the entire day.

Aside from being comfortable, it is also one of the most supportive shoes you can find, so wearing it for a prolonged period will never become an issue. It can even offer a convenient padding around the ankle while having enough toe room because of its wide front box.

However, the rigidity of the PTC Oxford Work Shoe, though a sign of its sturdiness and durability, can also be a problem during your first few uses. You can resolve it through a proper break-in period.

  • Stain-resistant and waterproof
  • Oxford styling – a bonus if you want your shoe to have a more secure and easy to adjust fit
  • Shapes your feet naturally – thanks to the built-in memory foam in the footbed
  • Supportive for prolonged uses
  • Well-padded around the ankle while providing enough toe room through its wide front box
  • Too rigid at first

KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe is still a prominent name and brand in terms of most comfortable server shoes, so it is indeed worthwhile to make it a part of your options.

6. Skechers Flex Advantage  –  BUDGET PICK

If you plan to invest in a slip-on server shoe, then the Work-Flex Advantage Slip-resistant Mcallen shoe from Skechers is the one I can recommend. I find it lightweight and easy to use and wear because of its slip-on construction.

Among the most remarkable traits of this shoe are its effective slip-resistance ability and high flexibility – giving all-day comfort. You can also expect the textile and synthetic upper, which also features gore side panels, to further boost the flexibility of the shoe.

It has a sporty design and vibe, giving you confidence when using it at work. It has a padded collar area, soft fabric lining, as well as a cushioned comfort insole – all of which maximize comfort. The lightweight and flexible midsole installed in the shoe is also shock-absorbent.

In addition, it has a traction outsole built using nitrile rubber, which is not only slip-resistant but also complies with OSHA. The Electrical Hazard safe design used in the shoe is a bonus as it can further keep you safe.

Take note, however, that there are minor gripes to this shoe, including the minimal arch support and less air circulation.

  • Slip-on construction, promoting ease in using and wearing the shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and slip-resistant
  • Comes with a shock-absorbent midsole
  • Good traction while also boasting of an electrical hazard safe design
  • Less air circulation
  • Minimal arch support

As mentioned earlier, these are just minor cons, so the shoe still has the ability to provide great satisfaction to wearers.

7. MOZO Men's Sharkz

The style, comfort, and protection you have been craving for in a shoe are present in the MOZO Sharkz Slip-resistant Work Shoe. What I like about this famous work shoe for men is that it is ultra-lightweight.

In addition, it makes use of the MOZOfit system technology, which is effective not only in providing a customizable fit but also in maximizing comfort. Another feature I like in this work shoe is its upper made of synthetic leather. It’s durable plus easy to clean. 

It also boasts of its non-slip outsoles, offering adequate traction while maximizing your safety. The gel insoles built into the shoe provides additional cushioning. Aside from that, there is a side ventilation designed to make the shoe more breathable.

The full-length cushion midsole featured by the shoe is also guaranteed to offer all-day comfort and support. You will also notice the dual-size goring of the shoe, which gives it a more flexible ease.

One downside, though, is that food and other dirt tend to get easily stuck in the bottom grooves. It is also costlier than other similar products.

  • Ultra-lightweight, so you can wear it with ease
  • Uses MOZOfit system technology, a big help in offering a customizable fit and maximizing comfort
  • Provides adequate traction, promoting maximum safety
  • Breathable, thanks to the side ventilation
  • Provides comfort and support the entire day
  • One of best shoes for male servers
  • Bottom grooves will most likely accumulate stuck food and dirt
  • Costly

Still, it is undeniable how effective MOZO Sharkz Slip-resistant Work Shoe in fully satisfying wearers, more specifically working professionals.

8. Skechers Felton Relaxed-Fit 

If ease and comfort are two of the most important traits you are looking for in your work shoe, then the Skechers Felton Slip-resistant Relaxed-Fit is what I am going to recommend to you. It is a classy shoe, which is guaranteed to not slip on various surfaces.

What I want to emphasize in this shoe is its lace-up casual comfort style, which is helpful in promoting ease and comfort when worn. Despite being highly comfortable, there is a guarantee that its sturdiness and quality are not compromised.

It takes pride of its leather upper as well as the memory foam comfort insoles. In addition, there is a flexible, non-slip rubber traction outsole, which is a big help in offering protection, durability, and comfort. Such outsole complies with the requirements of the OSHA, too.

Other notable features in this shoe are the unique and reinforced stitches and overlay accents, well-padded collar and tongue, roomy fit, and lining made of soft fabric.

The toe area is slightly narrow, which is one of its downsides. It isn’t too much of a big deal for some, though, as the shoe also boasts of its relaxed fit feature.

  • Classy shoe, which can resist possible slips on various surfaces
  • Lace-up casual style, which promotes utmost comfort
  • Comes with a non-slip and flexible traction outsole
  • Non-slip feature is compliant with OSHA
  • Comes with highly reinforced stitches, increasing the shoe’s security
  • Slightly narrow toe area

With the relaxed fit design as well as the roomy interior of this shoe from Skechers, it no longer comes as a surprise why many servers consider this as their best companion in the workplace.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Restaurant Servers?

Best Shoes For Servers waitressing

Now that you are aware of six possible options for best server shoes 2017 - 2018, we are ready to tackle some tips on formulating the best buying decision. By following the tips below, your job as a server will definitely become easier to manage with the perfect shoes:

Consider your workplace – Assess the environment in your workplace first as such will let you determine the best shoe to purchase. Check the hazards you are constantly exposed to. Such is the key to identifying which shoe and its features can protect you the most.

In most cases, you will need a non-slip footwear. However, even if your workplace does not actually require you to have one, it would still be best to go for a shoe with a slip-resistance feature. Such is beneficial as it ensures that the shoe can grip well on the floor no matter how greasy or wet it is.

Note that spills and wetness are inevitable. If your shoe does not come with a slip-resistant sole, then you will be at risk of injuring yourself in case you slip. Learn more best non slip shoes for servers

Go for comfort – Keep in mind that comfort matters a lot if you are in the serving industry. Such holds true, especially if you need to use your feet to move or walk around for several hours every day. Note that the comfort level often depends on the shape and size of your feet.

However, there are also some factors that can boost the ability of a footwear to offer comfort. One is a great insole, as it guarantees you that it can support hours of wear. Shoes installed with a memory foam insole are also comfortable, as such will shape your feet naturally.

Another basis for comfort is the moisture-wicking feature. Such feature is beneficial as it can retain the dryness of your feet even if your work shift gets too hot and sweaty. You can also take advantage of this feature if you want your shoe to smell fresh for long hours.

Best Shoes For Servers team

Ensure that it is long-lasting – As a server, you need a well-constructed shoe – one that will definitely last long and can withstand greasy floors, spilled debris, and long shifts. In this case, you should spend time checking the durability of the shoe prior to buying.

The best choice would be one with a sturdy upper sole, such as leather or synthetic fiber. Both materials can handle long wear and spills. Waterproofing ability is also a must to fight the negative effects of being exposed to spills.

Check the construction material – Regardless of the brand and style you choose, you need to make sure that it is built using high-quality materials and has a good and solid construction overall. Go for a shoe constructed out of excellent craftsmanship and genuine materials.

The best choice for shoe material is genuine leather as it is not only comfortable but can also handle long hours of use. It is also highly durable and can prevent the risk of over-sweating.

You can also go for those with mesh fabric as the material is light and breathable, thereby ensuring that your feet stay cool and dry.

Consider the style and fit – Go for a stylish shoe if you want to feel confident and good when wearing it. However, only consider style right after all the other important requirements are met. The cute server shoes should fit you well, too, so you won’t end up experiencing too much discomfort.

Final Words

When shopping for the best shoes for servers, ensure that all your needs are met. Make sure that your chosen shoe can also satisfy your desired level of protection and comfort.

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