Best Shoes for Tough Mudder – Finding the One You Need

Finding the best shoes for Tough Mudder is one of the crucial steps to enjoying this challenging yet enjoyable activity. The main reason is that the shoes you wear play a very crucial role in your overall experience.

If you don’t wear tough mudder shoes, then you’ll be at risk of feeling uncomfortable when handling the many challenges involved in Tough Mudder obstacle races. The worst part is that you might suffer from an injury.

To avoid such issue, we have compiled seven of the best footwear that you can wear for Tough Mudder. A short buying guide at the bottom part of this article is also provided. With all these details, you have a hundred percent chance of fully enjoying the tough mudder training and obstacle races.

Top 7 Best Shoes for Tough Mudder 2018

1. Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Runner  –  OUR PICK

Many Tough Mudder proponents choose to use the Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Runner for men whenever they decide to take part in the activity. One major reason behind the popularity and positive reviews of this shoe is its incredible traction that’s why many consider this trail shoe as the best shoes for Tough Mudder.

The traction is great enough that it can handle various surfaces. It can handle serious mountain running, which also makes it a very effective shoe for Tough Mudder. It works well on rough terrains. The shoe can grip well on snow, mud, rock, and any other wet and slippery surfaces.

Also, it has huge lugs that bite into the steep dirt and grass. You can also expect it to perform very well on steep surfaces. What I don’t particularly like about the shoe is that its huge stack height beneath the heel. It makes the shoe laterally tippy and unstable.

Despite that, I like the fact that it can handle various terrains, making it safe in each of my Tough Mudder sessions. It has a quick lace system, which I consider as the easiest and fastest lacing system among the shoes mentioned in this review.

In terms of comfort, I’d give this shoe a high rating. It features paddings in the right places. Aside from that, the lacing system works in snugly securing your feet within the upper – all that is possible without the risk of rub points and pinching.

However, be reminded that this shoe is also narrower compared to others, thus people with wider feet may feel uncomfortable with this shoes when gunning the obstacle course. Eventually, this might have an impact on your overall experience when wearing it.

To conclude, though, it’s still the most high-performance Tough Mudder shoe you can find on the market today.

  • Has incredible traction
  • Works well on various terrains
  • Boasts of the fastest and easiest lacing system
  • Padded in the right places, thereby making users feel comfortable
  • Keeps your feet secure
  • Narrow
  • A bit unstable because of its big stack height

2. Salomon Speedcross 4 Gtx Trail Runner

Salomon Speedcross 4 Gtx Trail Runner for men is probably one of the best footwear that works well for those who love Tough Mudder. What I like the most about this shoe is its aggressive grip.

The grippy sole makes it capable of handling even the softest, most challenging, and technical trails and terrains. Another thing I like about this tough mudder gear is its rubber sole. It is comfortable enough that it makes use of a techno fabric, making it capable of handling technical terrains.

Aside from being comfortable, I also like the fact that this weatherproof GORE-TEX footwear is highly breathable. It offers the highest level of protection, making it possible for you to run and handle the challenges in Tough Mudder.

Another advantage of this shoe I’m proud of is the precise and accurate foothold. It offers a high level of precision when used on rocks, soil, mud, grass and even the toughest landscape. I also enjoy the presence of the Sensifit and Endofit because it offers ultimate foothold while ensuring that it stays comfortable.

The downside of this shoe, though, is that it has a narrow toe box. There are also those who complain about feeling pressure at the balls of their feet.

Still, this excellent-looking shoe, which offers excellent grip, is still among the top options for those searching for a footwear that can make their experience when playing Tough Mudder worthwhile and unforgettable.

  • Aggressive grip
  • Works well on the toughest terrain
  • Has techno fabric, increasing its ability to offer comfort
  • Boasts of a precise and accurate foothold
  • Comfortable
  • Narrow toe box
  • Pressure on the balls of the feet when worn

3. Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Trail Running Shoe  –  RUNNER UP

What I instantly find amazing about the Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Trail Running Shoe is its flexibility and very lightweight. It serves as a running and racing shoe for many. A lot prefer this footwear over the others because of its ability to offer excellent grip whether you’re working on soft or extreme terrains.

Furthermore, it also works fast on dry trails. Not only do I love the fact that this footwear is flexible and light, but I also find its ability to offer utmost protection is amazing. It has a consistent grip, allowing you to handle those soft and loose terrains.

If you’re handling a thick mud, which is what will most likely happen for those who play Tough Mudder, the X-TALON feature of this shoe can be your best buddy. It can provide up to 8-mm cleat depth, making it effective in handling the toughest mudder races.

I think the flexibility of this shoe can also be attributed to the outsole compound, which features the brand’s Meta-Flex groove at the forefoot. Such further improves the flexibility of the shoe, allowing it to complement the movements of your feet.

One improvement that I think this brand should focus on is the drainage system. It would be best for the shoe to have drain holes so that it can easily push out the water in just a short time.

It’s just a minor issue, though, as Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Trail Running Shoe is still one of the ideal footwear that you can use for Tough Mudder, which is guaranteed to deliver an excellent performance. The ability of this shoe to give you the ultimate comfort and protection is definitely its plus point.

  • Highly flexible
  • Lightweight, making it comfortable to wear and use
  • Provides consistent grip, boosting your safety level
  • Perfectly complements with the movement of your feet
  • Can handle tough terrains
  • Lacks a proper drainage system

4. Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 Trail Running Shoe  –  BUDGET PICK

One thing that I find remarkable about Inov-8 Men's Terraclaw 250 Trail Running Shoe, turning it into one of the best Tough Mudder shoes to wear, in my opinion. Its lace-up upper is made of mesh material. The material is a good thing as it offers centralized comfort and support.

I also fell in love with the layered toe cap, which is lightweight and comfortable, as it increases the level of protection that it can provide. With its diagonally sewn tongue, you can expect the shoe to prevent debris from building up.

Furthermore, there are lugs shaped like triangles that were designed to release gravel and grit. This is also a good thing as it aids in boosting its ability to offer the best grip as you strike each step.

The fact that the footwear has a full and high stack height also ensures that it can offer additional comfort and protection. The drainage system used in the shoe, though, requires a bit of improvement as it tends to accumulate water and mud too fast without draining it right away.

To conclude, it’s the most comfortable and durable footwear you can find as it delivers excellent performance not only for athletes but also to recreational users focused on conquering Tough Mudder obstacles.

  • Provides centralized comfort and support with the help of its lace-up mesh upper
  • Has a lightweight layered toe cap
  • Offers a high level of protection
  • Prevents gravel and grit from building up inside
  • Highly comfortable and durable
  • Drainage still requires a bit of improvement

5. New Balance MT10v1 Minimus Trail Running Shoe  –  ALSO GREAT

The last, but definitely not the leas option for the best Tough Mudder shoes is the MT10v1 minimus trail running shoe for men from New Balance. With this shoe, I can assure you that you can handle all trails with ease – that’s possible without the risk of wearing a heavy shoe.

This shoe from New Balance is perfect for Tough Mudder because of its excellent off-road performance. I love the fact that New Balance used a new material for the upper as it gives the shoe a fresh look for while still ensuring that it’s highly secure.

It maintains the vital forefoot toe splay, as well as the midfoot wrap designed to help your feet to remain steady even if you use it for the majority of extreme adventures. I also find the Vibram outsole integrated into the shoe amazing as it makes it more natural and comfortable to use.

Added to that are flex grooves placed strategically enhancing shoes for Tough Mudder. There is also an antimicrobial treatment used in the shoe to minimize the development of odor. The only problem that you’ll most likely encounter about the shoe is that its soles tend to wear out fast.

Still, keep in mind that the shoe is made from a popular brand, New Balance, which is known to produce the finest footwear. That said, it’s safe to conclude that the New Balance Minimus Trail Running Shoe is the best option for you if you’re interested in trying Tough Mudder often.

  • Has an impressive off-road performance
  • Highly secure and stable
  • Works well for extreme adventures, like Tough Mudder
  • Strategically positioned flex groves
  • Boasts of its fresh and attractive look
  • Soles wear out faster than expected

6. Saucony Peregrine 7 Trail Running Shoe

Another of the popular footwear that both men and women can use for Tough Mudder is the Saucony Peregrine 7 Trail Running Shoe. One thing I enjoy about this shoe is it's highly breathable upper. I also noticed the thicker padding in its heel collar.

The padding is shaped in such a way that it lets me hold my feet better. In addition, I like the PWR TRAC outsole present in the footwear as it promotes the best traction and grip regardless of the surface I am using it in.

The EVERUN topsole construction is also a big advantage as it improves energy return while promoting constant cushion during your entire run. I also appreciated the fact that the manufacturer included several protective components into the shoe, including the rock plate and rubber toe plate.

The features offer enough shield from harsh and unforgiving elements, objects and surfaces. The TPU exoskeleton frames in the upper are also worthy to highlight because of their ability to lock down your midfoot section well.

One downside of Saucony Peregrine 7 Trail Running Shoe is its soft toe bumper, which makes it a bit inefficient in protecting the front part of your feet. The shoe does not also come with a liner designed to keep debris from coming in contact with the shoe when running.

Those are just minor issues, though, as I can still say that the shoe is a major breakthrough for Tough Mudder footwear. It has plenty of strong features and protective elements while boasting of a good design, making it worth the investment if you want to conquer the obstacles of Tough Mudder.

  • Highly breathable upper
  • Thick padding in the shoe’s heel counter, holding your feet more efficiently
  • Features a PWR TRAC outsole, which offers excellent traction and grip
  • Comes with several protective components
  • TPU exoskeleton frames that effectively lock down your midfoot section
  • Toe bumper is quite too soft
  • Does not feature a liner, which is supposed to prevent debris from coming in

7. Merrell Tough Mudder Shoes Review

I also find the Merrell All Out Crush Tough Mudder Trail Running Shoes impressive, especially when used in races, such as Tough Mudder. I particularly love the correct amount of traction provided by the shoe. In addition, it has a lightweight construction so running or handling obstacles is much easier.

I think one of the reasons why it really works for Tough Mudder is that it is primarily designed for obstacle courses and races. You will also surely like the material used in the upper as it helps in draining water quickly.

The upper also ensures that even the fines silt filters out of the mesh material, thereby preventing it from being trapped within. It has a nice and comfortable fit, which is a big help in protecting you from pain and discomfort when you are on the race.

The lace-up design of the shoe also makes it easy to use. Aside from that, its washable upper features a translucent TPU film, which can resist abrasion. There is also high visibility – thanks to the reflective details present in the running shoe.

One problem, though, is that there are certain instances when dirt gets inside the shoe when you are running. It is just a minor and rare inconvenience, though, as all in all, the shoe works well for trail running, outdoor adventure and Tough Mudder.

It offers a sufficient amount of comfort, traction, durability, and protection, making it possible for you to survive even the toughest terrains and beat the odds your facing during training and the race.

  • Shoe provides just the right amount of traction
  • Lightweight construction, promoting ease when using it for running or handling obstacles
  • Upper material is effective in quickly draining water
  • Guarantees a nice and comfortable fit
  • High visibility with the aid of its reflective details
  • Dirt tends to penetrate the shoe in some cases

Shoes for Tough Mudder Buying Guide

So how can you go about picking the perfect pair of shoes that you can wear for Tough Mudder? The following factors will definitely help you make the right decision:

 Best Shoes for Tough Mudder finish

Weight – One factor to prioritize in your search for the best footwear for Tough Mudder is the weight. Ensure that your choice is light enough. Not only is a lightweight shoeless cumbersome when worn, but it also allows you to move and run faster than usual.

Furthermore, lightweight shoes are guaranteed to have plenty of coverage, so you can enjoy Tough Mudder with less to zero fatigue. The rule of thumb is to choose a shoe, which is only slightly higher than one pound.

This is lightweight enough, giving you the support and protection you need without the risk of feeling sluggish.

Feel – Find out what it feels like to wear the shoe. Is it comfortable? Does it fit right without causing you any discomfort when worn? Does your chosen shoe complement well with your gait?

Those are the questions you have to ask to figure out whether the shoe has the perfect fit and the right feel. This will prevent you from feeling extremely uncomfortable when using it for challenging events.

Traction – Go for a shoe with rigid traction. Your best choice would be that which features a sticky rubber lug on its outsole. Such a feature provides the kind of support you need when you climb on walls and mountains. It also provides the right grip, reducing the risk of slipping.

Best Tough Mudder Shoes

It should also have excellent traction and technical support as it lets you handle slippery surfaces, thereby allowing you to get ahead of your other competitors.

Length and Width – Both are crucial in figuring out which among the Tough Mudder shoes offered today can greatly benefit you. When it comes to width, be aware that you’re getting the perfect one if it lets you move from side to side without crossing over your insole.

Also, there shouldn’t be any chance of your little toe touching the end of your last toe. In terms of length, your most comfortable option is that with an additional one thumb length between your big toe and the end portion of the shoe.

It should be capable of slightly wiggling up and down, as well. Remember that your feet will most likely swell when you’re in a Tough Mudder event so it would be best to find a shoe with some extra length. Such ensures that you’ll stay safe and comfortable.

Final Review On The Best Shoes for Tough Mudder 2018

While there are the best shoes for Tough Mudder, the ultimate choice for you is that which can deliver the highest level of protection and comfort. It should let you enjoy the event without the risk of dealing with any injury or hurting yourself.

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