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The 5 Best Shoes for Waiters 2018 – Formulating The Right Decision

Waiters are probably among those workers who need to move around and use their feet constantly the entire day. They also work in a fast-paced environment wherein they need to perform various tasks. In addition, waiters need to test the limits of their different body parts.

It is mainly because waitressing is a physical occupation, which requires you to carry trays and learn your way around by setting up and moving things. To ensure that you’ll have an easier time handling your challenging tasks as a waiter, you need the best shoes for waiters.

Among the best ones are the shoes mentioned in this article designed to make your feet comfortable during long work days while also preventing your legs from hurting.

Top 5 Best Shoes For Waiters 2018

1. Skechers Rockland Systemic

Skechers Rockland Systemic Lace-up Shoe is fully slip-resistant, which, I think, is one of the reasons why it is ideal for waitresses. It’s made of leather while also featuring a sole made of rubber and a comfortable 1.25-inch heel. It has an attractive lace-up style, making it look a bit like a sneaker.

I also experience added comfort from the padded collar of this slip-resistant shoe. It has a removable insole, plus a bicycle-seamed toe, which I find helpful as it provides more protection. I also like the business casual appearance of the shoe as it offers a great mix between comfort and style.

It is stylish enough that you will instantly notice the decorative stitches on its leather body, providing the shoe with a polished look. It’s also long-lasting, even if you use it every day. The bicycle-seamed toe mentioned earlier is even a big help in preventing the development of holes, and other forms of wear in front.

It is also best to wear in those instances when you want to keep yourself safe from electrical hazards. Aside from protecting you from accidental slips, it has a special insulation designed to protect you from electrical charge and hazards.

As for the downside, take note that it’s stiff once you buy it because the leather material used does not provide plenty of give. You can break in the shoe, though, to deal with the stiffness.

  • Fully slip-resistant, making it perfect for waiters
  • Leather construction and rubber sole
  • Features a 1.25-inch heel, which adds up to its convenience
  • Nicely styled with decorative stitching
  • Keeps you safe from electrical hazards

If you want to perform your job as a waiter with confidence, then the Rockland Systemic Lace-Up Shoe from Skechers can definitely satisfy you. The fact that it’s stylish while still ensuring that it meets your standards in terms of quality, durability, and security makes it worthy to be on top of your choice.

2. Dr. Scholl's Harrington  –  ALSO GREAT

In my opinion, Dr. Scholl’s Harrington Work Shoe is a hardworking footwear designed to offer you the comfort you need, so you can be productive in the workplace. The good news is that it provides such advantage while also looking good.

One thing I instantly liked about this shoe is its full-grain leather upper. It features a traditional lace-up design, which also comes with a padded collar and tongue. Furthermore, I like the addition of Dri-Lex moisture-wicking lining in the shoe.

Add this feature to the built-in Aegis Microbe Shield and you have a highly breathable shoe, which is also effective in regulating odors. The insole cushioned with a massaging gel is also shock-absorbent, so your desire to keep yourself safe will definitely be fulfilled.

Another of the strengths of this shoe is the MLD grid design, as it promotes superior traction. The anti-slip TX traction outsole is a bonus, too, as it grips well, giving you peace of mind as you know you’re secure. The platform and heel are also great as they only measure around 0.75 and 1.25 inches respectively.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to the shoe, but rest assured that they’re tolerable. One is the stiff top back of the shoe’s heel, so you need to break it in for a few weeks. There are also tiny splits on the lacing hole bushings that may cause discomfort but you’ll get used to them soon.

  • Looks good without causing it to skimp on quality and performance
  • Full-grain leather upper, which is convenient enough to use
  • Lace-up design is comfy as well as the padded collar and tongue
  • Moisture-wicking while also being capable of regulating odors
  • Superior traction, thanks to its MLD grid design
  • Stiff top back of the shoe’s heel
  • Tiny splits on the lacing that might trigger discomfort

So far, Dr. Scholl's Harrington Work Shoe provides wearers with a high level of satisfaction. It continues to receive positive reviews because of its really impressive performance.

3. KEEN Utility PTC Oxford  –  OUR PICK

I think KEEN Utility PTC Oxford will also do a great job when used as a waiter’s shoe. It is guaranteed to last long while showcasing of its stylish look. It sports a non-slip outsole and a water-resistant upper guaranteed to enhance its comfort level and stability.

It is composed of PU and memory foam material, too. In my opinion, its footbed is one of the shoe’s strengths as it makes use of plush KEEN.CUSH, which ensures that your feet will be cradled comfortably no matter how long your work shift is.

Aside from being useful for waitresses, it also works well for nurses, professional chefs, and veterinarians. It fits securely in your midfoot and heel, too. In addition, there is a large toe box in the shoe, which tends to open up the part surrounding your toes, giving them luxurious comfort.

The leather upper construction is also a bonus, as it’s known for its suppleness and pliability. That said, you won’t experience any stiffness from it. It is also breathable and has strong and well-designed treads.

It features more than enough support for your inner feet, ensuring that there’s no discomfort and foot pain. 

However, I have a minor complaint in this shoe as it tends to collect debris fast.

  • Long-lasting while still showcasing its stylish appearance
  • Non-slip outsole and an upper, which can resist moisture and water
  • Comfy considering its PU and memory foam composition
  • Ideal for other professionals aside from waiters
  • Breathable with well-designed and strong treads
  • Tends to collect debris

Despite that, I know that it is still a great shoe as it is not only fully non-slip, it is also long-lasting, comfortable, and supportive. I can also assure you that cleaning up the collected debris is a breeze.

4. Skechers Black Flex Advantage    RUNNER UP

Another of the best waiters shoes is the Skechers Black Flex Advantage Non-slip Mcallen Slip-on. I would like to emphasize that it has a nice and relaxed fit design. Such design also boasts of dual-side fabric panels known for their elasticity, promoting an easy slip-on fit.

With the insoles composed of memory foam material, I can also safely say that the slip-on shoe can offer a comfortable and cushioned wear. Expect the shoe to be highly breathable, too, as it has diamond-patterned mesh panels. I am also amazed at the shoe’s stain-resistant and water-resistant synthetic uppers.

Such uppers perform well plus there are Flexsole midsoles known for their shock-absorbent quality. The uppers also boast of their smooth mesh fabric construction. The rubber outsoles are considered to be huge advantages as they are non-slip, too.

As for the style, I know that you’ll love it because it’s both sporty and cool. It also has nice stitching and overlay accents. Other features I find fully functional in this black shoe are the elastic side gores that you can find at the opening, the traction outsole, which is anti-slip, and the padded collar.

It has less support on the sides of your feet, though, which means that it is not ideal for those who want major support from their shoe.

  • Nice and relaxed fit
  • Elastic dual-side fabric panels, ensuring that the shoe will provide an easy slip-on fit
  • Comfortable and properly cushioned wear
  • Diamond-patterned mesh panels, boosting the shoe’s breathability
  • Sports nice stitching and overlay accents
  • Lacks support on the sides

Still, no one can deny the fact that as a footwear, the Flex Advantage Slip-resistant Mcallen Slip-on is indeed a great performer. Purchasing it is something that you’ll never regret as it can give you your money’s worth.

5. Skechers Rockland-Hooper  –  BUDGET PICK

Rockland-Hooper Non slip Slip-on Shoe is also one of the most popular shoes from the Skechers brand that are also good for waiters. It has become popular as many fell in love with its ability to add class to your workday without sacrificing your comfort.

It is a slip-on shoe with a leather construction, which also features nice and reinforced stitches. I like the fact that this Skechers for work shoe is lightweight without sacrificing its durability. It also provides slip-resistant soles, so I feel secure when wearing and moving around while wearing it.

It has a midsole, which can absorb shocks and impact, too. The insole is made of memory foam, making it comfortable while there are also gored inserts that you can find at the vamp. Since it gains the approval in terms of being safe from electrical hazards, I can safely say that this shoe offers ultimate protection.

Another advantage of this slip-on shoe is that it has more than enough reinforcements around the shoe’s rubber, so it’s safe to wear on floors with moisture and water.

However, remember that it’s slightly lacking in arch support. Also, the sturdiness of the shoe might cause pain and discomfort on your toes during the first uses. Fortunately, such problem will be gone once the shoe adjusts to your feet’s shape after breaking it in.

  • Makes you look classy during your workday
  • Slip-on design, promoting ease of use
  • Provides a nice and well-reinforced stitching
  • Lightweight without compromising the shoe’s durability
  • Shock and impact absorbent
  • Lacks arch support
  • Causes pain and discomfort on the toes but only during the break-in period

You will definitely feel happy with your purchase of this Skechers shoe as it possesses most of the features and qualities you need from a waiter’s shoe.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Waiters Shoes?

So what are the factors that you should take into complete consideration when shopping for the best shoes for waiters? Here they are:

best waiter shoes

Cushion – As a waiter, it is no longer surprising if you’ll have a long shift, which is exhausting without proper foot support. That said, find a shoe with more than enough cushion. Such can offer you your desired support while making your feet feel comfy all throughout your shift.

Quality – Price may be one of the major factors that you consider when shopping for a shoe. However, ensure that you’re getting the perfect balance between price and quality. Choose a shoe constructed out of the best materials while still being offered at a reasonable price.

A high-quality shoe composed of the highest quality of materials can be expected to serve you for a long time – probably more than six months. That means, there is no need for you to buy waiter’s shoes often.

most comfortable shoes for waiters

Style – It is also important to think about the style. Make sure to base your decision on the style of your work environment. Figure out which shoes are perfect for your environment – whether you’re working in a laid-back, casual or upscale setting.

Arch Support – You need proper arch support, too. Your shoe should have more than enough arch support that it can help keep your feet healthy. With the right arch support, there is also a hundred percent guarantee that the shoe is stable.

Comfort – Your comfort should be on top of your priorities, too. If possible, pick a shoe with a good insole as such ensures that it can support hours of wear. Other features that indicate how comfortable a shoe is are the memory foam insole and moisture-wicking ability.


There are plenty of shoes that waiters can use. However, take note that the best shoes for waiters are definitely those that are non-slip, durable, supportive, and comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

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