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The 8 Best Shoes For Waitressing 2018 – What Should You Choose?

The ideal shoe for waitressing is one, which allows you to handle your demanding job well, especially spending several hours on your feet to serve many customers daily. It can make your job easier contrary to when you are wearing poorly fitted shoes that might only result in a painful experience.

If you don’t invest in the best shoes for waitressing, then you are at risk of suffering from damaged and painful feet and experiencing foot deformities. That said, you need to find the right shoes so you can prevent the mentioned issues, and reduce heel and arch pain.

To lessen the risk of choosing the wrong shoes, we gathered some information about eight of the ideal shoes for waitresses. Here they are:

Top 8 Best Shoes For Waitressing 2018

1. Skechers Sure Track Erath  –  RUNNER UP

I think that the Skechers Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Slip-resistant Boot is a footwear that will definitely catch your fancy if you want to wear one with a traditional lace-up closure. I find this closure beneficial as it promotes a well-customized and adjustable fit. I also like the upper of this Skechers boot for women as it’s made of smooth and comfortable leather.

Adding to its comfy features are the padded collar and tongue. Aside from being comfortable, the padding used in the two components of the shoes increases the level of support and protection it offers.

In addition, I find the soft fabric lining of the shoe impressive, as it provides a superior level of comfort. With the shock-absorbent FlexSole midsole featured in this shoe, it’s also possible for it to make you feel secure.

I think it’s also perfect for waitressing and serving because it features a removable footbed cushioned with a memory foam, offering comfort the whole day. It is also safe because of its high EH rating and anti-slip traction outsole constructed out of nitrile rubber.

There is also a pull tab that you can find at the shoe’s heel, thereby promoting ease in taking it on and off.

One minor complaint I have with this boot is that it has a smaller fit than I initially expected. It might be because of the heavy material used for its padding.

  • Light, comfortable, and not bulky at all
  • Promotes a customized and adjustable fit
  • Plenty of comfortable features, including the padded collar and tongue, soft fabric lining, and well-cushioned footbed
  • Shock-absorbent and anti-slip
  • Pull tab found at the heel, promoting ease in wearing the boot
  • Has a smaller fit than usual

With the comfortable and safe features built in Skechers Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Slip-resistant Boot, you have some form of assurance that it’s perfect for your needs as a waitress or server.

2. Emeril Lagasse Quarter 

What makes this shoe from Emeril Lagasse highly impressive is its athletic, lace-up design. It has an upper made from Nubuck leather. You will also notice the pull tab in this shoe, which you can use to ensure that it will be convenient for you to put on and remove.

In addition, I like the fact that this work shoe features a gusseted tongue as it’s a big help in preventing debris from penetrating the shoe. It has an anti-slip feature, too. Plus it showcases the best combination of style and technology. That said, expect it to deliver an exceptional performance as an occupational shoe.

Aside from being anti-slip, the outsole made of rubber can also resist oil. It has a uniquely designed lug, which is extremely helpful in lowering your risk of dealing with slips. There is also a groove pattern outsole, which offers impressive traction when you use it on greasy and wet surfaces.

I also find the memory foam insole of this shoe beneficial because of its Balanced Active Movement (B.A.M.). It has a breathable lining, too, which is a big advantage in keeping your feet fresh while also minimizing odor.

One concern, though, is that the fabric used is not that pleasing. You’ll also notice a bit of narrowness in the toebox, but it’s fixable once properly broken in.

  • Boasts of an athletic, lace-up design
  • Prevents debris from getting inside, thanks to the presence of the gusseted tongue
  • Can resist oil and slips
  • Offers excellent traction on greasy and wet surfaces
  • Provides a highly breathable lining
  • Fabric used is not that aesthetically pleasing
  • Too narrow toebox during the first few uses

Despite the minor issues mentioned, I still like the fact that Emeril Lagasse Quarter Slip-Resistant Work Shoe is constructed with quality and durability in mind. It can also resist stains and water, making it really perfect for waitresses.

3. Skechers Sure Track Trickel  –  OUR PICK

One of the most impressive qualities of the Skechers Sure Track Trickel Slip-resistant Shoe is its style. It has a stylish yet casual lace-up design. I like it because while being stylish, it makes sure that it does not skimp on performance, quality, and durability.

One thing I noticed about the shoe is its smooth solid leather construction, which is not only sturdy but also highly comfortable. It is a rugged footwear, which also comes with mini-perforated panels on the side that are all useful because of their cooling effects.

The high level of comfort offered by this slip-resistant shoe can be attributed to its removable comfort insoles topped with memory foam cushion. You will also fall in love with the flexibility of this shoe. It has lightweight midsoles, too, guaranteed to be shock-absorbent.

The lace-up front adds up to the stylish appeal of the shoe. There is also a padded collar and tongue, further boosting its comfort level. With all these features, there is a guarantee that you can work comfortably and confidently since you know you are a hundred percent safe.

Arch support is quite lacking, though. The stitches on the shoe also tend to wear out sooner than expected.

  • Features a stylish and casual lace-up design
  • Does not skimp on quality and performance
  • Features a smooth and solid leather construction, offering a nice combination of comfort and sturdiness
  • Highly flexible plus lightweight
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Quite lacking in arch support
  • Stitches tend to wear out faster

Still, it’s safe to say that Skechers Sure Track Trickel Slip-resistant Shoe can make you feel confident when doing your job. It can definitely meet your standards in terms of quality, style, comfort, and durability.

4. Fila Memory Workshift  –  BUDGET PICK

Fila Memory Workshift Slip-resistant Work Shoe is also another appropriate option for the best shoes for waitressing. What I like the most about this Fila shoe is that it offers a high level of comfort when used at work. It has synthetic uppers that also come with EVA midsoles.

Such offers utmost comfort when wearing it. In addition, the shoe boasts of its outsoles made from anti-slip rubber. Such material allows it to deliver impressive traction and grip, so there is a great chance that it can handle all directions with a high level of durability.

It has a classic styling, too, but you still have a hundred percent guarantee that it boasts of a solid performance. It boasts of its sleek design, as well. There is also a guarantee that it promotes a well-cushioned feel as well as a comfortable fit with the aid of its memory foam construction.

I think the fact that the upper is mainly based on full-grain leather is a big advantage as it makes the shoe capable of offering excellent lateral support. The built-in memory foam sock liner is also one of the footwear’s strengths, as it promotes proper cushion, fit, and comfort.

One possible downside is that it uses a memory foam, which does not seem to last for years. Soles also tend to attract pet hair, such as from dogs.

  • Highly comfortable when used in the workplace
  • Anti-slip rubber material used on the upper
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Solid full-grain leather construction
  • Offers impressive lateral support
  • Not that durable memory foam
  • Soles attract pet hair

While this work shoe from Fila has a couple of downsides, it is still ideal for waitressing considering the fact that it has a sturdy, secure, and comfortable construction.

5. Skechers Shape Ups  –  UPGRADE PICK

Another footwear that I’ll highly recommend for waitressing is the Skechers Shape Ups Slip-resistant Sneaker. What I find so impressive about this shoe is that it is both sporty and stylish. It has a great look without the need to sacrifice comfort.

There is a lace-up front featured in this shoe, offering a highly secure fit when used at work. Also, it comes with a strap and anchor design, allowing you to step on various surfaces with flair and confidence. Another quality of this shoe is its comfortably padded collar, improving the stability of your ankle when worn.

There is also a nylon loop, which you can find at the shoe’s heel, promoting utmost convenience when slipping it on. I also find the shoe highly comfortable because of the cushioned insole and the fabric shoe lining. There is a well-thought out stitching detail, making the shoe even more attractive.

It is slip-resistant, too, giving you peace of mind since you know you’re safe even if you’re wearing the shoe on wet and slippery surfaces. It also makes you safe from electrical hazards.

You may find it difficult to get used to the feel of wearing the shoe, though, but after some time, you will enjoy wearing it.

  • Both sporty and stylish without having to compromise comfort
  • Guarantees a highly secure fit with its lace-up front
  • Features a comfortable padded collar, giving your ankle enough stability
  • Cushioned insole
  • Slip-resistant and high EH rating
  • Not that easy to get used to

Despite that, I can still say that Skechers Shape Ups Slip-resistant Sneaker is one of the best footwear that you can wear for waitressing. It’s highly secure and comfortable – both traits are useful in a job as demanding as serving customers and being on your feet for hours.

6. New Balance WID626V2

New Balance WID626V2 Work Shoe is another footwear, which is suitable for workers, particularly those whose job is demanding that they need to stand on their feet and move for prolonged periods. What I like the most about the footwear is that it has some sort of cushion, which softens your steps.

Furthermore, it utilizes an impressive slip-resistant technology, thereby ensuring that you can steadily secure your feet on the ground. It also features a leather upper, which is not only comfortable but also highly breathable. It offers superior shock absorption ability while supporting your entire feet.

Such support and shock absorption ability can be attributed by the internal shank and ABZORB cushioning integrated into the shoe. I think that its light weight is also one of its strongest features. It is lightweight with the aid of its Phantom liner.

It has an anti-slip, outsole, too, keeping you secure when using the shoe on either dry or wet condition and for soapy, oily, and wet surfaces. The fact that the outsole is non-marking is also a big help in ensuring that the floors stay free from scuffs.

One problem I have with this shoe from New Balance, though, is its small toebox, as it does not have enough room for my toes to move and wiggle.

  • Suitable for those with extremely demanding jobs
  • Offers some sort of cushion, softening each of your steps
  • Makes use of an excellent slip-resistant technology, particularly on the outsole
  • Highly breathable and sturdy yet comfortable leather upper
  • Offers shock-absorption ability and high level of support
  • Non-marking, keeping the floors free from scuff
  • Toe box is quite too small

With the commitment of New Balance to offer the highest level of comfort and support to the wearers of its shoes, it is safe to say that the brand’s WID626V2 Work Shoe for women can perform its intended function with the aid of all its features.

7. Skechers Gozard  –  ALSO GREAT

If you want to wear something, which has a cool and sporty style without compromising its ability to give you comfort the entire day, then I highly recommend the Skechers Gozard Slip-resistant Walking Shoe. Aside from being ideal for walking, this shoe also suits the needs of workers, particularly those who are in the field of waitressing well.

What I find amazing about this shoe is that it really delivers a sporty casual comfort in a slip-on design. It boasts of a mesh fabric and smooth nubuck leather upper, further raising its ability to offer comfort. It is slip-resistant plus boasts of well-positioned stitching and overlay accents.

It also has a comfortable insole constructed from memory foam. In addition, the shoe takes pride of its diamond-patterned panels made of mesh fabric. Such panels enhance the breathability of the shoe. The upper design also resists stains and water.

Furthermore, the shoe boasts of its reinforced stitched seams, making it more durable. There are also dual-side fabric panels, promoting ease when slipping it on. I also like the padded collar and the soft fabric lining built into the shoe.

I can also assure you that it offers enough support with its layered durable and breathable mesh. You may realize that it’s a bit tight during the first few uses, but note that it’s just normal as you still need to break it in.

  • Boasts of an impressive cool and sporty style
  • Slip-on design, so using and slipping it on is a breeze
  • Upper made of mesh fabric and smooth Nubuck leather, both of which are comfortable materials
  • Features breathable diamond-patterned panels
  • Stain and water resistant
  • Offers adequate support with its durable mesh
  • Tight but only during the break-in period

With Skechers Gozard Slip-resistant Walking Shoe, you can confidently handle your work day. It is a slip-resistant and stylish slip-on, which you will definitely enjoy wearing for quite a long time.

8. Skechers  Relaxed Fit

The last but not the least footwear I will recommend for waitressing is the Skechers Relaxed Fit Slip-resistant Work Shoe. With this shoe, I can assure you that there is a great balance between surefooted comfort and style. I also like the fact that I can wear it with peace of mind because of its safety features.

It utilizes smooth leather as the main material for its upper. I also fell in love with the properly added stitching accents into the work shoe, as such add to the overall style and appeal of the shoe. Since the shoe applies the Relaxed Fit design, there is also a guarantee of a supportive and comfortable fit.

Furthermore, you will love the removable comfort insole of this footwear from Skechers as it comes cushioned with memory foam. Another reason why I like this shoe is that it features a rounded toebox, which is roomy enough, giving my toes enough room to wiggle.

Taking each step is also a breeze since the shoe has a lightweight and flexible midsole, which is shock-absorbent, too. The padded instep, as well as the heel collar trim, also further increase the ability of the footwear to offer comfort.

In addition, there is a guarantee of safety, considering its excellent traction, high EH rating, and ability to resist wet and oily surfaces.

It has a stiff sole, though, but it’s something that’s fixable after undergoing the break-in period.

  • Offers a great combination of surefooted comfort and style
  • Smooth leather used for the upper
  • Nicely positioned stitching accents
  • Guarantees a supportive and comfortable fit – thanks to the Relaxed Fit design
  • Comes with a lightweight, flexible, and shock-absorbent midsole
  • Rounded and roomy toe box

Skechers Relaxed Fit Slip-resistant Work Shoe is indeed one of those shoes that are indeed perfect for waitressing. With its relaxed fit design, it is safe to say that you’ll feel extremely comfortable the entire day.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Waitress Shoes?

Now that you have an idea about eight of the best shoes for a waitress to wear, it’s time to understand fully how you can formulate a sound buying decision. Some factors to remember before you finally make your choice are:

best waitress shoes

Grip - You have to know if the shoe can grip well on various surfaces and floors. The majority of restaurants require their worker to wear a non-slip footwear. However, if you’re working in one, which does not have such requirement, then it is still advisable to go for a shoe with an anti-slip sole.

Such style ensures that it can grip well on floors, no matter how greasy or wet these are. Note that restaurants are prone to spills. If your sole is not slip-resistant, then you will always make yourself vulnerable to accidental slips.

most comfortable waitress shoes

Comfort - If you are serving or waitressing, then comfort should be something that you need to prioritize in your overall outfit. It is necessary to stay comfortable as you need to deal with customers while being on your feet for several hours.

Understand the shape and size of your feet as such can help you determine the most comfortable style of shoes for you. It’s also necessary to choose a shoe with a good insole (one with memory foam is preferable). It should also be moisture-wicking.

Durability - Go for a shoe that can withstand the test of time. If possible, go for those made of leather as the material is both sturdy and comfortable. Ensure that your choice is one which can withstand your demanding job.

Cushioning - Check the best tennis shoes for waitressing and figure out whether it has proper cushioning. Well-cushioned footwear is a must for waitresses and servers as such aids in lessening the impact that your feet feel. Such can also contribute to your comfort level.

Design - Of course, you want cute waitress shoes as you also need to look presentable in the workplace. Look for a footwear with a design that can make you look good without sacrificing its overall durability, safety, support, and comfort.

Final Words

It’s not actually that hard to look for a shoe designed for jobs as demanding as waitressing and serving. Armed with information on the best shoes for waitressing 2017-18, as well as some buying tips, picking one which can serve you well is definitely easy.

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Best Shoes for Waitressing image

Top 5 Best Shoes for Waitressing – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2019

Waitressing is one of the oldest and most straining professions since the modern age and it has become one of the top professions for making quick money. Many students choose this route in order to pay off students loans and also to sustain them while they are studying.
But life as a waitress can be hard when it comes to being on your feet all day. Without the right shoes, your feet will kill you during those busy rush hours and many people will then start looking for different shoes. We have set out to find the best shoes for waitressing, to help you earn more money and have a more comfortable working experience.
Before we look at the top shoes for waitressing, there a few things you need to take note off. Not only are there a few features to look for, but there are also specific ways to ensure that you are purchasing a quality product.

Best Shoes for Waitressing

Product Name



Our Rating

1. SRM600 SR Max Rialto – Best Bang for the Buck



2. Skechers Eldred



3. Skechers Soft Stride-Softie – Best of the Best



4. Townforst® Jess



5. Skechers Sure Track – Editor’s Choice



Shoes for Waitressing Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Waitressing:

Best Shoes for Waitressing girl
Certain aspects of the job need to be taken into account to ensure that you buy the best shoes for waitressing. These aspects are really important and once you understand the fundamentals of your job, you will be more reluctant to make the best choice for your feet:

  • Work Hours: Waitressing is a job that requires you to work different shifts or in certain cases, it can be all day. The type of shoe needs to be able to withstand the impact and pressure. The shoe should also provide you some comfort to keep you going.
  • Work Environment: The work environment varies in different restaurants and each place has its own rules when it comes to serving customers. Your shoes will need to adhere to the code of conduct and still look neat and stylish for you to get more tips and look more professional.
  • Walking Surface: The walking surface will become very important when you take into account the heavy plates and trays full of drinks that need to be carried. One slip can cost you a few bucks off your tips and therefore the grip should be made for the walking surface.
  • Kitchen Area: Closed shoes are always recommended in the kitchen. The reason for this is the hot oil that will be worked with. This can do extreme damage to your feet and therefore, you need to keep your feet protected.

By following these four workplace issues, you should know how to choose the shoes that will get the job done, but not only is buying process about getting the job done, but also looking for certain features that will make life better for you. We have compiled a list of features you need to look for in waitressing shoes and to give you optimal value for your hard-earned cash:

Top Features to Look for in Waitressing Shoes

Best Shoes for Waitressing black
You’d think that any shoe will get the job done if they adhere to the job requirements, but this is not the case and sometimes the cheapest shoes will get the job done, but leave you in excruciating pain. We have determined the features that will make life easier and more affordable for you.

  • Durability: Because waiters only receive a small wage and tips, it is imperative to have strong shoes. The stronger and more durable the shoes, the less money you need to spend on new shoes every few months. The shoes should also withstand accidents as they can become common while waitressing.
  • Style: Having good style can earn you more money and give you a better chance of paying those student loans, but you need to ensure that the shoes meet the code of conduct of your job as well.
  • Comfort: The inner sole is really important when we look at waiters and the amount of time they spend on their feet. Not everyone can stand on their feet for 8-12 hours and therefore, comfort is important. When fatigue hits the other waiters, you will be able to rise above and make that extra cash.
  • Slip-Resistant: Working in a dangerous environment, full of spills and splashes can be daunting and without the right grip, you will be sliding all over the place. By having a better outsole, you will be able to work much harder and not need to worry about being careful around every turn.

We highly recommend that you ensure these features are in your waitressing shoes, not only will you be able to work more prolonged hours and make more money, but you will be able to work more comfortably and keep that all-important smile going in the culinary industry.
So now let’s take a look at what benefits the best waitressing shoes will offer you. These benefits are definitely huge in our opinion and we believe that having more cash in your pocket, will be important to you too.

Benefits Offered by These Shoes

Best Shoes for Waitressing fast

  • Allow You to Work Longer Hours: First of all, you will be able to work longer hours at a time and this will allow you to make more money. Having more money will be great for your future. Students will be able to pay back student loans much faster and permanent waiters could rely on fewer shifts to make ends meet. Having money in your pocket is really important in this day and age.
  • No More Pain: I have been a waiter once and any old or current waiter will tell you how tough a double or longer shift can be. The work does put a lot of strain on your joints and your feet, but with the best shoes, these could all be subdued. You will now be able to keep rocking that smile for longer periods in your shift.
  • Save Money: Buying shoes every few months can become expensive and many waiters believe that you need to buy cheap and often, but that is not the case. Your feet are one of the tools you use to do the job and you can invest in your feet. Buying better shoes can be a long-term investment and you will be able to save money.

These benefits are great for waiters and you can have all of them by investing in your feet. Now, we have chosen 5 shoes that have been tested and we believe they are great for waitressing. Many others did not make the list for certain reasons, but these really adhere to our above-mentioned code of conducts.
With that being said, let’s look at the top 5 best waitress shoes.

Top 5 Best Shoes For Waitressing 2018

1. SRM600 SR Max Rialto Women’s Black Slip Resistant Athletic Sneaker – Best Bang for the Buck

View on Amazon
Generally, athletic sneakers can be kind of expensive, but not this pair. The sneakers have been carefully designing to allow for an easy fit to waiters and the added ability to quickly slip off the shoes in your break. The outer material has been created to withstand some of the impact associated with men’s shoes and this only enhances the durability.
The inner sole is moldable to your feet and it can also be easily removed for a quick wash, thus ensuring that your shoes always smell fresh and that you have the best comfort possible to get you through those longer days.
Furthermore, the shoes are lightweight to limit fatigue and to allow you more mobility for moving around quickly between tables.
Finally, the shoes also have a durable rubber grip to help you withstand those slippery surfaces and to save you from dropping food or drinks.

We highly recommend these shoes to waiters working longer hours and looking for more comfort at an affordable price.


  • Man-made durability
  • Extremely comfortable inner sole
  • Easy to wash and limit odors
  • Great for mobility and reducing fatigue


  • Only available in one color and style

2. Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe

View on Amazon
Designed from various synthetic materials this shortcut shoe will be great for waitressing. Not only is the shoe extremely durable, but it has the capabilities of resisting most things the restaurant industry can throw at it. The shoe is close at the front and this will keep oil and water spillages from getting on the inside and hurting your feet.
Furthermore, memory foam has been used in the inner sole. This will allow the foot to mold to the shape of your feet and keep that shape for as long as you wear them, making the shoes great for pronated and supinated feet and ensuring that comfort is present all around.
Furthermore, the shoes have a durable rubber sole for promoting great grip and also giving you versatility in both the kitchen and the front of house.

We really like the style and the comfortable fit promoted by the laces and we highly recommend these shoes for waiters who work in volatile and slippery environments.

These shoes should ensure that your tips increase and you are able to work faster and more diligently.

  • Great for versatility
  • Extremely fashionable style
  • Soft fabric lining to help reduce abrasions


  • The shoes are expensive

3. Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up – Best of the Best

View on Amazon
Next is one of the cheaper Skechers shoes that also greatly improve the comfort of waitressing. The shoes are slip resistant in most situations and surfaces and the synthetic exterior will definitely improve the protection that your feet have.
The laces are quite easy to use and they will give you a tougher, but more comfortable fit and allow you more time to run around between the tables.
The shoes also feature an expandable exterior design and this should be great for people with wider feet.
No longer will your shoes tear from this, but they will promote comfort and the athletic interior cushion will mold to the shape of your feet to help promote more comfort and adjust the fitting for people with pronated and supinated feet. These shoes are stylish and can be used for multiple other activities as well and the slip-resistant sole will ensure you never fall.

We highly recommend these shoes for fast and adventurous waiters.

These shoes are comfortable to wear and they will ensure that you never fall while stepping through those kitchen messes. The shoes are also some of the most affordable from a trusted brand to give you great value.

  • Extremely versatile and affordable
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Multifunctional
  • Slip resistant through oily surfaces


  • Only available in one color and style

4. Townforst® Women’s Slip and Oil Resistant Jess Work Shoes No Slip Shoes

View on Amazon
Slips on shoes are not only in style with modern clothing sensations, but they also make it easy for waiters to give their feet a break during those valuable lunch times.
These Townfrost shoes are not only durable and slip resistant, but they also have a softer exterior rubber sole for resisting impact. The impact resistance should be great for waiters who need to climb up and down stairs.
Inside, you will be treated to a moldable cushioned footbed. This should take the shape of your foot and maintain it throughout the working time and the rest of the cushions will provide comfort.
The shoes are also lightweight and flexible and they will be great for larger working areas as they promote mobility and versatility.
Finally, the shoes are definitely high-quality and you will not ever find authentic leather for this cheap a price.

We highly recommend these for waitressing that need to climb stairs and also those who work in bigger open spaces with more tables.


  • Authentic leather at an affordable price
  • Durable design
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Slip and impact resistant outsole


  • Lack of inner lining could lead to abrasions

5. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe -Editor’s Choice

View on Amazon
The Skechers Sure track shoe for women is another one of their creative concepts that will promote comforting and versatility in the waitressing industry.
The shoes have been constructed from durable leather and this will help protect your feet from the outside and resist those hot oil spills. The rubber outer sole will promote better traction and you need not worry about slipping and falling with heavy trays and plates of food.
The shoes are also slip on and this will make them easy to put on and take off and the thin design has been carefully stitched to allow more mobility for your feet. This means that you will no longer need to worry about the shoes hurting your feet when working longer hours.
Finally, the shoes are fitted with moldable athletic cushions and these will comfortably mold to the shape of your feet. The moldable insole will also make the shoes great for people with pronated and supinated feet and the cushioning will naturally heal your feet as fatigue starts setting in. This will allow you to work longer hours and ultimately make more money when the other waiters start to tire.

We recommend these shoes for any waitressing environment (restaurant or bar)and they will be great for large spaces and stairs as well. But, they will also be great for everyday use.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Leather construction
  • Slip resistant outsole
  • Versatile walking experience
  • Great for multifunctional use


  • These shoes are not cheap

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