Best socks for spartan race and tough mudder

Top 5 Best Socks for the Spartan Race and Tough Mudder – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2019

The Spartan race is one of the most endurance testing races that you could compete in and this race is designed to push every human being to their limits. Competing in the Spartan race is a great accomplishment and if you do manage to finish the race and make it to the end, that will be an even better accomplishment.

When planning to do such a feat, you will need to be dressed appropriately and comfortably to ensure that you do manage to make it to the end without any technical issues in your footwear or clothing. One of the main things that people like to forget about is the socks. They will invest a lot of money in the clothing apparel and the shoes, but they neglect to pay the same attention to detail when looking for the best socks for Spartan race and Tough Mudder

We have decided to test out a few socks and see which ones will be the best for you to buy when you are running in such a race. We have also included a decent buying guide at the end of the article and this buying guide should show you exactly which features are considered to be the most important when you are looking to buy other Spartan race socks that we have not included.

The socks included in our list have passed the criterion that we set up and we have basically used the buying guide to judge and rate these socks and ensure that you do get the best possible value for your money. With that being said, let’s look at the top socks for the Spartan race that you will find in 2017:

Top 5 Best Socks For Spartan Race & Tough Mudder 2017

1. MudGear Compression Socks

The MudGear Compression socks are constructed from nylon polyester and spandex. They have also been made in the USA and they have been widely regarded as the main pair of socks that you should be looking into when attempting to do any obstacle course. These socks are extremely durable they will certainly not rip or tear as you might hook them on the objects.

The spandex used in the construction will make the socks a little more flexible and this means that your socks will easily stretch over your feet and up to your legs. The socks are a little thicker than most and this will help prevent blisters over longer distances.

Another great selling point on these socks is the fact that they can easily wick water and sweat will not build up on the inside.

Since these socks are quite compressed, they will keep the muscle together and also make it easier for you to run. This will help to reduce some fatigue in the legs. The socks are also designed to help speed up the recovery of the muscles and this will definitely keep you from tiring and even falling out of the race.

These socks are a little expensive and if you are not a serious competitor, you might need to look elsewhere for a cheaper sock. The socks have another downside and this is that they are a little too compressed and will be a very tight fit for those with larger legs. If you generally wear a medium, you might need to consider purchasing a large pair to make sure that you have the utmost in terms of comfort.

  • Extremely durable
  • Great compression
  • Wicks away moisture easily
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Might be a little too tight

2. MudGear Trail Running Socks for Men and Women

The MudGear trail running socks for men and women are the shorter version of these socks and they have been constructed from only spandex and polyester. The socks are a little more comfortable and since they only come up to the ankles, they are not that compressed and you will not feel like something is trying to cut off the blood flow.

These thick socks will also help to prevent any blisters when running over longer distances and the polyester is extremely good at wicking away the moisture to ensure that you do not have any buildup of sweat and water. Your feet will be drying out much faster, but you should also consider including shoes with great ventilations.

These socks are actually great for multifunctional purposes and if you are not competing in the Spartan race or Tough Mudder, these socks can also be used with your training clothes to ensure that you can train and work out comfortably without any abrasions or blisters.

The socks are also quite expensive, but they are specifically designed for competitions like the Spartan race. The smoothness of the socks will also ensure that they do not easily get snagged when attempting things like the barbed wire crawls and they will certainly be a great investment thanks to their multifunctional purpose.

  • Great durability
  • Extremely flexible and comfortable
  • Good ventilation
  • Multifunctional use
  • Quite expensive for socks, but you will receive 2 pairs


The Bear Grips 5 mm Shin Guard sleeves are designed for training and to keep your lower legs protected. These socks are designed to be extremely durable and to withstand any potential damage that your legs could possibly sustain. The shin guard is around 5 mm thick and this will be great if you should bump your shin or when performing gym exercises like deadlifts.

Putting on these socks will be the fun part and you will have a small zipper on the side. This zipper will be ideal for putting on the socks quickly without having to pull them up. The added silicone band at the top of the socks will also ensure that they do not slip off and the elastic foot band will give you great comfort when wearing them.

The socks do unfortunately have one downside. These socks are quite heavy and they do lack some ventilation. The socks have been known to allow moisture to build up on the inside and even though it will wick away this moisture, you will still need to deal with it until it is fully wicked away. This could cause some discomfort in the Spartan race.

These are also some of the more expensive socks on our list and they are a little bit more expensive than the average Spartan race socks. We would still recommend them if you will be using them a lot and if you are into working out in the gym.

  • Very durable
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Great fit
  • Protects the shins
  • Lacks good ventilation

4. Drymax Trail Run 1/4 Crew w/ Turndown

If you are looking for a decent lightweight sock, the Drymax trail run ¼ crew w/ turndown socks should be some great socks that you could look into. These socks have been constructed from a very good combination of materials and they are easy to put on thanks to the great elasticity that they provide.

The feature a dual layer moisture elimination system and this will be a great addition for those that tend to sweat a lot. Antimicrobial fibers have also been included and these fibers will help to reduce the amount of odors that you get and the great ventilation will also ensure that your feet never overheat on the inside.

These socks are also quite thick and they will be much better when used in colder condition or in wet weather. We would highly recommend these socks as some of the best that you could invest in when attempting the Spartan race. The socks are a little expensive and you should really be an enthusiastic competitor or an avid sports fanatic to get the best use out of them.

  • Extremely comfortable and durable
  • Good ventilation
  • Great moisture wicking system
  • Will reduce odors
  • Quite warm

5. Injinji Men's Run Midweight Mini-Crew Toesocks

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Injinji men’s run midweight mini crew toe socks. These socks are also extremely durable and they will give you a few years of use when you do look after them. The socks are also quite lightweight and this will be an added bonus. They have decent ankle compression and will also reduce some of the fatigue when running longer distances.

The main selling point is the fact that these shoes include perfectly designed toe section and your feet will be much more comfortable on the inside.

If you do have a large running you, you might even feel like you are running barefoot. The added protective cushioning will help to keep your feet protected and will also add another layer of shock absorption to the shoe.

Like most of these top socks. These socks are extremely expensive and they will be only suited for those who are serious about the Spartan race. We would also highly recommend them as they work quite well in the gym and they will allow the feet to fell more natural inside the shoe.

  • Extremely durable and comfortable
  • Gives your feet more freedom
  • Great cushioning
  • Large design
  • Extremely expensive

Key Features to Consider When Looking for the Best Socks for the Spartan Race or Tough Mudder

The right socks are important and while you can try using a pair of basic socks, you will quickly find out why these more detailed and advanced socks were made. If you are not yet sold on any of the socks we have mentioned on the list, we have designed this buying guide to help you ensure that you will get the best possible value for your money when searching for another pair.

1. Durability

When looking at durability, you will need to look at the materials used in the construction of these socks. Many of them have been constructed from polyester and nylon and this is one of the common materials used for clothing apparel. The durability is really essential and since many of these socks are expensive, you would want your socks to last you for as long as possible.

2. Stretchability

The socks should be able to stretch. This will be much more comfortable than those tight socks that you find on the market today. Spandex or any other elastic material should be included when you are looking at these types of socks. The more the socks are capable of stretching, the more comfortable they will be.

3. Moisture Wicking

The Spartan race does include a lot of muddy pits and sometimes even wet puddles that will build up inside your socks. You will also be sweating from the running. If your socks cannot wick away the moisture, this will become really uncomfortable. You should definitely consider looking at the socks ability to wick away moisture as this will allow you to stay dry whilst running.

4. Thickness

Thick socks can have both pros and cons. They can generally be warm with bad ventilation, but they can also help to provide some added padding and more comfort when you are running. We would recommend that you look for the best combination of these two features when looking for the best Spartan race socks.

These 4 features are crucially important for those looking to get the best possible value for their money when purchasing socks for the Spartan race of Tough Mudder. Many of these socks are also multifunctional and will be great for other activities like training in the gym or jogging as well.

Our Verdict

We hope that you have seen the importance of the right socks in this article and that you now have a better idea of choosing the best socks for Spartan Race, Tough Mudder. We would like to recommend the MudGear brand. Not only are they the cheapest on our list, but they also are specifically designed for races like the Spartan race and Tough Mudder.

Thanks for reading this article and please share your thought on out selection in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorite socks for obstacle courses.

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