Best Squash Racquets reviews

Best Squash Racquets: Improve Your Swing and Accuracy with The Top 5 Squash Racquets

Squash is one of the most played sports by fitness enthusiasts and gyms are also allowing trainers to play a little bit of squash to improve their fitness. Being no stranger to the game, we delighted in the opportunity to review the best squash racquets and the process was hard, but we eventually pulled through and even came out a little more fit on the other side.

While squash definitely requires a lot of skill, you may still be able to outwit your opponent with a great racquet. Since we are not pro players ourselves, we asked a few pros to join us in the attempt to find the ultimate squash racquet so you could easily make a choice and get quality and value for your money.

The racquets that you are about to see have all been recommended and used by pros at certain points in time and even though some may be a little more expensive, you will definitely feel an improvement in your game. You may even be able to challenge the gym pro for a game or two, depending on your fitness.

With that being said, let’s look at what the pros consider the best racquets in squash.

Top 5 Best Squash Racquets Reviews 2019

1. Beginner Squash Starter Set

When we started out on this endeavor, one of the professional players recommended that we give this set a go.

We took the advice and bought the set to try out our luck in the game of squash and even though the racquets did not match some of the more professional racquets, we were still able to get value for our money.

The racquet is made by Dunlop and in the racquet industry; they have been known to create the best racquets for beginners.

While this is not only a racquet but an entire set, you will be able to save a lot of money and still improve your game in an affordable way. We loved the glasses that you receive and these are made from high-quality materials. You will be able to use these until you go pro.

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The full racquet case that has been included will ensure that your racquet is protected from damage as you are traveling and the balls are the exact same as the balls that the professionals use. We kept the balls to play with on the advanced racquets as well and the professionals were also impressed by the quality.

We noticed that the grip was not as soft as the other racquets; this was some place for concern as the racquet became a little slippery after a few games and you will need to wipe the handle bar after each game.

The racquet has also been factory strung and we felt extremely confident with the distance that we were reaching with every shot. This racquet is definitely highly recommended for beginners to ensure that you have a great starting platform in your career.

  • Extremely affordable for casual players and beginners
  • High-quality glasses and professional playing balls have been added
  • A strong and sturdy racquet that is still lightweight
  • The grip may become slippery, but this may not impact everyone

2. Dunlop Squash Court Pack

After just looking at this set, we decided to see if the quality was just as perfect as the design. The racquet might come across to be a little more expensive than the other beginner racquets.

The frame was slightly lighter and the stringing looked more professional than the other one. The interface was smaller, but since we play a lot, this didn't bother us that much and we were able to find the sweet spot more often than not.

But the entire set is full of value and the bag has been perfectly made to ensure that you have quality. With this set, you will also receive a professional pair of playing glasses that fit like a dream and the balls are also extremely high-quality.

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Our favorite part of the set was the racquet and the durability that accompanies the style. The racquet is extremely light and when fatigue started to take its toll, we were able to rely on this to keep going and still play perfect shots.

The grip has definitely been improved and it feels softer. This may cause a sticky feeling, but at least you will be able to make every shot without the fear of the racquet ever slipping from your hands.

We highly recommend the entire set to beginners, but even intermediate players will find that the racquet is perfect and will last you for a long time.

This will be great for beginners to try the sport out with and the racquet features will ensure that you decrease the time and improve the training curve to become a pro player in no time.

  • High-quality set with everything you need to start with
  • Durable racquet that allows you to play wall shots with confidence
  • Stylish design and bag to make you feel like a pro player
  • Might be a little expensive for casual player to buy

3. HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet

Featuring a larger interface and more stylish design, we set out to see what the professionals play with and to our amazement; you can definitely feel the difference in all aspects of the game.

This racquet features and extraordinary large interface, while still keeping a larger than normal sweet spot to ensure that every shot is perfect.

The grip that we had on the racquet was the standard from the developers and it made a huge difference. The racquet may be more expensive, but it will never slip from your hands or cause that irritating sticky feeling that may occur on some of the softer handles.

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As for the design, it is extremely stylish and full of quality to ensure that you look professional. The lightweight frame helped us to stay competitive for longer against the pro players, but once one of them had a go, you could really see how swiftly and easy it is to play with this racquet.

While Head is one of the best brands on the market in most sports that use racquets, you can be sure that this will be money well spent. The racquet is definitely recommended for more serious players and you will able to take your game to the next level with this racquet.

We highly recommend the Head Nano Ti racquet for more professional players and intermediate players looking to make that break through to the pros.

  • Larger interface to ensure quality shots
  • Larger Sweet spot to ensure better shots
  • Stylish design for a professional look
  • New and enhanced grip feature
  • Might be expensive for casual players

4. Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 Squash Racquet

With this racquet, we were thrown into the deep end and since it is considered to be one of the top racquets, we thought that we would easily be able to improve our game and so we did.

The racquet was very light compared to most of the beginner racquets and you may not even think that the racquet is capable of hitting a small squash ball at first.

This graphite and basaltex constructed racquet was able to improve the speed at which we were able to swing through during the shots and the frame took a few knocks on the court, but it held up perfectly while a beginner was swinging the racquet.

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After letting the pros have a go at it, we managed to see the difference in the style of game that is associated with this lightweight racquet. The player could also freely swing through with every stroke and not stress about the weight when fatigue started to set in.

After watching the pros, we went head to head with one of them and we both agreed that the grip may get a little sticky at times, but this will only enhance your playing style as you will never need to worry about the racquet ever slipping from your hands.

Finally, we tested the distance that could be achieved by hitting a still squash ball from the hand and it made a huge difference. The racquet has been strung in a factory and then balanced to ensure that by the time you receive the product, it is perfect for you in every way and for every type of game that you play.

  • Extremely lightweight design and structure
  • Durable for scraping and wall shots
  • Perfectly balanced to ensure a larger sweet spot
  • Grip may become sticky after prolonged playing time

5. Head Microgel CT 135 Corrugated Squash Racquet

We decided to move on to a less sophisticated racquet and made especially for beginners, so we turn to the Head brand once again.

This racquet has been designed to allow beginners that chance to explore the game and the frame is brilliantly made to be light, yet still strong enough to allow those quality strokes

The racquet has been strung in a factory and this provides a near perfect look and feel for anyone looking to try out the game.

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We especially decided to give this racquet a try because it is so extremely affordable, but the quality exceeded the price and we were playing with the ultimate freedom.

The head size of the racquet is also a little larger, this may decrease the overall sweet spot, but we were at least able to hit every ball and after a few scraping shots, the handle was still perfectly intact and aside from a few scratches on the frame, it did not bend or break.

Therefore, we highly recommend this racquet for beginners to intermediate players. The racquet should provide you with a steady learning curve and you might even use the racquet until you become a pro. The price of the racquet is very reasonable and the quality will ensure that every stroke is perfect.

  • Durable frame that will allow you to play those scraping wall shot
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players to start learning the game
  • Bigger interface to allow you to hit every single ball
  • Lack of sweet spot may hinder you from playing those winning shots
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