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Top 5 Best Tap Shoes 2019: The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best

Not all tap shoes are the same. Some are always better than the others. That said, it is crucial for you to choose the best tap shoes as this will be the first and crucial step to developing your skills as a dancer.

Make sure to look for the right pair that perfectly matches your musicality and physicality.

Tap Shoes Buyer's Guide

Benefits of Tap Dance

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Before moving on to finding the ideal tap shoes for you, it is crucial to first learn why you should consider learning tap dance and including them in your routines.

Tones your legs and muscles – You can even use the activity to boost your muscular strength particularly in your calves, quads, and thighs.

Helps you lose weight – Note that tap dance involves excessive high-impact movements. That said, you can expect a 15-minute session to be enough to burn calories.

Relieves stress – Tap dance is a good way to relieve stress as you create music using your shoes and feet only.

Fun to do – It does not have strict guidelines on posture and form, unlike ballet. In fact, you can think of it as a casual dance with lots of fun and excitement.

Improves cardiovascular health – It is a good exercise for your cardiovascular system provided you perform it at a high intensity within a 15-30 minute duration. It works out both your lungs and heart, promoting more efficient functioning.

How to Choose the Best Tap Shoes?

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Now on to the basics of choosing the best pair of tap shoes for you. Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind during the selection process:

Type – You can find lots of varieties for tap shoes at present – the most common are the flat and the heeled tap shoes. The flat variety is usually available in Mary Jane or Oxford styles and usually has around 1-inch wide heel.

Heeled shoes, on the other hand, feature a narrow heel – ranging from 1-5 inches based on your needs. Oxford style usually produces louder and deeper sounds, and you can expect it to be more articulate for quick tapping. Heeled ones promote cleaner leg lines and lighter sounds.

best tap shoes for women

Material – Tap shoes are constructed out of different materials – the most common are leather. Pick one, which you think is highly durable enough, so you can take advantage of it for a long time.

Comfort – Choose a shoe with a snug fit. Note that incorrect fit may only compromise the sound quality and style it produces. Furthermore, it should be comfortable enough to wear.

Is it customizable? – Another factor is whether or not you can customize it. You can actually find tap shoes that you can customize based on your preferred accents, patterns, and colors, making it more fun to use.

Top 5 Best Tap Shoes 2019

1. Capezio Jr.Tyette N625C Tap Shoe

These are tap shoes offered by Capezio that work ideally for toddlers and women. If you’re looking for the best tap shoes for toddlers, the Capezio Toddler/Little Kid Jr.Tyette N625C is a good choice as it is made of synthetic and comfortable material.

It has a synthetic sole and has a 1-inch heel. Also, it is perfect for toddlers with its glossy finish and ribbon tie closure. The good thing about this pair of shoe is that it fits snugly and offers the right level of comfort and support – thanks to its light toe box and solid heel counter.

The footbed padded with foam is also an advantage. For women, the Capezio Women's N625 Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe is also a great choice for them. Just like the one for toddlers, this version is made of a synthetic sole.

Added features are its low, thick heel, a padded collar designed to provide the right amount of support and comfort, and soft microfiber linings. You will also notice the grosgrain ribbon ties at the front.

With the sole patch made of rubber integrated into the shoe, moving steadily is also possible. Another remarkable feature of this footwear is the flexible outsole, which comes with the right amount of traction.

  • Well-constructed and produces high-quality taps
  • Good traction and comfortable
  • Offers the right level of support
  • Has flexible outsole
  • Holds the foot in place without the risk of slipping
  • A bit narrow

2. Capezio 3800 Mary Jane Tap Shoe

This is another tap shoe model from Capezio with versions for both little kids and women. The one for kids is mainly made of leather and features a rubber sole. Its heel measures around one inch, which is already enough to give kids utmost comfort.

Another feature is the micro rubber outsole designed to improve the flexibility and strength of the shoe. You can also expect it to absorb possible effects of exposure to shock while also making you feel comfortable with its foam insole.

It has a non-slip counter, making it safe to use for kids. The adjustable Mary Jane strap also makes it possible to secure the right fit. Furthermore, the micro rubber heel perfectly matches the color of the shoes.

The tap shoe for women, on the other hand, features a patent PU or leather upper. It has minimal toe spring plus pre-attached tele-tone, as well as heel taps that are mounted on the fiberboard.

With its micro rubber outsole, you can expect the shoe to be both sturdy and flexible. It features a hung and sock lining made of cotton, adding more comfort.

  • Has great and well-constructed Velcro straps
  • More durable than the other brands
  • Has a comfortable fit
  • Works great for tap dancing
  • Easy to slip on
  • Genuine leather
  • Some problems with sizing

3. Bloch Dance Annie Tyette Tap Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid) - Editor's Choice

Block Dance Annie Tyette Tap Shoe is another of the best tap shoes for little kids. With its Techno heel and toe taps, you can expect it to offer the best sound and traction.

Also, it features a rubber sole and faux leather upper. It features an elastic tie closure, which you can easily adjust to lessen tension, especially on the instep. You are assured that your kids will love using it as they can tap as much as they want with the padded insole, which has excellent shock absorption.

The padded footbed of the shoe can also make your toddler feel extremely comfortable. It has an elastic feature designed to attach two side straps providing a more secure fit.

You can also thread the ribbon, which you can find behind the elastic, to ensure quick changes. With its soft Kashmir lining, you are also assured of a higher comfort level as it reduces moisture.

The lining at the back part of the footwear does not come with seam lines. You’ll also notice that it features an additional piece of leather. This is mainly designed to make the heel more secure while also reducing the risk of rubbing.

  • Nice and well-designed shoes
  • Ideal tap shoes with or without the laces
  • Features a snap closure plus nice ribbon ties
  • Safe and comfortable enough for toddlers
  • Sturdy
  • Size is a bit small and narrow

4. Capezio Women's CG17 Fluid Tap Shoe - Best Bang for the Buck

Capezio’s CG17 fluid tap shoe for women provides the right balance between quality and value. One remarkable feature of the shoe is its flexible suede outsole, which comes with a light Texon board shank. This further improves the flexibility of the shoe and its ability to offer the right support.

It features a padded collar plus folded edges that further increase its ability to offer comfort to users. Also, it has a manmade outsole, which promotes long-lasting traction.

This is an ideal option for you, especially if you’re still a beginner in tap dance who want to take a hold of the most comfortable pair of shoes. Moreover, you will notice the textured grip pad integrated into the sole.

It also comes with a lace-up design, promoting a more customizable fit. If you are worried about moisture, then rest assured that this shoe can take care of that with its microfiber lining, which has high moisture absorbance capability.

Other features that you will find useful in this tap shoe is its leather and synthetic sole, as well as its stacked heel.

  • Comfortable as the shoe perfectly molds to your feet
  • Allows you to move with ease
  • Produces good and strong tap sounds
  • Highly flexible
  • Reasonable price
  • Does not work that well for those with wide feet

5. Bloch Women's Tap-Flex Tap Shoe - Best of the Best

This women’s tap shoe from Block can be described as a full-leather, split-sole footwear, which makes use of the sling technique exclusive to the company. This technique makes it possible for the footwear to bend in a single direction while resisting the other.

It can reduce moisture with its wick away lining and makes you feel comfortable as it has a heel notch, which minimizes pressure on your Achilles.

Also, it features a lace-up style, making it ideal for tap dancers – whether beginners or professionals.

The sole is made of leather. Also, it features a leather stacked heel, making it sturdier and more durable. With its shockwave tap plates, moving and performing any dance moves with ease is possible.

It can produce resonating tap sounds with the help of its stacked leather heels, soundboards, and screw-on alloy taps. There is also an elastic, which can securely hold your feet while you’re doing your movements. It is comfortable as it is a slip-on, which perfectly fits your form.

  • Soft leather upper, making it more comfortable and flexible
  • Provides the right support
  • Nice short laces
  • Comfortable insole
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Edge of the support tends to cause a bit of friction but you can deal with that by wearing a pair of socks.
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Tap dance is one of the most beneficial forms of dancing, especially if you’re after improving your health and fitness. However, you also need to look for the right pair of tap shoes to maximize its benefits.

Fortunately, you have finally learned about everything you have to learn about finding the best tap shoes for tap dancing with the aid of this article.

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