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Top 5 Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews: Get Your Training Up to The Right Standard and Make That Leap to The Professional Level 2018 – 2019

Training is something which many people overlook and thus it can become hard to compete at the higher levels of the sport. The sport of tennis is highly competitive and many people want to become professional players, but only some are willing to put the time in to make this dream a reality.

We have been on the search to find the best tennis ball machine that will not only help you to focus more, but it will also improve the general playing style and even help you to master the correct swing. With a tennis ball machine, you will be able to improve the strokes that you play and even increase the level of your own skill.

We were able to test out these tennis ball machines and see how they compare to playing another player and if they can really improve the overall level on tennis which an individual plays. The results were astonishing and we decided that it is imperative to advise any tennis enthusiast to make this investment as it is considered to be a long-term investment for you future.

Before we dive into the reviews of the top 5 best tennis ball machines, we need to look at a few key features that make tennis ball machines better than playing against another player and why it will be a quality decision and great investment to buy one of these machines.

Key Features to Take Note of Before Buying The Best Tennis Ball Machine

While tennis is already an expensive sport, it might not be easy for everyone to dole out a few extra dollars to buy a new and improved tennis ball machine, but we understand this and we have decided on a few necessary features that will definitely improve your game and take you to a higher level in the sport.

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1. Size

Since a tennis ball machine has been essentially designed to allow one player to train on their own, it is very important to take not of the size as this will play a very important role when it comes to moving and positioning the machine. Having a smaller machine might give you a little less power, but it will also make the moving and positioning process easier.

2. Power

Many of these machines are battery powered and this could become costly in the long term. We recommend the AC powered machines as they are constantly powered and you will get the same type of power with every ball that is released and thus you will be able to increase the overall consistency

3. Elevation

A lot of tennis ball machines are limited in the amount of elevation which they provide. It is important to take note of the elevation feature and to ensure that the tennis ball machine is perfectly capable of delivering balls that are on your level and that it has the ability to simulate different surface types.

4. Oscillation

This refers to the tennis ball machines ability to feed balls in different directions and thus you will not need to play the same shot the entire time. The oscillation will also allow you to simulate your very own game and you will be able to gain valuable game time and experience.

5. Feed Rate

As you become better, it will become easier to play the balls from the machine and thus you will need to invest in a machine which is capable of delivering the balls much faster and with more accuracy. This will increase your overall game, but the best thing is that it will increase your fitness as well.

These 5 features should definitely be taken into account if you plan on investing in a tennis ball machine. If your machine is multifunctional enough to incorporate all of these features, you can be sure that your overall game will definitely improve and you will become a better player.

With that being said, let’s have a look at some of the top tennis ball machines currently available:

Top 5 Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews 2019

1. Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster sports elite liberty tennis ball machine is exactly what the name says it is and it looks entirely like a lobster when you look at it. We were able to try out this machine and to try and get a feel of how this machine could possibly improve our overall game.

The machine will offer you the ability to carry up to 150 tennis balls to try and improve your game and also try and improve your fitness. During our playing session, we did not even manage to hit all of the balls and we believe that it could become much harder as you begin to tire.

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The overall speeds at which the machine will dispense the tennis balls range from 60-80 mph and this is about a little more than the average speed at which most intermediate players will stroke the ball before they get tired.

The tennis ball machine will also deliver different spin shots and they have the capacity to spin anywhere from 0-50 degrees. This will be great for intermediate players to quickly up their game and to learn some of the fundamentals that do come with playing spin shots.

There are a few optional accessories, which should make life a little easier for you and help improve your game. One such accessory is the remote control with multiple functions and with this remote control you will only need to go to the machine once it needs to be refilled.

We highly recommend this tennis ball machine for beginner and intermediate players and you can be sure that you skill level will improve.

  • Will definitely help improve your general play
  • Great for beginner and intermediate players
  • Will also help players learn and improve spin shots
  • Gnarly design
  • The remote control is not included

2. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine with Phone Remote Supported

We were intrigued by all the features of this wonderful tennis ball machine and all of the features that it offered us and we believe that this machine will definitely make a huge difference to your tennis game.

The machine is powered by a strong and long lasting 12-volt battery which can simply be charged once it has been depleted. The biggest feature for us was the ability to program the machine and to create your very own custom drills.

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Because we are not really as fit as most tennis players we were even able to program the machine to deliver balls on the same line every time. This will be great for beginner players that need to improve their shots and to help learn the correct swing.

The programming feature goes even deeper and you will be able to improve almost every aspect of your game. We tried the spin feature, but it was devastating and in the end, we lost to a machine by a big margin. For intermediate players, this could just be the extra home coach that you need to help propel you to the next level.

Finally, you will have full control over the oscillation and to make it more difficult you will also be able to set the machine to random and then you will be able to simulate your very own tennis match. Even some professional players still resort to tennis ball machines in their spare time to hone and improve their skills.

  • Extremely multifunctional
  • Easy to program and set up your own drills
  • Full control over the oscillation
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players
  • The machine is quite expensive but definitely worth the investment

3. SPINSHOT-PLUS TENNIS BALL MACHINE with Phone Remote Supported

Another great design by the Spinshot Company and it features most of the same features as its bigger brother. You will also be able to control every aspect of the machine via remote control and this could be a great addition to newer and unfit players like us.

The spinning capabilities on this machine are enormous and players will have the opportunity to learn their spin shots more easily, while also improving the overall swing.

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The machine is also quite expensive, but we believe that it will be a great investment into your tennis future and most professional players also highly recommend this machine for beginners and intermediate players.

The machine will allow you to pre-set your own drills and thus you will be able to be your own coach. There are also professionally designed drills already pre-programmed into the hard drive of the machine and when we tested these out, we were simply blown away at the level of skill which they learn to beginners.

We highly recommend this to beginners and even intermediate players. Do not let the price discourage you as you will be able to get a lot of multifunctional use from the machine and have the ability to improve your overall game. This could be the difference between winning and losing a tournament.

  • Easy to set up and program
  • Simulates full tennis games
  • Full control over oscillation and elevation
  • Might be a little too expensive for players not yet serious

4. Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine

If you are looking for an ugly but effective and really affordable tennis ball machine, this one might be perfect for you.

The machine is fully packed will all of the feature needed to propel you to the bigger leagues and you will be able to adjust the speed at which these balls are delivered quite easily.

The range is between 20 and 80 mph and we really had to go for the lower settings to allow us to win the machine.

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The machine is capable of carrying and dispensing 150 tennis balls and you will be able to change the oscillation of the deliveries. This will be great for the more advanced player and when you add the fact that you can adjust the elevation as well, you will be able to fully simulate a tennis game.

We didn’t make the full tennis game and we tired out pretty quickly, but more advanced and fitter players will be able to increase their game.

The tennis ball machine is not really attractive to the eye, but it definitely serves its purpose of helping players to improve their general game and you will be able to choose a spin setting which is anywhere between 0-50 degrees.

We highly recommend this as an affordable alternative to the SpinShot tennis ball machines and you will still be able to get multifunctional use out of it. It is also worth mentioning that the remote is not included.

  • Great for multifunctional use
  • Designed to help improve the learning curve of beginners
  • Full control over the elevation and oscillation
  • Great affordable alternative to the more advanced machines
  • Displeasing to the eye

5. Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Another great tennis ball machine which looks like a lobster, but is little more improved than the previous versions.

The tennis ball machine will give you the ability to simulate a full tennis game and the fact that it can hold up to 150 tennis balls will mean that you could play multiple games and even doubles.

The machine has the ability to feed the tennis balls anywhere between 2 and 10 seconds apart and this will be great for beginners as well as intermediate players.

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Professionals could also use the machine in their spare time to improve and to hone their skills and with an 80 mph top speed, we were shredded by this machine.

The machine can easily be transported from location to location and the battery will give you a full day’s worth of play. The battery life on the court is estimated to be between 4 and 8 hours. Once again you will need to pay extra for the remote, but once you have made this investment, you will never look back.

We highly recommend this tennis ball machine to all tennis players and we believe that it will definitely help improve multiple aspects of your game.

  • Extremely multifunctional
  • Full control over every aspect of the machine
  • Great for playing doubles and simulating full tennis games
  • Beginners might settle for a less expensive machine at first
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