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Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners 2018 – 2019: Start your Journey in Tennis on the Right Track

Wherever you go, you will see that it is extremely easy to get misled when looking for tennis racquets. As a beginner, you will need a racquet that helps you enjoy the sport and takes a lot of the frustration out of mistakes.

We have been scouring all over the place to find the best tennis racquet for beginners. These racquets will help improve the general game of any individual to the extent that they can make that easy leap to the intermediate level. We have tested these racquets and found them to be highly durable and perfect for beginners to take some of the frustration out of the learning process.

So let’s take a look at the top beginner’s tennis racquets that are mostly affordable and you will see the difference between these racquets and some of the more common racquets on the market.

Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners 2017

1. Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket

The first racquet on our list has been dedicated to one of the best tennis players in modern time. The company behind the racquet has also been known for supporting up and coming players to make them more a part of the game and to improve the learning curve at a much faster rate.

We decided to give this racquet ago, to see if the quality really is that great and to be honest, it is amazing.

The arch technology in the racquet immediately made a huge difference and we were able to greatly increase the control of every shot. This will be beneficial to beginners as they try and improve the general swing and style of their play.

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The improve Wilson perforated grip feature has always been great for providing a cool feeling when the sweat starts to set in. This gripping feature is unique and you will find that there are fewer instances where the racquet slips from your hands.

This is great for prolonged play and will also add to the capabilities of playing for longer periods at a time. We were able to play until we were tired and the racquet would still be great and comfortable to hold.

Aside from the stronger stringing technology, you will also receive the built-in shock pads. These will greatly reduce the stress that is placed in your hands with every shot and thus you will have more control over every shot.

When we discovered this and improved the swing, the power stringing feature, greatly improved our finishing shots and serves. This led to more aces with each game.

We highly recommend this for beginners. Not only is the racquet really affordable, but the incorporated technology makes all the difference. This racquet is great for improving your general learning curve and getting you ready for intermediate play.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Power strung to play stronger shots
  • Great for improving control with the added shock pads
  • Improved perforated gripping feature for prolonged play
  • Newcomers might be overwhelmed with all of the features

2. Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

Featuring one of the most stylish design structures, this racquet will definitely be very attractive to any beginner in the sport.

The 115 square inch interface is perfect for most adult players and we were able to improve the rate at which we made contact with the ball. This is hugely advantageous for beginners and will eliminate a lot of the frustration that is associated with learning.

The racquet only weighs 8 pounds and has been factory strung to give you the perfect opportunity to smash the ball as hard as you like.

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The stringing is not that advanced and this will be beneficial for beginners that are training and trying to set up different shots. Even some of the professional players could use this racquet as a disposable training racquet to get used to different surfaces and experience the general feel of the environment before tournaments.

The materials used in the composition of the racquet are highly recommended by most tennis racquet manufacturers. The titanium frame is strong and still lightweight. This will be great when fatigue start setting in and we were amazed by the amount of punishment the racquet could withstand.

As the racquet fell, the only thing that really needed fixing was the paint and the style was a little damaged, but other than that, the durability of the racquet is immense and you should be able to get multiple years’ worth of training out of the racquet. When you start moving up to intermediate, you will still be able to keep this racquet for casual play.

We highly recommend this racquet for beginners and we think that the style will be perfect for every player. The added Head bag will be great for keeping the racquet safe and away from common everyday wear and tear. This is a great racquet for training and for beginners.

  • Extremely affordable and durable
  • Great for learning the game
  • Perfect for multiple years’ worth of training
  • Factory strung to ensure quality
  • Not much improvement has been made to the gripping feature

3. Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet

With high expectations, we attempted to play a few games with the Wilson Energy racquet. The racquet is quite unique and we were able to hit the ball more often than not.

Since we are not really professional players, this racquet was great for improving the general learning curve and style. The bigger interface is great for newcomers to test out the sport without feeling like a complete idiot.

The gripping feature on the racquet is quite plain and it does protect your hands from slipping to a certain extent. The slipping might come as a result of fatigue as well. 

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But you can rest assured that the durability level on the racquet is quite high and you will be able to use this racquet for multiple years and even as a training racquet as you get better.

The stop shock technology that has been incorporated in the racquet has made a fundamental difference in our playing style. This feature will give you more control over every shot and you will be able to play those spinning and shorter shots with much more freedom. The racquet is also very lightweight and this will benefit individuals that are just getting into the game.

We highly recommend this for beginners or casual players. The racquets are all unique and they have a sense of style about them that will definitely give you confidence in your game. The racquet is durable, but you might need to invest in your very own bag for the racquet as it doesn’t come with its own.

  • Durable and affordable design
  • Stop shock technology to enhance control
  • Larger interface to help introduce newcomers to the game
  • You will need to invest in your own carry bag

4. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

The Wilson Tour Slam tennis racquet was unique in the sense that the main material used in the construction of the frame is aluminum. This material has been well-known for being durable and definitely light enough to give you a perfectly balanced tennis racquet.

This racquet helped us play a more consistent and less tiring game and because we like aluminum and trust it, the racquet definitely raised our overall confidence.

Beginners might be overwhelmed with the technology incorporated to the racquet, but this will be very beneficial in getting better.

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The volcanic frame technology is great for improving the general control of every shot and when this is combined with the stop shock technology, you will increase your control over shots to higher levels.

The racquet has also been power strung in the factory to make it more durable and you will be assured of the perfect quality. We enjoyed every moment testing out the racquet and the Wilson brand has been known for helping younger tennis players with affordable equipment that helps them get to the pro levels faster.

We believe that any beginner will need this racquet to improve their overall play and we think that this really is a lifelong investment in your tennis future. The racquet can also serve as a great training racquet for intermediate players and this will even improve the control in the games of intermediate players.

  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Stop shock technology to improve control
  • Volcanic frame technology that will also improve control
  • Will be a great training racquet
  • Multitude of features might be overwhelming to newcomers

5. Wilson US Open Adult Strung Tennis Racket

The Wilson US Open racquet is one of the cheaper racquets on our list and it features a lot of the standard features that have been incorporated by the Wilson Company. The racquet features a graphite infused construction that looks great and will also provide a lot of durability.

The double hole technology is something that really helped us against some of the better players and we were able to get more power behind every shot.

Beginners should enjoy this feature as it will give them greater distances on their shots, thus improving the overall gameplay.

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Beginners will also be able to use the arch 2 technology. This is a new and improved version of the arch 1 and it will also improve the overall stability and control over the shots. Beginners will really enjoy this as it will allow them to progress to playing more professional shot types in no time. This will help with the arch and rate of improvement.

We really like the price on the racquet and therefore, we believe it will be great for beginners to improve their overall game at an affordable rate. The racquet can also be used as a training racquet, but once you advance your skills, you will need to improve your racquet

  • Great for newcomers and casual players
  • One of the cheapest racquets that is packed with features
  • Arch 2 technology to improve stability and control
  • The racquet will need to be upgraded as you become better
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