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Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets: Improve Your Chances of Becoming A Pro

Tennis is a wonderful game that is adored by many and so few actually understand how crucial the best tennis racquet is. When you observe some of the professional players, you will notice how calm are and the confidence they exert with every swing.

We were fortunate enough to watch the Rolland Garros and we were able to observe some of the top tennis racquets on display. Seeing the pros in action gave us the thought of checking out the best tennis racquets available on the market. The racquets used by the pro players have all been custom designed and they will cost you a fortune to buy these.

We were given the opportunity to play a few games of tennis in the subsequent months and we made a habit of using a different racquet each time to check out some of the quality features that each racquet has to offer. The top 5 racquets that we have chosen were the best in their respective categories and we were able to progress our game much better using these.

It is worth noting that these racquets have all been recommended by professional and semi-professional players and you will be able to improve your game using any of them. One of them has been specifically designed to help children improve their game as well.

With that being said, let’s look at the top tennis racquets to help you improve your swing:

Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet Reviews 2019

1. Tennis Rackets for Kids by Street Tennis Club

When it comes to tennis racquets, the right size certainly does matter and for children, this is truer than any other player. Should your child be a fan of Nadal or even Federer, this racquet will give them the added edge over their opposition.

The racquet is available in multiple sizes and your child will have the opportunity to pick that perfect size racquet. Studies have shown that by using the correct racquet size, your child will be twice as likely to make contact with the ball and even the professional players agree on this.

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The racquet has been perfectly balanced to ensure that your child develops the right swing. Heavier racquets might give them a tendency to under swing and this could take years to correct and set your child back when they enter the older leagues.

The grip on the racquet was near perfect for any child and we had a few swings with the racquet. Even though we had some trouble with the size as we are adults, we were able to improve our swing to match most beginners that have had at least one year’s training. The grip did not slip at any point nor did it become sticky.

Children will also receive a free online video game that will help improve their level of game play and this racquet could help persuade your child to choose tennis a sport of choice. We highly recommend this for children to get started on the right track.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Perfect for developmental youngsters
  • Perfectly balanced for the right form
  • Non-slip gripping feature for a quality experience
  • Available in multiple sizes to ensure that your child has a matching size
  • The style of the design might not be everybody’s cup of tea

2. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Once your child becomes older, they will certainly be much better and this means an upgrade in the racquet is required. The Wilson Company has been long known to support the younger generation of tennis stars and with this racquet, they seem to achieve that quite easily.

The racquet has been made from top grade aluminum to ensure that your child has a great playing experience and that the racquet never fails on you. The racquet has also been factory strung and we compared the stringing to some of the more professional racquets and it was nearly identical.

This means that you will be able to hit better shots from bad situations and the large interface is perfect for younger players at under 10 level.

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We had the opportunity to hit a few balls with the racquet and the results were quite impeccable. The racquet seems to take a lot of punishment and the grip will never let you down when you start to sweat. We were able to have some of the more experienced players try out these racquets and they were impressed.

The interface of the racquet measures 19 inches and this will be perfect for any junior player. We were able to enjoy the racquet even thought it was a little smaller, but the effects it will have on the swing of younger players will be extremely advantageous as they progress to the bigger leagues.

The racquet is highly recommended for under 10 players and since it is very affordable, we believe that you can consider this racquet to be a lifelong investment for all of your children.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Factory strung that matches the pro racquets
  • Medium interface size that is great for under 10 players
  • Great for improving your swing at a younger age
  • The racquet might be a little heavy for smaller players

3. Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket

We had the opportunity to try this racquet and since it has the name of Roger Federer on it, we believed that it will be high quality. The racquet certainly did not disappoint in terms of quality of the ability to improve your swing.

The interface has been stylishly designed to ensure that you play with style and that you have more confidence in your racquet as people will start to envy the racquet.

The perforated gripping feature will add a whole new dimension to your game. Once your hands start to sweat, the cooling features activate.

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This feature ensured that our hands did not become sticky and that we had comfort to play with. Never once did the racquet slip from our hands.

We were able to outplay one another easily from the serve with the added power string technology that has been incorporated in the interface. This will allow you to swing more freely and you will get that perfect ace shot. You only need to focus on the direction.

Furthermore, you will be able to use the shock absorbent pads in the frame of the racquet. This will reduce the vibration felt in every shot and we as untrained players were able to get more control over every shot. This will allow beginners to experiment with game winning shots without losing control.

We highly recommend this for beginner players and we believe that any beginner should at least try this racquet once.

  • Made from durable and high-quality materials
  • Great for developing a great swing
  • Shock pad will give you more control over every shot
  • Perforated grip will ensure your hands do not retain sweat and slip from the handle
  • The racquet is only available in one size, but you can ask them to customize it

4. Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

Head is known as one of the leaders in all racquet sports and they have certainly excelled in creating this racquet for beginners.

We picked up the racquet with a lot of hope that it will deliver more quality that the others that we have tested and it was perfectly on par with all of them.

The racquet excelled in terms of the length of the frame and this made it much easier for us to reach those difficult shots once we started to tire. The frame is made from durable materials and even though we had it slip a few times, it didn’t even break or sustain any damage.

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The racquet is also quite heavier than the other racquets on the list and we had to get used to the feel of the heavier frame. But this actually worked in our favor. Since the racquet has been perfectly strung in the factory, we were able to use this weight to our advantage and play longer shots. The weight also helped us get out of trouble more often against some of the most professional players.

We highly recommend this racquet for beginner players. The heavier weight might be something to get used to, but once you adapt to the weight limit, you will be playing more comfortably and increasing your overall style.

  • Heavier frame for better distance
  • Factory strung to allow you more durability and quality
  • Made from durable titanium and graphite
  • Extremely affordable
  • Might be heavy for smaller players

5. Head Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet

Finally, we were able to play with one of the advanced racquets used to usher intermediate players into the pros.

The racquet has been constructed using Head’s patented sweet spot technology. This greatly improve the distance that we managed from every shot and when your positioning is right, nearly every shot seems to perfect.

The No Shox damping system on the frame has proved to reduce the vibration by 27%. With this advantage, we were able to have better control over every shot and the entire seemed to be more flawless.

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This will be great for more advanced players that understand the game better and needs to play those technically advanced spin shots to win.

The head size of the racquet is quite large compared to other racquet and this will increase the number of times you hit the ball. We really enjoyed playing with the 112-inch interface and even though we are not even close to the intermediate level, we were able to greatly increase our game.

This racquet is highly recommended by top players and is considered to be a great stepping stone for entering the professional leagues. Most top players have also suggested this racquet as their choice for intermediates and we believe it will be a lifelong investment for you to progress swiftly.

  • Durable and high-quality design
  • Perfect shock absorption technology to play more freely and with added control
  • Larger head size to ensure that you make every shot
  • Great investment over the long run
  • We could not find any real cons that are worth mentioning and we believe you will have a great playing experience

Key Features to Look for When Investing in A Quality Tennis Racquet

You might have noticed during the reviewing process, that not all of these racquets are the same and that the differences will not only impact your wallet, but it will also impact your performance.

We believe that these are the top features to look for in a tennis racquet and you will be able to improve your gameplay, while also saving some money when you invest in these features

Best tennis racquet feature

1. Size

First and foremost we need to have a look at size. Size will have a huge impact on your gameplay and having a perfect size racquet, will allow you to play better shots that you are more comfortable with. For beginners, we recommend the large sizes as this will allow them to get into the game

2. Weight

The weight needs to be perfect and match your playing style. Players that tend to speed up the game will need a lighter racquet to ensure that you can move around much more fluently. The stronger players will need heavier racquets to finish off their opponent before the game has been sped up

3. Stringing

The stringing feature on the racquet is vital. This will determine the sweet spot size and this, in turn, will ensure that you play better strokes on every shot. Your connections with the ball will be more fluent and you will have a greater chance of playing that winning stroke

4. Materials

This will all come down to personal preference, but the material will largely impact the weight. We recommend titanium and graphite as it provides the perfect balance between strength and speed play. Most of these racquets are also available in a multitude of colors and styles

Best Tennis Racquets Mens

Final Thoughts

Tennis is a sport that could potentially make you famous and you could even earn a substantial income from the sport. We recommend looking very hard and deep for the best tennis racquet and to make sure that it perfectly matches your style of play.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would also like to encourage you to pick one of these high-quality racquets when you step on the tennis court. These racquets have all been quality tested and you can be sure that you will be getting value for your money

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