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Best Tree Climbing Boots Reviews

Falling from a tree that you are climbing is one of the worst experiences you will like to experience if you are a tree climber. We all need to have a safe situation; various individuals have had various injuries due to wrong and uncomfortable tree climbing boots.

Before the invention of climbing boots, we used to hang around the tree while climbing. But was this safe or professional? The answer is no. when it comes to professionalism, tree climbing, safety is paramount.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, you need to have the best tree climbing boots. There are so many tree climbing boots that are on the market. The best climbing boot is that reduces all discomfort that you may experience as you climb your tree.

It should keep your feet safe and supported as you stirrup your tree. They also reduce fatigue, provide comfort and protect you. In this article, we have highlighted the best ten tree climbing tools available in the market. Reading this article, you will be assured of total leg safety and comfort. The boots include

Our Favorite Tree Climbing Boots

The Top 10 Best Tree Climbing Boots

1. Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot

Georgia mens Men's 8' Loggers G7313 industrial and construction boots,...

Do you need a stylish pair of tree climbing boots with a rubber sole? If your answer is yes, you need to try Georgia Loggers work boots. The boots are well designed and made of water-resistance leather that is strong to grip, and you can wear them for a long period.

They also have a cool logo from the look of the tongue. The boot’s outsole is durable and provides good ankle support making it flexible for use. The laces appear to lock tightly and prevent water from penetrating onto the boot.

The boot also comes with well-outfitted rubber bottoms that make it flexible. The boot comes in two distinct colors that you can choose from. The leg safety you need not worry about with the boot has it 8 inches in height.


  • Last for a long period because it is made of durable material
  • It has high-quality lace.
  • Has a great balance and control
  • They look stylish


  • It doesn’t have a lot of variations.
  • It is somehow expensive.


2. Carhartt Men’s 8″ Waterproof Composite Toe Leather Logger Boot CML8360

Carhartt Men's 8' Waterproof Composite Toe Leather Logger Boot...

Woodworks climbing boots are one of the best-rated boots you need to set your feet in. Carhartt is one of the top producers of woodwork climbing boots that are highly safe, durable, and comfortable that you can rely on.

The features of the boot makes you feel to have it as your main tree climbing boot. The shaft measures 7 inches high, ensuring there is total foot protection. The storm defender waterproof is uniquely designed to be entirely waterproof to keep your feet dry even when working in dry conditions.

The boot heel provides high-quality ankle support and heel protection. The PU insole provides comfort and reduces foot fatigue. The rubber soles also provide durability.

To add to that, the boot features a composite safety toe that meets protection standards to protect your toe as you climb your tree. The leather material is unquestionable as it is durable and waterproof.


  • It is highly designed.
  • It is chemical, oil, water, and slip-resistant
  • Has a stable heel that supports the ankle
  • It is durable
  •  Provides great grip with thread


  • The toe is somehow tight.

3. Danner Men’s Logger 8″ Brown Work Boot

Danner Men's Logger 8' Brown Work Boot, 11.5 D US

Do you need a safe tree climbing boot that is lightweight but durable? Danner men’s logger boot is the answer for you. The oiled nubuk leather is well designed with a shaft of 9 inches to provide total protection to your ankle.

The lightweight boot is intergraded with a Bi-Fit shank system that offers additional heel support and flexibility. It also features a Vibram 360-degree logger outsole, which answers your traction. You can comfortably climb any tree with this good outsole.

Your footbed is also cushioned as the Danner is dry waterproof, strong, and durable. Your feet are kept dry even in wet seasons. You won’t regret if at all you buy this boot type. You will have the best tree climbing experience that you have never had before.



  • Made of durable Nubuk leather material
  • The ankle is well-cushioned
  • Waterproof and therefore can be used in all season
  • Lightweight
  • Has well heel support and flexibility


  • The boot weight is different from what you may expect.

4. Danner Men’s Vicious 8 Inch NMT Work Boot

Danner Men's Vicious 8 Inch NMT Work Boot,Brown/Orange,13 EE US

To be honest, Danner men’s vicious is an exceptional mountain climbing boot whose performance is far beyond as compared to other tree climbing boots. The boot is lightweight, has an exceptional design, and offers comfort to your feet.

The boot is made of pure leather with a solid base that fits and improves your performance. The design took an ergonomic structure that allows the toes to naturally spray within. The heel is narrowly made to lock your foot and ensure safety.

It also features a TPU shark and EVA midsole that provides cushioning. The boot also features a rubber sole with good treads that makes it comfortable for you to climb on any tree. The shaft measures 7.5 inches from the arch.

This ideal height of the boot ensures that your ankle is well protected from any hazard. Danner Men’s Vicious is a boot that has forgone quantity for quality boots. The quality of the boot and experience in tree climbing is incomparable.



  • They are lightweight
  • Provides exceptional comfort
  • They are supportive of the leg.
  • Made of pure leather, which makes it durable


  • The front rubber is a bit loose.

5. AdTec Men’s Welt Construction & Utility Footwear

AdTec 9 Inch Super Logger Steel Toe Boots for Men, Leather Goodyear...

The adTec men’s welt boots are one of the perfect trees climbing option boots you need to include on your list. The boot durable rubber sole provides you with all the comfort and flexibility you need to keep your feet active throughout the day.

It also ensures that you have easy and free movement. The boot is made from leather that endures hard conditions. The sole has strong traction that provides slip-resistant and oil-resistant. This sole provides an additional grip that keeps the feet stable.

Its shaft is 9″, which ensures that it is stable and lasts for a long period. AdTec is well designed and incorporates comfortable materials that are durable and waterproof. The material ensures that no water will enter your boot, keeping it dry.

The boot insoles are well cushioned, while the outsole is oil resistant to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. AdTec can be used on heavy-duty works like gardening, outdoor hiking, plus tree climbing with this construction.



  • It is made of durable material.
  • It is breathable and comfortable.
  • It has an amazing grip and control
  • It is waterproof
  • Has a perfect traction


  • It doesn’t have a wide range of sizes.

6. Viking Footwear Spiked Forester Caulk Boot, Black/Orange

Viking Footwear Spiked Forester Caulk Boot, Black/Orange, 13 M US

Are you genuinely in need of a highly chemical-resistant boot with high-quality rubber on the upper side? Then worry not; Viking footwear spiked forester is the solution for you. The top-class technology that is used in the boot is exceptional, and you can use the boot in many years.

It becomes ideal for users in all weather conditions with a height of 9 inches and a polyester flap behind the laces. Your feet will keep dry even if you are working on wet areas. It also features an SBR blended NR caulked sole with a reinforced heel which is durable.

Besides the medium weight, Viking footwear ensures flexibility and comfort on your feet. The boot tongue is well-spaced to prevent any foreign material from entering the boot keeping the feet protected.

The sole has sharp threads that make it ideal for various tasks like log quality inspectors, harvesters, loggers, and timber rafting.



  • Well designed
  • It is relatively cheap.
  • It is made of durable material.
  • Flexible and comfortable


  • Are hard to wear and remove

7. Ad Tec 9 Inch Super Logger Boots for Men

Ad Tec Men's 9' Certified Super Logger Work Boots Waterproof Crazy...

For over decades now, Hypard trading corporation has been one of the best trees climbing footwear producers worldwide. Most of the boots of the company have received a warm welcome and recommendation.

The Ad Tec, 9 Inch Super Logger Boots for Men is one of the boots that has been doing well in tree climbing profession. The boot is well-designed, comfortable, durable, and flexible boots withstand any condition.

The boots boost your confidence whenever you are wearing them. The high-quality designed boots feature premium leather, waterproof membrane, broad steel toe, a piece of logger sole, and electrical hazard lug sole.

The boot design is superior and attractive to many users. The boot traction is exceptional to keep the feet stable when climbing your tree. The insole is made in a way like a pillow to provide comfort to the feet.

With this boot, the good thing is that it comes with various varieties of both size and shapes that you can choose from. The boots are made in the USA and with material that can last for a long period.



  • They keep your feet warm in all the period.
  • It is waterproof
  • Well insulated
  • They look nice due to the great design.
  • Are comfortable


  • Are too heavy

8. Rocky Men’s Fq0004753 Mid Calf Boot

Rocky Men's FQ0004753 Mid Calf Boot, Dark Brown, 12 M US

Rocky is a tree-climbing shoe known for its best quality warmth and durability. The boot has all that you are looking for in a tree-climbing shoe. It is 8-inch and waterproof insulated, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

With the 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation and 800 grams, the boot is great in the winter season. Rocky men’s boot keeps your feet dry even if you are working in swampy areas, sloshing in a snow area, or walking in a damp environment.

This is because it is made of synthetic and pure leather that is waterproof. It also features a mid-calf shaft from the arch plus a removable EVA insole. The features help to keep your feet protected as you keep on working.

The upper shoe side is made of strong 900-dinier nylon and full-grain leather, durable and waterproof. The outsole is made of rubber with an aggressive tread that allows you to comfortably grip the tree surface as you climb.

The padded tongue and collar also help provide comfort and warmth to your feet. It also ensures that there is no wet that will enter into your feet. This makes your feet to remain dry in all seasons


  • It is waterproof
  • Made of durable material
  • Has aggressive treads that offer a comfortable grip
  • It is sturdily made


  • Poorly insulated

9. Ork Tree Women’s Combat Boots Lace-up Mid Calf Flat Ankle Booties for Winter

Womens Combat Boots Lace up Mid Calf Flat Ankle Booties for Winter

Are you in need tree-climbing boots that is ideal for women? This is a high-profile women’s boot that can’t let you down. It is uniquely designed, made from lightweight synthetic leather.

Super-soft leather is used on the upper side, while its sole is made of non-slip rubber. This makes the boot easy and comfortable to wear. The shoelaces and zippers have been combined in a design that makes it easy to wear and take them off easily.

They are also adjustable for the quick and easy wearing of them. To be honest, the boots have a classic design that is exceptional and perfect for all seasons, is it winter or autumn, and you can wear them with any of your favorite shorts, jeans, or skirts.

This combat boot is a must-have not only because they are simple to lace-up, but also its durability and comfort will give you. The boots are a modern shoe that needs not to miss in your wardrobe as they can be used in work, work, shopping, and leisure, among other areas.

For the last five years, I have been using the boot; I can assure you that quality has been considered in the boot’s construction. With my narrow and skinny legs, the boot can fit me well as they are pretty flexible. The boot isn’t slippery like other boots I had used earlier before I found them.



  • The boot is pretty flexible.
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Are easy and comfortable to wear
  • They look good in various clothes.
  • Are durable
  • Made of a non-slip rubber sole


  • The material is not real leather.

10. ROCKROOSTER Men’s Hiking Boots

ROCKROOSTER Hiking Boots for Men, Waterproof 6 inch Non Slip Outdoor...

In need of a tree-climbing boot that is waterproof and a shaft of 6 inches? If yes, Rock rooster is the boot to go for. This leather-made shoe features a heel that measures 4 inches to ensure that your feet are stable whenever you are working.

The outsole is made of ideal traction that is non-slip and oil resistant.  The Rockrooster men boot features Coolmax technology which can transport away moisture from your feet, keeping them warm and dry in all the seasons.

It also features a fiber structure that acts as an insulator during the cold season. The boot is also instilled with anti-fatigue technology through the memory foam insole that adds comfort to your feet.

This ensures comfort, endurance, repeated impact protection, and breathability. The height of the boot is ideal for ankle protection while working.



  • Have a great and beautiful design
  • Provide full feet protection
  • Made of durable material


  • They stitch if they are used for many days without changing them.

How to choose the best tree climbing boots

Tree climbing is one of the fields that are arduous. Due to this, there is a need to have the best tree climbing boots safe. Using the best boot, you can accomplish your task with ease. However, choosing the best and functional boot is not that easy.

The choice that you make will have an impact on your work. You need to consider various factors for you to make the right decision. Some of the factors include;


Tree climbing is one of the tasks that require one to cross streams of challenges. The weather conditions might be unpredictable, with some being wet while others dry. It is from here that you need to have a boot that is completely waterproof to withstand these conditions because they may make your climbing miserable.

Some boots come with Gore-Tex lining, while others have a waterproof leather lining. The linings are breathable and prevent water from entering, and hence keep the feet dry and cool. So as you plan to buy your boot, it is good to go for a waterproof boot.


Your safety as a climber is paramount. You need to have a crampon attachment gear fitted on your boots to ensure that you are secure. The gear helps to keep the climber secure and safe on the upper altitudes.

Most of the trees climbing shoes have TPU inserts that are incorporated into crampons. With tree climbing, climbers spend some good time in crampons.

The best tree climbing tool is the one that has the feature. The boots’ sole are available to stand for a long period with crampons. It is good to buy a boot that uses this feature.


A good tree climbing boots is that that is robust and sturdy. It should also be able to withstand the harsh climatic change. To add to that, the sole and upper side should be durable. They should be able to stand for a long period.

Tree climbing requires shoes that have a direct scratch on the surface. So it’s good that the sole and upper sides be strong enough for all the season.

Grip and Traction

Having a shoe with sufficient grip and traction is vital. The boot sole should be made to provide optimum grip on the tree that you are climbing. As a climb, you need not slip at all whenever you climb your tree.

The best boots are those whose outsole features scientific techniques aimed at increasing traction. This enables the climbers to have a firm grip on the various surfaces, increasing their safety.  Take into consideration the boot that has the best technology on the outsole.


A good boot is that that is breathable. As you keep working, the blood flow increases, leading to sweating. To keep your feet dry and fresh, your shoe needs to have a mesh lining or vents that will evaporate your water as you keep on working.

With the environmental change, there is a need to keep your feet set to change. Check on the list of shoes with the best breathability and go for it. Check if the breathability mentioned is workable or not.

Frequently asked questions

How to get climbing boots?

Getting climbing boots is very easy once you have known which boot is best for you. You can get them from retail shops or through genuine online stores.

There are various online stores that you can order one, and the best is You can also visit the original boot brand website and place your order. 

Does climbing a tree hurt a tree?

The answer is yes, more especially if your boot has spikes. There are various tree climbing ways that you can use. However, most people prefer the spiking method because it is faster and more secure.

It is advisable to avoid using spikes if your goal is for punning services. However, if you remove the tree, you can use your spikes.  

Should you remove vines from trees before climbing?

You are removing vines from your tree before climbing isn’t bad. But the question you need to ask yourself is how safe will it be? Removing vines out on the ground surface is a lifesaver to the trunk.

It is good to leave the vines that are growing in the tree. Pulling off vines from your tree might cause injury to it.

How to become a tree climber?

Becoming a certified tree climber is not that easy. The desire for anyone who wants to be a professional tree climber can be fulfilled.

Like another profession, tree climbing requires testing both in a field setting and classroom setting. If you are in need, look for the best institution and enroll.

What are tree climbing spikes called?

Climbing spikes are metal spikes made from steel driven into crack areas with the climbing hammer and an anchor. The spikes usually protect one from falling and assist one in climbing safely.

Final thought

With the above reviews am sure you have realized that there are many tree climbing boots in the market today. With all the features, the boot’s high quality and safety are all that is paramount. It would be best if you were assured of how safe the boot is before rushing for it.

With the number, I can assure you that the best boot can provide special protection to your fingers and toes from any injury. A working tree climbing boot provides you with comfort and keeps you safe and secure from any prevailing challenge.

To choose the best tree climbing boot, there are various factors you need to consider. You need to keep all these factors in mind to come up with the best boot. Having the best boot will make your experience entertaining and less stressful as you will feel comfortable. 

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