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The Best Walking Sandals

Sandals are an excellent choice for walking shoes, but not all of them are up for that particular challenge. Which ones are best for hiking?

We are going to be sharing some of our absolute favorite choices for sandals to walk in for an extensive period of time. There are so many different types and brands of these shoes to choose from, and not all of them are going to be the best walking sandals, so we’re here to sort them out.

Here are our favorite options for the best walking sandals on the market today, as well as our system for rating them. Let’s get started.

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How We Choose Our Ratings

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So how are we rating the options for the best walking sandals?

Over everything else, the most important aspects of our reviews for us are keeping them as honest, trustworthy, and accurate as possible. To maintain this in our content, we take a look at a few different aspects before writing our review.

One aspect that we consider very heavily is the product specifications. This includes the sizing, materials/ingredients, technology, accessories, etc. Making sure that we know each and every product backwards and forwards helps you by ensuring that you know it as well, which helps you avoid any surprises or disappointments.

We also research and read through customer reviews and testimonials. This allows us to get a much fuller view of what the general public thinks of the items we are reviewing, rather than just basing the review off of the opinions of a few people. It also gives us the chance to pinpoint any potential shortcomings or highlights that customers discovered while using the product.

Last, but not least, we make sure to look at the company that sells the item. Ensuring that the brand is ethical and has decent practices is very important to most customers. This allows us to see the quality of their ingredients and materials, their policies for refunds and returns, and how decent their customer service is.

For this particular list of the best walking sandals, we will be considering the sizing options, materials that the shoes are made of, brand, styles, abilities, and overall performance.

The Top Options for the Best Walking Sandals

Now that we have taken an in depth look at how we are going to be reviewing the best walking sandals, let’s take a look at some of our favorite options. We will be giving you the positives and potential negatives of each shoe, as well as a final rating between 1 and 5 stars.

4/5 stars

The first walking sandals on our list are the FitFlop Sandals.

These shoes have a microwobbleboard in the sole, which helps you relieve pressure points. This is a fantastic new feature that this product has over other sandals from the company. They offer sandals with a sturdy heel strap so you don’t have to worry about getting rocks in your shoes, the shoe falling off, etc.

This design can easily be worn all day long for walking while you are travelling, a full day at work, going to the park, walking your dog, or any other activities you may be partaking in.

If you are more of a fan of flip flops, most of these designs have toe posts as well. The actual shoe consists of a rubber sole and leather straps.

The only downside that we came across was that the heel strap had a fairly sharp edge. This can make the shoe uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of time.

You can purchase this shoe online.

Our final rating for the FitFlop Sandals is 4 out of 5 stars.

5/5 stars

Next on our list of the best walking sandals we have the Teva Tirra Athletic Sandals.

If you are looking for a shoe that is the perfect mix of durability and comfort, this is the walking sandal for you. The EVA footbed is contoured to provide you with the perfect arch support, and the cushioned Shoc Pad absorbs all the impact at your heel.

The design is fairly simple, it has an easy hook and loop closure that comes on and off within seconds. These shoes are made of nylon shank which stabilize and supports your feet while you’re walking on uneven terrain.

If you are someone who is worried about odor, this shoe has a built in zinc-based antimicrobial technology that helps naturally prevent any odors from occurring.

The only downside that we saw for these walking sandals was simply that they run a little large. Keep this in mind if you purchase a pair online, and follow the sizing chart to ensure you are getting the right size.

You can purchase a pair of these shoes online. 

Our final rating for these shoes is 5 out of 5 stars.

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Silver Sandals - 37 N EU / 6-6.5 2A(N) US


Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Silver Sandals - 37 N EU / 6-6.5 2A(N) US
  • Birko-Flor Upper - durable, synthetic upper material with a leather-like finish and soft backing
  • The soft footbed has an integrated latex foam cushion
  • Slide style sandal with two adjustable buckle closure straps for a perfect fit

4.5/5 stars

Birkenstock is an incredibly popular and well-loved company for sandals. They are highly favored by their customers especially for their shoes ability to be walked in for extensive amounts of time.

Because of the shoes deep heel cup, they provide their users with a barefoot experience. This is definitely better and more natural for your feet, and keeps you comfortable all day long.

These shoes are made of leather and have a synthetic sole.

The only downside we have come across with these shoes is the sizing does not seem to be 100% accurate. If you can try them on before purchasing them, you will have the best experience.

You can purchase these sandals online.

Our final rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

KEEN Women's Whisper Closed Toe Sport Sandals, Beet Red/Honeysuckle, 9


KEEN Women's Whisper Closed Toe Sport Sandals, Beet Red/Honeysuckle, 9
  • TRACTION: Multi-directional lugs with razor siping help provide superior grip on slippery and wet terrains; Non-marking...
  • SUPPORT & COMFORT: Lace-lock bungee capture system provides a secure fit while offering a quick and easy way to get them...
  • FIT & INSOLE: Built on a women-specific foot form that is wider than the industry norm for improved fit and comfort;...

5/5 stars

The next walking sandal on our list is the KEEN Whisper Sandals.

These shoes are an extremely lightweight performance product that is perfect for pounding down on the hard ground all day long. They have elastic cording that ensures a perfectly secure fit, and the cushioned footbed provides you with lasting comfort throughout your wearing experience.

With these sandals, you also get the Cleansport NXT technology, which offers you natural odor control and the machine washable upper makes cleaning the shoes incredibly simple.

The product is made in the USA and designed to make sure you are as comfortable as humanly possible. Between the support the shoe offers with its arches, the odor control, and the lightweight, elastic design, these shoes are perfect for any activity.

As for negative aspects, the only part of the shoes was complained about in the reviews was the sizing. The shoes tend to run a little bit small, so it is best if you can try on the shoes in person. If you can’t, make sure you thoroughly understand the sizing chart and use it to decide on your pair of sandals.

You can purchase the shoes online.

Our final rating for these shoes is 5 out of 5 stars.

4/5 stars

Next up we have the Skechers BOBS from Women’s Desert Kiss Sandal.

These shoes are not only incredibly comfortable, but they also have a pretty stylish look to them as well. No matter what your outfit consists of and what you are doing that day, these shoes will be perfect. The design even comes with a slight heel as well, that is 1.5 inches tall. This gives you enough height to be stylish but not enough to make you uncomfortable.

You can purchase these shoes in four different colors to ensure you have the perfect pair for every outfit. This feature, in addition to the comfortable memory foam footbed and flexible sole, ensure that you will always look and feel your best.

There were a few shortcomings to consider with these shoes as well however. While they are comfortable and affordable, several customers have mentioned that the quality leaves something to be desired. Many people mentioned that over time the shoes do wear down considerably, and that they may not be good for anything over light walking.

These shoes can be purchased online. 

Our final rating for these shoes is 4 out of 5 stars.

ECCO Women's Yucatan Luxe Sport Sandal, White/Powder, 8-8.5


ECCO Women's Yucatan Luxe Sport Sandal, White/Powder, 8-8.5
  • Beautiful leathers give this sandal a premium look and feel
  • Lightweight moulded EVA footbed with leather cover for premium cushioning and superior stability
  • A direct injected PU midsole foam provides long lasting cushioning and outstanding everyday walking comfort

5/5 stars

This shoe is incredibly durable and has been designed specifically to work well outdoors on rocky terrain. The design has wonderful traction on any surface you take them on, and also superb flexibility.

The Ecco Yucatan shoes are made with stretch-fit lining material and very supportive leather. It is a fantastic combination of style and performance.

These shoes come with RECEPTOR technology which enhances your walking experience by encouraging your feet to move in the exact way that they should be. This will help you alleviate strain and keep your feet comfortable all day long.

The midsole is also directly injected PU, meaning that they used the strongest way possible to attach the sole to the upper of the sandal. It creates a completely watertight seal without needing any stitching or glue, which also results in extreme flexibility.

As for potential downsides, the only real one we saw was the pricing of the shoe. It is a lot more expensive than some of the other shoes on our list, but the quality is high enough to make up for it. You can purchase these shoes online. 

Our final rating for these shoes is 5 out of 5 stars.

Buyer’s Guide

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Now that we have looked at our favorite options for the best walking sandals, let’s discuss what you should consider before purchasing a pair of them yourself.

Most importantly, you should consider how much you are willing to spend, as well as how long you need the shoes to last. While some of the options are much cheaper than others, you are going to have longer lasting shoes with the higher quality, expensive options. Keep in mind what you can afford to spend and what will save you the most money in the long run.

Keep in mind what the shoes will be used for as well. If you are consistently walking on rocky terrain, you are going to need something a little stronger than if you are walking on pavement/indoor floors all day.

Also note what you want your shoes to look like. Some of the designs we chose are more stylish, while others are more sporty. Having a walking sandal that looks good to you will ensure that you wear them and get your money’s worth out of them.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Walking Sandals

We hope you find our guide to buying the best walking sandals helpful. Make sure to keep your needs and preferences in mind, and find the best style for you.


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Which shoe on the list are you the most excited to wear?

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