Dansko vs. Sanita Clogs: Which One is Better?

    In terms of high-quality footwear, particularly clogs, two of the most popular and trustworthy brands are Sanita and Dansko. While both these brands are capable of offering a quite similar level of quality and comfort, take note that there are also some differences.Each of these two brands comes with its own merits and distinctive features […]

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    Thursday Boot Company Captain 6-inch Lace-up Boot Review

    I have always wanted to collect a couple of safety lace-up boots. I have a demanding work, which requires me to move around frequently and stand for a long time, so I need a work boot that is not only comfortable but protective a well. I think a lace-up boot can solve the problem.With a […]

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    Thursday Boot Company President Men’s 6” Lace-up Boot Review

    This Thursday Boots President Review aims to give you an idea of what this product from the Thursday brand is all about and if it is indeed the right fit for the specific job you wish your footwear to perform for you.I used to have a difficult time performing my job because the shoe I’m […]

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    Is There Any Difference Between Non Slip and Slip Resistant?

    When it comes to shoes, it is greatly possible that you have encountered the terms non-slip and slip-resistant, especially during the time when you are still figuring out the actual features integrated into all your footwear options. Such terms will most likely be noticeable when you are looking for work boots or shoes.Now the question […]

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    6 Helpful Tips on How to Make Shoes Non Slip for Restaurant

    A non-slip shoe is a must for restaurant workers. It should be noted that whether you are working in a hip and trendy diner or a fine dining restaurant, there is a great chance for you to stay on your feet for several hours each day – in some cases, more than 10-12 hours.It is […]

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    Dansko XP vs Professional: Which One is Better?

    Dansko is one of the most popular brands of footwear today. Whether in physical stores or online, there is a great abundance of buyers of this brand of footwear considering its top-notch quality.The good thing about Dansko is that it is available in different fun and casual colors, making it suitable for any workday. The […]

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    The 7 Best Dansko Clogs Review 2017 – Ratings and Top Picks

    Dansko is one of the brands you can trust as far as footwear is concerned. It is an exceptional choice as the brand does not only manufacture high-quality shoes. The people behind it also make sure that they implement the best business practices and principles that make them on top of the choices of their […]

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    What Shoes Do Chefs Wear?

    Do you want to know what shoes do chefs wear? Working in the kitchen as a chef or cook, or any of the kitchen staff, might be the reason why you are starting to ask yourself about the best types of shoes that chefs can wear. It is not surprising as the kitchen is one […]

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    What Are The Best Shoes for Obstacle Course Racing 2017?

    When it comes to trying obstacle course racing, take note that your shoes are among the most crucial items that will help you succeed. Some of those who tried obstacle course racing (OCR) often make the mistake of using their old shoes. Such is not actually recommended, especially if it is still your first time […]

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    What Kind of Shoes Do Doctors Wear?

    Doctors and other medical professionals are actually among those people who have the most demanding jobs. If you are working in a hospital as a doctor or any other medical professional for that matter, then you may have realized the amount of stress and pain your feet usually face every day.With that in mind, finding […]

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