Brooks Addiction Walker vs. New Balance 928

Two of the most popular brands of shoes today is the Brooks and New Balance. Both have gained the reputation of providing the public with top-of-the-line and unique shoes that are known not only for their quality but their excellent support and performance.
Among the shoes from both brands that continue to capture the public’s attention are the Brooks Addiction Walker and the New Balance 928. Which one of these shoes is actually better for you? Know about that by reading this Brooks Addiction Walker vs. New Balance 928 article.


One of the things that you have to check out when deciding which between Brooks Addiction Walker and New Balance 928 you should choose is the history of the two brands. By knowing that, you will know exactly which brand is most likely to give you utmost satisfaction.
As for New Balance, take note that it started doing business since 1906. At the start of its operation, New Balance focused on producing and offering arch supports to the public. It was a small arch support company back then, which evolved slowly into a prominent brand in the footwear industry.
Since it started as an arch support company, it is safe to say that it has a strong interest in providing footwear buyers with shoes that are not only high in quality but are also capable of offering more than enough support. What sets New Balance apart from the other brands is that its shoes come in a wide range of widths starting from A to E.
Most shoes are also known for the balanced combination of flexibility, cushion, and stability. You can find that in the New Balance 928 shoe that it is now offering to its customers.
Brooks, on the other hand, started a bit later than New Balance. It started doing its business in 1914 in Philadelphia. Presently, it is known as a company offering mainly running shoes but be aware that they also offer other types of athletic shoes, including those for bathing and ice skating.
In the year 1993, the company started producing the iconic Beast of the brand. It is a shoe, which is known for its excellent motion control as well as firm stability. It should be noted, though, that Brooks does not have the wide range of widths that you can see in New Balance.
The majority of its shoes are available in wide, medium, and narrow widths. Still, the shoes of the brand, including the Brooks Addiction Walker, is known for its impressive performance, comfort, style, and support.

Brooks Addiction Walker vs. New Balance 928: Key Features

Now that you know a bit of history of the two brands, it is time to delve deeper into the key features of two of their most famous shoes – the Brooks Addiction Walker and the New Balance 928. Let’s start with the Brooks Addiction Walker.
One impressive thing about this shoe from Brooks is that it has the cushioning often present in high-end running shoes. Brooks Addiction Walker is also known for offering excellent arch support, which works well with all types of custom insoles. It boasts of its supple and smooth full-grain leather construction.
Such construction is known for providing additional protection against harsh elements. It also boasts of its padded collar and tongue and soft insides. The outsole of this footwear is designed in such a way that it can absorb shocks while also stabilizing your feet in case you are in uneven terrains.
In addition, it has an anti-slip feature, which is good when you are handling wet surfaces. It has a high-density carbon heel featuring flex grooves. Such provides maximum motion control and impressive flexibility.
New Balance 928, on the other hand, is known for being comfortable right after you take it out of the box. It is equipped with a rocker sole, which is beneficial as it promotes ease in transitioning from the heel strike to the toe-off. It also features the Roll Back technology, which refers to a dual support system that makes it shock-absorbent.
The shoe is comfortable as it comes with an ABZORB mid-foot cushioning, too. One more thing about this shoe is that it has a generous and deep toe box, making it a great option for hammer toes, custom orthotics, and bunions. The built-in arch support is also a good thing as it offers an undeniable stability and flexibility.
Based on the features, it is safe to say that both shoes offer all wearers with excellent comfort and support.

Brooks Addiction Walker vs. New Balance 928: As a Walking Shoe

As a walking shoe, both the Brooks Addiction Walker and the New Balance 928 tend to do very well. Brooks Addiction, for instance, is a recommended footwear by the majority of podiatrists because it comes with a stiff outsole equipped with stabilizers found on two sides.
Such feature can help in controlling overpronation and dealing with balance issues. It is also a big help in alleviating discomfort caused by flat feet. It is an extremely comfortable shoe guaranteed to prevent soreness, pain, and throbbing in your feet, making it a good shoe to wear all day.
New Balance 928 is also a perfect walking shoe considering the fact that it makes use of a built-in technology designed to correct overpronation issues, pronation, and gait cycle. It also helps in keeping your feet, knee, spine, and ankle evenly lined up.
It makes use of a motion control technology and construction, which prevents stress on your legs even if you are not wearing an orthotic. In addition, it can handle back and leg fatigue while also eliminating and absorbing shock very well.
With that, expect the New Balance 928 to be good for you in case you intend to stand for a long period or walk farther.


Brooks Addiction Walker and New Balance 928 are two of the best shoes in the footwear industry. Both coming from a reputable brand and having a set of excellent features, you will never go wrong if you choose one of them.
When making your choice, figure out what can give you the support and comfort that you really need depending on how long you intend to use the shoe per day.

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