Bruno Magli Shoes Review

So, you’re thinking of getting yourself a pair of Bruno Magli’s.

You have good taste.

But, are they worth the money? are they comfortable shoes?

These are questions you’re probably thinking.

That’s why I’ve put together this Bruno Magli review to help you make an informed decision.

You’ll be learning about how their dress shoes are made, what materials they use, and if they are worth a pretty penny.

Pull up your socks and keep reading!

The year is 1936.

Siblings Mario, Marino, and Bruno Magli start a small business in the basement of their home in Bologna, Italy.

Their grandfather taught them the art of shoemaking and the three boys began taking on any work they could find. Later that year, the official Bruno Magli factory was open.

After World War II in 1947, Bruno Magli launched their first manufacturing plant. This helped expand their line of shoes.

More than two decades later in 1969, the company opened up a modern factory in Bologna, which is where they still make their shoes today.

Today they boast over 40 retail stores all over the world.

But enough with boring history, let’s get into what makes their shoes so great.

Are Bruno Magli shoes good?

Good would be an understatement.

Bruno Magli shoes feature calfskin leather uppers and calfskin leather lining. Check out their Maioco oxford to see what I mean.

Calfskin has a ton of benefits over other forms of leather like full grain. It’s softer, more supple, ages better, and it has enhanced durability from its higher collagen count.

The soles of their shoes are composed of Italian leather and rubber, offering a great mix of traction, durability, and appearance.

Bruno Magli also takes advantage of the Blake stitching style.

his makes a pair of shoes last longer, as the upper and soles are all stitched together.

Have you ever had a sole rip of a shoe before? That’s why Blake stitching exists — it puts a stop to that.

Many of their footwear also boasts a hand burnishing effect. This makes them even more eye-catching than they already are.

Are Bruno Magli shoes comfortable?

Comfort is one of the most important factors when shoe shopping.

Pinched toes, sore feet, we’ve all been there.

Bruno Magli knows this, and that’s why they include foam insole cushioning to keep your feet comfy.

Not only that, but the calfskin leather that they use is renowned for feeling very pleasant.

This is because it shapes your foot perfectly and can expand easier. Ensure that you keep a shoe tree in your Bruno Magli’s to prevent any warping.

Are Bruno Magli shoes made in China?

Bruno Magli shoes are made in Bologna, Italy. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting shoes from the fashion capital of the world and from some of the best shoemakers.

But, I need to tell you something.

They do have a line of shoes that is made in China. It’s called Magli by Bruno Magli.

This is their low end collection that was made to act as an entry model. Customers would be happy with their pair and potentially invest in a “real” Bruno Magli shoe.

Just be aware of that when you’re shopping for a pair of Bruno’s.

Why are Bruno Magli shoes so expensive?

Quality. That’s why.

You’re not buying a cheap pair of shoes that will fall apart 6 months from now.

Bruno Magli shoes use calfskin leather for their uppers and lining, Italian leather for their soles, and feature high level craftsmanship.

They are comfortable and will improve any man’s style.

You’re slipping your feet into some of the finest Italian made dress shoes, so you have to spend an extra buck.

Can Bruno Magli shoes be resoled?

Yes, Bruno Magli shoes can be resoled and easily repaired. This is one of the best benefits of purchasing one of their shoes.

Being able to resole footwear means that you don’t have to completely replace the shoe — A.K.A, you save money.

Best Bruno Magli shoes

Interested in improving your style and adding a new shoe to your collection? Check out one of these recommended Bruno Magli shoes.

The bottomline on Bruno Magli

If you’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair of Bruno’s, I’d recommend it.

While not as popular as Allen Edmonds for example, they are still very high quality and comfortable dress shoes.

Having calfskin leather uppers and lining is a huge plus. Foam insoles, leather outer soles, and good construction methods make these shoes well worth their price.

They make all of their shoes in Italy, but keep an eye out for their China line.

What are you waiting for? Go slip your feet into a pair of Bruno Magli dress shoes today.

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