Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain

Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain: Find the Answer Now

Have you just bought a new leather boot and you’re wondering whether or not it is safe to wear it even when raining? Or is it already the rainy season and you want to know whether it’s safe for you to wear your favorite leather boots often during this weather?

Regardless of what situation between the two you’re in, you’re most likely interested in learning the answer to the question “can you wear leather boots in the rain”? You can finally get the answer you need with this article.

What can you Expect from a Leather Boot?

The leather is known to be naturally water repellant. That said, it’s safe to say that it can repel/resist water. Aside from that, here are some of the other positive things that a boot made of leather material can offer you:

Strength – When compared to other materials, leather is considered to be the strongest. If you have a boot made of genuine and premium-made leather, then expect it to avoid wrinkling too fast.

It can also resist a number of harsh elements, such as water, which might damage synthetic shoes. It’s highly durable so it’s safe to wear during the winter.

Style – Another area where leather boots excel in is style. You can expect leather to be on trend all the time. It is elegant and bold. It even adds definition to your overall outfit.

Aside from that, you can expect it to blend well with almost any piece. Furthermore, it is capable of creating a bold statement.

Feel – Many people love to wear leather boots because of the feel that it exudes. Genuine leather is capable of resonating high-class fashion and luxury. It often has a soft and comfortable feel while still having a strong texture.

Aside from that, you can expect leather to offer other benefits, including the fact that it’s easy to clean and maintain, flexible, breathable, eco-friendly, and available at reasonable prices.

So Can you Wear Leather Boots in the Rain?

Of course, the answer to this is a yes. As mentioned earlier, genuine leather is a material, which can naturally repel or resist water, including rain. However, take note that while you can wear leather boots in the rain, it’s still advisable to treat the footwear beforehand to prevent any potential damage.

Note that there are certain treatments like dubbin wax, leather conditioners and footwear re-proofers that are effective in maximizing the ability of leather to resist water. Also, check whether any of these products are safe and suitable for your boots prior to using.

Aside from that, it’s crucial to consider the dye or finish of the boots and find out if it’s not at risk of getting ruined. If your boot is made of soft leather, then it’s also advisable to find out whether it will stretch out when it gets soaked.

You can find plenty of water repellent sprays to avoid the mentioned issue. Just make sure to put something within the footwear when drying it to preserve its shape.

How to Wear Leather Boots in the Rain?

Now that you know that it’s actually possible for you to wear leather boots in the rain, it’s important to understand some tips that will help ensure that you don’t subject it to any potential hazard that might damage it:

Invest in waterproof leather – You can actually find boots made of waterproof leather in Amazon. Go for one which makes use of a waterproof membrane. Figure out the extent of a boot’s waterproofing ability before buying, so you’ll know whether or not it’s a good investment.

The following products perfectly meet the criteria of the best waterproof leather boots:

Spray a protective treatment – While you might be tempted to use your leather boots right away, it is crucial to prepare it beforehand, especially if you plan to expose it to the rain.

Note that water has the tendency of drying out, rotting, staining, and cracking leather if you don’t treat your boots well before wearing. In this case, you have to use a protectant spray, which can resist water and its elements.

It can help prevent water damage. Aside from that, most protectant sprays are also effective in restoring the stain and water repellency of leather while also protecting it against stains often caused by oil and salt.

Prevent the buildup of bacteria – It’s also essential to protect your boots from bacteria, especially during the rainy season. Each time you use it in the rain, make it a habit of stuffing it with newspaper to dry it properly after use.

You have to dry it properly as excess moisture tends to cause the development of bacteria. Furthermore, using anti-microbial sprays is advisable to kill odor and bacteria.


Can you wear leather boots in the rain? As mentioned in this article, the answer is yes. However, you have to keep in mind all the information that this article presented to ensure that you will be exposing it to the rain and water without harming it eventually.

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