Church’s Shoes Review – Are Church’s Shoes Worth the Money?

Today is all about Church shoes.

And no, I don’t mean the shoes that you’ll be taking out every Sunday.

I mean the brand Church’s.

They are one of oldest English shoemakers and a big name in the footwear community.

Shoe snobs are constantly comparing them to brands like Allen Edmonds or Edward Green.

Are you trying to decide about buying a pair? Because ahead, you’ll be learning about their quality, comfort, and if they are worth the price.

Tie up your laces and enjoy!

Church’s Shoes Review

Are Church’s Shoes Good Quality?

Saying Church’s shoes are good is an understatement.

They are excellent.

From the materials they use to the craftsmanship and construction methods, you are paying for some of the best English shoes available.

Many of their models include Goodyear welting, like the Pamington oxford. This is a technique that involves stitching the outsole, insole, and upper together to enhance durability.

Look what this member of the Style Forum said about his experience with Church.

Church's shoe review

That’s right — his shoes lasted decades. How long did your last pair last? A year or two?

When you get a pair of dress shoes from Church, you can be happy knowing that they will last a very long time.

You’ll find shoes from them in calfskin leather, suede, polished binder, and more.

During the 1990s, the company was bought out by the Italian powerhouse Prada. This heavily influenced their style and quality in the best way possible.

Prada is synonymous with luxury and top-of-the-line craftsmanship. That is exactly what to expect with Church’s shoes as a result.

Are Church’s Shoes Handmade?

Yes, Church’s shoes are handmade.

Even details like tassels are made by hand.

While some may not think it’s a big deal, having handmade shoes offers many benefits.

You know that they were made with care and human touch, instead of a machine. More detail and customization can be put into a shoe when it’s done by a master shoemaker, as well.

Are Church’s Shoes Comfortable?

Comfortable shoes all begin with proper sizing and how they’re made. When you order a pair of Church’s, you can choose exactly how you want them fitted.

That solves that problem.

As I mentioned previously, they also use high-quality materials, including calfskin leather. Calfskin specifically molds to your feet and holds shape better than any other material. Facts.

This is because it has more collagen fibers, making it flexible and durable. A.K.A, it feels good on your feet.

Certain models include a triple-layer foam sole for unmatched comfort. Stepping on a hard sole all day becomes very irritating, don’t you agree?

Overall, Church’s definitely makes comfortable footwear.

Why are Church’s Shoes so Expensive?

A common question you’ll see is how much are Church’s shoes? or, why are they so expensive?

It’s a fair question.

Their prices average between 370 and 640 Great British Pounds.

That means you will be dishing out at least 470 USD to get your feet into a pair of Church.

No matter what you buy in life, you have to pay a bit more for quality.

If you skimp out and get a cheap pair of dress shoes, you can’t expect them to be amazing.

They won’t last very long, their comfort won’t be top-notch, and you can always tell an okay and great shoe apart from their appearance.

Church’s shoes are going to make your feet feel like their on clouds and will have people asking where you bought them.

Are Church’s Shoes True to Size?

Many customers online have different things to say about Church’s shoe sizing. Some say that they fit true to size, while others claim that they had to size up or down.

Are Churchs shoes true to size

This user from the Singletrack forum says that the shoe models vary quite a bit. The best approach would be to use their sizing guide and go from there.

Best Church’s mens Shoes

Church’s has a wide variety of footwear that could keep you busy for hours if you browsed them all. Based on reviews, social media, discussions boards, and more, these are some of the more popular choices by Church’s customers.

Church’s Mens Pembrey Loafer

The Pembrey loafer features a handsome suede leather upper that will get you compliments and looks from everyone around. A round toe and penny keeper on the vamp create a timeless shoe that will always improve your style.

Leather lining and a cushioned footbed make these very pleasant to wear, even for long periods. You won’t be getting sore feet or nipped ankles with these. Try sporting them with slacks, jeans, or even a suit if you’re adventurous.

Church’s Mens Pamington Oxford

The Pamington is a cap toe oxford with a sleek black genuine leather upper. It’s perfect for formal occasions; whether that’s work, a wedding, or anything alike. You’ll easily be the sharpest man in the room, and the most comfortable — thanks to the leather lining and a cushioned leather footbed.

The stacked heel and synthetic outsole create a strike that gives you confidence and balance while you walk, as well.

Church’s Mens McFarlane Boot

Attractive, versatile, snug, and cozy. Those are just a few words that describe the McFarlane boot.

This is the perfect winter boot — tall enough to prevent snow from entering, breathable from perforations and leather lining, and easy to slip on will a pull-tab.

The chunky synthetic outsole adds to your height and makes traversing any weather easier than 1, 2, 3.

The Bottomline On Church’s Shoes

Church’s has a wide variety of styles and sizing that is sure to satisfy you and feel great on your feet.

They use high-quality calfskin, suede, full-grain leather, and other materials. Their soles are comfortable and some models even include lining-free interiors for the spring and summer.

Goodyear welting makes Church’s footwear last for decades, too. It also makes repairing them a lot easier, which is a big reason that they have so much longevity.

You’ll be spending a pretty penny to slip your feet into a pair, though. But think about how many cheap pairs you would buy instead of investing in a single premium pair.

If Church’s has been on your mind, I vote yes when it comes to buying from them. I’m confident that they’ll make you happy and your feet will thank you later.

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