Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boot – [ULTIMATE COMPARISON]

Clarks is one of the best boot companies.


Their boots can transform any mans style and improve his confidence.

Founded in 1825, they’ve had almost 200 years to perfect their footwear.

And today, I’ll be looking deeper at the Bushacre and classic desert boot.

These are two of their most popular models and it can be difficult to make a decision between them.

Don’t worry. You’ll be learning what makes these boots different in terms of pricing, quality, and comfort so you can finally make a decision.

Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boot

You can’t go wrong with chukka boots.

They have a beautiful silhouette that matches any outfit and their suede upper has a luxurious appearance.

Throw them on with a pair of jeans on casual days or wear with them your work attire.

You can sport them all year round, presuming that the weather permits, of course!

The Bushacre and classic desert boot from Clarks are constantly compared by loyal fans.

Which one is better? How do they differ?

Let’s find out.

Clarks Bushacre Review

The Bushacre 2 is the predecessor to the original desert boot that we all know and love.

It was released in October of 2005 and has been one of Clark’s most popular models ever since. Get the Bushacre today here.

They took everything that was great about their desert boot and gave it some upgrades.

But, there’s still a lot of great things about the original that you’ll learn ahead.

How Do Clarks Bushacre Fit?

The Bushacre is known to run a little bit. That means it’s wise to order a half to full size down for the best fitting.

Have you ever worn a pair of boots or shoes that were too snug? It’s the worst!

Your toes hurt after and it scratches your ankle.

Here’s what some Bushacre customers had to say about this on Reddit.

The last user has a great point. If they arrive and are still a bit big, thick socks will fix that.

Are Clarks Bushacre Good Quality?

With a classic chukka silhouette, moccasin construction, and two eyelets, the Bushacre is eye-catching.

The upper is made out of flexible leather or suede, whichever you prefer. Remember that both require care and protection against the weather.

Bushacre’s overall is light and has a durable rubber sole to give you a solid grip.

The only pair of Clarks I’ve owned were Bushacre’s and I purchased them in 2010. They lasted me well into 2016.

That’s 6 years of style and comfort for around $120 back then. Not bad!

Clarks is known for their well-constructed boots and overall the quality is fantastic. They will last you a long time with care.

Are Clarks Bushacre Comfortable?

The cushioned insole and comfortable lining will keep your feet feeling great.

Hard insoles and the poor lining is a recipe for disaster. Been there, done that.

Footwear can look impeccable, but if it doesn’t feel comfortable, there’s no point.

While the Bushacre doesn’t include any next-level comfort technology, it’s definitely better than many other boots on the market.

Sizing is also a big part of this. Don’t order too small or you run the risk of sore feet.

Are Clarks Bushacre Waterproof?

I wouldn’t recommend wearing any Clarks boots in very bad weather. But, they can still traverse it well.

Living in Canada, I see my fair share of snowy, damp, and cold weather.

My Clarks survived several winters and it’s all about being smart.

Avoid slushy areas, heavy rain, and puddles. Seems obvious, right?

It can be easier said than done when you’re going about your day and don’t pay attention to where you step.

The stitch-down construction does help keep out water and snow, though.

The best thing you can do is use a protective spray. This is crucial if you choose to get suede. It will get absolutely destroyed by snow and puddles.

Clarks Desert Boot review

Clarks desert boots on feet.

Imagine this — It’s 1941.

The hot sun is beaming down in Burma.

Noise of soldiers speaking and trucks moving fills the air of a small military checkpoint.

A member of the Royal Army Service Corps notices that his officers are all wearing a very unique boot.

Since their original boots couldn’t handle the hot desert environment, it was replaced with a sleek ankle boot from a local bazaar.

That man is Nathan Clark, the founder of Clarks.

While stationed in Burma as a young man, he designed prototypes and sent them back to England, his home country.

And that’s how the desert boot was born.

Are Clarks Desert Boots Durable?

For the price, Clarks desert boots are a great bang-for-your-buck deal.

One question I’ve seen a lot is “Does Clarks use real leather?”

And the answer is yes, as you can see from the classic desert boot in beeswax.

Genuine leather lasts longer, has a better appearance, and is much more durable than synthetic leather.

The crepe sole is renowned for its great traction and long lifespan. Stitch-down construction prevents the sole from falling off or deteriorating, too.

Clarks desert boots are stitched well and can take a beating. They are meant to be worn constantly and can take on any environment.

Are Clarks Desert Boots Waterproof?

No, Clarks desert boots are not waterproof. They are ideal for dry weather, particularly in the fall months. However, you can waterproof them with a protective spray or coating if you wish.

Crepe soles are known to be slippery, so tread carefully.

Are Clarks Desert Boots Good For Hiking?

Clarks boots are more for daily use and fashion. With that being said, it would not be wise to use them as hiking boots. The soft leather or suede can get easily damaged, along with the crepe/gum soles.

Instead, invest in a proper hiking boot that’s made to take on mud, rocks, and protect your feet.

Are Clarks Desert Boots Good For Walking?

While they aren’t specifically orthopedic shoes, Clarks desert boots are comfortable for walking — making them great for those with sensitive feet.

Are Clarks Desert Boots Resoleable?

Absolutely! Resoling your desert boots is an intelligent move because it costs less than purchasing an entirely new pair.

Chris Reining got his beloved pair of desert boots resolved for $65 and documented the process in his article here.

Are Clarks Desert Boots Comfortable?

Leather lining makes these chukka boots very breathable. It helps to stop your feet from sweating and adds to the all-day comfort they provide.

Most importantly, you’ll love the foam footbed that absorbs shocks. If you wear these to school or work, every step will feel brand new.

What’s The Verdict?

There are some key differences between the classic desert boot and its older brother, the Bushacre. Consider the following:

  • The desert boot has leather lining but the Bushacre uses synthetic lining.
  • The Bushacre has rubber outer sole versus the crepe sole on the desert boot.
  • Both have comfortable insoles, but the desert boot uses a shock absorbing foam footbed that is better.
  • They both ave very similar designs and styles.
  • Neither are waterproof and will require extra care.
  • Their price ranges are very similar.

Use this information to decide between these two awesome boots!

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