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Trail Shoes vs. Road Running Shoes

Trail Shoes vs. Road Running Shoes: What’s the Difference?

Trail shoes vs. road running shoes…is there really a difference? Yes, and it can affect your performance in ways that may surprise you. Trail Shoes vs. Road Running Shoes It’s hard to mistake a trail shoe for a road running shoe or vice versa. They both have a distinctive look, and that look comes from […]

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best riding boots horse-boot-soldier-parade-horses-

The Best Riding Boots Recommended for Equestrian Enthusiasts

It’s a calm, partially cloudy morning. You’re in what you consider to be the best riding boots, almost set for your everyday errands and are just saddling up your horse. For some reason, you slip and fall. Upon getting up, you take one look at your boots and can’t believe your eyes! Your best riding boots […]

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