Best Dansko Clogs Review – Buyer’s Guide

Dansko is one of the brands you can trust as far as footwear is concerned. It is an exceptional choice as the brand does not only manufacture high-quality shoes. The people behind it also make sure that they implement the best business practices and principles that make them on top of the choices of their target market.

This article aims to give you information about 7 of the best Dansko clogs review today as these are among the most popular footwear offered by the brand.

Why Choose Dansko Clogs?

Dansko clogs are exceptional footwear designed for those who work in demanding and tough industries, such as nurses, kitchen workers, chefs, medical professionals, etc. Such form of footwear is capable of providing its wearers with the support they need, especially if they spend several hours standing on their feet.

Dansko Clogs Review

With the support provided by the clogs offered by Dansko, you have an assurance that your feet can minimize or completely prevent ankle, knee, foot, and back pain. Just like other workers and professionals, you may be required to stay on your feet from eight to twelve hours.

With the high level of comfort and support that you can get from Dansko clogs, you will get the chance to handle the job well. Mainly designed as a slip-on footwear, the clogs can be expected to avoid applying too much tension and pressure, which is what the typical sneaker provides.

Now that you know why Dansko clogs are among the best footwear in the industry today, it is time to get familiar about seven of its bestselling versions.

Best Dansko Clogs Reviews 2018

1. Dansko Pro XP Clog  –  ALSO GREAT

Dansko Pro XP Clog is a well-renowned footwear from the Dansko brand. It is ideal for women. Constructed from durable leather, I am pretty sure that it can stand the test of time. I specifically like its 1.5-inch heel as it makes it comfortable for me to walk around, especially when I am wearing it in the workplace.

I also noticed that it is exceptionally comfortable – thanks to the padded instep collar integrated into it. There is a roomy reinforced toe box, which is a huge help in providing comfort as it lets you move your toes around comfortable. Such toe box comes with more than enough wiggle room for more comfortable movement.

The PU midsole sports of its non-slip rubber outsole, so rest assured that you can wear it whether you are in a wet, dry, or oily surface. There is also an anti-fatigue rocker bottom, which aids in setting your feet forward, promoting a good energy return and shock-absorption capability.

I can also guarantee that this shoe can provide optimal cushioning and arch support – that is possible with the help of the removable dual-density PU footbed lined with leather. 

One problem with this shoe, though, is that it lacks breathability.

  • Made from highly durable leather material, allowing it to last long
  • Features a comfy 1.5-inch heel
  • Comfortable – thanks to the presence of padded instep collar
  • Sports a non-slip rubber outsole, making it suitable to wear on wet, dry, and oily surfaces
  • Shock-absorbent and comes with an anti-fatigue rocker bottom
  • Boasts of a roomy reinforced toe box
  • Not that breathable

Despite the fact that there is a minor issue, Dansko Pro XP Clog is still one of the ultimate solutions as far as support and comfort in footwear are concerned.

Dansko Women's Pro XP Brown Oiled Clog 8.5-9 M US
  • Leather uppers
  • Padded instep for comfort when walking
  • Lightweight construction reduces fatigue for everyday wear

2. Dansko Professional Clogs  –  OUR PICK

Dansko Professional Box Leather Clog for women is definitely one of the best Dansko clogs you should include in your list. What I find so amazing about this clog is that it promotes a perfect fit. It is constructed from waterproof leather and is available in colors that suit any work uniform.

It has well-cushioned, foam footbed, which makes wearers feel really comfortable. I also noticed that it is effective in absorbing sweat and perspiration, making your feet stay dry inside. The clog is designed in such a way that you will have more than enough room to move without injuring or hurting your feet.

The breathability of this footwear is also noticeable. It is breathable while also having a temperature control, which can prevent your feet from getting too hot.

 It has a rubber sole, too, further boosting the comfort level provided by the shoe. It also boasts of its closed-in design, which also comes with a faux wood and stapled welt platform.

The perforated insole is also a nice feature as it promotes comfort. It also assures wearers of proper fit with the aid of the space around the size of your pinky finger behind the heel. With the PU outsole, you are also assured that it can absorb shocks and is highly durable.

There are some flaws, though, such as the fact that it is not that suitable for those who have wide feet. Also, it tends to wear out faster than other clogs and shoes from Dansko.

  • Promotes a perfect fit while avoiding pain and discomfort
  • Made of waterproof leather
  • Highly breathable and comes with a temperature control
  • Footbed absorbs sweat and perspiration
  • Highly durable and shock-absorbent – thanks to the PU outsole
  • Not suitable for people with wide feet
  • Wears out faster than other Dansko clogs and shoes

Still, this leather clog can give you satisfaction as far as comfort, breathability, fit, and price are concerned.

Dansko Women's Pro XP Black Oiled Clog 8.5-9 M US
  • Leather uppers
  • Padded instep for comfort when walking
  • Lightweight construction reduces fatigue for everyday wear

3. Dansko Sam Ankle-Strap Clog

Another footwear I will always recommend for those searching for high-quality clogs is the Dansko Sam Ankle-Strap Clog for women. It is an ankle-strap clog, which sports a classic and comfortable style. It is an ideal choice for you, especially if you are always on your feet as it is lightweight plus very convenient to wear.

One advantage of this ankle-strap clog from Dansko is that it features a leather hook and loop, which you can easily adjust to get the right fit. The roomy fit in front is also a big advantage. Such makes it possible for you to move your toes freely. The footbed is cushioned with a comfy foam, providing all-day convenience.

Such foam can also absorb shocks and impact. It has a sturdy PU tread outsole, too, designed to offer excellent traction and stability. The fact that it boasts a lightweight construction makes it suitable for all-day wear. Furthermore, it can effectively manage moisture, thanks to its Dri-lex sockling. 

What’s more? I can guarantee you that there are cored-out forepart and coring holes designed to reduce the weight. It also features a beveled heel, which can provide more than enough stability on impact.

One problem, though, is that it might rub on your toes a bit during the first few uses but breaking it in will definitely solve this issue.

  • Boasts of a classical and comfortable style
  • Lightweight
  • Sports a leather hook and loop that you can adjust, thereby promoting a perfect fit
  • Well-cushioned foam footbed
  • Effectively manages moisture with the help of the built-in Dri-lex sockling
  • Features a beveled heel, making it highly stable on impact
  • Might rub on your toes at first

With the adjustable ankle strap of this clog, it showcases a perfect fit, making it really worth buying.

Dansko Women's Sam Sandal, 6.5-7 US, 37 EU, Black
  • Leather uppers
  • Dri-Lex socklining for moisture management
  • Shock-absorbing foam midsole for all-day comfort

4. Dansko Martina Mule

Dansko also takes pride in its Martina Mule for women. What I find so impressive in this footwear is that it boasts of a comfy slip-on construction, promoting ease when wearing it whether at work, on your travels, or when doing any other indoor or outdoor activities.

With the built-in adjustable buckle closure found at the footwear’s instep, you can easily make adjustments to it and obtain a more customized and secure fit. There is also a guarantee of superior cushioning and arch support as you take each step – thanks to the EVA footbed wrapped in leather material.

The outsole is constructed from sturdy and durable rubber. Such material can also absorb shock while also offering energy return and superior traction. I can also say that this is one of the most stable and supportive shoes from Dansko – that’s made possible with the embedded TPU shank.

It is extremely lightweight and comfortable, so rest assured that is perfectly suitable for daily activities, like your usual day at work and for other purposes, like strolling and walking. It just has the right amount of heel. In fact, it is quite lower than Dansko’s classic professional footwear, so it is really comfortable.

There is a minor problem, though, and that is the fact that it tends to produce a squeaking sound when you take each step. Rest assured that it’s not too loud that you will already feel uncomfortable.

  • Sports a comfy slip-on construction, promoting ease when used in various activities
  • Adjustable buckle closure, thereby allowing you to adjust it for a customized and secure fit
  • Superior cushioning and arch support
  • Sturdy rubber outsole
  • Shock-absorbent outsole, which also provides energy return and superior traction
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Produces a squeaking sound as you take your steps

Dansko Martina Mule is still a stylish, comfortable, and lightweight clog designed to offer support to wearers, especially during long hours at work.

Dansko Women's Martina Mule, Black Oiled, 39 EU/8.5-9 M US
  • Leather uppers
  • Leather-wrapped eva footbed provides optimal arch support and cushioning
  • Embedded steel shank provides stability and support

5. Dansko Sonja Oiled Leather Clog

In my opinion, the Dansko Sonja Oiled Leather Clog for women is also the ultimate choice if you are looking for a footwear, which perfectly suits long hours spent on your feet. It boasts of the classic open-back clog design, which is somewhat unique to the Dansko brand.

What I like about this leather clog is that it boasts of a padded instep collar, which makes it possible for me to walk in utmost comfort. It features a leather and fabric upper, as well. Another nice quality of this footwear is its roomy, well-reinforced toe box. Such offers full protection for your toes while giving them enough wiggle room.

The PU outsole also has a rocker bottom, which, I think, is a big help in propelling your foot forward while also making it shock-absorbent. Superior stability can also be expected from this footwear – that is possible with the help of its wide heel strike. There is also a leather sock lining integrated within designed to offer long-wearing comfort.

I also like the clog’s protective TPU heel counter. I noticed its effectiveness in letting my heel freely and conveniently move up and down without compromising lateral stability. Reduced torque can also be provided by the shoe’s PU inner frame.

There are some sizing issues, though. Also, some complained about the hard soles but such problem is quite common in most clogs.

  • Suitable to be worn for long hours
  • Features the classic open-back clog design unique to the brand
  • Features a padded instep collar, promoting comfort
  • Sports a roomy and well-reinforced toe box, offering toe protection and enough wiggle room
  • Offers superior stability – thanks to the presence of the wide heel strike
  • Sizing issues
  • Some find the sole quite hard.

It is still a great footwear, which is stylish enough to be worn in the workplace without causing you any discomfort.

Dansko Women's Sonja Antique Brown/Black Sole Mule 8.5-9 M US
  • Leather and or fabric uppers
  • Padded instep collar for comfort when walking
  • Roomy reinforced toe box for protection with plenty of "wiggle room" for your toes

6. Dansko Professional Mule  –  OUR PICK

I can also say that Dansko does a pretty good job in construction its Professional Mule for women. I think it is a good choice for different types of professionals and workers, especially those in the healthcare industry as well as those working in industrious workplaces.

One impressive feature I noticed is the slip-resistant outsole. Such is capable of providing you with the stability you need regardless of the lifestyle and occupational environments you are constantly dealing with. It is also an innovative footwear designed in such a way to protect your toes, legs, and feet every day.

This clog from Dansko is made with comfort in mind. That said, expect it to feature several comfy components, including its roomy reinforced toe box designed to protect your feet as well as the polyurethane outsole, which also comes with a rocker bottom designed to absorb shocks.

Furthermore, it has a padded instep collar for comfort and a wide heel strike designed to promote superior stability. It has an excellent arch support, too, making it possible for you to walk and move in comfort as you complete your daily activities.

It is not suitable to be worn for running, though. The sole squeaks a bit, too.

  • Versatile that it can work for different professionals and workers
  • Features a slip-resistant outsole, making it stable
  • Innovative and designed in a way that it can protect your feet
  • Sports a roomy and reinforced toe box
  • Shock-absorbent and stable
  • Not suitable for running
  • Squeaking sound coming from the sole

Overall, you will never regret investing your money in Dansko Professional Mule as it has most of the traits that a high-quality clog must have.

Dansko Women's Professional Black Oiled Clog 9.5-10 M US
  • Leather and or fabric uppers
  • Padded instep collar for comfort when walking
  • Roomy reinforced toe box for protection with plenty of "wiggle room" for your toes

7. Dansko Pro XP Reviews  –  RUNNER UP

The final product in this list is the Dansko Pro XP Mule Shoe. I think it should have a place in any Dansko Clogs review because this footwear is known not only for its sleek design but also for its snug and comfortable fit. It has a memory foam foundation lined with leather, offering your feet the support and comfort it needs every day.

It boasts of a well-reinforced toe box as well, making it possible for your toes to receive sufficient wiggle room while also making them breathe. You will also feel utmost protection from this footwear because of its slip-resistant sole. Such sole is also effective in preventing you from losing your footing in case you step on a sticky or wet surface.

The memory foam footbed is designed in a way that wearers will enjoy optimal cushioning and maximum support. In addition, the footwear boasts of its anti-fatigue rocker bottom. There is also an assurance that you will experience utmost comfort when walking and moving around since the clog has a padded instep.

However, take note that if you have wide feet, then this clog may not be the best footwear for you. Also, sizing is also an issue noted by some wearers about this shoe.

  • Sleek design and snug and comfortable fit
  • Features a memory foam footbed, promoting maximum support and optimal cushioning
  • Well-reinforced toe box, providing sufficient wiggle room while letting your toes breath
  • Protection provided by the non-slip sole
  • Sports an anti-fatigue rocker bottom
  • Not a good choice for those who have wide feet
  • Sizing problems

While there are flaws, no one can deny that Dansko Pro XP Mule Shoe is a high-quality footwear offered at a reasonable price.

Dansko Women's Pro XP Mule, Black Box, 35 EU/4.5-5 M US
  • Slip-on leather mule featuring roomy toe box and anti-fatigue rocker bottom
  • Heel height is 2.00 inches
  • Memory foam footbed delivers optimal cushioning and support

Dansko Clogs & Shoes Buyer's Guide

Dansko clogs are among the most recommended footwear for workers because of their convenience and durability but that does not necessarily mean you should choose right away without spending time studying your options. Do not forget to use these criteria during the selection process:

dansko reviews

How Comfortable are Dansko Shoes?

You need a comfortable shoe so you can last long in the workplace without complaining about pain and discomfort affecting your feet and toes. That is the primary reason why you need to find out how comfortable a Dansko clog is before you finally decide to buy it.

One way to determine whether the clog is comfortable is to check if it comes outfitted with interior cushioning, especially on the upper. There should also be enough cushion in the toe box, footbed, and heel as such promote optimal comfort.


Before buying, find out if the size fits you well. Note that you will never feel completely comfortable if the shoe has a poor fit. The fit contributes a lot to your overall comfort whether you are wearing the clogs outdoors, at work, or when you are camping.

Take note that Dansko makes use of European standards for the sizes of their shoes. That should give you some idea regarding the correct size that will properly fit you.


Checking the specific materials used in constructing the clogs is also a must. Ensure that the clog you are planning to buy is made of comfortable and breathable leather, thereby ensuring that even if the shoe has a cushion, your feet won’t still overheat.

It would also be best to look for a clog made of lightweight and durable leather. Believe me, it contributes a lot to the level of comfort you will experience. In addition, the footbed should be made of a comfortable material and should come with several layers as such aids in breathability and proper air circulation.


The clogs should be breathable as you will be wearing this footwear for several hours. That said, it is important to check the temperature control and regulation of the shoe. The good news is that most of the dansko nursing shoes reviews mentioned in this article have a loose fit, thereby promoting proper air circulation around your feet.

Such fights different foot problems, like athlete’s foot. It also helps ensure that your feet will remain at a comfortable temperature the entire day. You will also know whether a clog is breathable based on how roomy its toe box is. Check whether the toe box is roomy enough that your toes can easily breathe and spread out.


The clogs should be durable, too, as such can help ensure that it will serve you for quite a long time. It should be able to resist outside forces, especially harmful ones, including grease, oil, debris, and water. Go for a Dansko clog with a slip, water, and stain-resistant capability.

Fortunately, you won’t have a hard time finding such footwear as most Dansko reviews for nurses are constructed from materials that can wick away grease, oils, and any other staining agents. The result is optimal durability and wear.


The best Dansko clog for you is that, which can offer adequate support from your toes to your heel. The good news is that most of the clogs from the brand are elevated (in other words, the heel is raised over its forefoot). Such elevation is beneficial as it prevents tension and stress from penetrating your heel.

The result is the proper dispersal of tension and stress to the well-cushioned insole. You will also most likely notice a rocking outsole from the clogs. It is a nice feature as it guarantees a better gait and corrects your posture as you take each step.

Final Thoughts

Top rated Dansko shoes and clogs are definitely a cut above the rest as far as products in the footwear industry are concerned. They offer optimal comfort and support but it is necessary to be very thorough in studying the different products offered by the brand so you can invest your money in one that is really good for you.

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