Dansko vs. Sanita Clogs: Which One is Better?

In terms of high-quality footwear, particularly clogs, two of the most popular and trustworthy brands are Sanita and Dansko. While both these brands are capable of offering a quite similar level of quality and comfort, take note that there are also some differences.

Each of these two brands comes with its own merits and distinctive features and benefits. Let us delve deeper on what these two brands of footwear or clogs can offer so you can decide which one fits your requirements better.

Dansko vs. Sanita: What is the Difference?


1. Origin / How the Brands Started

One of the things that make Dansko and Sanita different from yet related to each other is its origin. It is a topic you have to research about if you want to learn more about Dansko vs. Sanita clogs.

One important fact as far as the history of the brands are concerned is that both Dansko and Sanita had a business relationship for more than 17 years. This is that particular time when it was Sanita that manufactured the shoes in the stapled clog collection of Dansko.

Sanita is actually a Danish company specializing in shoes. It started to be in this business from the year 1907. Dansko, on the other hand, is a company in America, which focuses on manufacturing and marketing footwear of European styles. In 2007, both the companies ended their long business relationship.

This is the time when Sanita started selling the same clogs that they manufactured for Dansko before, which explains why some designs are similar. This time, though, the clogs no longer carry the Dansko label but Sanita.

On the other hand, Dansko decided to redesign its clogs subsequently by hiring a new set of manufacturers. They were the ones who produced the clogs under the name Dansko. The shoes are similar to each other, which is the reason why the two companies decided to use a kind of branding for identification – the Sonja, Ingrid, and Professional.

2. Design / Style

While both the Sanita and Dansko clogs are the same in terms of styling and look, take note that there are still a few differences. One difference is that the broader heel base used in the recent design introduced by Dansko. What’s good about this broad heel base is that it promotes stability while also preventing your ankle from rolling.

Sanita, on the other hand, comes with a design, which does not feature a rubber piping trim at the throat. It promotes a much cleaner design, which gets rid some of the common issues complained by shoe wearers, like rubbing.

3. Distinction

When comparing Sanita vs. Dansko, it would be quite hard to distinguish their shoes – and that similarity can be because of their long business relationship. However, Dansko made it a point to redesign its shoes for them to be wider than those offered by Sanita. They also come with a curved heel, specifically at the back.

The brand stated that they decided to do the redesigning as a means of introducing structural innovations to users. This results in better performance of the clogs while also improving their lateral stability, heel strike, aesthetics, and shock-absorption capability.

One way to tell if the clog is made of Sanita or Dansko, it would be best to check the sole. If the shoe was manufactured prior to 2008 by Sanita, then you’ll know that through the 0060240 patent indicated there.

In case you can’t find a patent number on the sole, then it means that it’s the redesigned shoe from Dansko manufactured in the year 2008 after the two brand’s relationship ended.

4. Advantages Offered

As for the benefits, take note that both brands can offer a lot of positive ones considering the fact that both are known for being well-established and reputable companies. With that, expect them to be able to offer a lot to their customers.

Among the things that both brands focus on are comfort and safety. Also, the fact that there is an increasing competition between the two brands can mean that there’s a lot of potential for their clogs receiving better innovations. Such will expand your choices and provide you with more benefits.

5. Possible Users

While the clogs from both Sanita and Dansko work for all people, they are more beneficial for those who are in the nursing or medical field, as well as those in the food service or restaurant industry, like waitresses. It is mainly because the clogs are not only classically fashionable but also slip-resistant.

They also work well for those who have flat or wide feet. Since the clogs are made with the comfort of users in mind, expect them to be perfect for those who spend a significant amount of time standing while in the workplace. Both also come with a footbed that offers enough arch support and an outsole, which can absorb shocks and impact.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Clogs

Whether you are planning to buy a Dansko or a Sanita clog, take note that there are several factors that can contribute a lot to your overall decision. Do not forget to consider the following when making your choice as such will guarantee a satisfying purchase:

Material Used – One of the most important things in a Sanita or Dansko clog is the material used and its quality. Both the brands manufacture clogs using different materials. Aside from the conventional wood and the more modern leather material, there are also others used in constructing the clogs.

Some of these are rubber, plastic, fabric, and synthetics. It is crucial to check the quality of the materials used in the clogs as such will contribute a lot on how comfortable it is to wear them. If you need to wear the clogs for long hours of walking, standing, and moving, then make sure that the material used in constructing it is highly breathable.

In addition, the clog should also be constructed in a way that it does not cause the buildup of moisture. Note that moisture buildup within your clog can lead to utmost discomfort and blisters. That’s why you need a breathable shoe, which can prevent overheating and keeps your feet dry inside.

Comfort – Comfort is also another factor to prioritize when searching for the best Dansko or Sanita clogs. It is possible to find a comfortable shoe if has proper construction. If you have wide or narrow feet, then it would be best to look for a pair of clogs, which comes with an adjustable feature so you can tweak the fit.

There are different components that can promote such adjustability, like the straps and vamps. You can expect them to be of help in adding enough space for your feet. Ensure that the shoe has a significant arch support, too, as such gives it added comfort. This is a good thing if you are someone who needs to walk, run, or stand for a long time.

Adequate cushion added to the clogs also promote comfort. Aside from making you feel comfortable, the cushion is also helpful in preventing shocks each time your feet lands on the floor. Note that walking on a hard surface can cause damage, especially if you accidentally made a stiff contact.

The shock might cause damage to your feet, knees, joints, and spine. With that, you need a good cushion, preferably air cushioning, especially if you plan on wearing the clogs the entire day. You can also go for those that have a shock-absorbent feature.

Fit – Ensure that the Dansko or Sanita clog you plan to buy has a snug fit, too. Such fit is essential as it aids in effectively managing the movement of the footwear without the risk of losing its grip. One guideline, in this case, is to look for a clog with a minimum of a quarter inch from the back of its heel.

Such allowance is already enough to make sure that the clog moves comfortably and accordingly. It also offers protection from the formation of blisters and foot strain.

Safety – If you plan to wear your Dansko or Sanita clog in the workplace or for long hours, then you need to consider how safe it is to wear it. Make sure that it is secure. One thing to look for as far as your safety and security are concerned is the protection from slippage.

Ensure that the shoe has a high level of slip-resistance. It should be made possible with the additional grip provided by the footwear. Clogs with anti-static soles are also beneficial as they are capable of dispersing the static electricity accumulated by your body. Look for a clog, which can protect you from the risk of live circuits, too.

You also need to check the toe caps as these are helpful in protecting you from heavy or sharp materials.


Both the Dansko and Sanita clogs have their similarities and differences, so it is up to you to decide which one fits your needs better. Consider the factors in selecting clogs mentioned above so you can really pick that, which is suitable for you.

Dansko vs. Sanita Clogs: Which One is Better?
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