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Racquetball vs. Squash – Learning the Difference Between Squash and Racquetball

Racquetball and squash are two different sports. While there are similarities between the two, their differences are also notable. Fortunately, you will get the chance to learn the difference between squash and racquetball through this article.

You will no longer get confused between the two sports as this article provides you with reliable information about each one. With all the information provided here, it will be easier for you to distinguish the two.

An Overview of Both Racquetball and Squash

As mentioned earlier, racquetball and squash are quite similar, especially at first glance. This holds true considering the fact that the two sports are played in an enclosed court with rackets.

However, take note that the two are actually different, especially in the manner through which you play them. To give you an idea about the two sports, this section will provide short definitions of the two.

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Racquetball refers to a sport, which requires players to play using a hollow ball made of rubber either in an outdoor or indoor court. This is different from other racquet sports, like tennis and badminton, as there’s no need for you to hit the ball over a net.

Moreover, it’s different from squash as there is no tin, which is where you need to hit the ball above. Here’s a YouTube video that will further give you an idea about how to play racquetball:

Also a racquet sport, squash requires 2-4 players. You can play it using a hollow and small rubber ball in a 4-walled court. It’s important to note that this sport is fast-paced.

If you are skillful, then you’ll also become more strategic as the sport progresses. It challenges you both physically and mentally. The main goal is to let the players take turns in hitting the ball above the tin, below the outline and against the front wall.

Players are free to move around the court. However, deliberately or accidentally blocking the movements of other players is not allowed. This means that as a player, you need to go back at the center of the court right after you make a shot.Here’s a YouTube video that will further guide you on the basics of playing squash:

Now that you already get the basics of the two sports, let’s discuss the differences between the two, so you no longer have to end up getting confused about which is which.

The Rackets and Balls Used

When differentiating racquetball from squash, the first ones that you should consider comparing are the rackets and the balls used in both games. Rackets in racquetball, for instance, are smaller than those used in squash.

The maximum length allowed for the rackets used in racquetball is 22 inches. In squash, however, the maximum length allowed is 27 inches. The head of the racket used in racquetball is also wider compared to that used in squash.

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The two sports also differ in the diameter of the balls they use. Squash uses a ball, which has a diameter of around 4 cm. On the other hand, the ball used in racquetball is around 6 cm in diameter.

Racquetball’s ball also tends to bounce higher compared to that used in squash. The ball used in squash is not constructed out of elastic rubber, which is the material used in racquetball.

This is the main reason why the ball used in the former uses more energy during impact. This then causes it to slow down when a rally progresses.

The Court

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The court used in squash is shorter and wider than that used in racquetball. Standard courts in racquetball have a dimension of 20-ft. wide, 20-ft. high, and 40-ft. long.

The court in squash, on the other hand, is around 21-ft. wide, 15-ft. high and 32-ft long. Squash also features an out-of-bounds line in the court. You can find this at the front wall.

There is also an out-of-bounds line and out-of-bounds tin strip. You can’t find all these in the racquetball’s court.

Serving and Scoring

Squash players only have one service for each point. However, racquetball players can serve two times, which makes it a bit similar to tennis. Squash does not also require a bounce before you hit the ball prior to serving.

On the other hand, in racquetball, you need to make the ball bounce once before you are allowed to strike it. Racquetball also gives the server the freedom to hit any area of the wall.

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In squash, it is necessary for the server to hit the ball in any of the two service boxes. However, take note that both sports require you to stand in a service box or zone if you will be the one to serve.

In terms of scoring, squash players can get up to nine points if they’re playing in regular matches. However, if they play in tournaments and championships, the highest point that they can get is eleven.

You can win the game by getting two clear points. You can earn points whether you are receiving or serving.

Racquetball, on the other hand, can provide you with up to fifteen points. However, note that you will only earn points if you’re the one who is serving.


As you can see in this article, racquetball and squash have similarities, but their differences are also noticeable. Fortunately, you are already aware of how the two differs from each other.

If you find this article useful and highly informative, then let us know about it by commenting in the comment’s section. You may also post your questions there.




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