Florsheim Shoes Review – Are Florsheim Shoes Good?

Don’t you hate when dress shoes hurt your feet?

Or how about when they fall apart after a year?

Me, too!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with dress shoes. But, getting a quality pair can be like finding a leprechaun.

That’s when I stopped by a local Nordstrom shop and bought myself a pair of Florsheim’s.

I’ve never looked back.

They’re easily one of my all time favorite dress shoes and that’s why I’ve written up this Florsheim shoe review.

They also are the same company that produces Stacy Adams.

Below, you’ll learn about their quality, where they’re made, their comfort, and more.

Tie up your laces and enjoy!

Are Florsheim shoes quality?

The last thing you want is a dress shoe that falls apart after one year.

Don’t worry about that, though. Florsheim dress shoes are top notch.

Their footwear uses strong seaming and hand-sewn construction to ensure longevity. Your pair will keep its shape and hold together for many years.

Premium leather is used for the uppers, which improves durability and appearance. Check out their Corbetta cap toe oxford, for example. It features 100% leather.

Many shoe brands use synthetic materials like PU. As a result, it looks cheap and plastic-like.

Florsheim does use PU, but only for some of its outer soles. This is perfectly fine as you want a material that will last and have good traction.

They also use thermoplastic rubber and rubber sponge in certain models.

The company takes advantage of several construction methods, including:

  • Moccasin: A single piece of leather creates the entire shoe, increasing flexibility and comfort.
  • Welt: A visible strip of stitching on the outer sole is the key trait of a welted shoe. It makes replacing the sole very easy, making the lifespan of your shoe infinite.
  • Cemented: The upper and insole is literally cemented to the outer sole. It won’t be coming off any time soon!
  • California: The upper, sock, and wrapper are stitched together before the last is implemented.
  • Strobel: The insole is stitched to the upper and shaped by a last.

What does this mean for you?

More options. And specifically, the option to get a shoe that’s just right.

Need something casual and comfortable? Opt for moccasin construction. Want a shoe that will last for decades? Get a welted pair.

Are Florsheim shoes Goodyear welted?

Yes, some Florsheim shoes feature the Goodyear welt. Their Kenmoor wingtip oxford is a great example of a Goodyear welted model they offer.

Welted construction is one of the most demanded features on any dress shoe.

True shoe connoisseurs keep an eye out for it every time they are shopping.

To put it simply, the shoemaker will stitch the outer sole right into the upper. It makes replacing the sole convenient if you need to one day in the future.

Many shoes take a much more complicated and expensive process to do the same thing.

In most cases, you’re better off buying another pair.

With welted dress shoes, you can keep them instead.

Are Florsheim shoes comfortable?

Florsheim shoes aren’t anything special when it comes to comfort.

They’re not bad by any means, but they’re not exceptional, either.

They do offer a Comfortech range, which uses cushioning foot-beds and soft materials. These will be your best bet if you have feet problems or hate uncomfortable dress shoes.

Since Florsheim uses genuine leather for the upper, their shoes become breathable and mold to your foot.

The insoles tend to be made of a synthetic which doesn’t absorb moisture well, though.

Are Florsheim shoes made in China?

Florsheim has made shoes in many different countries. These were usually specific shoe lines, like their Imperial set that was created in the USA.

But, Florsheim has also created shoes in Italy, Spain, Canada, India, and Brazil.

As time went on, they began outsourcing their shoes to China. This is common for shoemakers since it lowers costs and allows for better profits margins.

But, does that mean quality suffers?

Not necessarily.

The factories are still using the same materials and blueprints. It’s simply just made in a different location.

If you’re really keen on where it’s made, keep an eye out for the box or product description.

Are Florsheim shoes made with real leather?

Yes, Florsheim shoes use real leather for their uppers.

Their outer insoles typically are composed of synthetic material, though.

While still comfortable and offering good traction, this does take away from the overall quality.

Some of their shoes use calfskin leather, which is the highest quality leather you can use. It is soft and supple, and highly regarded in the fashion community.

They even use calfskin leather for lining, making your feet feel like they’re laying in a silk bed.

How much are Florsheim shoes?

Florsheim shoes are normally in the $125 range.

For what you get, they are well worth the price.

There are tons of styles and colors to choose from. Several construction methods give you options for how you like your shoes made, too.

They use genuine leather uppers(including calfskin) which is a huge plus.

I suggest looking at their collections which were made in Italy, Spain, or the USA. Florsheim fans know these to be some of the best shoes they ever produced.

Overall, Florsheim is a great brand for any guy looking to get a quality and affordable dress shoe.

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