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How Long Is A Beer Pong Table: Determining the Right Size and Some DIY Tips

Do you love to play beer pong, but are unsure about the perfect length of the table to play it on? Then this article, which presents some information about how long is a beer pong table can help you.
All the information stated in this article can help you appreciate the exciting beer pong game even better, plus you’ll know exactly the kind of table, which is perfect for it.

What is a Beer Pong?

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Beer pong refers to a drinking game wherein players need to throw balls across a table, which is where cups half-filled with beer are lined on the opponent’s side.Players need to drink the beer from the cups where the opponents shoot the ball. The first team who hit all the cups of the opposing team wins. The losing team needs to drink the remaining cups of beer on the table.
For sanitary purposes, a cup containing water is placed at both ends of the table. This is where the players need to wash the balls after making each throw.

Mechanics of the Game

Each team requires one or two players with each team taking turns in throwing the ping pong balls into the cup of their opponents. Each team also has two shots in every turn – divided into one shot for each team member.
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If a ball lands into a cup on the opposing side, it is removed from the formation. Players on the receiving end, therefore, need to take turns in drinking around four to six ounces of beer.
During the game, the players can choose to re-rack their cup into different formations. They can re-rack at one, three and six. As mentioned above, the first team to successfully finish off the cups in the opposing team wins.

So How Long Should a Beer Pong Table Be?

The official size of a beer table is around 8 ft. long, 27.5 inches high and 2 ft. wide. Regulation beer pong tables, on the other hand, are 7.5 inches long, 30 inches high and 2 inches wide, this is how long is a beer pong table should be. The most commonly used dimension is the 8 x 4 ft.
Note, however, that there are no specific rules and exact specifications on how long the table should be. You can even use your workshop or kitchen table, especially if you’re no longer using it.

Can you Make your Own?

How Long Is A Beer Pong Table DIY
The answer is yes. What you need is one sheet of plywood. The plywood should have the same size as your table’s surface area. Measure the width and length of the table, then mark the plywood accordingly.
You may choose to ask a carpenter to cut it for you then, or if you know how to do it plus you have all the necessary tools, then you can cut it on your own. Your goal is to produce a smoother finish.
Your table should be between 27.5 and 45 inches as rules of the game differ from one place to another. Next step is drawing demarcation lines on the plywood. The table should be governed by 3 basic lines.
The first one is the mid-line, which works by dividing the table in half. The other two are the foul lines. These should be one foot away from both the sides of the table’s edges. Use markers or oil paint when drawing the lines.
You can then decorate the table. You can do a little research on the common designs used in beer pong tables. You may also use your creativity, so you can produce your desired design. You can even use stickers for decoration.
Right after decorating, make it a point to make the plywood waterproof. Keep in mind that the game involves throwing in balls to cups filled with liquid – so there is a great chance that water or beer will spill on the table.
Make the table waterproof by coating it with a waterproof sealer, thereby ensuring that the wood will last longer. You can then assemble it. You can do so by setting up the base table.
The next step is placing a set of three boards, with a 2×4 dimension, evenly on the table. Put the plywood on top. Once done, you will have your own beer pong table, which you can use to enjoy the game.
You may also check out this YouTube link as it provides information about another way to make your own beer pong table:
However, if you don’t want to deal with all the hassles of creating your own table, then you can just choose to buy ready-made ones, such as those indicated in the links above.
Most of them are high in quality, durable and have all the features that you need from a beer pong table.


Now, you have learned more about the perfect dimensions and size of a beer pong table. You were even given great recommendations for beer pong tables.
With all these relevant information about beer pong tables, you will no longer have a hard time finding one, which perfectly suits your preferences and the rules in your locality.
If you find this article useful, then let us know what you think by posting your comments in the comments section.

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