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How to Blouse Boots and Why is the Process Important?

Are you still unsure about how to blouse boots properly? Then you are lucky as we have decided to create this article for those who want to understand how to do it correctly.

With the aid of this article, which also serves as your guide in blousing boots, doing the entire process will no longer be that difficult and confusing for you. You can start doing it correctly plus enjoy its many benefits.

Importance of Blousing Boots

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Blousing boots is extremely important especially if you are serving in the marines or the military. It is a vital component of the regulations observed by those who are in their uniforms.

However, even those who are not part of the military can still benefit from learning the process, especially if they often wear boots. One benefit is that it serves as a cool fashion statement. Aside from that, it also prevents debris, insects, and other crawling insects from entering your legs.

If your daily tasks often require you to move a lot, then blousing your boots can also benefit you as it can make you feel more comfortable. It won’t slow you down regardless of the situation you are in.

It is also an effective way to prevent the cool air from puffing up your pant legs. Moreover, learning how to properly blouse boots and applying the procedure often is a great way to give yourself a clean and neat look.

#Blousing Boots Method 1

Step 1 – Pull on your trousers then wear your boots.

This should be the first step in the process. After you have pulled on your trousers and worn your pair of boots, you have to tie then tuck its laces. Once done, you can pull back your trousers. Pull it down until it reaches down your boots.

Step 2 – Pull up the legs of your trouser.

Do so in such a way that its hem gets anywhere from 2-6 inches above your boots. Such distance is something that you have to measure yourself. To start with, it is essential to have long trouser legs. It is also crucial for you to observe how they look and feel considering such length.

Step 3 – Use the blousing strap or band.

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In this step, you are required to make use of a blousing band or strap. Put any of the two around your leg. It should be positioned just above your boot. Note that many prefer to make use of a band as it makes them feel that they still have a healthy circulation, not one which is a bit cut off.

Step 4 – Pull your Trousers On

Pull on your trousers then buckle and button them down. Reach down then pull out as a means of spreading the material, providing it with an impressive presentation. Such can help you give out a better and more squared-off look.

#Blousing Boots Method 2

Step 1 – Wear Socks

The first step in this method of blousing boots is wearing your socks then pulling up your pant legs above it. It would be best to choose socks that are around mid-calf or more than the calf in length.

Such can help in ensuring that it will snugly fit your legs. Avoid tying your boots just yet and make sure that the laces remain loose. If possible, sit at the edge of your bed or in a comfortable chair when doing this.

Step 2 – Use A Boot Blouser

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If you are one of those who wants to use a boot blouse for the procedure, then you can do so by wearing your pants the way you normally do. Once worn, place the blouse above your foot then up to your combat, ems boot or lower calf.

Next step is pulling the string around your leg. Position it perfectly above your boot. Once done, you can tie your boot blousing string then neatly tuck it beneath your pants cuff.

Step 3 – Pull Any Excess

Pulling any excess material is a vital step as it aids in creating a neat and attractive ballooned look over your pair of boots. Do the same process in your other leg. Evenly spread it out to ensure that you present the best version of it.

Step 4 – Slide the Rubber Band or Drawstring at your Ankle Cuff

Do this only if you plan to make use of either a rubber band or a drawstring. Once you have completed this step, pull it for a tighter cuff. Secure it by tying it properly. It should also be positioned above the top rim of your boots.

If you want to get rid of folds and creases, then do not forget to spread your pant leg. Pull down any excess material from it as a means of covering the string or rubber band.


How to blouse boots is not actually a difficult process. Now that you have learned a couple of methods on blousing boots, you will be on your way towards doing it correctly and enjoying its many remarkable benefits.

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